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The CDC has issued new guidelines (JAMA, March 15, 2016) that strongly urge doctors to stop prescribing narcotics to patients with chronic pain. This public health organization believes its mandate will reduce deaths from opioid overdose. What the feds have not considered is the impact on people with long-standing severe pain, especially if they are disabled.

The Drug Enforcement Administration Changed the Rules:

In the last couple of years there has been a huge effort to make it harder for doctors to prescribe opioid pain relievers. In the fall of 2014 the DEA made it much harder for patients to obtain hydrocodone combination pain relievers (HCPs such as Lortab, Norco, Vicodin, etc). Previously, prescribers could call in or send in an electronic prescription to a pharmacy and could give a pain patient several refills. Now, patients can only get a 30-day supply and must visit the doctor’s office each time they need a new prescription.

Stories from Readers in Severe Pain:

The new DEA scheduling change has made it much more challenging for a patient who is disabled or in severe pain to access an opioid medication. Here are just a few stories from hundreds of readers who responded to our post on the DEA decision.

Stefany in Maryland shares:

“I have had 10 orthopedic surgeries–two on my back, plus a spinal fusion. I have also had four hip surgeries. These are only a few of the many surgeries I have had.

“I used to hate pain medication. I did all that I could to avoid taking opioids, relying on 800 mg of ibuprofen instead. Sometimes I try to avoid pain medication, but it is physically impossible. I hurt all over and become so miserable when I am off my meds. Since there is such a strict limit on them I usually run out. Trust me; I do not wish to be on them, but the alternative after 10 surgeries is basically impossible if I am to maintain two jobs and college classes.

“While I completely understand the DEA’s reasoning behind their new laws, all they are accomplishing is making people like us live in hell and for the drug seekers to turn more to heroin. You cannot control the people who are drug addicts. To punish people who do not abuse pain medicine and need them to live a more functional life than one of severe depression due to pain is really unjust.”

John in College Station, TX writes:

“I have been taking hydrocodone for over 25 years because of a severe accident. I have had a total knee replacement and neck fusion surgery. I have three bulging discs in my lower spine with nerve damage in my back.

“Last year the doctor said no more hydrocodone, per the new law, and changed it to Tylenol #4. It’s 80 percent less effective.

“Why did this new law punish me? I was barely surviving with the hydrocodone, and now this. I call it abuse to the elderly. I have a track record of 25 years of taking my hydrocodone and NEVER called in for extra or EVER abused it. Now I suffer in severe pain because others abuse it. The DEA, who got this law passed, did not think how it would effect the people who really need it to survive.

“I’m only 55 yrs old, and I’m scared to death what the rest of my life may become. I do not wish harm to anyone but if the people passing these laws ever experience the pain I have they would never have never passed such a law which amounts to ABUSE OF THE ELDERLY.”

Jake the Vet:

“I am a 28-year-old army veteran. I have a spinal cord tumor located in my nerves and am consistently in extreme pain–8 out of a possible 10 points on a 1 to 10 point scale.

“All I can get from my pain management doctor is a back brace, anti-inflammatories and acupuncture in my ears or gabapentin, which makes me feel awful. I have seen three neurosurgeons, none of whom will touch me. What am I suppose to do? Things need to change in this country. It’s an outrage!”

Carolyn in Nevada:

“I too have been taking hydrocodone for many years for chronic pain. Today I went to the pharmacy and was told I can no longer have it. My doctor prescribes it but the pharmacy says no. I’ll be spending my days in bed, I guess. May as well be dead.”

Charles in Ft. Worth:

“I was in a bad elevator collapse and have numerous spinal fractures as well as bulging, degenerated disks and bone spurs. I have lost two inches in height because of my back problems.

“I am living in pain I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I need pain meds and I can no longer get any refills. My pain is making my life unlivable.

“The new laws have caused more damage than you can imagine. My mobility is very limited. I can no longer get out of bed or carry on my daily duties as I was able to before the laws changed last October. I feel my life is over. I can’t live with this pain. I don’t know what to do.”

The CDC’s New Guidelines:

In essence, the new federal opioid guidelines state that narcotics should not be prescribed for chronic pain patients. Instead, doctors should recommend acetaminophen (Tylenol) or NSAIDs like aspirin or ibuprofen. Other suggestions include cognitive behavioral therapy, exercise therapy or antidepressants. We suspect that there are many patients, like those above, for whom such suggestions will not be met with great enthusiasm.

For acute pain, such as after surgery or an accident, the CDC recommends that doctors prescribe opioids for no more than three days. Really? Some “acute” pain lasts substantially longer than three days!

The CDC acknowledges that cancer treatment may require opioid medication during the active phase of therapy. What the CDC has not taken into account is that cancer survivors may have to deal with chronic pain. The president of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network said it eloquently:

“Pain does not end when an individual completes treatment. Most often, cancer patients deal with lasting effects from their disease or treatment including pain for a significant period of time or indefinitely.”

The CDC guideline does not seem to take this into account.

Walking the Tightrope:

We recognize that there is tremendous abuse of narcotics in this country, but we are not sure the new guidelines will help reduce the problem. We have not seen convincing evidence that making it harder for chronic pain patients to access drugs like hydrocodone will make a huge difference in abuse or overdose deaths.

We also believe that it is virtually impossible to generalize about the most appropriate treatment for people with severe, chronic pain. Some people will do well with cognitive behavioral therapy; others can only function on opioid medications. These drugs allow them to work and function with dignity. They do not abuse the pain medicine, do not increase the dose and do not sell their medicine to drug abusers. They are about to become vulnerable to a huge federal mandate that will impact how physicians practice medicine.

It is our belief that the CDC should not tell physicians how to practice medicine, especially when it comes to something as complex as chronic pain. Each patient needs to be evaluated individually and treated with respect. The new guidelines will likely scare many doctors away from prescribing potent pain killers for longer than a few days or weeks. That could mean some patients will live in agony with no acceptable treatment through no fault of their own.

Share your own pain experience below and your thoughts about the DEA and CDC rules and guidelines. Please vote on this article at the top of the page. Here is a link to hundreds of reader comments about the DEA’s decision to make it harder for patients to get a prescription for hydrocodone-containing pain medicines.

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  1. Mike

    I had a in diagnosed broken and dislocated right shoulder. The reason for the misdiagnoses is hard to believe. I was in a cast prior to breaking and dislocating the shoulder. I tripped on my kids toy at the top of the stair and because I was in the cast that wet up past my bicep it hit the railing. I went to the hospital they say that pain was from atrophy and it will get better when the cast from the wrist surgery

    So that was 9/26/2015! No X-ray no real time spent diagnosing. So November don’t remember the date I got my other cast off and it obviously wasn’t going be any better. So now I’m recovering from two wrist surgeries within 7 day complete with pins and plate that feel like the used some left over parts that were a little too big and it just never felt right again. And don’t forget the undiagnosed broken and dislocated shoulder!
    I got 3 days worth of oxycodone 5mg three times a day. Dose was too low and didn’t cover the day so you either skip on in the day or you skip the night then you can’t sleep

    So they finally agree to give me an X-ray and actually examine my shoulder. Mind you I already told the doctors I was unable to use the arm at all. They must have thought I was being overly whiny 😫 originally because the other cast was on for so long and wasn’t necessary to go up my bicep. I was being punished for not obeying the doctors order and using my hand helping my wife in the garden.

    So after 3 days is up I am referred to the “Interventional Pain Clinic”

    You already know there are no opioidshave me a little transfix which gives me extreme headaches and then insisted my only option was Lyrica who to me has no acute pain value. Maybe it works slower and on more nerve damage but it didn’t matter because I am allergic to it. It makes me feel like everything bad about getting drunk. I had spins, nausea, and difficulty walking up and down stairs. I asked about injections other options non opiod. I knew I was most likely end up on an opiod but I had to do it their way. I didn’t whine or ally or even exaggerate. Honestly everything they suggested didn’t work and I found myself asking them about treatment ideas I read about online. He made it clear to me how he felt about people that get medical advice from google! But I was researching things I heard in person from people o know that had similar procedures. They didn’t offer and injections or block. They didn’t even suggest acupuncture. This process took almost two months of me trying their meds. I crawled back to my PCP who is a very smart man. He said the medical I dusty hasn’t made any advancement in pain meds other that just adjusting meds and meds that counteract the good drugs. But in my opinion the replacement drugs are worse that probably taken and monitored opiods.

    I am on 20mg oxycodone 4 times a day. I go from a pain of 8 which is translated into a 9-9.5 on the scale. I always ask the nurse or doctor this may be the worst pain I have had to endure but when i get bit by a shark or get trapped in a house fire and get third degree burns is that really only 1 or 2 steps above a botched should surgery. What about cancer pain.

    And if you don’t give them at least a 9 you aren’t getting meds

    Bottom line it’s been over a year of painful hell and a arm that I can’t use for much can’t lift anything heavier than a coffee mug. I can’t open heavy doors and I’m not allowed to put the dishes away anymore. My last and most well known shoulder master from mgh dr Warner. Said shoulder reversal is not an option due to ththe extensive damage done to the deltoid muscle from not being correct when i originally report my symptoms to the hospital and was shirked off. They are responsible for failure to treat me appropriately. They also lied. The well known Dr Warner said there was no way a reversal was ever an option and the original surgeon that just kept telling me to come back in 6 weeks and see where we stand. Anybody can tell just from looking at the shoulder things aren’t in the right place

    Can I sue the hospital or the surgeon for not diagnosing me and for not telling me the truth about my outcome. He was very honest on the front end telling my odds were not on my side due to extent of the surgery. So why tell me he can do a reversal in 6-9 months if the damage isn’t going to allow it. I also believe they damage the nerves that go from right below my right ear and drown my whole right arm. My pinky, ring and middle finger are numb and lack dexterity. I can even do light delicate work because I also have carpal tunnel which thu knew about. After the first wrist surgery but they wouldn’t fix it at the same time. I won’t be rushing in for another surgery. The find numbness doesn’t come from carpal tunnel and it was there until after shoulder

    Just want the to tell me he either made a mistake or that he wasn’t going to be able to alter the surgery. My only option is to disable my whole right arm. I don’t know how exactly they do it but I would be pain free. I have three young kids can be losing my arm completely. I’ll keep my15% usability over nonne eve y

  2. Berta

    I am 51 years old if the doctor don’t want yo give me pain meds then he can pay my damn bills

  3. Melissa G

    I have a severe case of RA …a severe form of artheritis.The pain is so severe its unbearable often and I long to die as I cannot deal with it.The. DEA agents are heartless indeed…and i pray God gives Severe RA pain to THEM to show them what we re going through!

  4. shawn

    I am in so much pain same as all below 7 years worth of percocet and all the others. Now I take 10 different meds and none of them get cut last 5 years I have been on 150mgs morphine and now they take it all away in 4 weeks I am a single dad with two girls and my equally of life is gone I can hardly clean my house let alone go out to get groceries if it wasn’t for having 2 teens still at home I probably would said screw it not worth the pain every day.

    And Marijuana dose nothing but make me loopy tryed before when the shoppers was closed and I did not make the pick up time on the weekend I never moved from my bed the hole weekend felt like a complet failure as a parent and starting to again. So hoping that I can change the board of my doctors kingston community health center but been told by many not going to happen.

    Sad part is you put all your trust into and yes tryed everything there is out there for conic pain even the 6 big a** needles on either side of my spine well he sends electric pluses down to my nerves if anyone was ever just pretending to have pain to get meds and sell them have that done see how fast they run out of the physiotherapy office.

  5. Ulyssa

    I also live with severe chronic pain. I fell ill 26 years ago, at 34, with CFIDS, an auto-immune disease that also affects the nervous system, so I can register even a pat on the back as pain. The pain is brutal and constant and is often more than I can bear. I did nothing wrong, why am I being tortured?

    I also have chemical sensitivities so very limited on what meds I can take. From 1990 until 2014. I was able to get adequate pain management via opioids. I was still sick and in pain much of the time, but the opioids allowed me to get out of bed and do the things I love. Now I am crippled by my pain and do almost nothing. My family is suffering with me. Life has lost all meaning. How is this healthy? How is my suffering beneficial to anyone?

    I was astounded when, in 2014, my doctor said he was taking all his patients off them. I never dreamed that would happen, I had taken opioids on schedule and never had issues, never had any problems, just a lot less pain.

    I was weened off opioids slowly, did what the doctor wanted and really hoped for the best, but the pain is unbearable without opioids. I now go to a pain clinic which prescribes very little, and will be taken down on the dosage again until I reach 20 mgs a day. Two ten mg Norcos. This is not nearly enough and only gives me a couple of hours of dulling the pain when I take it.

    I recently learned that un-managed chronic pain causes brain damage and damage to the nervous system. This is why pain management patients who are denied adequate pain management suffer not only the awful, constant pain but also can’t sleep, can’t focus on things well and lose their tempers, we are being damaged, we should matter as much as those who abuse drugs. The grey matter in our brains is being destroyed by the brain’s reaction to the pain. This is cruel.

    What is worth our brains being damaged?
    I have tried all sorts of alternatives to opioids, chiropractor, PT, TENS unit, yoga, diets, anything I can find. I am still in terrible pain. I have been sickened by the new “wonder pain management” meds they prescribe, in the past six months I have tried three and vomited for days after trying these new meds because my system can’t tolerate them. I can’t take NASAIDS because I have terrible stomach troubles including ulcers and many GI bleeds over the years. I nearly died from a GI bleed in 2009, yet now doctors are urging me to try more NASAIDS, along with steroids, which damaged my kidneys and acetaminophen, even after I was found to have toxic amounts of it in my blood and it damages the liver.

    It seems that doctors and the CDC don’t care at all if I die from those other meds, as long as I don’t die from opioids.

    I don’t think they care if I kill myself as long as I don’t use opioids to do it. I know my medical “care” is no longer about my best interests or my health. It has become all about the CDC and the DEA and doctors too afraid to stand up for their patients. I often feel suicidal and pray to die. This is not living, it’s torture. Why?

  6. Carl
    Eastern, kentucky

    What I really think they want all of us on suboxone cause insurance doesn’t pay that way they can make a lot of cash. GOD have mercy on us all.

  7. tim
    New York (NY)

    In the 18th century, the French philosopher Voltaire said, “Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of which they know nothing….” He also opined that “…it is dangerous to be right on matters on which established authorities are wrong.”

    If he were alive today, writing a tome on pain medicine, it would be easy to imagine Voltaire describing physicians as people who withhold medications of which they know a great deal, to manage painful conditions of which they have learned even more, in human beings who perceive them as knowing nothing, amidst a regulatory climate that scares the hell out of them.

  8. Janet

    I, too, suffer from chronic pain in neck, back, and knees. The thought of not having any relief has given me more stress and anxiety which makes my pain intensify. They must think of a better solution because taking the meds away is just not right. How are they to make this call? I don’t understand. I’m 53yrs old, and I want to live to see my grandchildren grow. I wont be able to do this with the pain I’m in with out medication. I have done injection rehab. I have complied with all the different ways to help, and I only get relief from the meds. Why do they make them then???? Cigarettes and booze are legal. Please explain this because I don’t get it???

  9. Kip

    I think it’s a damn shame that people that are in real pain have to suffer because of some that abuse Norco. isn’t it easy for a doctor to look at a patience’s medical history to tell if that patient is in real need for the pain medication?
    It’s like withholding pain meds to an 80 year old because their afraid he will become an addict.

    • Jen

      Yes, I am going through this. I have back pain lower back and OA and Lupus and the VB dr took me off one of my pain medicine and lower the one I am taking so we post to live in pain. I sit up at night an cry I am so much pain we post to start smoking weed now and the drug stores are losing out on money and they are going say something about that but because who’s fault are the ones that are hurting us, keeping us in pain when u go and do test show the MRI to the dr so they know what is wrong with us they know we are in pain. This is sad. Please do something to fix this.

    • Maria

      I have fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, which has caused chronic myofacial pain syndrome. I have depression from chronic pain. I have anxiety disorders from being an abuse child. My doctor is telling me no more alprazolam, and that I can never take any sleep aids.

      I only get 2 hydrocodone per day. I took the urine test, it came up clean. The government should not be able to regulate what a physician can prescribe to their patients. I don’t think drug abusers get them from their doctors.

  10. Chel B

    I too have experienced the cut more than half dosage after 12 yrs of actually holding the same job, attending family functions and just ” living” life w quality- all while still pain & miserable!! But it beat losing job after job due to attendance problems & missing all family functions & having no life!!! I’m over 50, live alone and NEVER abused my meds!!!! This is barbarric!!!!!

    • ana
      Boston Mass

      Exactly its really hard for people who need it I have never once abused my meds ever and this is how I get repaid

  11. Kathy R
    Lancaster PA

    Oh please, I’m sitting here right now in so much pain, I’m writing this through tears,I have been laying in bed for the past couple days, not able to get up. I missed 2 doctors appts. this week because I couldn’t get up to take a shower to do these small activities.

    I’ve applied for a scooter ride so I can get around. Then they tell me I won’t want to walk no more. Hell, I don’t walk now because of the pain. They want us to live on our own and not go to assisted living or nursing homes. What will they do when a bunch of us gets bed sores, infections and sepsis. I am in so much pain.

    They took my oxycodone away from me a year ago. I have been suffering not from withdrawal but from excruciating pain in my spine, my joints, my hands, I have neuropathy in my feet so bad I cry all the time. I don’t sleep well. Maybe 2-3 hours a night. I can’t live like this. I want to die. I had been taking oxycodone for 2 years and it was only 10 MG’s. I never ask for more.

    I took one in the AM and if needed 1 in the PM. That was all I took. I took 1-10 mg. at PM. of xanax to help me relax at night. I never took oxycodone and xanax together. And rest assured I know what I was doing, I was getting along so go9d then. Now can do nothing. I will go get cocaine if I don’t soon get something. They say heroin is like oxy, but cocaine is more like oxy. It takes away pan. Trust me on this.

  12. Carmen
    Yonkers, NY

    I find it redundant that we have to suffer due to the that others use the medication to get high and/or sell them. I am a 51 year old woman who suffers from scoliosis, arthritis in both knees and my neck, fibromyalgia, three pinched nerves and much more.

    I suffer as it is now cause my doctor does not give me enough to last throughout the month but at least I have so when the pain is intense. I have tried physical therapy, steroid injections, epidural injections everything there is and nothing helps. I might as well just lie down and die without my pain medication. that is the only thing that keeps me sane, my oxycodone otherwise I’d be in severe pain all day seven days a week. I will become so depressed i’ll be seeing my psychiatrist again. no need to punish us in pain for those who abuse them. This is just atrocious to do this to us.

  13. Kathy

    I am the founder of The Chronic Pain Train. I suffer from chronic pain everyday. We believe in all forms of pain management. We do believe that trying to go through this alone is a difficult journey to take. Especially for anyone suffering through this opioid crisis.

    I am offering a group for you to join and be part of a family from all over the world that suffers just like you. It’s amazing to see all the hope and inspiration that members offer. This is not an advertisement. It is simply an information on various pain types and support to go along with it. We hope to see you on The Chronic Pain Train.

  14. DEBRA
    Nixa MO

    After reading many posts of people that live in severe pain, and the Dr just says, I not prescribing you any more of your meds you have been taking for years, then automatically stop, can kill some people. So does any one want to bring up that part of stopping pain sufferers ??

    Does anyone realize that they could possibly die, being denied pain medicine?

    I have many illnesses, i have been disabled since 06/2006 and now after all these years i have my pain in a controlled condition. And i only take 1ER tablet in a 12hr period. and BTP medication 4 times daily.

    I have always taken my meds exactly the way its written on the label, no more, no less. What makes me mad is finally years of trying this and trying that, I have had livable pain control, and now get it wiped away in a minute. Does anyone worry about withdrawals or what the alternative will be?? NO, nothing is written or said about this nightmare a person will go thru and most likely will not live through.

    I had two sisters younger then me, both with disabling back problems, back surgeries x 3 with one sister and 1 with the other which put both in even more severe pain then what they had in the beginning. Well, both couldn’t deal with the pain, Dr’s wouldn’t help them, so they killed themselves. Yes, they both committed suicide.

    Now with all the severe chronic back pain, leg & Knee pain, Fibro, so bad i can even participate in sex with my husband. I am dead serious. RCPD came from a failed surgery on my left knee, couldn’t find anything wrong, so labeled me with RSD, later found out it was not in my head, now its called RCPD/RCPS. I cant have back surgery as i will have the RCPS in the back even worse then the pain i have to this date. I live every single day in such pain, child birth was nothing compared to the pain i have day to day. And i had natural child birth with all 3.

    RA in both hands, and RCPS in the left leg and foot. After being seen by 9 ortho surgeons in San Diego, all agreed
    that was the reason my knee was in such horrible pain. After numerous letters to the Surgeon General, we were able to see a non bias Ortho surgeons (2) at Naval Hospital, San Diego, After 2 months of treatments and therapy, MRI, Cat Scans, They said I had RCPD. Again, asking what that was, same as the other 9 Doctors. So, at that time, I was referred to a pain management specialist.

    After many appointments, he prescribed me Oxycodone and Percocet. Which made me nauseated all the time. But first, i forgot to say, i had the pills for almost 2 weeks, trying to talk myself out of taking the first one. I really had a hard time asking myself, do you need these? Then after the pain got so severely bad I finally broke down and took one Percocet. It helped a bit, not all the way, good but helped. I limited my self for months and after 13 hours in a ER room, sticking huge needles through my knee, seeing if i had any infection. It came back clear.

    So, they said just keep taking my medication and 2 weeks bed rest, I should be fine. WRONG!!! It got even worse.
    I had just received a promotion with the government in VA, and I had to come back home as i couldn’t do the job. I could barely walk. It was so bad, I asked the Dr if he would just cut off my leg above the knee. His reply, no you will just get the RCPS there and it would be even worse then it was now. I wanted to just die. I hurt so bad i wanted to die.
    But my daughter said, Mom if you do anything, taking my life, she would not come to my funeral. For some reason that really hurt my heart.

    My children are grown thank god, as if i were still raising them i wouldn’t be able too. After 6 months i was put in a disability status, i fought that one, but had 3 Dr’s and a Supervisors saying I was a liability to the company.

    My life was over, no one wanted me, and i can even get out of bed. The pain was debilitating and couldn’t understand why no one would help me. They said there was nothing else they could do for me. Then being told i would live the rest of my life on pain medications, so i could have some QUALITY OF LIFE.

    After all the years of trail of this and that, spinal stimulation twice, put me in more pain. PT till they threw their hands up and said NO MORE, Epidurals was my best friend then insurance wouldn’t cover, unbelievable. Then finally on only two medications and i can enjoy my life to the fullest.

    AND NOW THEY WANT TO TAKE IT ALL AWAY. What in world am i going to do??? Just because of criminals selling and abusing the medication, we all have to suffer. Tell me WHY, With the techniques this country has, and you cant pick them out??? I ask you, why pick on the people that take them the way the Dr says to take them. Why are we being punished. Its so unfair it makes me ill. At one time there were no problems with this medication.

    If you do what your doing to innocent pain sufferers, your going to have a higher number of deaths, then the ones who abuse and sell their medications. God, help you if you become a pain patient and have to live everyday and night in pain, you would have cut your own throats.

    This is so unfair, its unbelievable. You have much larger problems then this epidemic. I want some one to explain to me, why it has to be done this way. What rights do the severe pain sufferers have?? Please answer the questions? I bet you cant.

    • Gina

      To Debra:
      Hello, I’m so sorry to read these posts. Could someone tell me how to join “the chronic pain train” mentioned in one of these posts.

      I an atheist but I will pray for all of us.


    I will bet my last dollar if its a member of their family suffering from chronic pain they will find them a way to get narcotic pain medication quick, fast, and in a hurry. Please don’t forget we did not ask for this pain we’re only asking for something to help us cope and live with it.

  16. jo

    I have been on pain meds for 20 or more yrs. I have had 3 back surgeries, hip replacement, permanent nerve damage in back because of them being compressed for so long as the doc wanted to wait till they blew. I have RA, Fibromyalgia, I can’t at times even use my hands especially with out my meds. This is so wrong. I went through pain management years ago, they gave me oxycontin. I took it one time and it made me deathly ill so I called pain management doc and told him I could not take this med. He had me take it in and dispose of it. which I did. I have never ever took meds without a doc giving it to me. Never smoked pot which I was totally against. I hear people say it helps them with pain and etc so I have decided to self medicate myself and smoke it. Haven’t yet but backing my self off pain meds and preparing for the pot. This is embarrassing to say me at 71yrs old is going to be a pot head. Listen up you people who haven’t lived our painful lives and put a stop to this. I don’t hardly leave my house and now have to figure out how im suppose to get to these unhelpful pain clients. This is a scam for more money from us I guess and being old they don’t care.

    • jo

      I failed to say, I had epidurals like about 8 with contrast and it didn’t work, I had to much scar tissue and they couldn’t get through it to put the medicine on the nerves that they said needed it. I have tytania cages in my back and hip.

      • Paul D. P

        It is eugenics at its best!

    • Carmen
      Yonkers, NY

      oh of course no doubt. I thought the same thing. I bet none of their family members will be denied any narcotic fo.r pain

  17. Shari

    I’m a 53 year old mother and grandmother. I contracted the awful disease of Adhesive Arachnoiditis class III in 2001 due to a botched myelogram procedure and epidural steroid injections using depo medrol. I’ve been in pain management for 16 years with no adverse effects from my medication. Now my pain dr. Is taking me down to HALF the dose I was on for years with which I was still in pain but able to function. I can no longer look forward to being able to plan for anything due the indescribable pain I’m in now. Not even spending time with grandchildren and church related activities that I found so much joy in. I’m trying as many holistic alternatives as I can find but still in terrible pain. I was always very careful and responsible with my medication. Never abusive or took any more than prescribed. Now my pain dr, is trying to tell me he thinks it was never really helping me anyway as he is explaining the intention to cut my dose in half. This has been a very thoughtless decision process for those that have chosen to come out with these “new guidelines “. People with chronic pain are not drug abusers that overdose. We only desire a quality of life. If there were effective alternatives, we would have already been accessing them. We need hope. This is shameful and heartless!

  18. Mickie

    I’m a 62 yr. old woman with R.A., gout, Sjogren’s Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia. All of these diseases are excruciatingly painful. When I ask even my rheumatologist “what are we going to do about controlling my pain?” he, along with every other doctor I see, IGNORES my plea, gives me no reply, acts like I just made some sort of faux pax, leaves the room. I just spent 6 wks. completely bedridden because due to acute gout attack; time spent in tears & confusion. This is abuse. My medical history will show that I have no history of abusing pain meds. It’s hard to find a way to live under these conditions. Severe chronic pain ravages the mind and general health. They know this. Pain can KILL you. I feel this is beyond incompetence, it’s malicious.

    • ron

      this cdc attack on the suffering is nothing compared to what the governor of Maine has done. he passed a law that limits all patients to a max of one morphine pill equivalence for all patients by june, 2017 no matter what is wrong with you ,one pill . i have needed 9 methadone for severe hand enteropathy and pancreatitis, and back injuries . .after almost 15 years without one problem,i will get less than one.

      i’m halfway there and now just sit or lay in bed wishing i could die. i see many for many health issues, and no matter what doctor i see now, they only see one thing on my chart.METHADONE. now every one of them treats me like i’m a drug addict . they do ignorant things like ,ask me why i have drugs for pain, and when i tell them what they ask, they get snotty and say, we don’t give pain medication here ,i just thought i needed to tell you that .

      i never asked for anything and was not even there for the pain they ask about. i was at the hospital for abdominal pain over and over for a month and they just treated me like i was looking for drugs . they would poke at me hard and tell me i am constipated from me back pain med at that time and they took them away. well i almost died. gallstones had gone into my pancreas and it got so infected i went into shock .three weeks in ICU without food or water before they could even operate. now i an diabetic because it killed my pancreas. the poison from the infection damaged my nerves. i’m in pain constantly after that .now these same doctors say they will make everyone suffer. i am living in hell.

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