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Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin condition in which skin cells turn over too quickly. As a result, people develop itchy red patches of skin, often covered in silvery scales. These can be unsightly, but victims find the itching and pain even more troubling. We have heard of some people getting relief by taking an exotic vacation, such as snorkeling in Hawaii. Would this work for you?

Getting Relief from Psoriasis with an Exotic Vacation:

Q. I read about the person who got relief from psoriasis by bathing in the Dead Sea. I had almost the same experience at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

I had a bout of scalp psoriasis and dunked my head several times in the water. I didn’t have any more flare-ups again for nearly four months.

On the way back to the U.S. on the plane, we met a woman who flies to Iceland every three months just to go to the Blue Lagoon to treat her eczema. Now I buy the Blue Lagoon shampoo and conditioner online, and my scalp psoriasis has not recurred for nearly three years.

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland:

A. The Blue Lagoon is a popular resort spa in Iceland. The water comes from a geothermal power plant that supplies electricity for the city of Reykjavik. It is rich in sulfate and minerals such as silica, sodium and potassium.

Researchers at the University of Iceland have studied the effect of exposure to the geothermal seawater together with exposure to narrowband ultraviolet B light (Photodermatology, Photoimmunology & Photomedicine, Feb. 2014). Although narrowband UVB exposure is a standard treatment for psoriasis, they found that bathing in the Blue Lagoon in addition to light exposure worked faster and produced longer-lasting remissions than UVB exposure alone.

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  1. D
    Orland Park, Illinois

    More information on Blue Lagoon shampoo and conditioner and where to purchase it.

    Thank you.


  2. Jean

    Please send me the info for blue lagoon shampoo and conditioner

  3. M.J.

    I agree, the sun and salt water in Hawaii is the ONLY method that cleared my psoriasis the time I spent there.

  4. Carolyn

    My nephew found relief from swimming in a salt-water pool.

  5. Joyce Rudolph

    does this help with eczema

  6. Audra
    Mukilteo, Washington

    Where do you get the Blue Lagoon Shampoo and conditioner ? I wonder if it would work on a spot of Dermatitis I have at the back of my scalp- neck area? It’s been there for several years now.

  7. Ron

    Had Psoriasis on my shins. Bought a used UV lamp on the web and set it up to shine on my shins when I was on my treadmill. Psoriasis disappeared in a fairly short time and has not come back. Haven’t used the lamp in years.

  8. sandy

    I use Real Salt as a scrub and it works great>no medicine!

  9. Janet

    A vacation away from a standard grain and sugar heavy diet may be confounding those results? Following Dr. William Davis’s Wheat Belly grain-free protocol has resolved my life-long eczema. A quote from his recent blog post about skin conditions:

    “Psoriasis can be yet another form of immune reaction to fragments of gliadin and other grain prolamin proteins.

    While psoriasis has also been associated with celiac disease, it can occur without celiac disease and can be associated with an increased likely hood of a psariasispositive (IgA) antibody to gliadin. Wheat germ agglutinin (WGA) blocks vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) that permits the skin inflammation of psoriasis to emerge.

    A diet absent wheat, rye, and barley has been shown to be effective in improving psoriasis, particularly in people with higher levels of the IgA antibody to gliadin. The Wheat Belly experience has provided relief to countless psoriasis sufferers, the majority of whom enjoy improvement or complete relief from rashes, though it sometimes takes months to achieve compared to the much more rapid response in cases of seborrhea.”

  10. Rose

    Try selenium for this condition tablet or capsule, I developed a wicked case of psoriasis which lasted over three years after about 2 months of selenium use the problem completely cleared. I also have gluten intolerance and (perhaps) the intestinal damage destroyed my normal ability to process selenium.

    Webster, NY

    What is the website where you buy the Blue Lagoon Shampoo & conditioner. I would really appreciate it. Thank you for the helpful information. I am anxious to try it.

  12. Rick

    I have found sustained relief by rubbing coconut oil on affected areas, shampoo, rinse, then applying apple cider vinegar and rinse. Doing this daily has provided more relief than medicated shampoos and prescriptions my doctor prescribed. Apple cider vinegar seems to change the PH factor.

    • Freida

      Please send me the info for blue lagoon shampoo and conditioner

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