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More than half of the states in the US now have some provision for the medical use of marijuana. In addition, 18 states have specific legislation about cannabidiol oil (CBD oil). In most cases, these authorize doctors to recommend its use for treating people (especially children) with refractory epilepsy. What should you know about CBD oil?

Is CBD Oil a Drug?

Q. Is cannabidiol oil considered a drug? You’ve written that it can relieve pain. Will it show up on a drug test?

A. Cannabidiol (CBD) is derived from Cannabis sativa (marijuana). Unlike THC, which makes people high, CBD does not have this effect. Some data suggest that CBD could be helpful for pain relief (Palmieri, Laurino & Vadala, Israeli Medical Association Journal, Feb. 2017) or hard-to-treat seizures (Koo & Kang, Journal of Epilepsy Research, June 30, 2017).

Urine Tests for Marijuana:

Drug tests for marijuana use identify THC and its metabolites in the urine. This provides a generally accepted marker that a person has consumed cannabis.

Theoretically, a pure CBD oil used medicinally would not lead to a positive drug test. But that depends entirely on how carefully the supplier works to remove the THC. One study of a urine test for CBD found that 14 out of 15 patients using CBD products also tested positive for a THC metabolite (Wertlake & Henson, Journal of Pain Research, online Feb. 12, 2016).

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  1. Krs

    Same thing happening to me. The most uncompassionate,unempathetic DR that’s filling in for my primary Dr who’s out of town made me take a drug screen before writing my script,to “make sure I’m taking my meds” so since my primary Dr over last 3months has painfully cut my dose of opioids down I started vaping,oral dropping and cooking w very high ,pure CBD hemp oils. Today I’ve tested positive for THC which I’ve not consumed since my Dr told me I had to stop in 2012. Prior to 2012 I had been a chronic smoker for years. I think the entire medical profession has thrown out the moral and ethical oaths they took. After 10+ years of low dose opioid treatment for spine and sciatic nerve damage w surgery’s I am now being forced to live in pain while they crudely take away the only peace,the only relief I could rely on. All I can think about is At least My son is 15 now. old enough to get my situation to an extent. He’s a good kid and almost out of high school so all I keep thinking/pondering is how.

    Death will be the only relief for me. I cannot live a life w the pain I’m in. It is 100% the PHD fault! They’re too worried that they’ll be effected for doing the right thing for a patient,which makes all the BS of testing,signing contracts,being treated like scum ,a criminal and seeing them 8-11x more a year than an average patient,meaningless ,ridiculous a complete charade. That’s the only criminal act being committed here!

  2. Malinda F
    Skiatook, Okla 74070

    Why as chronic progressive pain suffers are we not banding together, sue the CDC whom are not doctors to have the right for affective pain treatment? One size does not fit all! We are responsible patients not overdosing or killing ourselves! We does more than inhumane suffering, stand up now!

  3. GINA

    Can one dropper 100 mg of hemp all-natural hemp wellness show up in a random urine test as cannabinol oil as a positive urine drug test?

  4. Lynn

    I have many issues with the disc and vertebrae in my spine that cause me to have severe pain. I started taking CBD oil from Charlotte’s Web few months ago. Once it had time to build up on my system the reduction in pain was miraculous. Sadly, I recently did a home drug test and it showed positive for THC. I mentioned this to others who also use the CW brand. They self tested and all 3 of them showed positive for THC. I need to talk to my doctor because I have no idea how to address this. It’s legal to buy the oil otc in OK now but there’s no way to prove it was the CBD when tested.

    • Jan
      Seattle, WA

      Do your research . CW has THC in it . There are others like the hempoils that don’t. May not work as well for you because of it.

  5. Jesse
    New England

    I tried CBD oil for my back pain, and unfortunately didn’t feel anything. Even worse is that I recently tested positive for THC in a random urinalysis. I don’t use cannabis, and the level I tested for was higher at 139 ng/ml, so now I’m trying to research as much as I can to see if it was the quantity of CBD oil I took (400mg) the night prior to my urinalysis, or if it was possibly an administrative error. Either way, I’m looking at possibly not having my current profession within the next few months because of it.

    • Bill

      Glad it helps your pain. I use it for epileptic seizures, and it is the only thing that has ever controlled my seizures, however I have discs problems as well and was seeing a PMD, but the dose I take for my seizures only slighted aided in my pain struggle. I went to PMD for over 10 years then one day out of the blue the nurse said, “I see we’ve never gave you a urinalisys, so we’re going to be giving you one today.” I immediately thought I would fail for THC, so I asked her if it was only to check and see if I had my pain management drugs in my system, and she lied and said yes, otherwise I would have walked out of my appointment. The test they gave was an immediate results test, and afterwards the nurse practitioner walks into the exam room with an attitude and asked, “so, you use marijuana?”, as he handed me my test results which had THC circled. I fessed up and said, “yes, it’s the only thing that has ever controlled my seizures.” He said if I wanted to continue treatment I would have to tell him I would stop, and I did. It wasn’t long before the seizures resurfaced, so I did what any logical person would….I started back with the medicine which controlled my epilepsy. The next ti e they tested me I was positive for THC, but it only received a passing mention I was leaving of “by the way you tested for THC” and I remember think “hmmmm, must not be that big of a deal”, but then I tested positive again about 6 months later and they refused to treat me any longer. Wouldn’t even give me enough pain meds to taper off after, at the beginning of my treatment with narcotics, being told that quitting abruptly could lead to problems including death!

      Besides, those test are crap! My wife has not touched marijuana in 20 years and tested positive!

  6. Danette

    I take CBD for tremors and inflammation. I took three drug tests in September…. two of which were DOT drug tests, which I’m assuming I passed as I was able to renew my CDL. However, the third one was for employment and it came back positive for marijuana. I didn’t think CBD was supposed to show up as marijuana…now I’m always going to have to worry whenever I have to take a drug screen. Has this happened to anyone else?…just seems really weird to pass two others taking the same CBD I took for the failed one.

  7. Laura

    From what I understand, a 50 is a positive for marijuana. My mom tested at 40 and her pain management doctor accused her of using marijuana when she was using CBD oil. I read that’s a false positive and you need to ask for a different test. In any case, CBD oil helped her tremendously with her pain She was using Charlotte’s Web from the Stanley Brothers. (They’re the ones who developed it without THC for the little girl with seizures.) They make it in an FDA approved lab. (Not that I have faith in the FDA, but I figure it’s some oversight.) Just use your search engine as there are many places you can get it online.

    • Maya

      This just happened to me. I was taking CBD oil and tested positive when my doctor did a routine urine drug screen. I explained that it must have been the CBD oil but they didn’t care as they said there is no way to differentiate that on a drug test. They told me to stop taking the oil because if I turned up positive again, they would drop me as a patient.

      • Coci

        Sounds like you may have a lawsuit on your hands with your medical provider. And since when is a urine drug screen routine? Our medical providers only do them at a patients request. Perhaps there are some facts you’re leaving out?

        • Kent

          Not true at all. Providers are to do UDS at every visit or randomly, NOT when a patient requests it. This invalidates the test obviously. Pure CBD oil has the THC removed and will not convert a standard UDS to pos for MJ. But most manufactured CBD oils may not be that pure. They have an incentive to not make it completely pure because of the effect of the THC on symptoms and it’s cheaper to make.

        • Corrine

          I am a patient at at pain management clinic in Florida. Every patient is required to submit a urine sample EVERY month! They kept a 90 year old gentleman there, for over 2 hours (he was there when I got there, and still there when I left) because he couldn’t leave enough of a sample, due to an enlarged prostrate. They refused to write his script until the cup had enough in it. I’ve seen the bills they submit for these tests. Over $1,000!! My point is, YES, this certainly is routine at many PMCs!

          I have recently started taking CBD oil. After reading these posts, I am now afraid I will test positive and be dropped as a patient. I am being treated for a brain tumor and cancer yet my doctor’s fear of the DEA, is apparently more profound than his compassion as he recently decreased my dosage. (Yet my pain level has increased due to tumor growth).

          • Vicki

            If you are in pain management your doctor should control your pain. If you break your contract by using certain other drugs then don’t be surprised if the clinic kicks you out. I get random toxicology testing which bills my insurance close to 10 grand per test. My contract states that any and all pain treatments must come from the pain clinic. Any prescriptions must be filled by the same pharmacy each time.
            The DEA is watching these clinics and doctors closely. Any misstep and they can be shut down. If you must have your cbd oil then be prepared to give up any meds you are getting from pain management. Sometimes you have to choose.

        • Angela

          I have chronic Lyme disease, Lupus ( caused by the Lyme) and RA. I have been going to pain management in Texas for about 8 months. In January I decided to try CBD oil because I was having so much joint pain from inflammation. After trying several different brands some with THC some without and finally found the combination that helped me tremendously. I have been using a CBD pain cream on my hands, feet and neck, and using 1500 CBD oil sublingual 3 to 4 times a week for pain and vaping it when needed for anxiety.

          It has worked so well, even helped boost my sex drive (Lupus is known for destroying sexual interests). Even my husband can see how much better I have been on a daily bases with using the CBD. But of course I have failed the drug test. Pain management test every month for all the different drugs including THC. Now, I did tell them I was using CBD. I TOOK IT INTO MY APPOINTMENT WITH ME. I have been completely transparent with my doctor 💯 percent!

          He started testing me differently as well. He was actively looking for the CBD in my urine. My husband who was also a patient their also got drug tested every month, however they did a different type of drug test on him than they did on me. I used to be a medical billing\coding specialist, so I pulled up our BCBS blueprint to see what all has been billed to our insurance. They did basic drug test on my husband but they did a different drug test on me, they were actively looking for metabolites in my drug test.

          Then we both get a letter removing us as patients. Me for using marijuana (CBD oil) and him for being married to me. Now what? Now, my husband has a new doctor, but I have THC in my system and I know I can just stop my meds without tapering off…I will start having seizures and could possibly die if I quit my suboxone abruptly. So, now I either get to suffer or die. Thanks Dr. Belvin! You rock dude.

    • Marty

      Stanley Brothers is on a list of warnings from the FDA

  8. Lori A

    How does one get CBD Oil?

    • Chaela

      Search online quickly for CBD only suppliers in Boulder, CO. Check ratings on the web. Bluebird Botanicals now sells through
      and is my favorite choice for value & efficacy. There are no laws, federal or state, preventing the sale and shipping to any state in the USA.

    • Sammy
      El Paso, Tx

      You should be able to find CBD oil at any of your local smoke shops in your city. My om has fibromyalgia and she has told me that CBD oil has been the absolute best treatment for her. And if you are worried about it showing up on a drug test I would recommend taking a detox drink. I recommend using an extra strength detox drink because from my experience I have seen that these work the best. We live in a small town so there are not too many smoke shops or places to buy these kind of drinks so me and my friends by them from The one that I have personally used myself and know works is this one-
      Hope this helps!

      • Cynde
        Grants Pass OR

        One thing you need to know if you are a pain clinic patient; 100% detox will remove all of your medications! I took my detox 4 days before I tested and I tested negative for my methadone and oxycodone. Not a good thing as your doctor thinks you’re not taking your medication but selling it instead. I have a month to wait to see if he’s going to fire me or not. This will suck if he does because I will not be weaned from these drugs and I have been on them for more than 10 years. They’ve cut me back already to the point where I get very little relief as it is. I wanted to try CBD oil but now I find out you test positive for that as well. I’m beginning to think there is no hope for me.

    • Tim

      Try – Theirs is organic, fully tested and available in a number of formats.

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