Research makes it clear that what we eat makes a difference for our health. But there are many different diet patterns that have been promoted as healthy. Some people are vegetarians, while others embrace a high-fat, low-carb Atkins-type eating pattern. Is there one that is optimal for you?

What Should Vegetarians Consider for Complete Nutrition?

Many people choose to avoid eating meat, either for ethical or health reasons. People have recognized the importance of diets that are based primarily on plant foods to help protect the planet since the publication of Diet for a Small Planet in 1971.

Some people still worry: Can vegetarians and vegans get all the nutrients they need? Are there special precautions they should be taking? What are the best alternatives to highly processed meat substitutes made of soy like “hot dogs” or veggie burgers?

What Diet Do You Follow?

Have you changed your diet to try to control your blood sugar or lower your risk of heart disease? What are you doing, and how well is it working? We are interested in your stories and questions about healthy diets. Ask your question or share your story: Call 888-472-3366 between 7 and 8 am EDT on September 24, 2016, or email

This Week’s Guest:

Kara Mitchell MS, RDN/LDN, ACSM-RCEP, CDE, is the Wellness Manager at the Duke Health and Fitness Center. She is also a Clinical Associate with the Duke University School of Nursing.

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  1. Erin
    Dallas, TX

    The streaming from this website is unavailable. Can we get this fixed, please?

    Erin S.

  2. Jennifer T. Pierce
    North Carolina

    For Walter Willett’s recipe for lentil nut loaf just google “Gail WIllett’s recipe for lentil nut loaf with red pepper sauce.” The nuts are walnuts.

  3. Homeslyce

    Both on this website and in the podcast, the episode is wrong. It downloads the episode from last week (about vision), not this one about a vegetarian diet. Can you guys please fix it? Thanks!

    • Terry Graedon

      It is fixed here on the website and in the store. I don’t know how to change it in iTunes.

  4. Nadja Croft
    South Carolina

    I always enjoy your show and learn so much! I was looking for the recipes mentioned on today’s program. Thank you.

  5. Patty
    Kittrell NC

    Great program would love to get the recipe for the lental loal

  6. Arlene
    Chapel Hill, NC

    Minerals – ie. magnesium, calcium in vegetables ?

  7. Amy

    I would also love the recipes for the lentil walnut loaf and the lentil salad.

  8. Cristal
    West Virginia

    Where can I find the recipes discussed on this show?

  9. Doug
    North Carolina

    How do you get the Lentil walnut loaf or the lentil salad recipe your guests introduced?

  10. Jim
    Camden, SC

    Where can I find the recipe for the lentil and nut loaf with pepper sauce that you mentioned this morning? (9/24/16)

  11. Linda B.

    I use my old meat based recipes with tofu or any bland bean/lentil instead of meat and the flavor it is just a good. This is so true with complex french recipes. I do not feel deprived of flavor.

  12. george
    west virginia

    Wife and I have have been paying attention to our fast food consumption and avoiding it as much as possible by having nearly every meal home prepared. We are both 68 and improved our health having quit smoking 15 yrs ago.

    We live in a remote area, cut our own firewood for heating, so we might be looked upon as survivalists, but mainly we vary our diet to encompass what our bodies need. Just in case, we add supplements, but with caution.

    My wife does have cholesterol medication and blood pressure pills, so not all supplements can be taken. I am lucky to not have any prescriptions to worry about. As yrs add up, we cut the percentage of meat in our diet. It is about a third of what we ate 45 yrs ago. This, and being mildly active, works for us. Sudden changes don’t. Only present concern is I have gained 10 pounds and need to go back to 160.

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