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The CDC has issued new guidelines (JAMA, March 15, 2016) that strongly urge doctors to stop prescribing narcotics to patients with chronic pain. This public health organization believes its mandate will reduce deaths from opioid overdose. What the feds have not considered is the impact on people with long-standing severe pain, especially if they are disabled.

The Drug Enforcement Administration Changed the Rules:

In the last couple of years there has been a huge effort to make it harder for doctors to prescribe opioid pain relievers. In the fall of 2014 the DEA made it much harder for patients to obtain hydrocodone combination pain relievers (HCPs such as Lortab, Norco, Vicodin, etc). Previously, prescribers could call in or send in an electronic prescription to a pharmacy and could give a pain patient several refills. Now, patients can only get a 30-day supply and must visit the doctor’s office each time they need a new prescription.

Stories from Readers in Severe Pain:

The new DEA scheduling change has made it much more challenging for a patient who is disabled or in severe pain to access an opioid medication. Here are just a few stories from hundreds of readers who responded to our post on the DEA decision.

Stefany in Maryland shares:

“I have had 10 orthopedic surgeries–two on my back, plus a spinal fusion. I have also had four hip surgeries. These are only a few of the many surgeries I have had.

“I used to hate pain medication. I did all that I could to avoid taking opioids, relying on 800 mg of ibuprofen instead. Sometimes I try to avoid pain medication, but it is physically impossible. I hurt all over and become so miserable when I am off my meds. Since there is such a strict limit on them I usually run out. Trust me; I do not wish to be on them, but the alternative after 10 surgeries is basically impossible if I am to maintain two jobs and college classes.

“While I completely understand the DEA’s reasoning behind their new laws, all they are accomplishing is making people like us live in hell and for the drug seekers to turn more to heroin. You cannot control the people who are drug addicts. To punish people who do not abuse pain medicine and need them to live a more functional life than one of severe depression due to pain is really unjust.”

John in College Station, TX writes:

“I have been taking hydrocodone for over 25 years because of a severe accident. I have had a total knee replacement and neck fusion surgery. I have three bulging discs in my lower spine with nerve damage in my back.

“Last year the doctor said no more hydrocodone, per the new law, and changed it to Tylenol #4. It’s 80 percent less effective.

“Why did this new law punish me? I was barely surviving with the hydrocodone, and now this. I call it abuse to the elderly. I have a track record of 25 years of taking my hydrocodone and NEVER called in for extra or EVER abused it. Now I suffer in severe pain because others abuse it. The DEA, who got this law passed, did not think how it would effect the people who really need it to survive.

“I’m only 55 yrs old, and I’m scared to death what the rest of my life may become. I do not wish harm to anyone but if the people passing these laws ever experience the pain I have they would never have never passed such a law which amounts to ABUSE OF THE ELDERLY.”

Jake the Vet:

“I am a 28-year-old army veteran. I have a spinal cord tumor located in my nerves and am consistently in extreme pain–8 out of a possible 10 points on a 1 to 10 point scale.

“All I can get from my pain management doctor is a back brace, anti-inflammatories and acupuncture in my ears or gabapentin, which makes me feel awful. I have seen three neurosurgeons, none of whom will touch me. What am I suppose to do? Things need to change in this country. It’s an outrage!”

Carolyn in Nevada:

“I too have been taking hydrocodone for many years for chronic pain. Today I went to the pharmacy and was told I can no longer have it. My doctor prescribes it but the pharmacy says no. I’ll be spending my days in bed, I guess. May as well be dead.”

Charles in Ft. Worth:

“I was in a bad elevator collapse and have numerous spinal fractures as well as bulging, degenerated disks and bone spurs. I have lost two inches in height because of my back problems.

“I am living in pain I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I need pain meds and I can no longer get any refills. My pain is making my life unlivable.

“The new laws have caused more damage than you can imagine. My mobility is very limited. I can no longer get out of bed or carry on my daily duties as I was able to before the laws changed last October. I feel my life is over. I can’t live with this pain. I don’t know what to do.”

The CDC’s New Guidelines:

In essence, the new federal opioid guidelines state that narcotics should not be prescribed for chronic pain patients. Instead, doctors should recommend acetaminophen (Tylenol) or NSAIDs like aspirin or ibuprofen. Other suggestions include cognitive behavioral therapy, exercise therapy or antidepressants. We suspect that there are many patients, like those above, for whom such suggestions will not be met with great enthusiasm.

For acute pain, such as after surgery or an accident, the CDC recommends that doctors prescribe opioids for no more than three days. Really? Some “acute” pain lasts substantially longer than three days!

The CDC acknowledges that cancer treatment may require opioid medication during the active phase of therapy. What the CDC has not taken into account is that cancer survivors may have to deal with chronic pain. The president of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network said it eloquently:

“Pain does not end when an individual completes treatment. Most often, cancer patients deal with lasting effects from their disease or treatment including pain for a significant period of time or indefinitely.”

The CDC guideline does not seem to take this into account.

Walking the Tightrope:

We recognize that there is tremendous abuse of narcotics in this country, but we are not sure the new guidelines will help reduce the problem. We have not seen convincing evidence that making it harder for chronic pain patients to access drugs like hydrocodone will make a huge difference in abuse or overdose deaths.

We also believe that it is virtually impossible to generalize about the most appropriate treatment for people with severe, chronic pain. Some people will do well with cognitive behavioral therapy; others can only function on opioid medications. These drugs allow them to work and function with dignity. They do not abuse the pain medicine, do not increase the dose and do not sell their medicine to drug abusers. They are about to become vulnerable to a huge federal mandate that will impact how physicians practice medicine.

It is our belief that the CDC should not tell physicians how to practice medicine, especially when it comes to something as complex as chronic pain. Each patient needs to be evaluated individually and treated with respect. The new guidelines will likely scare many doctors away from prescribing potent pain killers for longer than a few days or weeks. That could mean some patients will live in agony with no acceptable treatment through no fault of their own.

Share your own pain experience below and your thoughts about the DEA and CDC rules and guidelines. Please vote on this article at the top of the page. Here is a link to hundreds of reader comments about the DEA’s decision to make it harder for patients to get a prescription for hydrocodone-containing pain medicines.

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  1. Marc

    I had a car accident when i was 17….I broke lower back in 4 places. I shattered 2 of the 4 vertebrae and had the spikes that come off the sides snapped off and embedded in the muscle tissue ripping everything to the point where they still are today. I also dislocated my left shoulder breaking 3 bones in my shoulder as well.

    I was on pain medication after the accident for about 3 months when it was stopped. I did my best to live with the pain that i felt every single day….but after about a year and a half i couldnt take it any longer. After going to the doctor many times i was given medication to help with the pain.

    18 years have gone by since i crashed my car on my way to school that snowy day….and anyone who has had to take narcotics for a time period anywhere even half as long as this knows that over time narcotics start to not work as well. So my doctor increased the amount over the years. Knowing that i cant just keep getting more and more every time it started hurting more I would wait as long as i could before i would complain to my doctor. I mean i would wait till i couldnt stand basically screaming within my own skull every moment of the day before i asked if my medication could be readjusted.

    I tried a bunch of different kinds of medication that my doctor suggested I have been to numerous specialists and had every test or scan that there is. I have even been sent to therapy where i was told that i have to occupy my mind and ignore the pain. I tried it….even though i kinda learned that on my own having been in this condition for so long. I do all i can to try and keep my mind off of the pain but its not something that can be just ignored. Every test over the years showed that things were changing in my lower back….arthritis….thickening of vertebrae….bulging of the discs.

    Anyway….about 2 years ago i was at the point where i needed my medication readjusted but my doctor said he couldnt. So i have been trying to get by each day….I’ve suffered every day. I have lost the ability to take proper care of myself….and sleep is a near impossibility. Most of the time i if i do manage to sleep i will be shocked out of sleep by what feels like a hot knife being slipped into my spine or my jaw locking closed so tight that my teeth hurt…sometimes ill wake up biting my own tongue with a mouth full of blood and horrible bite marks on my tongue that hurt a lot and cause me to talk funny all day.
    Just the other day i went to my doctor basically begging for help….and he told me that they are going to be taking the medication that i get away soon. I was told that a law was passed that is going to make it impossible for me to get the very little relief that i get and my only option is rehab. They want to put me in rehab and have me live my life or lack there of….in pain every day without any relief at all.

    When i asked my doctor why….he told me that there is nothing wrong with my back that isnt normal. When i asked him if its normal for a man at the age of 24 to have bulging discs, arthritis and thickening vertebrae he told me that it is. ???? Being 35 now my back could be in even worse condition….i know it feels like it is.

    When i asked him why then did every specialist he sent me to tell me that it wasnt normal and that they couldnt help me and that i would have to take medication and be in pain for the rest of my life….he then told me that i should listen to him and that its normal. Now i like my doctor but he is a family doctor and he is telling me to not listen to the chronic pain specialists and spinal surgeons….who by the way said that they couldnt operate without most likely making the pain much worse.

    What am i going to do?

    I feel like people who are in the same boat as i am in are being overlooked and treated like we are nothing but drug addicts….yes narcotics are addictive and if you take them for long periods of time you become addicted to them but there is a difference between a drug addict and a chronic pain sufferer. Are we to be left to suffer out the remaining days of our lives unable to function till our bodies completely fail us? As it is i cant exercise or sleep….and i have high blood pressure that spikes very high when i am in more pain than usual. I honestly think that these things are going to be what kills me….not the medication i have been taking that hasnt caused any side effects it says it could cause.

    Something needs to be done about this….my chronic pain problem is not only effecting me….its effecting my whole family. I feel like my future has little hope to be held onto….and i know that i cant deal with anymore pain than i am in already.
    I dont know why they are doing this….but if they are having problems with people overdosing and narcotics making their way into the hands of people that they are not prescribed to there has to be a better way than basically torturing people who are in very real and very very horrible pain. Are they even trying another option though? It doesnt look like they are because from what i am told….all i am being given is an expiration date.

    Call me negative….but i have looked into every possible option that could help make my pain easier to deal with and even considered dangerous surgery and the only option that i am given is medication. But soon….I wont even have that. I need help….

  2. Christine

    I am in excruciating pain from being severely crippled. I take only two oxycodones a day along with herbs. My condition is inoperable. I am in a wheelchair and am being forced to come in for pee, tests etc. If they take my pain meds away I will just go to the ER for a pain shot. I have Mainecare and I’m sure our Governor will be thrilled when he gets the bill for all the people showing up at the hospital. I have even advised my husband to leave me there alone, so they will have to deal with me. You can have all you want in a hospital or rehab/nursing setting. So watch how the homes fill up!

  3. Vanessa

    Does anyone think it’s not ever about money? Once our gov. got everything in place to collect revenue on Marijuana, and could do so without appearing as scandalous as they really are, this innocuous plant lost its “demon” status. The pharm companies ( AKA demons) have probably put the cap on how much kick back our esteemed leaders are receiving. But, they are greedy, they need more boats, vacation castles, and parties with hookers-so they’ve upped the ante; “we will control how much you can sell until you make it more profitable for us….” Grossly simplified but true.

    Your move Pharma Mama. Perhaps someone is developing a pill for our greatest medical threat; “integritypenia.”

  4. Joseph

    Oh, my God. Please help. None of what this government and its organizations is doing makes any sense at all. My life as I know it and love will soon be taken from me.

    My story is not an exaggeration, just like the many stories I’ve read here are not exaggerations. I would like to think that ONLY IF the “powers that be” truly understood what a life of chronic pain is like, along with THE DIFFERENCE that pain medication makes – that they would never consider doing the things that they are doing.

    *I would like to think that… But, one thing I have learned throughout these years is that chronic pain is one thing that cannot be understood unless you’ve lived it yourself. It’s far too easy for someone who has not lived this life to make their comparisons about pain. …and that’s just it. There are no comparisons that can be made.

    Chronic pain isn’t just a condition or a medical problem. It certainly isn’t an acute case of pain; which are what the many comparisons are comprised of. Chronic pain becomes your entire being. It controls every aspect of who you are, what you do, how you think… Of the many comparisons people who have not experienced chronic pain like to make, they all share one defining factor in common. Their story of pain ends, just like their pain did. Chronic pain never ends. Never. Taking away the only thing that helps is condemning a person, life-long.

    My life was going quite well. In fact, the best it has been in several years despite the fact that all of my conditions are the worst they’ve been since my life of chronic pain began. Yesterday, however, I received the worst news I possibly could. My doctor is retiring. Along with that, my meds will soon be taken from me. I have been able to live as productive life as is possible and have looked forward to plans and dreams. Despite being disabled at age 40, life has been going well. This all began for me at age 28, and diagnosis have only accumulated since that time. My current doctor has been the best I’ve seen so far; and I’ve seen so very many.

    I’ve been through all of the alternative procedures to alleviate pain and they’ve only made my medical conditions worse. I’m allergic to NSAIDS. So, those aren’t even an option. I’m also allergic to several other medications that could provide *some help. Opiate pain medications are the only things that do help. They make the difference between a life worth living or dying slowly in bed; painfully slow. I will soon lose my medications and along with them, my life.

    I cannot understand how it’s legal to be so blatantly discriminated against and treated like human garbage.

    I went through a similar event a few years ago when I had to stop working. the COBRA insurance I had been paying for ended and I had to wait for Medicaid. The doctor I had been seeing retired at this same time and I was forced to go 5 months with no medication; waiting until I had insurance and could locate a new pain doctor.

    Those 5 months were the most miserable time of my life. There’s no way I could endure that again. Since that time, I’ve had more diagnosis of painful conditions, and the already present conditions have worsened.

    I remember what that time in life was like, and it was not worth living. If given the choice between experiencing that again, only now with more problems and worsened problems or death, I’d choose the latter. What a miserable thought, and its someone else who gets to decide if I deserve to have a productive life instead. You would think that in this country, in this day and age, that I shouldn’t even have to think of such things. But these thoughts will soon become my new life, or lack thereof.

  5. Rosie

    I was damaged by a pharmaceutical, which left me in unbearable pain. Post-surgery, due to the guidelines, I was given 10 norco, after my flesh was cut open! I rolled around in the bed thinking of suicide. I was going to hang myself from the shower. The only reason I didn’t do it, was because I didn’t want my daughter coming home and finding me that way. Now I have severe pain issues, and am scared to death of having my medication taken. Please help – anyone who can – please help.

  6. Virginia

    I want my quality of life back!! It’s going on three months of extreme pain – spreading down from my neck. After three surgeries {only to find I had a non operative rare bone disease Alkaptonuria-Ochronosis) .I was diagnosed after three painful surgeries that caused more pain each time they operated, by third surgery They then found I have a non operative disease, with no known cure.

    After 23 years of taking pain medication -prescribed by the same doctor – knowing I never once abused them, never ran out too soon, never gave them away, I have “reliable” written on every file from every hospital stay .The pain from this disease has spread from my neck to my upper spine and my right hip -where they took plugs, to use in my neck -that has never healed.

    I am a spiritual person, I work with crystals in a healing art form, but, now since they have made my life un-bearable to live – I have not been able to work, These people now want to put me on harmful cancer-causing nerve damage medicine, that has three pages worth of side -effects! WHAT KIND of sick ignorant people can take the quality of life from so many disabled people !! after 23 years on the same medicine, never having taken more than one pain medicine at a time, I have developed a tolerance, which I am now -being persecuted for, How can these so-called Pain Management doctors not understand how a person can become tolerant!

    I only gone to one doctor for thirty years , he monitored my in-take and right before they passed these inhumane laws I was tapering off my medicine -Then over night I had no medicine – I then after two month of pain – having to go from emergency room to emergency room I did want only to die – Now, they want to say I am mentally emotionally sick NO! I was fine before all this happen! I pray that all the people responsible for my being in this extreme pain, will all be made accountable – ten-fold! That their bias, ignorant self righteous acts will be exposed — – And, they will never be able to exert their power in such negative ways again!!

    WHERE is common decency – the right to live with dignity- What kind of sick world criminalizes people for being disabled ? I never wanted to be physically dependent on drugs! I went through three painful surgeries, because they promised to fix my neck , which only left me permanently disabled! If I wanted any kind of quality of life, I was given pain medicine , which I have taken responsibly for 23 years. This is barbaric to treat people in such ways – is this the American medical system – having no humanity at all? Shame on you!!

  7. Lucinda
    Concord, MA

    I have been living with chronic pain which is often severe. I also have times when my chronic pain becomes acute. If I do too much in a day, move wrong, etc., just like anyone else who does not have chronic pain.

    I have an “Interventional Pain Management Specialist”, who has been giving me lumbar epidural steroid injections for several years. I have severe spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis at L4/L5. The disc is pushed back into my spinal canal, pressing on the nerve roots, causing severe pain in my lower back and pain radiating down the back of my legs. The injections provided relief for a few months generally, but the most recent injection did not help. Now it hurts to stand up, walk, bend etc. All he will prescribe is gabapentin, which does not help.

    My previous PCP, who I had for 21 years, would prescribe me 30 oxycodone and it would last 3-4 months. Knowing that when I could not tolerate my pain, I had the option to take an opioid not only gave me reduced pain for several hours, but also reduced my stress because I had something that helped. Now none of my doctors will prescribe anything that helps my pain.

    I always took the opioids responsibly, and now as my medical problems get worse and worse, I am not allowed to have any medication that will help. Doctors don’t treat me as an individual, they simply don’t prescribe opioids. I feel I am being punished because other people abuse drugs. But I don’t, and I live with severe pain every day and I don’t remember how it feels to get a good night’s sleep. It is so wrong to punish people like me, who truly need these medications.

    Now I find myself turning to alcohol, hoping it will ease some pain, and I know that is a slippery slope, as my Mom was an alcoholic. I think there are going to be many more alcoholics since these new rules went into effect. Isn’t that creating a serious problem?

    I am 55 and feel like 95. I can not do things I want and need to do because of pain. Opioids allowed me to function. Now, I am becoming more depressed each day. I exist, but I don’t live. There is no joy in my life. People don’t understand why I am not the same person I was 5 years ago, when I had oxycodone, and they disappear from my life. I am divorced and live alone and have very few family members. This situation I live in now is the worst in my life. Please give us back the medications that allowed us to live! Please let me find doctors who will treat me as an individual, and with the respect we all deserve. This is not going to have a happy ending.

  8. Trac

    I can’t understand why the CDC is in alliance with the DEA in this unholy war on prescription medication. I believe this is the only country in the world that would have the audacity to think the government should interfere with doctor’s treatment of patients. Our rights and liberties are fading fast.

  9. Sharon O.

    The problem comes in when it doesn’t apply to drug addicts or ex-drug addicts and pregnant woman who still can get a form of opioid, and that is the reason we are in this mess to begin with. They are only punishing the ones who really need it. It will cause more people to go on disability or find another way for pain management like medical marijuana, plants that have a form of something in it for pain. Some people will go too much into depression and might just give up life. It’s the people themselves who need to take responsibility for their own actions. The government gets too much involved. I don’t get addicted. It’s a medical known fact that some people just don’t get addicted. I can’t take anti-depressants because that will make me suicidal. Cognitive behavior therapy doesn’t help with the pain with certain diseases. I can see age restriction with monitoring or even drug testing or not giving it to people who were arrested for drugs or to drug addicts.

    The CDC is dumb to allow drug addicts to continue to get it, and pregnant women, while the ones who don’t abuse it can’t. Not fair.

    • Garry

      I don’t like to complain. I try to stay positive. However, here is my two cents. 8 year usaf vet. I was in ammo…. Humped a lotta bombs, 20 mm etc. Also was an advisor in Saudi Arabia for 2 years doing the same thing. I am grateful to have served our country, just as my father (Korean war) US Marine and our Son US Coast Guard.

      Regarding my pain, I am 61 years old, and have a few things going on with back and knees. It is painful. Very much. For 14 years I was taking a benzo and Methadon. The VA took me off the benzo in ONE day and waited 5 months then stopped the 60 mg. of Methadon. One month. (Methadone was my choice to take.)

      Oxycontin did not agree with me. Now, it has been 17 months of hell, not only for myself but my wife and son. All I hear is…..”We thank you for your service.” No one has to thank me. Buy the way, 99 percent of the people at VA do a great job, however they have their marching orders. Thanks for letting me vent.

    • Karen

      Two years ago, my son experimented With Hallucenigenics and ran out into the street and was hit by a Tahoe. Wiped out the side of the Tahoe but had no broken bones.

      Six months later he was having pain. At the hospital, they did no tests for concussion, no MRI, jus a bunch of blood tests (because of the drugs) and an X-Ray of his elbow. I have been trying fo a year and a hallf to get him pain medication. The only thing that has any positive effect is Opiates but doctors will not prescribe. He also suffers ADHD and Bipolar Disorder. Combined with the pain, this sends him into manic attacks and fits of rage.

      This is tearing up our family. The damage is immense. He is in so much pain but there is no compassion at all from ANYONE in the medical community that can prescirbe for him. He is not the same person he was before. His Psychiatrist will not prscribe pain medication because it is “Innappropriate,” even though it has affected his mental heath greatly.

      There is a healed fracture in his spine and compression on the disc below, but they say it is not severe enough to presribe anything effective. He needs Hydrocodone or Oxycodone with the level of pain he is in. He was prescribed Tramadol which is a synthetic Opiate which includes an SNRI (psychotropic). This makes him maniacal and a danger to our family and our life. However, they will not prescribe anything that is an synththetic Opiate like the others I have mentioned WITHOUT the SNRI that is making him crazy.

      Are there any doctors out there that will treat the patient with any wisdom or is the government now in control? I think I know the answer. This is destroying us. We (the parents) are now on the edge of a separation after 30 years of marriage. It is ruining our life and our family.

  10. Barbara

    The druggies are ruining the drug world for those of us who need these drugs. We are the ones suffering in and with pain. I have osteo arthritis in my body plus a bad back. I can’t get strong drugs for pain. Tylenol doesn’t do anything. I agree with others who have voiced opinions.

  11. Garey
    Necedah, WI

    I have had lower back surgery twice,and both times I was put on hydrocodone. The surgery ended up in a S-1 L-5 L-4 fusion.I have done everything the doctors have said.The exersises that I am supposed to do,some are out of touch.The chronic pains that I have do not get better with exercise. The pain is constant for 24 hours. Pain meds are supposed to help you get though life, not just through the day. People respond differently when it comes down to chronic pain, but the doctors should not be the ones dictating how their patients feel. They think people are having problems with overdoses,but wait till the guns come out, and the chronic pain sufferers start taking their own lives. Will the CDC figure that one out? I have never abused my pain meds. They are there to help me through every day pain. I feel sort of bad for the doctors because they cannot really help their own patients. What will we do?

  12. Kristen

    Just reading these comments and the CDC’s recommendation for Chronic pain sufferers. I laughed. I have had seven orthropedic surgeries (3 cspine, 2 shoulder, and two hand), fibromyalgia, Raynaud’s, Radiculopathy from permanent nerve damage, occipital neuralgia, tinnitus, DeQuervin’s tendonitis, OA, DJD, and have never been given opioid pain meds.

    I am at the point (after 14 years of chronic pain and other things) where I would give anything to sleep and be out of pain. I fear that I will not be able to continue my part time job since I can’t think, sit, stand, type, check my phone, staple, carry heavy loads, etc. for any length of time (half hour at the max)-all things required at any job. Now my hip, knee, and foot are going.

    This started in my 30’s and I am now just 50. I swear I could swallow the entire of bottle of at least three of my prescriptions and never get a single decent night’s sleep. Was finally given Valium which helped but then was told to get along without it since it is only “for emergencies.” Well everyday is an “emergency” now.

    What am I going to do for the rest of my life when I’m at the end of my rope now? Thanks to Obamacare, our work insurance no longer covers anything I need, either. Way to go US government! Telling people what they need for Chronic pain is just plain arrogant and intrusive. A bunch of crippled people demonstrating for better care/meds would be ignored.

  13. Vivian
    South Carolina

    I am not a chronic pain patient. However, within the past year, I have had two hip replacement surgeries and further surgery for a fractured tibia, all in the same leg.

    I was appalled that I was ‘treated’ for post surgical pain with 2mg Dilaudid every 6 hrs while in the hospital after my first hip surgery. I was sent home with a script for 25 5mg hydros. Period.

    Second hip replacement commanded the same. Tibia surgery sent me home with a 5 day supply for pain medicine (script). That’s it.
    I am mystified that post surgical pain patients are so grossly under medicaded. I’ve never felt such agony. You guys with chronic pain should go to another country. I almost did.

    • sharon oliveira

      They refused to operate on my knee because I was too young for a knee replacement (age 47 at the time). In the area I live there are very few doctors who specialize in things so we have to drive 50 to 100 miles away, not to mention the waiting list for them. It took me 10 years to find a doctor who wasn’t leaving. Every time I got a doctor it took 2 years to get tested, and they worked on one thing at a time. Then that doctor left. After a total of 5 doctors leaving then I had to start from square one.

      I have degenerative disc disease, arthritis in feet, knees, elbows, hands, chrons, svt and more. I only take Tramadol with Gabepentin, which is fine but, I take less than the amount that is the equivlent to morphine as suggested, and my doctor cut me down to 2 a day and expects me to go to physical therapy lol. I am allowed 6 pills a day. I am allergic to morphine and deluded, which are the only two meds they give in my hospital, so I can’t even go to the ER when I can’t even move.

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