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We ran out of MoM (milk of magnesia) deodorant for women a few months ago. This was poor planning on our part. Many women let us know in no uncertain terms that we screwed up. That’s because they really appreciate the floral fragrance and the effectiveness of this roll-on deodorant. They were annoyed that they were running out with no replacement in sight.

We are delighted to announce that our women’s MoM deodorant is finally back in stock. Like our unscented MoM aluminum-free roll-on deodorant, this aluminum-free roll-on deodorant uses magnesium hydroxide (aka milk of magnesia) as its active ingredient. As with all our MoM deodorant products, it contains no aluminum.

Why Fuss About Aluminum?

Why is aluminum important? Research indicates that aluminum can be toxic to immune system cells and organs (Paz et al, Chemosphere, online Feb. 3, 2017).  Some researchers worry that aluminum may mimic estrogen and contribute to breast cancer (Lappano et al, Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, online Oct. 17, 2016).  While this connection is still quite controversial, we think it is prudent to avoid applying aluminum-containing antiperspirants to the underarms.

Here’s What Women Have Been Saying About MoM:

Melissa in North Carolina said “Desperate! Love This Product!”

“I stocked up on this product and am now down to my last one. Is there anyway to be notified when it comes back in? I can’t use any other deodorant than MoM’s”

Aracel in California was succinct with her sad face:

“When will you be in stock again!” :(

Kristie reported “Great stuff!”

“Best deodorant ever! Love the scent! I am pretty stinky after a whole day without antiperspirant, but I don’t like the toxins. With MoM Deodorant, I can get in a sauna for 40 minutes and still no smell! I especially love the women’s scent, but it’s been out of stock for a long time. I hope they get it again soon!”

Good news Kristie. We’re back with Women’s MoM and because of the delay we are offering a discount!

A 20% Discount!

To thank our loyal customers for their patience, we are offering a special deal on our women’s MoM deodorant all month long. Just enter the coupon March17 when you check out to get 20% off the regular price. By all means, tell your friends. But don’t wait until next month. This deal will disappear on the first of April, 2017. You’ll find women’s MoM deodorant here in the People’s Pharmacy store.

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  1. slr

    Just want to warn anyone and everyone about the dangers of Levaquin. Was given Levaquin and a steroid at the same time by the same dr. I have since learned that you should not every take them together. I of course did not know at the time. Also was not aware how dangerous Levaquin is. Wish I had known. Had severe tendonitis in shoulders and especially in legs, mine was mainly in the hamstring tendons, almost unable to walk or dress myself or use the bathroom for a good four months, me the drug that it takes months, not weeks, to over come the drug damage. Hamstring tendon in worst leg still not all right after several years. I called the dr,. who originally gave me the drug when I began to have trouble and he told me to keep on taking it that it would not hurt me! You do not know if it will hurt your or how badly it will injure you until you take it! Beware!

  2. Jenny
    North Carolina

    Is Mom now paraben-free? I stopped using it out of concern about paraben. I know that’s probably one of the safer preservatives, but there are cosmetic companies that have gone paraben-free. Idea: How about doing a program segment about safety/danger of parabens?

    • Marilyn
      Holland, MI

      I also had a terrible situation with Levaquin, it put me in the hospital. My husband called 911 because I was having severe chest pains. I was admitted and went through several tests, all normal. It was decided it was a serious side effect to the medicine. This would appear to be a dangerous drug. It is now listed on all of my medical records that I must avoid it.

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