Being able to see is something most of us treasure, especially if we imagine being deprived of good vision. But do we know how to take care of our eyes to keep them healthy and working well?

Our guest, Dr. Peter McDonnell, is an ophthalmologist. He describes the most common problems that can rob us of our eyesight and what we can do to prevent them.

What You Should Know to Protect Your Vision:

Are there eye diseases that run in your family? Has a parent or a grandparent experienced glaucoma or macular degeneration? Learn how you could reduce your likelihood of developing these problems.

Is there anything to the idea of vitamins for the eyes? We also discuss diabetic retinopathy and cataracts. How do you make a decision on the proper timing for cataract surgery? You can listen to our bonus interview with Dr. McDonnell about how to relieve dry eyes.

This Week’s Guest:

Peter J. McDonnell, MD, is the director of the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute. He is professor of ophthalmology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Listen to the Podcast:

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  1. Barbara

    Please make the written transcript available. I don’t have time to sit down for an hour and listen to a podcast. I can read all of it in probably ten minutes of less.
    Thank you, Barbara

  2. Carl
    Lucedale, MS

    When I Play Show 1050, How to Protect Your Vision, using itunes, it stops after 20 minutes, every time. I don’t see any way to resume playback, only to restart at the beginning, only to stop again after 20 minutes. Could you fix it so it will play through the entire show?

  3. Cindy

    I agree with all that want to Read information instead of listening to it! Takes much less time.

  4. Mary
    Arlington, TX

    I often miss the original broadcast, & have no idea how to listen to a ‘podcast’ – just checked the website & iTunes, & it appears to require downloading something else to my computer … – would appreciate the information as others have said, without extra costs & without trying to ‘read the article’ & getting almost nothing online.

  5. arthur
    paradise, ca

    I agree with most everyone here and also say that I could probably read through an article quicker than listening to the broadcast or podcast, plus many of those online product-selling infomercials force one to watch a video presentation (often at a slowest-reader pace), which can appear to be rather manipulative, and we don’t want the People’s Pharmacy to seem to be anything like that!

    So yes, please make all of the radio shows available in written form as well, thank you!

    P.S. If not the entire conversation, at least a summary of it the way Dr. Joseph Mercola does with the articles on his website.

  6. Valerie

    I love your radio show, but regarding your email newsletters, I agree with the other writer– If you say “read article” then please have the text of the article available. Otherwise, please say “listen to podcast” (if it’s available for free) or “purchase podcast” (if it’s not available for free). It’s very annoying to be misled! Thank you.

  7. Elaine

    Where is the article we are supposed to read. Some of us like to read and not listen to pod casts.

  8. Josephin

    When you write ‘read’ and then it is only a podcast, that is misleading. I don’t have time to listen to a podcast, but I can read articles quickly.

  9. Sunny

    Please put info in print.

  10. eleanor
    hollywood, florida

    Agree that podcasts aren’t the alpha omega of your viewing/listening. Public workplace isn’t for listening – – many like myself don’t have the patience for them – but will take the time to read even a moderately long article – love your site – have followed your work for many years.

  11. Carolyn
    Houston TX

    Could Blepharitis be a fungal infection?

  12. Dawn
    San Antonio, TX

    How do we know when a broadcast date is? Your program is not available in my area so I have no way of knowing. Thank you!

  13. Dale
    Greensboro, NC

    I agree with Maureen concerning a printed summery of the Pod-Casts. GREAT IDEA

  14. rebecca
    san antonio,tx

    From personal experience never get plugs for your tear ducts to correct dry eyes like when tears start coming down your eyes. Tried DCR surgery twice & it did not work plus have many complications.

  15. talks to trees
    binghamton, ny

    What does Dr. McDonald know about the use of N-acetylcarnosine to prevent the progression of and possible reversal of cataracts?

  16. Jolnk
    Central Florida

    When you say “read article,” (reference “protecting your vision”….I would not be expected to be directed to a podcast that had not yet aired…I would expect to be directed to an article on your website.

  17. Maureen
    Hartford, CT

    I LOVE The Peoples’ Pharmacy programs! I have been a listener for years, buy your books as they are released and preach the info you provide to anyone who will listen to me.
    I like to read info on your website, but cannot listen to these podcasts while I am at work, so I wonder whether you ever make the programs available in readable format?
    I can read much faster than I can hear the highlights of these experts’ advice!

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