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The skin condition called psoriasis is an autoimmune reaction to triggers such as infection, injury or stress. Genes play a role, so people with family members who have psoriasis are more susceptible. There are a number of different types of psoriasis as well as different treatments. But one of the most unusual treatments has a long history: bathing in the Dead Sea.

Can Dead Sea Therapy Ease Psoriasis?

Q. About 20 years ago, I had guttate psoriasis, a rare kind. I had red spots from head to toe everywhere on my body.

I went to several doctors who offered absolutely no help at all. Another gave me a course of prednisone that rid me of the red spots in my groin and under my arms. You can’t keep on taking prednisone, though.

I found that a month at the Dead Sea is the answer. I went to Israel three consecutive years for a month, and I’ve remained completely psoriasis free since. It was expensive, but it healed me.

A. Bathing in the concentrated salts of the Dead Sea, then getting sun exposure that falls short of causing sunburn appears to be an effective way of treating several types of psoriasis (Israel Medical Association Journal, Feb. 2013).  People who can’t travel to Israel might be treated in their dermatologists’ offices with a concentrated salt solution and controlled UVB radiation (Hautarzt, Aug. 2010).

Benefits of Salt Water and Sunshine:

You might not have to travel to the Dead Sea to ease psoriasis symptoms. One reader had a great response from the salt water and sun exposure on a snorkeling vacation. That sounds like possibly the most enjoyable treatment one could find to soothe psoriasis.

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  1. Lisa D

    When I lived in Sarasota FL, my psoriasis went away. So yes, sun and saltwater works well

  2. Bev

    I don’t have the condition, but right away, I thought of the Great Salt Lake in Utah. It had been on my bucket list as a youngster, and when I was 14 my family visited there and I had a chance to float in that so-briny water. For those needing it, Utah is a lot easier to travel to than Israel.

  3. sam

    I have found that DMA serum applied directly to the affected areas has greatly reduced both the size and color of my spots.

  4. Jorie
    Plano, TX

    The exact same thing happened to me at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. I had a bout of scalp psoriasis, dunked my head several times in the water and didn’t have any flare-ups again for nearly 4 months. On the way back to the U.S. on the plane, we met a woman who flies to Iceland every 3 months JUST to go to the Blue Lagoon to treat her eczema. Now I buy the Blue Lagoon’s shampoo and conditioner online, and my scalp psoriasis has not recurred for nearly 3 years.

  5. Libby
    St. Louis MO

    When I first started exhibiting symptoms of CTCL (cutaneous T-cell lymphoma) with its red spots, I coincidentally, planned a vacation in Israel which included going in the Dead Sea. After the dunking the red spots disappeared. They came back after I returned to the USA. I then received excellent treatment from my dermatologist and eventually went into remission.

      Webster, NY

      What is the website where you are ordering the Blue Lagoon Shampoo & Conditioner. I would really appreciate ordering it from the correct place to make sure I get the one you are using. I have had scalp psoriasis for years and would like some relief. Thank you for getting back to me as soon as you can.

  6. Diane

    I haven’t done it but how about Epsom Salts in the Bath to help your skin condition. Worth a try and would be a lot cheaper than going to Israel. Also very good is Vicks Vapour Rub – rubbed in to area.

    • Joan
      Mooresville, NC

      My husband has had a scaly psoriasis rash on his lower leg and on his scalp for many years. Expensive and involved treatments prescribed by a dermatologist did not help at all.
      Then I learned about people being helped by bathing in the Dead Sea. That not an option for us, I had to create a home remedy. I make a solution of water and Dead Sea Salt in a spray bottle and spray it on the psoriasis sores. At other times I rub in MCT coconut oil with a cotton ball. This treatment has greatly reduced the scaling and red itchy rash.

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