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What do you do for a kitchen burn? First aid calls for cooling the injured tissue first. Put it in ice water (not plain ice!) or hold it under cold running water from the tap. People have tried many home remedies, but we know of only a few that work well. One is easing a burn with soy sauce.

Calming the Pain of a Burn with Soy Sauce:

Q. One night I burned my hand, which produced big white blisters on four fingers. I doused my hand with soy sauce and wrapped my fingers in paper towels soaked in soy sauce. Then I slid a baggie over my hand, secured it with a rubber band and went to bed.

I’m used to stopping the pain of a burn with soy sauce, but when I took the baggie off my hand about 3:00 am, the blisters had disappeared. I’m curious about what happened: did the salt pull the fluid from the blisters and allow the surface skin to reattach to the fingertips?

I was amazed that the next morning I had full use of my hand, though the fingertips were slightly sensitive. I can tell by the smooth texture of my fingertips that the dead tissue will probably slough off, but what an effective burn treatment!

A. Like you, we have been impressed with the power of soy sauce for kitchen burns. Many people report that it eases pain and prevents blisters.

We’ve never heard that it could make blisters go away as yours did. The mechanism remains mysterious. Your hypothesis is as plausible as any we have encountered.

If you would like to watch us demonstrate how to ease the pain of a burn with soy sauce, you’ll find a video in this post.

Other Home Remedies for Burns:

Aloe Vera:

Some people swear by aloe vera gel. Not everyone keeps an aloe plant in the house where they can easily break off a leaf and squeeze the gel onto a burn. Some people tell us they keep aloe vera gel in the fridge where it is handy to treat a kitchen burn, after cooling it under water, of course.


Readers occasionally write that they prefer using vanilla extract rather than soy sauce. It must be genuine vanilla, not a synthetic flavoring. Vanilla is costlier than soy sauce, but if it works, we can’t complain. Remember to put any burn into cold water first!

Yellow Mustard:

One last remedy that seems to help soothe the pain of a burn is yellow mustard. After the cold water treatment, people apply yellow mustard straight out of the fridge to the burned area. This seems to work just as well as treating a burn with soy sauce.

One important caution: A severe burn requires immediate medical attention and should have NOTHING applied to it other than cold water.

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  1. Jessica
    somewhere over the rainbow

    Writing these down hope to remember when needed.

  2. Mary

    One Friday night I burned my hand rather badly but didn’t want to go to ER. Held my hand under cold running water, then took an Ibuprofin as the hand was throbbing pretty badly and starting to blister. Remembered something about home-remedy for burns but couldn’t remember if I should use yellow mustard or honey. Fortunately I had a bottle of honey mustard! Worked like a charm. Pain dissipated after about 45 minutes and blisters disappeared.

  3. Lynda

    I have burned my fingers several times. They were red and sore. I put a little soy sauce on them and the burning sensation and the redness disappeared almost immediately. I thank People’s Pharmacy for that remedy and the yellow mustard for removing bad leg cramps immediately.

  4. Sue
    Houston, TX

    Yellow mustard right from the refrigerator works well for me when I burn my fingers.

  5. Linda

    I use natural, raw honey for burns. Apply to the burn and then wrap overnight. It alleviates pain and the skin doesn’t blister. I have no idea why it works but it does. My father-in-law was a beekeeper and his family always treated burns with honey. I thought it was weird until I burned my fingertips on the oven rack… ouch! Applied the honey, wrapped a bandage on the fingers and the next day, no blisters, no pain. Amazing.

  6. BobK
    Bluffton, SC

    Soy sauce has been a great aid in reducing or totally eliminating the issues of a burn. I tried other remedies but for me soy sauce works the best and works immediately. Unlike untreated burns, after using soy sauce there is no evidence of the burn a day later. Great remedy!

  7. Joan
    St Petersburg Fl

    Many times I have used soy sauce to relieve the pain and blisters of a burn. It works very well. If I have just had a cup of tea and the tea bag is handy and wet this will also work.

  8. Debbie

    Honey is excellent for stopping the burn. I hit the top of my fingers on the upper element of my oven and sustained white blistered burns on then. Grabbed the honey and as it dripped off added more. That evening when I took a hot bath, the hot water didn’t even make the burns sting or burn more.

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