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Brand name drugs like Cymbalta have become unaffordable for many patients. That’s why most people are dispensed generic Cymbalta (duloxetine). We have received complaints that some generic formulations are not up to snuff.

Q. I have taken Cymbalta for depression and pain. The generic I have been given just plain doesn’t help me, so I’ve been looking for an “authorized generic” that would be identical to the brand name.

One pharmacy refused to order it because they said they would lose money. Another looked at me like I was asking for a unicorn.

My insurance company didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. Cymbalta as a brand name isn’t covered and I cannot afford the $250 a month it would cost out of pocket. Can you help me?

A. Authorized generic drugs are identical to the brand name products, sometimes manufactured in the same facility. Prasco initially sold an authorized generic version of Cymbalta (duloxetine) but no longer does so. A spokesperson told us that there is currently no authorized generic for Cymbalta.

Readers who Report Problems with Generic Cymbalta (Duloxetine):

You are not the only visitor to our website who has reported problems with generic Cymbalta (duloxetine). Here are some other stories from readers:

S. wrote about her quest for an authorized generic Cymbalta (duloxetine):

“I asked my pharmacy a few months back about ordering an authorized generic form of duloxetine. The technician had a ‘deer in the headlights’ look on her face.

“I’ve tried two different manufacturers of generic ‘equivalents’ for Cymbalta and neither are worth the trip to the store. Thankfully, the brand name showed up finally from Eli Lilly after four months of waiting because my income (or lack of it) qualifies me to get for free medicine. I don’t know what happened at their Lilly Cares program but to make someone wait for meds for almost five months is just plain disgraceful. That’s what sent me on my quest for an authorized generic in the first place.”

Alice shared this experience about generic Cymbalta (duloxetine) for pain:

“I have completed three experiments with the generic duloxetine, each from a different manufacturer of the medication. All failed to relieve my pain symptoms. However, each time I returned to brand name Cymbalta between trials, the sharp pain and neck stiffness was controlled within days.

“I then tried an increase in the dosage to 40 mg and found no difference. I was able to find some relief when I doubled my dose to 60 mg, but the side effects of the medication were too much of a concern. Whatever the variances allowed in production of these generics, it seems to be preventing the active ingredient from providing pain relief in my case.

“My insurance won’t cover brand name Cymbalta. My appeal was denied because: ‘The generic products are A-rated by the FDA for bioequivalence and therapeutic equivalence to the brand name product. An A-rated product will produce comparable absorption and blood levels to the brand name product and would not be expected result in an increase incidence of adverse effects or sub-therapeutic effect compared to the brand product…’

“A one month prescription of brand name Cymbalta costs about $250, so I am now doing a trial using the brand and generic on alternate days to reduce my overall cost. I would be most interested in any research on this medication that might overturn the FDA ruling.”

Judy offered this:

“I do not know where to turn. I was switched from name brand Cymbalta to duloxetine made by a company based in India. I had an immediate return of depression symptoms including suicidal ideation. Many people on the net complained about its ineffectiveness.

“I contacted the FDA and the Indian company wanted my entire supply of pills. I sent them six. I received a new refill of duloxetine from the company with a different lot number. Already I am stable, happy and more functional. I believe the generic drug company released the formulation with a lower amount of effective ingredient just to see if they could get by with it. This latest supply is effective. Seems that should be illegal.”

Kristin’s experience:

“I have been on Cymbalta for the past four years. I have been too afraid of the suicidal thoughts returning to try and go off of this drug. I lost my job and insurance and it costs $250.00 to get 30 capsules!

“I can’t afford it and have not had it for 4 days and I am barely able to function let alone work. Withdrawal started after 24 hours off the drug and has progressively gotten worse. I have severe dizziness, headache, brain zaps that feel like lightning bolts going down through my arms and out of my hands. My hands are tingling and hypersensitive. My GI tract is in hyper drive and my appetite is way down. I am also moody and very sensitive.

“What the H#**!!! I am an RN. How can I take care of my patients like this? Due to the cost of this drug I don’t even have any to wean myself off it. HELP!”

Brand Name Drugs from Canada:

If you purchase brand name Cymbalta from a legitimate Canadian pharmacy, the cost could be about one third as much as in the U.S. To learn more about authorized generics and reliable Canadian pharmacies, you may want to read the newly-revised Guide to Saving Money on Medicines we are sending you. This 20-page Guide is available for download at PeoplesPharmacy.com for $2.99.

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  1. Chris

    I want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to post your issues with the generic cymbalta on this site. I have learned so much from the information you’ve all provided – what generic brands are good and bad, what countries are not good to get them from and what can be done about all of this. My husband was stabilized on cymbalta for many years for depression and OCD. Then they switched him to generics.

    Every once in while he have problems for about a week, saying it felt like he didn’t take his meds. Then last month he just spiraled. Headaches, raging, suicidal thoughts, racing thoughts, insomnia, unable to eat, racing heart and just kept telling me that something was very wrong. Doctor visits, many tests, then they upped his dose, he did better then, bam spiraled again. After reading all your posts I looked at the rx bottle – brand name was CITRON (a brand mentioned here that was bad), asked our pharmacist about the company – made in India (a country mentioned here that was bad).

    Our pharmacist found a pharmacy that had generics made in Spain, he started those today while we wait for the brand name we ordered from Canada for $80 a month, because our copay through the insurance for cymbalta which is $650 a month after the doctor told them he had to have the brand name. They always find a way out of it. Tess posted that she contacted the FDA and filed a report – so I did that too. It was quick and easy and I realized that is what will make a difference. If we flood the FDA with reports, they will have to do something – they count on people just giving up. We really can make a difference in this horrible situation.

    These generic companies know only a few will complain through the right channels, they make bad drugs BECAUSE THEY CAN. I have read literally hundreds of heart breaking posts on different sites about all different kinds of generic drugs not working and what is the FDA doing about it? Not much and that is what they are there for, it’s their job!

    Anyway, thank you again, you all have helped us through a hard time. I wish you well through all of this. Here is the link if you’d like to file a report with the FDA – I did, and I will EVERYTIME I run into a problem with any/all generic drugs. https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/medwatch/index.cfm?action=consumer.reporting1

  2. Alice
    Richmond, Va

    I have taken Cymbalta for chronic migraines for years and worked like a charm until they gave me the generic and the migraines came back so bad that they thought I had a brain tumor!!!!!! Had a scan brain was good and I told Doctors it was the generic Cymbalta. Went back to Brand and migraines were gone.

  3. Wendy Capobianco

    I am so sorry to hear all these negative comments, but glad to know I’m not alone. They try and tell us that the generic is the same. I also have seizure disorder and have been taken dilantin since I was 17. Then they came out with generic and people started having seizures. So it was ordered by someone, I don’t know who that if you started on brand name you cannot be switched to generic. So I still take brand name. Over 40 years. But over and over we are told the generics are the same. I started on Cymbalta for fibromyalaga & restless leg syndrome. At some time I was switched to the generic. My life became a living hell. I thought it was age , neuropathy in my feet. But I kept falling from a standing position. I’m naturally clumsy. Walke,r cane didn’t help. It was like I had vertigo. Wild falls. the worst I hit my cheek on the dresser knob busting it open then fell to the floor were my right eye hit the floor. I could see the grain of the wood floor getting closer. I fractured my orbital bone and shoved my eye back a bit into my head. But you’ll be happy to know my glasses didn’t break. I needed 7 stitched had double vision then blurry and now it’s better. still swollen and numb under eye but all black and blue is gone. I have so many black and blues it’s pathetic. Sad thing is doctor is mad I stopped taking cymbalta and doesn’t believe my falling has stopped. I know you shouldn’t stop medicine like that but when I saw the side effect I had no choice. Also very vivid dreams. None of it since I stopped. Friends say I’m sounding like me again. I suffered so much from this.

  4. Annabel

    I started taking Cymbalta in 2001, for severe depression. It kept me functional. A couple of years ago I was forced to switch over to the generic, presumably made in different labs depending on where I filled the Rx. None of them were working well, so my psychiatrist suggested I double the dose, which I did, and I was OK. But now even a double dose doesn’t work, presumably because Blue Cross of NC switched from Express Scripts to CareMark in 2017, and “Care” ha Mark must have found an even cheaper manufacturer. This one is Lupin in Goa, India. This generic is absolutely worthless.

    CareMark says they will “cover” the brand if my psychiatrist jumps through a million flaming hoops, but even then it would cost me $250 month! Some coverage. Guess they’re hoping all of us depressives will just kill ourselves, and they won’t have to deal with us. It’s extraordinary to live in a country where criminal negligence is the order of the day.

  5. Phyllis

    I am saddened by all the suffering inferior generics have caused (cymbalta). I’ve been on CYMBALTA for many years – more than 10 – & when the generic was made available, I began getting that. A few months after beginning the generic, I saw my Psychiatrist for a med-check. I said that I wasn’t feeling as “pulled together” as I had been, but didn’t really know why.

    This Doc became suspicious & asked if I was now receiving a generic. He had already identified several patients who had experienced setbacks because of the generic substitution.

    For years, I received brand Cymbalta & paid a bit more for it – gladly.
    Now, I’ve changed Insurance & the new provider wouldn’t cover brand Cymbalta at all. Period. The cost for a 30-day supply would be approximately $500 @ my local Pharmacy.

    After my Pharmacy offered to initiate a Pre-authorization & my family Doc explained the problem – this company will now cover about half of the $500, rather than none of it!

    I just picked up a 30-day supply of Cymbalta 60mg and paid over $270 for it. I am happy to be starting back on brand Cymbalta after using generic for 3 weeks & feeling awful.

    However – I cannot continue paying this much monthly, so I will be buying my Lilly brand name CYMBALTA from outside the US because I REFUSE TO BE VICTIMIZED by selfish corporations who do not care about quality. I refuse to give in and trade my well-being (physical & emotional), for the sake of saving an Insurance Co. some $$.

    As long as there’s a way to circumvent their arbitrary rules – I will find it! This issue is REAL! Don’t sacrifice your physical or mental well-being to save an Insurance Co. some cash. Look out for yourselves & make sure you at least try to get what you need to feel your best.

  6. Ellen Lockheart

    I was prescribed Cymbalta to help treat my depression, after the province decided to cut costs I was switched over to a generic which forced me into a suicidal depression! the generics themselves are second rate garbage and I refuse to take them for the simple fact that I value my existence and would rather cope with debilitating depression which leaves me bedridden for three days at a time than risk the suicidal grade depression the generics caused me. honestly I stopped my meds without a doctor because I couldn’t afford another trip to the psychiatric unit or the resulting homelessness that typically follows a month stay.

  7. Michelle

    I have been looking for a forum like this to try to sort out which generics don’t work and which may work. A lot of people have stated that the generic did not work, but few have mentioned the generic manufacturer. I think it would be in all of our best interests to share your reason using Cymbalta (depression, fibromyalgia, etc.), what generic manufacturer, and if the generic helped or not.

    With so many of us being forced to generics we have to find something that works and I’m hoping we can figure it out because the FDA, doctors, and pharmacists don’t seem to have a clue. I have used brand Cymbalta for 5+ years for fibromyalgia. Used generic from TEVA and it was terrible.

    • Norm

      Interestingly, I found that TEVA’s generic wasn’t bad. For me, Prasco generic really sucked.

  8. Mary R.

    I have lots of pain from postherpetic neuralgia from having had shingles. I have tried lots of pain medications, nothing has helped with the pain. I was put on Deloxetine about twenty days ago. I seem to have more pain now. Has anyone else had this experience. I have never tried the Cymbalta because of lack of funds. Would appreciate any feedback.

  9. David

    I got switched from the Cymbalta brand to the generic twice. I pulled over on the side of the road and begged her and said “Call and order me the real thing.” I just got put on the generic again a few weeks ago. It does not work. I cannot sleep, have headaches, upset stomach and have been real jittery. Not the same as the original Cymbalta.

  10. David

    Been on Cymbalta for 7-8 yrs, and pharmacy made me go to generic because my health care did not cover it. Now I have night sweats, headaches and blurred vision. Don’t buy the generic.

  11. Kim

    I too have been switched to a generic duloxetine. It is by Teva. And it is awful. I feel liked I am going through a crisis with all the emotional bs I am feeling. Along with aches, pains, etc. I am wondering if there is a better generic out there. I read Prasco made authorized generic duloxetine at one time. Now I believe they carry plain generic duloxetine. Has anyone had any luck with a generic duloxetine and if so who is the manufacturer?

    • Kayla
      Spartanburg, SC

      I am having the exact same issue however mine is the opposite. I was on Teva manufacturer and is worked great for me! Loved my life. Now, I am on Prasco and I am having major issues and the pharmacy says my insurance will not cover them to order the Teva for me because this Prasco is covered. A pharmacist friend told me that there can be 20% difference in the capsule or within the capsule itself and your body may be reacting differently or not releasing it at the same time your body is used to.

      So, maybe you will be ok with the Prasco. It is crazy that you find a drug that works and then the generic doesn’t and it is like “Well I’m sorry to hear that.” Also lets say you went to the doctor and you were put on Cymbalta and got the generic Teva…you would go back to your doctor and say it is not working for you when in reality the true Cymbalta may work but you are not getting the full deal! It is crazy!

      • Norm

        It’s totally crazy. The whole mental health system is so behind. Now, not only do we have to be careful about which medications we take, but we have to consider their generic forms as well. WE’RE NOT SCIENTISTS HERE! Load of crap…

  12. Mary
    Windsor, ON

    With so many issues with the generic brand, why is it still out there? I was switched recently by my insurance company, but I’m afraid to try it with all the problems people are having. Depression is not something drug companies should be ‘experimenting’ with. Insurance companies don’t realize the ripple affect. If you’re not doing well on generic, you should be allowed back on the name brand and have it covered. Could your family physician / psychiatrist write a letter to your insurance company explaining why generic is not tolerated?

  13. Bri

    Hi- I was on brand name Cymbalta 60mg for several years and could no longer afford the 300.00. After checking several of the pharmacy’s for a generic manufacturer I found one that actually works better for me than the others. There was a slight-moderate improvement from the other generics that are on the market and took several months to adjust to. I found that my CVS Pharmacy has the Apotex Inc. On the label it reads -Manufactured by Apotex Toronto Ontario Canada M9L1T9 Manufactured for Apotex Corp Weston Florida 33326. PS- I do not order any of my RX’S from Canada.

  14. jo

    I have been on cymbalta for almost 3 years for nerve pain. I have gained weight and cannot lose it. THE GENERIC does not control the pain, kind of keeps it at bay at best. Insurance will not cover brand and it is unaffordable why is something not being done when there is so many issues with this generic. my brand has been citron

  15. Kathy

    I’ve been taking generic Cymbalta 30mg, TID for the last 4 months. And before that, I had been taking Cymbalta 30mg daily for at least the last 8 years. I can also tell you that the generic LUPI (Lupin) brand has always worked wonderfully to control my depression and pain.

    However, when I got my last Cymbalta script refilled, my pharmacist had switched out the manufacture from LUPI (Lupin) brand to that of the ‘CAMB’ (Camber) brand. Now then, I cannot even begin to tell you how disappointed I am with the generic Cymbalta made by Camber.

    Trust me folks, Camber pharmaceutical needs to head back to the drawing board when it comes to making CORRECT generic Cymbalta! The ‘Camber’ brand will not only offer them ZERO relief from depression, but this worthless medication could even end up giving them an additional mild headache as well. (Sheesh)

    And yes, I’ve already informed my pharmacist about my feelings towards Camber brand Cymbalta. He now clearly understands to never, EVER, fill my Cymbalta script using the Camber brand again. Nuff said…

  16. Charis

    I have never been on the brand name of cymbalta. Been on the generic for a few years. Now I know why I have had increased anxiety that my dr looks at me like I’m crazy. Plus the weight loss I’ve suffered is extreme. Didn’t know there was a difference in the two. Thank you for the information

    • Norm

      This is so weird. I took the Lupin generic for Pristiq and it was horrible. I wonder if we’re all affected differently not only by the original drugs, but their generic alternatives as well! It’s like a never-ending maze.

  17. Donna

    I have been on Cymbalta since it became available several years ago (2010, I think). It worked very well for my chronic depression (bouts of severe depression), as well as chronic pain (fibromyalgia). On changing to the generic 2 1/2 months ago, I first realized that my appetite had returned (a positive side effect after years of not enjoying food). Soon after when struggling with worsening joint pain, I realized that the timing was consistent with the change to the generic. I am going to retry the Cymbalta and if my pain improves, I will ask my doctor to write “no substitutes” on my prescription so that my insurance company will not penalize me. Frankly I am surprised — I expected the generic to be the same. My depression seems well controlled to date but the pain is very problematic.

  18. Tess

    Hi, I actually was doing well on the Brand Cymbalta for depression for years. I had switched to the generic when it came out. Over a period of just shy of 3 years I had various things that I was over time ruling out for what turned into serious problems with the generic.

    It was no longer therapeutic and I was becoming more & more depressed. I developed what had the disabling power of migraines or some variety of headaches that made me sick, lay in the dark in my basement.

    My primary doc is astute. I was such a mess that I was seeing the headaches and a very high anxiety, as the reason I was struggling with my normally managed depression. I went to an ENT to see if the headaches were from there. I was tried for periods on various types of migraine meds and had failed to get relief. Had an MRI, and more.

    I was using sick time from work, I lost some semesters of school as I was working toward a bachelor’s. My marriage was suffering. I wasn’t going out much as my headaches, anxiety and depression worsened, added PTSD, I was (still am) in therapy and doing EMDR). I thought I was going mad!!? Crying, and didn’t feel I could survive like this.

    I was looking into all potential things to rule out. Finally I found a group of people when I googled, is anyone having trouble with generic Cymbalta, duloxetine. I wasn’t alone!!

    There was a psychiatrist that had a large established practice. When the generics hit the market, he did the usual adjustments for dosages. A minimum of 33% of his clients developed the same blinding headaches, serious anxiety that they they never had on brand, weren’t therapeutic for depression and so on. In the group I joined to share what was happening to us, a client that had been successfully treated for fibromyalgia pain on brand Cymbalta for 11 years. No history of depression, anxiety or headaches. This client was suffering from fibromyalgia pain. Then developed the serious blinding headaches, became deeply clinically depressed, along with high anxiety, sleep disturbances etc., which were all since going on generic duloxetine. There were veterans that for years had been able to function in society that were successful for years on brand Cymbalta. There were suicidal patients and 2 of the vets were back out in the woods. Many suffering people that were alone and those who didn’t know how to get it covered by insurance when they reported to their doctors to prior authorize it for DAW (dispense as written).

    The provider has to document the fail on the generic according to what each patient experienced. After having exhausted all else I was sure and went back to my provider to get Cymbalta brand approved. About 3 weeks into being back on Cymbalta brand DAW, the headaches disappeared. I started to return to normal sleep patterns. Then driving down the road, the sun was out and I was enjoying seeing some horses running in a pasture. I smiled & started to experience happiness and moments of joy.

    I had gone to the FDA.gov and filled out a form that reports serious adverse effects, serious side effects and when a medication was not therapeutic that had been on the brand. I looked into studies and reports and that the FDA had not been testing for quality, being within the dosage parameters for generics. When the patent and brand only period was up, many manufacturers were approved to make duloxetine. I had gained weight and started being active, lost the 1st 11 lbs. I continued to improve and start seeing my life with more focus, clarity and perception.

    Then, I learned that during the three hellish years our marriage had suffered. Signed up for marriage counseling and was working hard. We were married 24 years, together for 26. He said he still loved me. I could see he had reservations that I was really me again. I could see that whoever the horribly sick wife who he didn’t know what to do with did serious damage. Apparently he wanted to see me doing well for awhile and continued to do really great things to show he still loved me and was committed to our life together. He went out of his way to make our Valentine’s Day one of the top 2 ever in 26 years. Made a CD that had songs from concerts we had been too. Jason Mraz “I Won’t Give Up On Love,” Michael Franti, “Life Is Better With You.”

    He had meantime been planning to divorce me secretly. His family was like my own family, I have one living sibling. It was my turn to be back in school. He had recently graduated to change his career and had 2 Bachelors and a masters. Then 10 days after Valentine’s Day, he told me he was divorcing me, wouldn’t go to counseling and didn’t love me anymore. While I was on this terrible generic that really injured my mental & physical health, I had lost my marriage, and all of the social and family and support that had become my own. Sold our home which I couldn’t afford. This drug and the collateral damage broke me.

    The point is that we must report via the FDA to provide the statistics so that for ourselves, and others who suffered from a drug that want the same, so that we can have what we need in cases that any generic drug is not working for us. They just now, I believe this year, have some budget to check the generics from around the world where they don’t need to meet our standards.

    I’m in the medical field. There is more evidence that the generics vary a great deal from manufacturer to manufacturer. This doesn’t mean we don’t use generics where we can. But we can ask to stay with the same manufacturer of a generic med that works for us. There ar more studies all the time. More science and evidence support The bioavailability and inactive ingredients along with the variations of active ingredients there are types of drugs based on what they treat many in specific types of drugs must be in a narrow titration. Cardiac drugs, medications that affect the brain, neurological and mental health treatments, diabetic treatments especially insulins and insulin dependent diabetes, anti-seizure treatments.

    I encourage anyone to speak with your providers, read and fill out the FDA medwatch forms with information that support safe medications and protect your health and your loved ones. The general public largely don’t understand mental health and the necessity of the correct treatment. People who stand by their loved ones with cancer don’t have the same beliefs & education to live with their loved ones suffering from PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Bipolar depression, etc. Don’t suffer in silence.
    Do advocate for yourself.

  19. gloria

    I have been on the generic Cymbalta for a little over a month now. I had been on Cymbalta for years, until my insurance company made the decision to switch me over to Duloxetine! This has been a horrible 5 weeks for me! Constant headaches, rapid weight gain (where my weight had been stable for the past 10 years) blurred vision, withdrawals, high anxiety and an increase in pain levels. I have become a recluse, not seeing anyone (nor wanting to see anyone) nor answering my phone. My anxiety with people in general, is through the roof! I have never had this before in my life! Clearly, this generic Cymbalta is NOT effective. Sadly, it all comes down to money with the government, the insurance companies, and the pharmaceutical giants.

  20. cathy

    I was so relieved to hit this website. I thought I was crazy. After only 2 weeks of being on the generic brand, I started asking myself what was wrong and why I was feeling so bad. Then it hit me, I have been using the generic brand to reduce costs. I decided to google and see if anyone else was having an issue with the generic brand and I hit on here. So glad I did. Clearly the generic brand DOES not work the same as Cymbalta!!!

  21. Michele
    hamilton on

    My husband has been on Cymbalta for years, he once screwed up and took too many each day, once he figured out he was not to take that dose a day, he was out of pills and stopped taking them, he ended up lost one night not knowing were he was disoriented, crying one minute, wanting to kill someone the next minute.

    (he is 50 years old) he ended up at emergency and he was told it was due to the difference of doses. He has now been on the new generic drug for 2 weeks, he is now in the same boat today, pharmacy says this is new so they don’t know if others are having the same issues with the generic brand also. Please if you find your mood changing with the new generic brand see your dr and pharmacy and complain.

  22. Teresa
    Paragould AR 72450

    I been on cymbalta for years for drepression anxity fibromyalgia. Got the generic brand can’t take so I am paying for name brand cymbalta. Please tell what generic brand works and where I can get it.

  23. Susan Taylor
    London, Ontario

    I thought I was going crazy again! I said to my husband, something is wrong I am sliding backwards, anxious, crying fits, not wanting to shower and/or go outside. Can’t sleep, weird dreams and the anxiety is back big time. My friend said it sounded like withdrawals.
    It just dawned on me that it has been 2 weeks since they switched me to generic, without telling me. When I called the pharmacy to confirm and ask why, they said because my insurance has denied Cymbalta and they have had no complaints about the generic brand at all, said it was even made by the same company that makes Cymbalta.
    I was lucky to get an appointment with the doctor today and after a long conversation with my insurance company, was told if I get him to write on the prescription why I need to continue on the name brand, I should be able to restart today. wish me luck. If not I will starve myself to pay for the name brand, better than the alternative.

  24. Scott
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    I’m adding my story to the above. My doctor prescribed Cymbalta for neuropathic pain. I have a bulging disc that causes pain to shoot down my leg. I suffered through the disabling side effects for 8 weeks as I slowly ramped up to 120mg / day. To my amazement, the Cymbalta did exactly what the doctor ordered! With a combination of OTC painkillers and the daily dose, I was able to function and work normally.

    As with many others, my insurance provider changed my prescription to generic.
    After a couple of weeks on the non-brand, my pain returned, I was tired all the time and felt generally lousy. My work suffered. The effect continued to worsen for another month until I went back to see my doctor. As I described my symptoms, he immediately diagnosed me as being in withdrawal from Cymbalta and wrote a new prescription indicating NO SUBSTITUTIONS.
    When I started back on 120mg / day, I began to suffer from the side-effects once again, as my body / brain absorbed the brand name. I had to take 2 weeks off work, as I couldn’t focus or concentrate and all I wanted to do was sleep.

    It took 2 weeks being back on the brand name Cymbalta before I began to feel normal again. All tolled, I suffered for 6 weeks (4 unknowingly withdrawing and 2 ramping back up).
    Bottom line: This generic is NOT THE SAME as the brand name. Please be careful with it.

  25. Cynicroute

    I recently started on generic Cymbalta (duloxetine) after being stable on Cymbalta over 7 years for severe clinical depression. The generic does NOT work, essentially, at all. Health Canada should really look into generics.

    My drug plan won’t cover the brand name stuff anymore and I can’t afford $250 for a 3 month supply. I don’t know anyone that could afford that.

  26. Lorelei

    Been on brand name Cymbalta for years. Recently had to switch to generic because of insurance. It’s been over a month now and depression and anger have returned along with new side effects including hot flashes every 30-45 minutes, weakness, increased diastolic blood pressure, ear pressure, extreme muscle spasms/cramping . Found out the FDA made a class III recall on the specific generic I’m taking but the pharmacy says the III means it isn’t a patient safety issue so they are not returning them to the manufacturer. I asked for another generic brand but they stated that’s all they have in their store and warehouse. Now I am waiting for my doctor to fill out a petition to my insurance company so I can get the Lilly brand Cymbalta. Each day is a little worse than the next. Seems like an FDA recall should be increased or actually mean something to someone other than people trapped in the red tape of it all. I feel victimized to my MDD and the health care system. I’m not sure which is worse, the disease, knowing there is one medication that actually helps that I can’t get, the side effects from the generic, or the future of pharmaceuticals and health insurance companies collaboration in patient treatment. Good luck to all of us.

  27. Jan

    I have fibromyalgia and some depression. My new Dr. prescribed Cymbalta. It was a miracle drug for me. I had a life again!! When the generic became available, I switched to generic cymbalta, I begin to return to the pain and fatigue I suffered before having this drug. I wanted to stay in bed and not move. My Dr. strengthened the dose on the prescription. I tried it for a short while still not feeling my best. Then the pharmacy changed to a different generic manufacturer. I had more problems–slightly different than before. I decided to go back to the brand name. I felt so much better. I have also had problems with a generic migraine medicine. I found it was manufactured in India. After research, I have found there are many complaints about Indian made generic drugs which account for 40% of the generic market!! The FDA has sited some of these companies but they still are making inferior drugs!! Peoples’ lives are adversely affected! What can we do to change this??

  28. Richard
    Saint Louis, MO

    I have been taking the generic for Cymbalta for about 3 years. It was first prescribed for me for back pain in a rehab hospital after a back operation. I now pay only $10 for a 3 month’s supply of the generic for Cymbalta (90) from my USA mail order pharmacy that I have through BC/BS.

  29. Carla

    I am on the generic Cymbalta for depression and chronic pain & I know it doesn’t work like the brand but I can’t afford the $150 for my co-pay. I have a lot of days when I just want to stay in bed with the covers over my head. My daughter got off of it by taking a high quality fish oil after going to “The Road Back “website.

  30. Allyson

    I was on 30mg of Duloxetine for months for pain, and when I had severe nightsweats, decided to go off of it. When I tried it again, the 30mg behaved completely differently — it caused much GI distress, which I never had before. Now, I’m on the 20mg, and may just bail completely as it does not seem to be working in the least. Sigh.

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