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We have written numerous times about omega-3 benefits, which range from delaying macular degeneration or preventing diabetes to easing stiff joints and promoting heart health. Some people make sure they get adequate omega-3 fatty acids by eating fish several times a week. Others take fish oil. One disadvantage to fish oil is the fish-flavored burps that many people experience. One reader found an alternative.

Finding Omega-3 Benefits in Supplements:

Q. I am in my mid-30s and am very interested in maintaining cardiac health. That is why I have been taking some form of omega-3 supplement for a couple of years. While I can’t say they make a noticeable impact on my day-to-day well-being, I defer to the scientific findings as far as long-term omega-3 benefits.

However, I’ve always had a huge distaste for the ‘fish burps.’ They’re enough to make me quit taking the supplements for months at a time.

Then I discovered krill oil. It appears that it is not only a vastly superior form of omega 3 in terms of absorbability and utility to the body on all relevant metrics, but comes with no fish burps whatsoever. So I guess you could say I’m hooked.

Benefits of Krill Oil:

A. Krill oil, like fish oil, is a good source of the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. The research that we found indicates that krill oil is as effective as fish oil for treating dry eye disease (Deneima et al, Ophthalmology, Jan. 2017).

A small study in monkeys with type 2 diabetes reported that omega-3 fats from krill oil reduced total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Good HDL cholesterol went up (Hals et al, Lipids in Health and Disease, Jan 17, 2017). This suggests that krill oil is providing the omega-3 benefits you are seeking.

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  1. Matt

    Krill oil has been in the news for quite some time now. However, this has led many to get supplements in the name of krill oil that has hardly any health benefits. Essentially, most of us in order to reap the benefits go for the krill oil supplement without verifying its authenticity. Again, some of us are also conscious of the budget. The combination of these factors leads us to get supplements that do not have the essential health-boosting ingredients in the right proportion. Consequently, we are deprived of the desired results.

  2. Geo

    Krill oil also could bring fishy burp. It taste like fish oil, but more potent. If you are looking to avoid fishy product you may find Flax seed oil or Black cumin seed oil can be helpful.

  3. David

    I also dislike fish burps. I keep my fish oil pills in the freezer and take them while they are frozen. I don’t know why this should make a difference, but I have very few fish burps.

  4. Erin
    San Jose, CA

    How much krill is harvested for this purpose? My concern is for the whales and other creatures that need krill to survive.

  5. Karen
    Washington state

    Well, when I compare the amounts of DHA and EPA in fish oil and Krill oil, there is much less of each in the Krill Oil. The Fish oil that I take is enteric coated and doesn’t give me fish burps.

  6. Shirley

    I’ve been taking fish oil for years and solved the fish burps early on. I take several supplements in the morning and as long as I take the fish oil before I take the first bite of breakfast, I have no burps. I don’t know if the breakfast is on top of it in my stomach and holds the taste down or dilutes it or what. But it works for me.

  7. Michael

    You mention Omega 3 oil from fish. Isn’t flax seed oil a good replacement? (No fish burps or Mercury. )

  8. Sandy

    I have found that taking fish oil before I eat breakfast stops the fish burps.

  9. CC

    Krill is consumed by some of the major occupants of our oceans, especially large ones – bailien whales, seals, and some ‘fish.’ Yet, Krill is disappearing at an alarming rate! Krill is now used as supplements – while mining for Krill kills much of what is gathered, and yet, other than ‘burbs’ no extra benefit is proven.
    At the same time, the big question of whether pills in place of ingesting real fish is now in hot dispute. Krill is ‘sold’ as being superior to other fish oils – when there is not proof that it is. L

    Let’s leave these tiny fish to their natural predators – for their survival, please!
    Info direct from the Royal Geographic Society (UK)


    Put your fish oil or Krill oil in the freezer. Take out a dose and swallow. NO BURPS. NO AFTERTASTE.

  11. Lois

    I have been taking Andrew Lessman’s (Pro Caps) Essential Omega-3 Fish Oil for about 5 0r 6 years — Never one burp! He guarantees no burps — or return it. Check him out on HSN or google Pro Caps and order directly from the company. Manufactures in Henderson, NV. Great
    all natural products.

  12. Susie H

    I am allergic to fish and seafood. I have found Algea Omega at my health food store. It’s what the fish eat. I’ve had good luck with it. Sorry, I can’t remember the brand. It seems to be what vegans use for omegas.

  13. JERRY

    What are your thoughts on using flaxseed capsules to get your omega-3 oils? Is it just as effective? What are the downside to using it? I started using it a couple of years ago instead of fish oil. My mother’s doctor recommended it to her.

    • Terry Graedon

      You can get omega-3 fats from flaxseed oil, but it is much less efficient than fish oil or krill oil.

  14. Sandy

    How about an article on the best Omega 3 supplements for vegetarians? Flax oil, flax milk, flax seeds… what else can we do? Anything better?

  15. vitdweeb

    Is one cap enough of the common strength? Their overall amount of DHA and EPA is low.

  16. Ellie
    Cary, NC

    Just take it at night. There will be no fishy burps.

  17. Ann
    South Carolina

    I have had GREAT luck simply putting the fish oil capsules in the freezer. No burps at all!

  18. PattyPR

    There are good quality burpless varieties of fish oil. The one I use states it is especially formulated to keep the oil from becoming rancid. What most people don’t realize is that as soon as the oil is harvested, it begins to oxidize and deteriorate and many brands apparently don’t take steps to minimize that. I use Vitacost’s Norweigan Salmon Oil with no fishy burping.

  19. Helen

    I also am taking fish oil. After trying the “horse” pills which were hard to swallow, someone told me about a LIQUID called Barlean’s Fish Oil. I found it at our local Garners health store. It is an “ultra High Potency Fish Oil” that contains 1,500 mg of EPA/DHA per serving. The best part is it tastes like liquid lime sherbert ice cream. I keep it in the refrigerator and take a tablespoon each morning.

    Joe or Terry: Have you heard about the above fish oil? My doctor says he has heard of no side effects. Have you? Many thanks for everything. Love listening to you in Columbia SC and love your communications. Helen

  20. Robert

    Keep Fish Oil Softgels in the refrigerator, prevents bad burps. Take first with other supplements, same as taking them with food.

  21. Marilynn
    NE Illinois

    I too found a good substitute. I’m allergic to fish and seafood, so Krill won’t work for me.

    But I take Flaxseed Oil, have for years, combined with slow release niacin. My old doctor suggested it for cholesterol.

  22. Hanna

    Take the fish oil in frozen form!!!! Keep the bottle in a freezer.

  23. C

    Any recommendations for a fish/krill oil that is certified low in mercury and other unhealthy ingredients? I am struggling trying to get information.

  24. Gerry

    Thank you for your article on the benefits of Krill oil. What I would like to know is, how much krill oil is necessary each day and what is the best brand.

  25. Jampot
    Raleigh, NC

    I had been taking fish oil softgels with their attendant “burbs” for several years until I discovered enteric coated fish oil pills. That completely solved the problem – and saves a lot of money compared to the price of krill oil.

  26. Honora

    Fish burps are awful. But 10 years ago I discovered a solution. Nordic Natural’s has a large selection of products, the best being lemon infused fish oil. Problem solved.

  27. Ann

    I keep my fish oil capsules in the freezer – this seems to solve the problem of fish flavored burps.

  28. Che

    I have tried several brands of krill oil and still get fishy reflux. I’ve tried enteric fish oil with no burps but get runny stools. I guess I will eat tablespoons of chia?

  29. June
    Dayton ohio

    I just researched krill or wild caught fish, what I found is krill is over fished and many big fish depend on them for food, there are several brands of fish oil with no fish after, has reviews that cover which is best for no fish after.

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