biotin and resveratrol for psoriasis, ease psoriasis

Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin condition in which the skin cells end up turning over far more rapidly than normal. As a result, red itchy patches with silvery scales (clumps of cells that moved too quickly through the developmental process) form on elbows, knees, shoulders, buttocks and scalp. The plaques are unsightly and can be embarrassing as well as uncomfortable. Is there a way to ease psoriasis without heavy-duty medications?

What Can You Do About Psoriasis?

Q. Has anyone come up with a natural method for treating psoriasis? I started with a little patch on my leg and it has spread to many parts of my body.

The scales itch and are ugly. They really bother me.

I was prescribed betamethasone ointment that doesn’t help that much. I hope there is some natural cure.

A. Psoriasis is a chronic condition in which the immune system attacks the skin and leads to rapid skin-cell turnover. This is what creates the red patches and silvery scales of psoriasis, and it also explains why “cures” are elusive. Most treatments must be maintained to be helpful.

Dermatologists often prescribe topical cortisone-like drugs to dampen the immune response and ease inflammation. That’s what betamethasone is.

Natural Approaches to Ease Psoriasis:

Many readers have found natural approaches that help their condition. Some report that sunlight and salt water are beneficial. Light therapy is often used to treat psoriasis in the clinic (Dermatologic Clinics, Jan., 2015). As a result, the benefit of sunlight is not surprising. A sunburn makes things worse, so moderation is critical.

Inexpensive topical glycerin has helped some patients, perhaps because it has moisturizing properties (Acta Derma-Veneraologica, online June 28, 2016).  Research shows that glycerol improves skin cell maturation, so that may also help explain its benefit (Zheng, and Bollinger Bollag, Journal of Investigative Dermatology, Dec., 2003).

Other readers have found that ingesting the active ingredient curcumin from the yellow spice turmeric can ease the redness and itching from psoriasis. We have also received reports that eating the herb cilantro can help ease psoriasis. Vitamin D has helped a number of readers. Other natural methods that have helped some individuals include sponging the plaques with Listerine, munching hot peppers or salsa and sipping oolong tea or an herbal tea containing licorice.

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  1. Elsa
    Garland tx

    I had it on one elbow. I injured my arm and rubbed the whole arm with Bengay for about a week. I noticed that my elbow was almost cleared up. Since then it has reappeared and when it does I use the Bengay and it clears it up. My doctor refused to believe that was all I used.

  2. CP
    Springfield, MO

    I was told that 10 ppm Colloidal Silver will get rid of psoriasis. I’ve use it on burns, cuts, stys, infections of the skin.

  3. Laura

    I have had psoriasis since I was a teen, for almost 40 yrs. I used sun lamps and every available medication prescribed by my dermatologist. A few years ago I decided to eliminate grains, gluten, dairy and soy. My psoriasis immediately disappeared!! By process of elimination I have pinpointed it to gluten/grains. Even when I changed my thyroid med from synthetic to Armor, thinking I was going to a better, natural med, my psoriasis flared because Armor has GLUTEN!
    Skip the psoriasis meds and try changing your diet. My skin looks great, I’ve saved a fortune and I’m not pumping my body with unnecessary medications.

  4. Anne

    Selenium as a dietary supplement cured it for me. 200 mcg daily for about a month and it was gone.

  5. Barbara
    Seattle, WA

    My son discovered he could control his psoriasis with a gluten free diet.

  6. Karen

    I used to be covered, head to toe with psoriasis and healed my skin naturally. I haven’t had an outbreak in over 15 years. Sunlight or vitamin D is helpful but also look to healing the gut, if nightshades are an issue and/or possible delayed food allergens. Focus on antioxidant rich foods- a rainbow of vegetables into your diet.

  7. Jen
    Central Virginia

    I have never been diagnosed with psoriasis, but my rash sure fits the description. Question: Has anyone been successful with vitamin D-2 applied topically to the rash? I take 2,000 IU of D-3 daily so that seems adequate. I haven’t been successful with other topical treatments. Just wondering.

  8. pam

    About 50 years ago when I was a child of 10 I developed red patches covered with silvery scales on my abodomen. I can’t remember how long I had them, but it was awhile. I finally told my mom and she took me to a doctor. He said it was psoriasis and told me to expose my stomach to sun.

    I did so and they patches went away. About 10 to 15 years after that I got a patch on my scalp that woudn’t heal. I never went to the doctor and eventually the patch went away.

    Since then I’ve had no issues. Sometimes I wonder if I really had psoriasis as a child but when I see pictures and read details it sounds and looks exactly like what I had.

  9. jill

    Chemotherapy for a totally unrelated problem to the psoriasis solved my friend’s problem……chemo attacks the immune system so it made sense. Can’t recommend this treatment for anyone else.

  10. HelenM

    My mother has psoriasis (she died in 1995) which flared when she was a young woman working during the depression, stopped after she had my brother and I (1937 and stayed home. It was on her elbows and partly down her arm towards her wrists. She felt it was triggered by leaning her arms on the desk as she worked. As it happens, she went back to work in 1955, and, sure enough, there it was again. By the time she retired in 1973, it had spread to her knees. Retirement did not take it away. She came to live with me 13 years later, itching like crazy, and we went to see a dermatologist. I was given a cream and told to use gloves when I applied it to her skin. It helped with the itching and the severity backed off, but it never went into remission again. Wish I had known about some of the stuff in the above article. While she would not have gone for the spices, we could have tried the topical remedies.

    Both my sister and I had rosacea; hers was untreated, I went the usual route with a cream and anti-biotics. However, it did not go into remission until I began using a high quality face cream. I had it for years and just thought I had high color in my face until I used a scrub and my face became red all over and felt like it was on fire. I believe that is another auto immune condition.

    And I also have celiac and arthritis, both auto immune conditions. Makes one wonder how much is coincidental and how much is due to genetics. And whether epigenetics would help. Well, I guess that is what is being done with the topical remedies in the article.

  11. Joseph

    I cleared mine up, for good, with two 1000mg curcumin capsules daily. Improvement started showing in about three weeks.

  12. George Brodie
    Aiken, SC

    Tea Tree Oil has been quite effective in retarding psoriasis (both elbows). Applied full strength daily and noticeable improvement in a week with 90% clearing up in a month to 6 weeks. Once gone treatment 3 to 4 times a week seems to keep it away.

  13. Gary

    Topical treatment can be 35% H2O2, hydrogen peroxide. Apply with Q-Tip. Stings like a booger for about 5 minutes but does some kind of job on the psoriasis. Be extremely careful in using this stuff! Would probably render an eye immediately destroyed by the stuff and feels like pins being stuck in the fingers if you get any there. Suggest rubber gloves and maybe even goggles first few times out until you feel comfortable using it. I doubt anything works so completely so fast anywhere.

  14. Janice
    burlington, NC

    The first place celiac disease shows up on the skin may be your elbows or knees. As a registered dietitian with autoimmune issues I know first hand how identifying the foods that make your condition worse and eliminating them may help. A co-worker had horrible psoriasis and when she went off wheat and gluten it cleared up. Doctors are hesitant to identify the poisonous wheat we ingest today and the myriad of issues it is causing. Even our pets cannot eat the wheat and high gluten foods.
    It is soo sad that we no longer view food as our first medicine and allow doctors and even veterinarians to prescribe potent immune suppressing drugs that can lead to cancer and poise us to be more receptive to illness rather than addressing diet.

  15. Jorie
    Dallas, TX

    The only thing that has ever stopped my scalp psoriasis in its tracks is dunking my head in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. That water really does have magical healing powers. No psoriasis for at least 3 months after my visit. Now I order their Silica Purifying Shampoo and Scalp Treatment and it works better than anything else, and I’ve tried everything.

  16. Ken

    I have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis which are well controlled thru diet. Stay away from sugar and any food that is refined. Eat a lot of vegetables and stay away from nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant and tobacco to name a few) if you also have psoriatic arthritis. Also exercise more – a lot more.
    The prescriptions I was given only treated symptoms and didn’t address the actual cause which was a poor diet of refined food, meat and far too much sugar and salt. A typical “western diet”. The diet, overuse of antibiotics by my doctor and drugs given to “treat” the problem all made it worse over time. Big pharma has a vested interest in only treating symptoms and not in curing the actual health problem.

  17. Clare

    My hairdresser advised using Witch Hazel…it actually worked better on my scalp than a prescription from my dermatologist.

  18. Dallee

    Washing the area with dandruff shampoo may also help.

  19. Nina R

    For the last 2 yr’s my husband has been dealing with severe Psoriasis of the buttocks & anus. Tried all the above mentioned natural remedies, all worked for a short time for some relief but it never
    Disappeared totally until he started taking 50mg.of Zinc, added to
    A daily supplement of Biotin 5,000 mcg.
    Within 3 days it began to disappear & has not returned at all now
    For the last 4 months. No more itching, blood & flaking & severe discomfort, a TRUE BLESSING.

  20. Robert

    I have used many “natural” remedies, such as glycerin, witch hazel with glycerin, curcumin, etc. I have psoriatic arthritis, so many of these remedies are ineffective. I have patches on my elbows and knees, and a few flare-ups on the buttocks, eyebrows, and ankle. The most effective remedy I found was a solution of magnesium flakes with distilled water. In my case it doesn’t reduce or remove the patches, but it reduces cell growth.

  21. Barbara

    My psoriasis cleared with following an antifungal diet and taking antifungal supplements (rotate: several to choose from at health food store) and taking a good probiotic. The diet is easy to follow.

  22. Barbara
    Dallas, TX

    My psoriasis cleared with following an antifungal diet (Kaufman’s diet) and taking antifungal supplements (rotate: several to choose from at health food store) and taking a good probiotic.
    The diet is easy to follow.

  23. Susan

    I have suffered with psoriasis for more than 45 years and have taken almost every treatment dermatologists offer. All are temporary and dependent on constant treatment. I am currently on Otezla, which is extremely effective. However, I find sun, salt water, and the glycerin-based creams ( my absolute favorite is a German product available online) are the only ways to gain relief without prescriptions. Another calming topical is Emu oil. I am not experiencing a reaction, positive or negative, to turmeric.

    • Cali

      What is the name of the German product that helped you? Thanks

  24. Richard

    I’ve had psoriasis for 55+ years.
    Coffee (which I love) really makes my skin flare up with larger and more painful scaly patches. Tea doesn’t bother me. I also gave up drinking milk, and I avoid sugar. I also became a vegetarian about 42 years ago. I gave up alcohol. I do eat cheese in moderation.

    After using coal tars, prednisone (a short while), and topical cortisone for many years, I developed type 2 diabetes. Is there a connection?

    I have been taking methotrexate (pills for 10 years, then once weekly shots when the pills stopped working). Methotrexate has been a godsend. I do take a lot of folic acid daily to alleviate some possible problems from the methotrexate.

    I really think everyone with psoriasis should avoid sugar (big-time), avoid coffee, alcohol and saturated animal fats.

  25. Marlene

    Whenever this topic of Psoriasis comes up I am always reminded of my aunt. Born at the beginning of the last century, she suffered with this condition. She always wore 3/4 or longer sleeves to hide her elbows. Every summer they ventured to the New Jersey shore. Amazingly the ocean water cleared up her Psoriasis for the time she spent there. I always wished she could bottle that salty water and bring it home so she could have some all year round.

  26. J. Manfield

    Keeping your body hydrated really helps. I found water retention a culprit in my skin conditions….eczema, psoriasis, etc. Also, milk of magnesia may help when applied externally.

  27. Deb

    I was diagnosed with psoriasis 30 years ago and was treated unsuccessfully for three decades. When I underwent treatment for low vitamin D (diagnosed through blood work) three years ago, the psoriasis completely disappeared. It turns out that I had been living with low vitamin D levels for most of my adult life. I now supplement daily with vitamin D and have not had any recurrence of the psoriatic dry skin patches.

  28. Jen

    I have never been diagnosed with psoriasis, but my rash sure fits the description. Question: Has anyone been successful with vitamin D-2 applied topically to the rash? I take 2,000 IU of D-3 daily so that seems adequate. I haven’t been successful with other topical treatments. Just wondering.

  29. Linda Ferguson
    Atlanta, GA

    I don’t know about anyone else but I got 100% Aloe Vera cream and rubbed it on all dry spots,lesions, and even rubbed it on a wart! Well, all are heeling well and no itching! It’s even making the wart smaller! I expect it to go away. Now, I am not suggesting this for anyone else. But for five years no doctor of any type would address the problem, and I can’t find a dermatologist who will take my insurance. Good luck!

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