sea-bands for motion sickness, better than sleeping pills

Sleep is precious, but it can be elusive. Many Americans are chronically sleep-deprived, and the problem may be even worse for adolescents. They still need more sleep than adults, but their daily sleep-wake cycle shifts to become later. As a result, many young people have a hard time falling asleep in the evening. Frequently high school schedules require them to rise early. Is there something better than sleeping pills for sleep-deprived teenagers?

What Could Be Better Than Sleeping Pills?

Q. One of your recommended remedies has been very helpful for my teenage daughter. She was having a lot of difficulty sleeping and was taking prescription trazodone most nights to sleep.

I read in one of your books that Sea-Bands could be a possible solution to improve sleep. It was very affordable, so we decided to try this nonchemical solution.

She has been using them for three months and hasn’t had to take trazodone at all. I am thrilled that she doesn’t have to take a drug any more and she wakes up much more refreshed!

We shared our success with a group of friends. Another girl had similar sleep problems. She tried Sea-Bands and had the same type of success.

Acupressure to Help Sleep:

A. Years ago we heard from a reader who taped a dry kidney bean on the inside of his wrist every night to sleep. The spot was between the two tendons, three finger-widths from the wrist crease. This is an acupressure point called the Inner Gate that is said to alleviate anxiety and promote sleep.

Sea-Bands are elastic wrist bands with a plastic button embedded in them. They are sold to ease motion and morning sickness.

We are pleased to learn that this simple low-tech approach worked well for insomnia. There are a number of other nondrug options for easing into sleep in our recently revised and expanded Guide to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep. Access to this online resource may be purchased at

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  1. cindy
    North Carolina

    I would like to know when you put them on and how. I am very interested in trying this soon.

  2. Mary
    United States

    I learned about these wonderful little bands on your website about a year ago, and they are a sleeping miracle! Like many older folks, I often wake up in the middle of the night and sometimes have difficulty getting back to sleep. On those wakeful nights, I just pop these bands on my wrists and am back to sleep within a few minutes. As a side benefit, they were also really helpful with sea sickness on vacation last year. They aren’t costly and can be easily ordered on Amazon. Thanks for letting people know about this!

  3. Doreen

    Sea bands have helped me. I originally started using them for cramping in my wrist and hand due to RA. That relief was amazing and has continued now for years. I also drink tart cherry juice concentrate diluted in water before bedtime. Again this was originally for relief of RA symptoms. But both have also helped me get good sleep. Both are also inexpensive so it’s a win-win.

  4. Charles

    Hoping I would find something that would help for a balance problem

  5. Sara

    I have been very pleased with a product called wrap-a-nap, available online. It’s a plush, padded band that goes over your eyes and ears, like sleeping with a pillow over your head, only far more comfortable. Very soothing.

  6. Phyllis S

    Ok, fine, Sea Bands worked for this teenager. You have not mentioned where they could be found and how to order one. I’d really like to try it as I have trouble sleeping. If it worked for this teen, it might work for me. But your article is not thorough. Just hits the tip of the item it mentions and then leaves me wondering how to get more information. I so want People’s Pharmacy to be more complete. This happens every time I receive our newsletter. And I get extremely frustrated with the lack of information you choose not to discuss to your customers. Please change your idea of what information is given and give us the “whole deal.”

  7. Luke

    They help me too not just nausea, but also sleep and severe anxiety — these sea bands really are wonderful!

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