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Americans are changing their attitudes about marijuana. A new Yahoo News and Marist poll of more than 1,000 adults found that two thirds think opioids prescribed by a physician are more dangerous than medical marijuana.

What Did People Think About Medical Marijuana?

The vast majority of the respondents believed that marijuana should be legalized for medicinal purposes. That includes both people who have tried marijuana themselves and those who have never used it. Of the 1,122 people polled, 573 had tried marijuana at least once and 160 reported using it regularly.

Yahoo News/Marist Poll 

What Does Medical Marijuana Help?

Researchers are just starting to investigate the potential health benefits of marijuana. Cancer patients find it helpful in overcoming the side effects of chemotherapy. People with multiple sclerosis use cannabis for muscle spasms and neuropathic pain.

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  1. Diana

    Just legalize it already!! It is less harmful then drinking alcohol.
    Big Pharmacy company’s do not want it legalized because they would not have control or make money out of it!!

  2. Capri

    Everything old is new again. It used to be sold in pharmacies. Legalise it. Tax it if you must. It would help with health, prison overload, and illegal smuggling.

  3. Lisa

    I have suffered with chronic pain for years from and auto accident. I was on a pain patch for years along with oral pain medication. I recently got off the patch, it was very difficult and still is. I don’t want to be on pain medications because of all of the side effects that come with them.

    One of the worst is I’m so exhausted all of the time. I want to be able to spend time with my family, not in bed all of the time. I don’t want my kids to remember their Mom as “That Mom”, the one that was never able to do anything with them.

    If Marijuana was legalized, and Not just in the States but Federally so there is NO QUESTION then my doctor would agree to me using it and I wouldn’t have to worry about finding another doctor office if I decided to try it. I have talked to others who have used it for pain and said it Really Works. That is my dream, to be able to have Medical Marijuana for my Pain.

  4. Maryann
    New Jersey

    My brother who has been on marijuana for recreational and medical issues since his early 20’s, he is now 59 and probably has no concept of what he has lost or what he had prior to his consumption of marijuana. I personnaly have never tried it, and I have heard that seizures can be reduced or eliminated in small children….. My brother lost his drivers liscence 3 times in his life that I know of because of impairment…….Marijuana? not sure but would never recommend that it be used for anything other than severe medical issues that it has been proven effective. As for recreational, I guess you can say thats a persons choice, but when it affects others, such as drunk driving, operating machinerary, buses, etc because of use of this drug….I say vehemently NO…..

  5. M.J.

    People are going to get it somehow so just make it available and stop all the fussing. I think it may be more effective than all of these opoids that are killing people. Since you do not have to smoke it but can use the oil or in candy form, whay not give it a try.

  6. Damiana U

    Big Pharma is already in the medical marijuana business, they already have a patent for synthetic marijuana, That is why they are campaigning so vigorously AGAINST legalizing marijuana, b/c it would definitely cut their profits…

  7. Robin

    On the surface, it seems to be the right thing to put medical marijuana under prescription use only. Why can’t that be done, just like all regularly prescribed drugs? (If I found myself in a painful situation, I do believe I’d be buying on the street!)
    If it was regulated, wouldn’t that drive the price down?

  8. Judica

    It should be legalized in all 50 states. There are proven benefits that pharmaceuticals can’t provide

  9. Jay
    Mooresville, NC

    Marijuana should be decriminalized for all adult use. Though it is called a gateway drug to others, how can we fail to recognize how criminalizing it has been the major factor in that?

  10. Beverly
    Cleveland, OH

    It should be legalized. It was just consider a crime because it is just too helpful to people. At this point in time it is hard to trust the medical doctors that hardly know anything about nutrition.

    Where do we go to be treated gently with patience and a kind heart? Most doctors treat us like numbers. Not entirely their fault. It is called the “bottom line.”

  11. Mary Lou

    Most people I have talked to think it’s way past time to make medical marijuana widely available. Decriminalization of recreational use needs to happen, too.

  12. dand e

    What can you suggest to replace Creon as pancreas doesnt produce enzymes and close to being a skeleton.

  13. fred
    Lakeland Fl

    marijuana should be legal thru your Dr.

  14. Susan

    There is a serious pattern of Glaucoma in my family. My father went blind from Glaucoma, his mother went blind from Glaucoma and his paternal grandfather went blind from Glaucoma. For them, there was little that could be done. I have glaucoma. I’ve been on several different drops for more than 20 years. Marijuana has been shown to be effective when these drops fail. I want to be able to tap any possible treatment before I go blind.

  15. PattyPR

    I am pain medication daily for chronic severe pain. I was hit twice in the legs sixteen years ago by a pickup truck driver who ran a red light. I was in the cosswalk, and the “walk sign was on. I have nerve damage, torn ligaments, torn miniscus, ACL tear. Though I can walk, the pain becomes excruciating. I have been on Norco for years and it just takes the edge off. I want to try medical marijuana, but is is not legal in my state. I even discretely asked around, and the illegal weed for sale in my area is strictly for getting high, something I’m not interested in. I have no record and don’t intend to do anything to create one. I just want effective, safe pain relief at a reasonable cost. I am hoping for legalization in my lifetime, but I am already a senior.

    The history of why Marijuana became illegal is quite interesting. Many assume it is Big Pharma’s influence, but there is more to it. Watch on You Tube “The Most Powerful Plant on Earth – The Hemp Conspiracy” by Top5s.

    I saw on the news this week that 61%(?) of Americans now advocate legalization. I hope that trend continues.

    • Maryann

      Again, please read my above thoughts, if it is proven to be effective for some medical reasons I have no problem, but for recreational issues unless you can prevent that person who uses to not get behind the wheel of a car, I say No for that use…

  16. Busy Fingers

    I really think MM has a future in medicine. It works well for pain without the side effects of the usual prescribed meds and /or OTC drugs like Tylenol and no stomach irritation. CBD can be stopped at any time without withdrawal symptoms if taken sensibly. In my opinion its a sensible approach

  17. Carole

    I voted for it in 2016 because of it helping some cancers, also I had seen videos of children with seizures that it calmed down within a minute after using it. This was enough to convince me. On the ballot it read “to be used for medical use only”. I have seen lists of diseases it will help. Now FL is one of the states already legal. No side effects like from steroids or other drugs but it’s best to check with your Dr.

  18. Jim

    I have tried it baked into cookies. I didn’t eat the whole cookie at one time. I ate a bite and saved the rest. I have Osteo arthritis and 3 herniated discs in my lower back after a short period of time (a half hour or so) I noticed the pain had subsided considerably and lasted for several hours. my concern is if this could become addictive, and would the body accustomed to the marijuana forcing the person to take more.

  19. Gerry

    My problem is the smoke. I can’t stand cigarette smoke and marijuana cigarettes are even worse. I am so allergic. I can smell it even from 2 buildings down in the area where I live.

    • Damiana U

      I have mixed feeling about edibles, I dont think its too good of an idea in cookies, because a person can rarely stop at one bite, and may ingest too much. A piece of chewing gum, a small nugget of a sweet treat, or drops in juice or water, just not things that people tend to eat more than one of, like a cookie.

      I have many friends on drops, my 84 yrs old neighbor, uses cream daily on her arthritis and neuropathy in her feet. It’s time to wake up and access natures remedies again!

  20. Janet
    Roanoke, VA

    I see on the news that people want the weed and I agree with medical use ONLY. Smoking it can damage the lungs even more than tobacco. You never hear about why the Smoking is bad for you.

  21. Elaine
    Groton, CT

    Marijuana should be legalized – period. Then nobody would have to wonder about medical marijuana.

    • Damiana U

      I agree!

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