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Urinary tract infections are painful. They frequently announce themselves with urinary urgency, but every time you run to the bathroom is torture. So a way to relieve the pain of a bladder infection would be most welcome. That is doubly true for a simple inexpensive home remedy such as parsley tea.

Could Parsley Tea Help Reduce Urinary Pain?

Q. I had recurring bladder infections over a 12 to 18 month period. This may sound a little “woo-woo” for some folks, but I got relief by drinking parsley tea. I experienced immediate pain relief and no recurrence in two years.

You can purchase parsley tea bags in any health food store or make your own tea with fresh parsley. I use about 1/2 bunch for a pot of tea. I sip it slowly over a couple hours, twice a day.

I do not recommend this treatment INSTEAD of medical treatment, but in ADDITION to it. My doctor was non-committal, but I am convinced this tea made the difference for me.

No Good Studies of Parsley for UTI:

A. Although there are many online testimonials touting parsley tea for urinary tract infections (UTIs), we could not find any good studies supporting this practice.

A group of Brazilian microbiologists analyzed parsley and rosemary for their activity against common bacteria that cause urinary infections (Petrolini et al, Brazilian Journal of Microbiology, online Dec. 17, 2013). While they found several compounds in rosemary that were promising, the results from parsley were too weak to be meaningful.

We’re glad to learn that parsley tea helped you, however. We don’t imagine that it will do any harm as long as you are under medical supervision to make sure your bladder infections are really gone. In addition, parsley is rich in vitamin K, so people taking warfarin (Coumadin, Jantoven) should not eat too much of this herb.

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  1. Ntokozo

    Fresh parsley is very good i always have in my fridge thanks for your tip

  2. diane

    Thank you for the suggestions.

  3. Sharon

    Haven’t tried parsley tea, but I’ve been using D-mannose for the past 16 months and not one UTI! I’d been having recurring infections every 6-8 weeks prior to that.

  4. Nancy

    There is a product called Uvin I discovered in Croatia (known for their herbal/medicinal teas ). It comes in tea bag or instant granular form, and is available on Amazon. It relieved my UTI symptoms, which were quite severe, after a few hours.

    I drank a lot of water also to help flush my system. I was happy to find something that worked without having to take anti-biotics. I take it with me wherever I travel now.

  5. Uffe R

    Dysuria (painful urination) is not caused by the infection but by soap washing of the sexual organs. I discovered that for more than 30 years ago when I asked all my female patients with symptoms or signs of urinary tract infection how they cleaned their sexual organs.

    Almost all of those with dysuria used soap, and almost all of those without dysuria used water only. Furthermore, dysuria disappeared in almost all of those who stopped using soap. You can read about my findings in The Lancet (1984;8384:1027-8).

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