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Patients in Pain Are Outraged about New Hydrocodone Rules

New restrictions on hydrocodone are likely to punish people in pain.

On October 6, 2014, a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) decision to restrict access to hydrocodone combination pain relievers (HCPs) went into effect. Medications like Lortab, Norco, Vicodin and generic formulations have been moved from Schedule III to Schedule II.

This may sound like a technicality, but the difference between these two categories is huge. A Schedule II drug is considered to have a strong potential for abuse. Such drugs require a written prescription. Doctors can’t call in, fax or send electronic prescriptions to a pharmacy. Each prescription lasts for only one month and no refills are permitted.

A Schedule III drug has less potential for abuse or addiction. A physician can call in a prescription and allow five refills over six months. Schedule III drugs include anabolic steroids (male hormones or testosterone), barbiturates and the anesthetic ketamine.

Why Did the DEA Change the Rules?

The reason for this sea change in the prescribing rules for HCPs is to reduce abuse. More prescriptions are written for such pain relievers each year than any other medications. At last count the total was over 130 million HCP prescriptions annually.

No doubt many hydrocodone-containing drugs are diverted to the black market and abused. The hope is that tougher restrictions will make it harder for doctors to prescribe such medications and harder for patients to become addicted to them.

What Is the Problem?

The problem with the new rules, however, is that patients in severe pain will have much more difficulty accessing needed medicine. One reader shared her story:

“What is going on with the new, and in my opinion, asinine DEA ruling regarding Schedule II pain relievers? I have been treated for some time now for chronic pain relating to neck and back issues.

“I deal with pain on a daily basis and I am prescribed hydrocodone (10 mg four times daily). Often I do not need the four daily doses. I elected this form of treatment rather than chase after various forms of surgeries for both neck and back problems when four doctors gave me conflicting recommendations.

“Yesterday I picked up my prescription which has one refill left and was advised that I will not only NOT be able to receive the final refill, but I will now be required to provide an original written prescription on a monthly basis because of the new DEA ruling. Up till now I would see my doctor four times a year for follow up and receive a three-month prescription. Each visit cost me $35 and my insurance company $78, for a total of $113 per visit or $452 per year.

“Under this new rule, 12 visits will cost $1,355.28, or for me in particular, $420.00. That’s a yearly increase of $280.00. I am retired on a fixed income.

“What about the inconvenience? I will have to make 12 visits to the doctor, plus extra visits to the pharmacy if the prescription cannot be filled immediately. I am still independent and able to make all these trips. What about those who cannot and need assistance because of severe, chronic pain?

“This added cost and inconvenience is unconscionable. Just because the DEA cannot figure out how to control the illegal use of these drugs should not be a reason to penalize millions of responsible individuals in serious pain.”

Balancing the needs of patients in pain against the abuse of such drugs is a difficult dilemma. The new rules may bring additional suffering for those with legitimate need for narcotic pain medicine.

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I have chronic pain caused by neuropathy and bone and joint pain after four years of chemo treatment. I can no longer get hydrocodone, which helped me live an acceptable life style. I was prescribed 2 tablets a day but took only one and if needed I would take 1/2 a tablet. If I did’t get enough pain relief to help me rest during the night I would take the other 1/2. I never abused the medication.

Now I lose whole nights of sleep because of the pain and am really home-bound, for the most part, because the pain makes it impossible to walk or socialize even with family. I would get a 30-day supply. Both my DR and the pharmacy knew I was using what was prescribed and no more.

The abusers will always find a way to get high or kill themselves while we non-abusers suffer and live a life in constant pain. The laws are legalizing “weed” while taking a much-needed pain medicine from the ones who need it to help us get through life more efficiently. I think they have it backward.

I have for yrs gotten my med. filled at the same pharmacy in my city. My dr faxed all medicines here. Today I picked up the medicine, and they cut my hydrocodone from 250 to 125 pills. Evidently they are only able to give you 125 pills a month. My problem was that they said nothing to me at all. Because they did that I had to call my doctor AGAIN to let him know that I will need a new prescription mid month. This is not the only problem I have had with this medicine, and quite frankly, I am tired of it.

I understand that a lot of people have been getting illicit drugs and also overdosing, and I agree something HAD TO BE DONE. But there ARE SOME PEOPLE WHO NEED IT. THE SPINAL DAMAGE I HAVE is so painful. My nerve roots have been cut into, and there are times I can only lie flat, looking at the ceiling and praying that the pain will subside. I cannot even bend my fingers. This pain is unpredictable. When it comes I just stop what I am doing and pray I will get home. I resent being treated as if I am a drug addict. It is not fair to treat me and other people who need this kind of medicine as if we are taking it for fun. Believe me, I am having NO FUN!

What a world we live in (or should I say exist in). I was cut off my pain meds because the Government wants to tell Drs how to do their job. Took those meds for over 10 years for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hern. Disc x4, fibro., and OA. As long as they have no pain they can have a life.

I wanted to share my thoughts after searching on this topic, after my PCM (Primary Care Manager) reduced my Norco Rx from 100/month to 80/month (2 3/4 pills per day). This is not adequate for me, in my opinion; I am not a Doctor. I am the patient, with the pain (RA, OA, Disk degeneration, etc.)I

My addition to this subject is that the previous Rx dosage was what I needed. It allowed me to have the relief that is required to live my “normal life”. My body has served me well, and now at 60 I hurt. I was happy with my opioids. I was happy being responsible. I was happy to know I could make it through the next 6 hours without thinking “I am really hurting right now!”

I am tempted to use profanity right now toward whom ever “they” might be, who are saying to me personally, “Live your life in PAIN, old man. We have an agenda to fulfill.” I pray that common sense will return to my medical facility, and my original dosage will return. Yes, my PAIN is NOT improving with age.

I pray those in charge will help me live a pain-reduced remaining life.
By the way, I am NOT optimistic. “I am screwed” is what I am thinking.

I hope my thoughts are included in the tally of responsible Norco patients.

My husband’s doctor cut his Norco script cold turkey, no alternative suggested. It’s been 6 months and he is in constant pain. He is starting to work on my last nerve. I told him to see an attorney because I don’t believe it is fair for a doctor to cause pain. That is not their job.

He never abused the medicine taking only one a day. I’m thinking that the doctor was probably overprescribing for other patients and now he is covering his tracks. My husband has nerve damage. With the pills it was bearable but now it’s agony and he cannot live a normal life. I can’t take watching him in this pain day after day.

I am pushing 60. I had a non fda botched 3 level fusion in 1992. I live in agony. I refractured after motor vehicle rear end by a stolen uhaul truck 1995. I was so scared i tried everything except surgery until critical mass when i lost bowel feeling. I decided to try surgery in 1997. Better surgery. It failed. Ive been bent over in pain.

Now 20 years later new accident popped disc above surgery Pain like no ones business plus my old sciatic and Lower back pain. Oh well

My primary retired. He was well educated, more than any I’ve met with alot of accolades. The new ones nurses decided i was too much paper work and portrait me as a pill seeking junky. They’ve cut my extended release in half within the last three months. Ohhhh i negated to add in that three past months i fell and snapped the top of my humerus and reinjured my back. Dropped my regular meds after 25 yrs by wirld renowned drs . Trying to find new primary but this new has trashed my name and made me look like a junky by giving me weekly and rapid detox . What the heck. I could barely walk before now i try to grocery shop and everyone stops me and prays for me or i sit and cry…

Im also taking care of orphaned grandson. Trying to have any quality of life….
what kind of democratic society welcomes torture….
To us. Opiate dependant pain patients that are legit…

I fully agree with the above posts. People with chronic pain that have been responsible should have the right under our constitution to pursue happiness. Not be grouped in with criminal abusers. we must find a way through legal recourse! If anyone out there has sought legal advice I would love to hear from you. I am going to begin looking for options that will protect my rights as an American with chronic pain, trying to save what little quality is left of my life. If I fail so be it. But I will not continue with this level of pain and cause unnecessary hardship on my family. It’s sad to hear of so many people taking their lives after their coward Dr’s. refused to refill necessary medication. I am willing to go down fighting for the greater good. If there are others respond to this post. My name is Tim in California. Lets fight together!

Those are the saddest stories I have ever heard. It is unconscionable to think these people have to suffer like that because of the irresponsible use of a drug. To deny responsible adults this life saving drug and make them live with excruciating pain should be criminal! Joe, what can you and Terry do? What can WE do. Thank you

It’s now 2019; five years removed from when my pain medication was taken away. It doesn’t look like things will ever change. There are two new trends I am seeing:
1) now benzodiazepines are being taken away for anxiety just like opiates were five years ago. The speech I got from my doctor regarding my klonopin was very similar to the one I had when pain medication was taken away (‘this wasn’t meant to be forever’, ‘the way we’re approaching this isn’t working anymore’, ‘these drugs carry serious long-term risks’). So look out; our anti-anxiety medications are about to be taken away. I went to my last appointment and noticed I didn’t get any refills.

2) rather than prescribing pain medications, those of us in chronic pain are being pressured to get injections or have unnecessary surgeries. All because these doctors are afraid of being sued for prescribing opiates. This is ridiculous. If the doctor is afraid to treat their patient, then why the HELL did these people become doctors?! I never thought I’d survive being without pain medication. If you had asked me 5 years ago I would have said I’d be gone by now. But what other choice do we have? All you can do is keep on. My quality of life is terrible. I’m depressed all the time; I can’t do much or go anywhere. But I have a family.

I’m very, VERY angry that we wound up being collateral damage in this war on drugs. I am also extremely skeptical about the angle that this ‘crisis’ has been delivered via the media. Someone HAS to be making money off of this. We aren’t being told about opiates just for our own good. I’m convinced that the drug treatment and insurance industry is making a fortune off these treatment clinics that are licensed to bill insurance for every addict they get.

I don’t see any of this changing. I’ve had to suck it up and just get on with life in pain. Nobody cares, and unless someone has been in pain – especially when there are ways to treat it but our doctors are sitting on those options and won’t help us, well, tough. We can’t do anything about it. I’ve stopped talking about it in public because the medical marijuana people have an agenda and want to get you fired up about moving over to that; I’ve tried it and sorry, medical marijuana didn’t do anything for my pain. Not to mention…I don’t want medical marijuana; I want my prescriptions that gave me a quality of life back!

I have severe lower back pain. I have deterioration of the lower spine plus arthritis and just recently another very painful malady to my lower spine. A leading Neurosurgeon in my area advised me against taking any operative measures for this recent new pain because “the pain would still exist and, indeed, could become worse”. I have been taking Hydrocodone 7.5/325 for 12 years. (I’ve had 3 injections to my lower back and have taken steroids all to no avail) I was just ready to ask my doctor for 10/325 when I was told it is too late. By law, they cannot give me anything stronger. I had only held off as long as I could because I never wanted to go to anything stronger than hydrocodone.

After 4 months of a leading pharmacy withholding my prescription, always telling me when I called it in that there was plenty, only to be told they were out and did not know when they would have more when it was time for me to pick it up, I switched to a smaller pharmacy who is always honest with me. Then another drug hit the market in place of my regular hydrocodone. It is called M366. This is the worst thing that ever has happened to me personally. After 4 months of this drug, I am in pain continually. I had to stop my walks around my block. The pain was too much. My pain doctor had me doing stretching exercises. I can no longer exercise at all. I cannot shop for groceries, I cannot do any housework. When I must absolutely force myself to do any housework at all, I am bedridden afterward.

I love my grandchildren. Keeping only one of them for even a couple of hours, I am bedridden the rest of the day and cannot move the next day. My husband must do all shopping without me. I rarely cook, as standing for any length of time sends my lower back into what feels like a fresh severe injury, but I know that it is the M366 just not working.

My good pharmacist tells me that he cannot obtain anything but M366. The black market must be getting richer and richer. Marijuana is being legalized. I would never even consider taking such a drug or any other illegal drug, yet the quality of my lifestyle has taken such a nosedive. I lie on the couch or in bed every day. What kind of life is this?

I did not have any side effects whatsoever with the regular hydrocodone, certainly not taking it this long. I never felt “high” on this drug. I never abused it. I have always taken urine tests along with regular blood tests all this time. My liver is fine. I get blood tests every six months and “drug” (urine) tests regularly.
Why, oh why, must I pay for the addiction problem? My life is now falling apart as I am sure the black market gets bigger…and bigger..and bigger.

Is there ever going to be help for me and others like me? Will the help take place in my lifetime?

This is extremely ridiculous and I can’t believe it is legal without some kind of active appeal system in place, or a neutral 3rd party who can be an advocate for patient rights! The system has gone astray. Where is the correlation between the responsible pain patient and the addicts overdosing (most without prescriptions to boot)? There is not one. I have been taking pain medication for a variety of reasons since I was 23. That’s 16 years. Responsibly.

I also used to take Soma, then came the start of this ridiculousness….they took it away and gave me pseudo medication which might as well be sugar pills.

NOW they are after my Xanax which I take daily as I have very bad PTSD that stems from a traumatic experience in my life that changed me as a human being forever. I have relied on this medication for 16 YEARS. I, am alive.. I AM responsible. I am not a junkie.. yet today my doctor literally told me about these restrictions and said “you will have to make a choice between being in pain or having to go through anxiety”… wth kind of physician responds to the patient that way? Talk about a violation of the oath he took!!! People have a RIGHT to be pain free, and a RIGHT to not have to suffer horrible, legitimate anxiety. Why is there no option for the patient to sign a legally binding form which says the doctor is NOT RESPONSIBLE in the event of a medication related problem? A waiver?

This needs to be redacted and changed with long term responsible patients taken into consideration and not thrown away into the garbage because doctors are afraid if lawsuits.

This is a perfect example, Americax of the government having too much power over the people and mistreating us. They are legalizing weed for the potheads like crazy in states all over, and my kids get to breath in marijuana smoke if we choose to have our windows down while driving in our cars or at home on a nice day because our neighbors are potheads.. and they literally have free reign right not with zero consequence to do their drugs in public.. but a law abiding citizen in their own home had their rights stripped from them, to not be able to go to sleep because of panic attacks or wake up and relieve their pain so they can start their day and take care of their lives?

This is a mockery of justice.
Deep shame on the system!!!!

This is unconscionable to deny their medication to people in such pain. This reminds me of stories I read about in concentration camps. To expose people to as much pain as they can without medication for experimentation. What’s next? Starvation, torture, and killing us? This has got to stop. What genius came up with this idea?

You know I understand every written comment. The people who need the pills don’t abuse them, keep their follow up appointments are being punished for the idiots who abuse their medications. I, for one, would be horrified to buy something “off the street,” for fear of what may be in the pill. But I feel your pain.

I hate to say this about people wanting to end their lives, but I understand. Just don’t do it! Too many people depend on your love, guidance, your help. They may not understand your problem, but please let God decide on your time to leave this planet. Always remember: somebody, somewhere loves you, and God loves you. I’ve been to the pit of not wanting to live but I promised my family I’d never do that, and that was 14 years ago. Love and prayers to everyone suffering. It will get better.

It’s a damned shame. My hubby is a retired disabled veteran with back issues. He’s got a spinal cord stimulator which doesn’t really do much. They stopped his pain pills back in Sept\Oct, 2018.

Me, I’m a whole other bag of issues. Among the 18 surgeries I’ve had is the last one back in June 2018 where the fused C3-T1 in my spine. They did a laminectomy on those too, for spinal stenosis and other things I forget the names of. Now I’ve been taken off all pain meds. I use baclofen cream, which does nothing. Tylenol makes me sleep. PT makes the muscles around the surgical area even angrier than they already are. They’re in constant knots. I’m 55 and I walk like a person older than my 77 year-old mother. I can’t be put on disability because I’ve been self-employed, and apparently I haven’t been paying into SS for the time that I’ve been self employed. I can’t work. I’m a seamstress and upholsterer. I’d love it if I could go back to making money but without pain meds, I’m left to lie in bed or sit in my chair. I’m just so tired of it all.

Doctors are too worried about going to jail or losing their license. This has got to change. I’ve got to get back to normal. The pain meds didn’t kill the pain but it did make it easier for me to work.

I too have had my meds cut. I take 15 mg morphine 1X a day, and I take baclofen 3X a day 20 mg each pill. I now have to give myself injections 2X a day for severe migraines. I was taking much more pain meds but I had them taken away due to new rules. I used Kratom but Indiana has made that illegal to use. I have TMJ and broke my back twice, once in 8th grade and second time was in 1997 car accident. I have had 23 TMJ surgeries. The last one was total R and L joint replacements. TMJ is the joints of the jaw. My migraines are due to a doctor that put Teflon implants on both sides. He had received a letter 3-4 months before placing them in me telling him not to use them and to send them back. But he put them in anyway. The Teflon more or less ate at the bone and exposed the soft tissue of my brain. Every time I moved my jaw it would push on the brain tissue.

My niece 2 yrs ago overdosed and was found dead. She didn’t have prescription drugs in her system. It was a drug made in southern mexico and brought over the border. Last week on the news big pharma has made a new narcotic that is 10X stronger than any narcotic on the market. So let’s get this straight: I am being punished due to prescription drugs on the street so big pharma makes a more powerful narcotic. OK, that makes a lot of sense. Not.

Some days it can take me 2-3 hrs to get out of bed due to the pain. I found a CBD oil that helps but it’s more than $200. I don’t have any answers but I wonder what would happen if we got together and marched to Capitol Hill and demanded to be heard. I do find all of this crazy because not one person is speaking against alcohol and cell phone deaths. A lidocaine patch for my back and TMJ did help. It anesthetizes the area where the patch is placed.

Hello. It is sad to see so many people in so much pain, and the government regulating pain pills. Life is not easy when you crash head-on into a car while driving a motorcycle. I fractured my left leg 16 places. I was in the hospital for one year. Then came out of hospital with spike body cast for 7 months. I also fractured my left hand. I was 16 years old. Also had a brain tumor, Lupus, 2 knee replacements, and ready for the 3rd. I go to my pharmacy, and they don’t want to fill my prescription. That is very sad. It seems to me they see us as druggies. Never judge a book by its cover!!

I have severe chronic back issues, my entire spine is fused, top to bottom. i have a interstim stimulator for my bladder and bowel due to the severity of my spine I am unable to know when i have to go to the bathroom. I was prescribed 120 7.5 325mg hydrocodone for the past few years. Today I went to get my meds filled and have new insurance which is through Capitol Blue Cross and they will only allow me to fill 42 pills for 22 day! How the hell does that work and how can they do this? i have been wanting to try to wean off of them a little but not this quick. i am sure i will go through withdrawl symptoms , so with that and my pain I am in for a miserable ride. I have never abused these pills and they do not help 100% but they help me through the day. I really dont know what I am going to do now. Are there any exceptions? How am I to go from 4-5 pills a day to 2? This is all new to me since the new law has not effected me until now. I just had to say something because this has me so frustrated. Thanks for listening

I have been a pain patient for 10 years. I also had my dose cut from 120mg a day of Oxycodone to 60mg. I am also a 100% rated disabled Vet. When the V.A. cut me off cold turkey I found a civilian pain management clinic. Everything was fine until the CDC/DEA came out with their bogus long-term (6 weeks) study by anti-opiate doctors.

Suicides among pain patients are up 38%. I have had two friends who were Vets take their lives after their pain meds where cut off. I was desperate to find something to hold me over until my next prescription. I found green tea kratom in capsules. They are not for everyone. What worked for me was 4 capsules every 3-4hrs for the first day, and then the time to take them would gradually extend to every 5-6hrs. It is not a miracle-worker. It does take the edge off withdrawals, restless leg syndrome, etc. You must keep hydrated, eat plenty, and rest. It saved my life a few times when I wanted to check out. Hopefully with the new H&H, FDA, etc., rules coming out in 2019, we might get back to our original doses.

Big Pharma, FDA, and the CDC, with big government have take away another liberty, the pursuit of happiness. Seriously, those in the government get free health care, which we pay for and we never get reciprocated for. The gov’t is trying to run our lives for us, but they do not know what pain is, after all the gov’t is an autonomous in nature and as such feels no pain. Doctors know about pain because they learned about it in school now they know how to treat pain with medication. Big pharma is at the root of narcotic distribution and now they opened Pandoras’ box and are pushing marijuana as a ‘cure all’ drug . I have been taking opiates since 1982. I nearly lost my life in a motorcycle accident. I lived and 30 some operations later I’m here telling you, if not for the pain meds, I’d be dead. I’M thinking of going to a nursing home where a doctor can help me. Is this how people in pain will live? Or are we left to suicide as a cure?

Who made the DEA Medical Doctors ? The damn Federal government starting with the donald needs to suffer of severe chronic pain then be told there is no treatment available to them. That’s just stupidity. As a retired police officer I can tell you these patients are not the problem. The problem has always been the Feds stopping legitimate people who suffer from getting their meds that help them with horrific pain.

Well, I was on 60 mg of Morphine twice daily. I was in 2 car accidents, in addition to having worked hard since age 8. I have spinal stenosis, had 2 hip replacements (which can’t be done again b/c of bone loss); rheumatoid arthritis, 2 shoulder surgeries, and now knee problems. What am I do do, and others like me? I am angry that they have to make us suffer because of drug dealers. Help!

I live 50+ miles from my nearest pharmacy. If the date of my refill lands on a Sunday I have to wait until Monday to refill. Too bad for me if this happens because under the new system I don’t have any back-up pills. Also some states don’t honor an out-of-state prescription so if you are traveling it sucks to be you if you need a refill and have a prescription written out in your state. It’s too bad we are being punished because of other idiots. Why don’t they just prosecute harder, and leave us alone?

Fentanyl on the streets is the problem! My nephew died from it, not pain killers. They are not doing anything about that.

no they’re aren’t doing anything. Just declaring a fake war on drugs by coming between doctor and patients i was getting 60 7.5s a month. my doc agreed based on numorous Mris and x rays, i have legitimate reasons and wished he could give me more OR higher dose BUT said he can’t. in fact he s cutting ppl off and back. so I’ve went from 60 a month to 50. i pleaded with him to please NOT cut me anymore. because of THE cut i no longer can have my 2 a day. i am NOT getting much pain relief any more. the end of they month, i have to either take just 1 a day for the last 10 days which doesn’t help much, or take 2 a day for 25 day’s but then be left with nothing 0 for last 5 day’s of them month. i cannot be without so i try NOT to do the 2 a day throughout the month. i told my doc this, he said he would NOT cut me anymore but his words were, life is pain AND you cannot take a pill EVEry time you feel it! he said ppl need to learn to deal with it!! i couldn’t believe he said THIs knowing how much legitimately documented pain I’m in and wasn’t getting enough relief to begin with. im grateful he still gives me some but i don’t live a day of relief, even before the dea and feds started threatening doctors. fast forward to this year..i was getting Xanax for severe panic disorder and anxiety. I’ve been so upset because yesterday my doctor informed me that no longer is a patient allowed to be prescribed both opioids AND benzos. he told me i HAVE to make a choice. it’s one OR the other. not both. so Fed’s now coming after anxiety patients. they WANT us to die. im in Florida btw. also a friend of mines sister committed suicide 4 months ago. it was because she could NO longer get her meds because of these New rules. yet nothing’s changed on the streets. the addicts ThaT caused this are still having no problems getting the heroin. its just us ThaT get and do things the right way that’s being penalized!!!

It is all a put on by big brother!!we need to push random drug testing on all politicians!!for you information the ins company worry about little hydrocodone but was pushing for people to get fentynal which is very dangerous!! Guess they wanted people to die so they would not be a burden on there pocket!!

I have degenerative disk disease in spine. All my family has it. I was taking medication for over 7.5 years. 1-2 per day low dose, then lost my doctor and was stuck with one that wanted to play God with my life. He just completely stopped my medications and refused to treat me. Their clinic had lost over 15 doctors in a short period of time so they had to make up the money shortage by threatening people to come in every month if they wanted their scripts filled. I have been suffering for over a year, one half living off Tylenol/Aleve which does not alleviate pain.

The doctor I have now does not care so I don’t see much sense in taking bp meds, cholesterol meds, heart rate meds or lassie for kidneys. Already suffering from liver problems, but that’s life according to some. Not able to stay on feet long enough to get from one room to another. I guess losing leg muscle is not a concern. Hopefully doctors will come to their senses, I guess, if we all who have legitimate reasons for needing pain medications start dying (not from any over dose or street drugs). Maybe someone will open up their eyes and ears.

I just don’t understand how hard it is to see the diff in patients w pain , Instead of giving pain pills who say they are in pain should be able to show some kind of xray or scan or cat scan to show the illness which is causing the pain. I just cant take the Gov saying these people are abusing pills so lets take all the pills away from those that are in pain w proof of injury or years of Drs. visits to prove that you have been a pain patient n have a history to prove the pain w your Drs. notes to back up the history . So now here in FL cuz they don’t know how to stop the abuse from some they are stopping being able to get a script filled or just all together stopping the Dr. from giving some a script at all , we all need to get together as a force n fight this idiotic pain pills laws that are sweeping the country .

I feel the same way but the Drs. are not able to prescribe any pain meds without DEA threatening to pull their medical license. Wish we could be looked at as individuals instead of all these changes across the board because of abuse, selling it, or whatever they do with it. I have been in pain for 15 years now. Have a lot of pain at times even on meds. Don’t know how we’re supposed to begin to semi-function without anything.

I know how you feel I to an being made to suffer after thirty one years of being in meds and all sudden it being taken away! I have contacted members of Congress and they do not respond to my cry! But they will bombared you with emails and letters for your vote and say and do anything for it! I think all politicians should be drug tested as they require all else to do, after all we can not have them under the influence of drugs with all the important decisions they make! And they do work for us!!

Those of us that have chronic pain have been thrown under the bus! The government, the FDA, and the junkies could care less. Look at what prohibition did, allowed crime to flourish because people wanted to drink. Bathtub gin killed people and now the people who take pain meds for recreation will be buying the imports of what may or not be legit drugs.
Crime will escalate, suicides, robbery, elderly people will become targets. Thank god for our government! They have to stick their nose into everything. As I write this I’m crying because of pain. Thanks again FDA.

I agree with you 100%! Ben! I have been a broken record (to my poor husband, mainly) about the wole thing. I, too am a chronic pain sufferer, due to an autoimmune disease, which isn’t my fault. I was born with it and now need pain meds. It’s not due to anything else. I also have major deformities from it. It makes me nervous and stressed out to get surgery done to correct the deformities done BECAUSE of these new laws!

But you’re right: Crime will increase, because there are some people who will do ANYTHING to keep pain at a tolerable level, just to functon at work, home, just day to day things! It will be a bigger issue on the CDC and DEA’s hands than they realize. Or maybe that’s what they really want. What the Gov OUGHT to do is open clinics for the heroin users, which does two things: First, it gets the drug dealers off of the streets, reducing overdoses with crap that’s put in it, and second, the user can use a safe, clean, state-of-the-art clinics, to use a cleaner, controlled product, like in places in the Netherlands.

But to make a patient suffer. Isn’t that partly going against the doctors’ Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm?”

I have had degenerative disk disease for over 30 years. Lost my doctor last year and was switched over to a doctor who wanted to play God. Refused to give meds, and I only took 2 per day when needed for over 7.5 years. Now I am in chronic back pain because of a disk that is collapsing on nerves, and they want to give shots. Not gonna happen. New doc doesn’t do pain meds. I’m just going to let nature takes its course. No sense in taking all these other meds for heart rate and BP (Lasix) and starve my self to keep my glucose levels down. I can barely stay on my feet for more than a few minutes. Not much living here.

Thank the Lord I found this site by accident. I moved from another state & had to leave my pain doctors. I did take Watson mfg hydrocodone 10/325, 3 per day at 6AM-2PM-10PM. I am 83 yrs old and when I got here my brother-in-law made me an appt w/ his doctor which he said took me 3 wks to get in & found he didn’t want me to take pain meds nor did that dr. But he did did send me to the one dr listed in the phone book (that took a month). Don’t wait until you are 83 and go thru withdrawal for a couple of months without any meds to help you. I could hardly cook, clean house, bath & hurt so bad I was ready to move the 1475 miles back to where I came from.

For 3 mos the pain dr gave me my same meds. I got pneumonia, went to the hosp., then to nursing home for a month because the only rehab in this small town was there. My doctor was their doctor. Yep he pulled the pain meds & slipped in tramadol which did not do even as much good as an aspirin. I couldn’t even go to their rehab with the pain. I’ve never seen such a beautiful facility but you could not use their phone. Cell phone didn’t work so I checked myself out after fighting them for 3 wks. Got home and had a registered letter from my pain dr. She had dropped me & said it was because I had gotten 2 prescriptions from a dr & that broke my contact with her. She wouldn’t talk to me on the phone or in person when I went to her office.

Visiting Angel Care came to the house and gave me the name of another dr. In 2 wks I could see him. They told me I should have pain pills to do rehab, That dr then sent me to another dr. That took a little over 2 wks. Because of the opioid scare she ordered a compound of one a day 10mg hydrocodone and told me to buy tylenol 500. My insurance would not pay for it. (between 500 to $600/per mo) If I had no trouble with my 10/325 Watson hydrocodone , 2 wks later she would schedule me for spinal shots. I think I could crawl into her office while slipping on the floor from tear water & I couldn’t get pain meds.

I don’t know what to do and was hoping some of you had found a solution.

I will keep coming in here and check a couple of times a week. Sorry this post was so long but I will be here one yr the 13th of this month,and have had pain meds for only 3 months of that time. To think that I was virtually pain free for so long and am mostly not mobile now is devastating.

Little to do with concerns over “Opioid addiction” Everything to do with a Medical Insurance Industry behind scenes actively and aggressively manipulating the FDA , Media and State Elected officials . Determined to increase profits by cutting the cost of treatment to the millions of seniors and other injured disabled and suffering as the consequence the industrial based society. The so called information age had it’s predecessor.. Men and Women at war (still at war) the heavy industry and machinery of the Industrial age..

But what do we do when it’s not the doctor that cuts you off of your pain meds, but the manufacdturer of the drug you had been taking for years suddenly stops making it? Then you have to try another manufacturer and trust me, they are not all the same. I have had so many bad side effects from vicodin made by other manufacturers and never had a problem with the one I had been taking for over 3 years every day 10 mg. 4x a day. Every one I try now makes me so sick I guess from binders, fillers and rat poison in the pills now. Not to mention, no pain relief there is no medicine in pain pills anymore. It is so unfair to now sit here in so much pain I am crying and have ill side effects from the pills now that I never had before. I had my pain under control for the most part and now back to square one. Why? Why do we have to suffer because the company just up and decides “oh we are not making Vicodin anymore.” So unfair my life is over.

The doctors will gladly put you on ssri drugs that are very dangerous!! I think all politicians judges doctor’s too ought to have to give random drug screen!!!

This is a crisis that is killing patients, and the risks to the Doctors with patients who are contemplating the end of their suffering could expand into patients contemplating killing their Doctors as their last act of futility and to send the most dramatic message they can deliver to the CDC.

An opposite and equal reaction that may have already occurred but has been suppressed in the media. The CDC has that covered in a contingency plan to suppress these events in the media, this is known as dark state suppression of the media, this has been done for years in reporting the number of deaths during the Vietnam war, those of us old enough to remember the false news reports of that war heard this type of phony headline each week when the war was at it’s height: three Americans were killed this week, but we killed a thousand VietCong fighters, all lies. This isn’t a new technique they are using, it’s been refined to deal with such situations as they arise.

The Government has plans to deal with such news, they suppress the reports and cover it up. After the fiasco of the appointment of a new Supreme Court Justice this last week, can we trust the Federal Government to tell us the truth? The CDC will eventually face a Congressional investigation on the numbers of increased suicides from their guidelines, and it will be another Dog and Pony show… the classic”don’t look over here, look over here distraction” we just saw this pulled off by none the less Hillary Clinton and her phony Mueller investigation which she constructed with the aid of a former British Spy. Meanwhile we are suffering and dying for real pain management, not the sham the CDC is forcing on us.

Here’s a detail you won’t hear often, Doctors work in the profession that has the highest suicide rate. Here’s a hint on how they kill them selves, and it doesn’t involve a firearm. You can figure out how they do it yourself.

It makes committing yourself to yet another surgery VERY HARD when you KNOW your going to suffer badly for months of recovery, or for some of us with CRPS 2, a recovery that never comes. I have seriously thought about amputation of my leg, but my CRPS2 is a form of phantom pain, and as such I would accomplish nothing by doing so, and the pain has moved over to my right foot in my toes as I have developed hammer toes as my right foot is doing overtime to keep up with my left foot which I have foot drop from nerve damage from multiple surgeries to fix the fracture in my left leg which was caused by phenobarbital which destroyed my bone density by blocking the 450 enzyme pathway to absorb calcium and magnesium in the liver, thereby reducing my bone density to -1.7 which is osteomalacia, one step away from osteoporosis caused by my former primary physician when he DIDN’T use the DEXA scanner right there in his office to check my bone density UNTIL I broke my left leg. Trying to file a lawsuit against a large medical practice has been all but impossible to accomplish.

Medical mistakes kill 100,000 a year, and a report came out that number is more likely 200,000 a year. How many of us are suffering because of gross incompetence at the hands of a doctor who made a mistake in our healthcare?
I’m one of them.

I am just finding out how bad things have gotten! I had a lower body lift at age 59 2 months ago and 1/3 of the stitches did not stay in. So for 2 months I have had an open, oozing, and hurting hole on my back hip. My doctor has been giving me 20 / 5mg percocets every 8 days BUT the pharmacist called him to find out why!!! So I have 1 week of Vicodin and still a 4-inch hole!

They seem to be pushing pot everywhere, and it is still considered illegal in this country! So I could break a federal law and get pot but not Vicodin! I find this outrageous. Beside that, you are looked at like a criminal, which makes me angry and sad enough to cry all the time!

All the government employed by us the people should be drug tested randomly!! And you are right many people have lost all hope of living because they are being made to suffer.and sure there are many who want those who have made others to suffer pay the ultimate price!!!

This is another example of government overreach! Their enability to find a middle ground is astounding! You can bet your bippy those at the top can get their pain meds! Both my wife and I have have been chronic pain sufferers for over 10 years. The pain clinic that used to treat me for years, until bought out by big industry, told me there was nothing else they could do for me. So they cut off my pain meds and told me to try yoga and not to come back! Wow! Are these people for real?

The unintended consequences of the war on opioids was easy for us suffers to predict! They threw us under the bus big time! I was told that my drug is dangerous, and I may become addicted or overdose. Really? Whats the alternative? I’ve followed the rules for 10 years now and am looking at job loss, uncontrolled pain, depression and other mental health issues. Maybe I should try alcohol, which more people die from every year, or unregulated street drugs that are cut with who knows what! How about the ultimate cure, the end of a gun barrel! The people at the CDC and DEA have done a knock-out job with the increase of suicides from chronic pain sufferers, with many more to come if nothing’s done! Keep up the good work. We saw it coming. Why didn’t you?!

We need to push for all got to be random drug testing!!!

I have read others opinions, Here’s mine: There are thousands of people that literally have reasons to have to take pain pills to help them with their pain. Yes, people abuse them, but what about those who’ve had to be put on them to live. People would rather not have pain at all. No one asks to be put on pain pills to keep their pain under control. The fact of the matter is: they had to. Have you ever had a headache and had to take an Advil just to take it away?

I have. Taking away prescription pain pills is not going to fix the problem. It’s only making it worse. I have literally seen people crying real tears because they have so much pain and they can’t even get out of bed to function without their pain pills. It’s wrong to take them away!!!!!! People are scared. If someone killed someone you wouldn’t throw an innocent person to jail in their place. That is what is what is happening.

They’re convicting innocent people because others abuse it. If they feel they need to make that kind adjustment they need to have stricter rules and guidelines instead of omitting the necessary drug to help those who have a legitimate need.

They are not helping the problem at hand, only making it worse. They are not taking drug abusers off the street, they are making more abusers. Now they haven’t got the pills they need to control pain, or they are thrown into withdrawals. They have people turning to the streets for heroin, or spending their rent money for pain pills to keep from hurting. Now their are more persons that are homeless, on drugs, etc. They are killing those people that are in desperate need.

For example, my mother in law, she is disabled and in tragic pain. She has R.S.D. reflex sympathetic nerve dis trophy. Her pain jumps from joint to joint and eventually will go to her heart and kill her. So keeping her pain down is necessary. She needs her pain meds. or it will kill her without them. Something needs to be done to help. We need to help those who can’t help themselves. I really hope someone has some idea on what we can do. I want to help the people who can’t. So where do I start. Any Ideas? Thank you.

It is my opinion that this fake opioid crisis is merely another vehicle to make politicians, branches of the medical community, and drug co/pharmacies filthy rich. All of the things that chronic pain patients are made to do does not make any common sense. Therefore, to me it is all about money and control. I have written my gov on a regular basis about having to see my primary doctor as well as pain mgmt doctor a total of 16 times a year and a multitude of baseless drug tests.

I used to go once, then twice, then four times a year until my primary doctor refused to prescribe. I believe that I take very little, especially since taking extended release (ER). So now we see pharmacies way overcharging for ERs and opting out of coupons for narcotics whether it is the drug co or not. I was paying a $15 co-pay just last year now it is $100 which I cannot afford so I take a different one with horrible side effects. With my theory there is a ton of money passing hands.

It is the real war – on patients – not drug overload. I plan to file a discrimination complaint. If it was any other illness they would treat you differently, and it should be affordable. I continue to search the web for any class action lawsuits. By the way the gov said new laws have nothing to do with chronic pain patients (24 yrs and counting). Gee, can you let the PCPs know that, please? Going to pain counts as it is a specialist visit so $$$ multiply that by 12. I am over it all.

I was functioning great and only taking pain medication when needed for many years. I had a fall, broke my back, breaks in both ankles, ect… I wont go into everything. I have been struggling with pain and have been disabled for many years. I live on disability so my husband carries the insurance, a good insurance. On my pain medication I was able to feed my animals (we raise chickens, for eggs for the local food pantry) it helped me to give back and stay active. Since my doctor cut me off my medication I have been struggling everyday just to keep my animals feed & get to the feed mill. Every night I struggle with restless leg and usually walk around all night ‘crying’ trying to find relief. I have found myself talking 800 IBUPROFEN every few hours trying to get relief, which I am sure is hurting me more. We also have a great insurance which causes me to drive 3 hours one way to a pain specialist as we live in the north woods. My bills are now racking up over 20,000 for treatments that are not giving me the relief I need, and causing me more pain to do the drive there. So how are so many of these drugs getting on to our streets when a person with a doctor degree cannot prescribe? My biggest question is ‘WHY ARE DOCTORS NOT FURIOUS (WHO HAVE THE YEARS OF EDUCATION) AND ARE BEING STRIPPED OF THEIR RIGHTS TO HELP THEIR PATIENTS NOW? SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS-

So glad to hear all the reactions to the issue of taking Norco and/or any other medicine to alleviate the chronic pain issues . I agree with all the comments I agree, as well, that there are multiple reasons involving the insurance companies and drug companies. I was diagnosed with chronic pain around 2008 due permanent neck and back injuries sustained in 1987. I have been treated with Hydrocodone, most of the time effectively. No abuse or overdose. Always the same dose Recently I have been “tapered” down and I feel like a criminal or a child reading the label on my medicine “must last for 30 days” I believe that if the medication is used for a specific medical purpose such as chronic pain, addiction should not play a role in the use of the medicine. Furthermore, the BP medicines prescribed to me one year ago have dangerous side effects. I’m a 90 year old female, very active and choose quality over time.

I have a question? Why is it that they tell you how many to take and you take accordingly and they then say you should not have took that many?! I am also a chronic pain suffer. You tell them each visit your pain level. They don’t believe you. How can they know what you feel or think??!! So discouraging!

What good is this web page? All you’re doing is pushing your books and home remedies.

None of it helps chronic pain.

I agree with all of the replies. Thus whole thing is asinine, the total definition of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. They can cut prescription drugs to zero and it won’t make a dent. There are more drugs for sale on the street than all the pharmacies in the world. Plus they missed the most lethal drug around, the stupid pills they sell in Washington DC.

I get afraid each time I see my pain specialists. He has cut my medication for pain three times in the past 4 months. Sometimes, I have to skip doses because otherwise I would not have enough to last the whole month.

I just had to go off Norco after 7 years. I think it has to do with the weed vote coming up in nov. This from Bonnie in Michigan.

First I think everyone that works for the DEA and the CDC and the government should have a drug test to see how many of them of them have pain of any kind. If they are being treated for pain does the new law apply to them? Probably not. It’s bad enough that the insurance companies are telling us what we need or don’t need, they don’t even know us. Sometimes I wonder what we need a Doctor for, since the government is wanting to take over our meds and the insurance companies want to tell us what we need or don’t need, lets just cut out the middle man. The one person that see us, know us, and understand us, the same person that this law ties up their hands.

It is no wonder that so many pain Doctors are leaving this line of work. And then there is the fact people that are abusing this or any kind of meds will just go to the streets, you will find that maybe there will be less prescription over dosing but there will be more heroin od’s. People who want to get high or messed up will find away. But people who really need pain meds they too may go to the streets. And then the government just made criminals out of them. For people that don’t have chronic pain just don’t understand it can drive you crazy the never ending throbbing, burning and aching pain. It has caused people to take their own life. How is this law really going to help anyone? And you know they never even mention nerve damage.

That is very true and people the majority are for drug testing randomly for all who hold any office!! Judges included!!

I am 76. My primary care physician prescribed hydrocodone years ago for my inoperable osteoarthritis. I was able to work for several years, but fell into disability while taking vioxx that was prescribed by a specialist, not my primary care physician. I had a are & emergency by-pass surgery, as test showed my heart muscle was dying.

During cardio rehab, I developed chronic prostitis, as the radiation treatments I had for prostate cancer burned the wall in my rectum. I had several surgical corrections but incontinence still plagues my every day life.

We lost everything due to medical expenses even with excellent health insurance.

I still wake up & do a few chores, fix meals, watch the kids dogs, but I don’t go anyplace other than a store or a fast food restaurant, as all are close to our apartment. I am able to swim some, but not on “diarrhea” days. Walking is very limited and very painful. There is no extra money for the luxury of seeing doctors anymore. My meds are free, as I have Medicare C plan that covers the tier 1&2 generics 100%.

My PCP remains the same. I see him once or twice a year now. I am back taking NSAIDS but they are causing internal bleeding. That doesn’t hurt, but I’m pretty sure it’s why I can’t get a high enough red count to donate blood anymore.

Who can I complain to in Mi about this thus is sooo unfair

Am in so much pain. My family thinks I’m making it up to get pain meds. If they could ONLY feel the pain that I do for 1 day they would be begging me for my forgiveness. I’m just so incredibly tired of hurting just so very very tired!!

My mother-in-law was going through the same things with my husband’s siblings. The wanted her off the pain meds and to exercise more. She died of an infection of the foot this year. I say if you are in pain, and especially if you are elderly, you should have something that works to ease your pain. I have been on hydrocodone for 6 years for fibromyalgia. Thank God my immediate family understands and supports me. To hell with the rest of the world.

I would like to know what people with chronic, debilitating, pain from a terminal disease are supposed to do about these new pain medication limits. I have been suffering from HIV for almost 30yrs. now. The disease is under control, to a certain extent but I have been left with many side affects, including severe, chronic pain from peripheral neuropathy, which I describe as feeling like there’s something chewing inside my arms and legs constantly, leaving my muscles so weak that normal daily activities are next to impossible. I also enjoy the pain of degenerative disk disease and osteoporosis that has caused two fractured vertebrae, bone on bone vertebrae, numerous herniated disks, and these problems also affect my lungs. I have problems breathing. I also have slight scoliosis and a disease called Scheurmans disease and extreme kyphosis (hump or painful slouch in upper back) that older people might get. I also have severe arthritis all over my body. All this garbage, and I’m only 51, young in mind but not in body.

I do feel for people who are having problems with addiction but why should people with severe, chronic pain suffer because these people have an underlying psychological problem that they think opiate addiction will help. In turn, they may overdose on a medication that unfortunately some of us have no choice in taking but that does enable us to do more things in life that normal people take advantage of. I would just love to go for long walks, horsebackriding, or even simple things but I just can’t. I’m not looking for sympathy, not by any means. I’m just looking for a happy medium and an answer. I just want my pain relief. Don’t we deserve that?

Apparently, no. I have been hurting for 25+ years, and my Doctor helped me keep working. I lost part time income in 2012 as I could no longer pass a DOT physical.

In 2013, my 3 month supply of hydrocodone started getting written by Doctors I never met. Now, I can’t even get tramadol without begging for 30 days worth, and NSAIDS are just as effective. But they cause me internal bleeding.

I guess I will try & find a street pharmacist, or take ibuprofen with whiskey.

I have neck and back and leg pain. Sometimes the pain
meds. written out by my doctor aren’t enough to slow the pain.
what are we to do? If the people in Washington DC have to go through my pain would they be doing this to us?

I have diabetes with Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy. In Jan of 2015, My doctor decided not to take my Insurance anymore. Not getting paid enough from my insurance. I had also broken my back earlier and foot from a fall. I could no longer work.

I have been taking hydrocodone for years. I was cut cold turkey and without a doctor. Took months to find a new doctor and I could not find one that would prescribe hydrocodone. All I could get was Tylenol 4 and it does not help much. So I am on SS, limited income. And can’t find a doctor around here that takes new patients and ones that do, will not prescribe hydrocodone. What can we do???

It was recommended to me today by my doctor to try CBD oil. I bought some not knowing if it will work or not. $104.95 for a 60 day supply. My hydrocodone costs $5 copay. Nice.

I am not only a chronic pain pt but also a nurse. I find it absolutely infuriating that the govt is getting involved to this extent. I have seen a HUGE increase in elderly and younger patients attempting SUICIDE because they can’t take the pain anymore. People respond to pain meds in different ways.
This policy is like selling the same pair of pants and forcing everyone to wear them, and if they don’t fit, go naked. It’s ridiculous, and it’s inflicting pain and suffering on so many people. If you don’t abuse it, go to the same doc for the meds,and follow the rules, there should be NO issues. My doc is so upset because he KNOWS his patients are suffering. Again, DON’T PUNISH THOSE WHO FOLLOW THE RULES.

I really want to investigate suing the DEA for inflicting pain and suffering. Watch: there will be a huge increase in illegal drugs because desperate people will do desperate things to get pain relief. I really want to start a lawsuit.

I would join you in the lawsuit, Jill from AZ

Thank you Lord for others understanding my pain. I began having TMJ in the mid to late 70s. I wore a night splint and was very active. I was advised not to chew gum or ice any more so I quit. I usually had a very upper sore back at night. A friend asked me why I had such a notty back. In 1994, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia along with bulging disks in the lower back. I had put up stock as a manager and before the title since 1983. I went through pain management until 1998 and then had my first of 3 lower back surgeries.

I was given a very low dose pain med and muscle relaxer and stopped taking them. I had a cervical 3, 4, 5 surgery next. The Dr. had big hands and wasn’t able to complete the procedure. It relieved some pressure but in 2000, I was back for the surgery he didn’t complete.

In 2016, I was fused from C 3- C 7, have bone on bone and constant pain at T3-5, and am fused from L4-5. I had L4-5 vertabra scar tissue scraped to help with pain relief. I’ve had multiple mouth splints made with no pain relief, migraines, muscle spasms preventing me from being able to to move and get a bathroom at night and unable to use any part of my body from my neck down. VERY SCARY!!!! I’ve been diagnosed with degenerative disk disease, TMJ, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, Lumbralgia, chronic pain syndrome, and now my Dr. that helped me through all of this moved and left no letter for me to use stating I did not abuse drugs.

The Dr. I asked to take over my case said he would back me up with a letter from my orthopedic Dr. or my previous dr. I went to pain mgt. in Jan. They burned the nerves again. I’ve been in extreme pain ever since. I tried to ask this Dr. how I could take my narcotic 10 Norco and 5-10 of valium when you can’t get both. I don’t even take them both together. I don’t take the pain med unless I need it. He got mad and walked away. Pain has been with me half of my life. My sister was an addict. She stole my mom blind. She lied to my mom and told her I took all these meds which she stole from me.


GOD HELP THE CANCER PATIENTS, OUR VETS, and those of us Who are TRULY IN PAIN. I THINK ILL MOVE IN WITH MY CONGRESSMAN SO ILL HAVE A CAREGIVER TOO. IM ALL ALONE WITHOUT RELATIVES. I am the LAST. And, if we could put a few mines down, it would stop drugs & illegals from coming into this country.


If you lived in Australia, I would have joined a class action
My father attempted suicide last week due to a director of pain clinic abruptly cut all his pain meds and he suffers irreversible chronic cancer pain! Will be seeking legal advice this has to stop.

I agree with you. My life was destroyed by a back injury seven years ago. I wish I had been killed instead of injured. I had a half million in life insurance, and my husband would have had a great life.

I was forced out of the job I had held for fifteen years, we lost our car, our credit is destroyed and we may lose our house. I am in constant unending agony and am treated like a criminal and a drug addict because all other forms of treatment failed and I had to go on morphine.

My state is more interested in protecting stupid addicts than real patients. They want to limit scripts to 120 pills per month, regardless of actual need. Spare me the “addiction is a disease” nonsense. It is a disease they chose to get by taking drugs they don’t need. Pharmacists and lawmakers should stay out of our treatment.

NASCAR driver Dick Trickle killed himself because he couldn’t bear his chronic pain. Expect that number to rise as more people lose the medications that don’t even give them complete relief….. just enough ease to get through one more day.

I had a rupured disc at L5/S1 about 15 years ago. I had surgery to remove the ruptured disc. The surgery helped me walk again, but the residual pain continues
to this day. I also have a herniated disc in my upper back. It is inoperable because the surgeon would have to enter from the front of my chest, which means moving the heart, etc.!

So, I was prescribed Hydracodone for the continuing pain. My pharmacy filled my Rx every month until this last time ( 5/24/2018). I have to drive about 22 miles to my doctor to GET the Rx, because they say that the Government will not allow them to mail it to me. Then I have to take it to my pharmacy ( Walmart), and when I presented the Rx to the pharmacist, he said that he had to call my doctor to ” verify ” that my Rx was ” valid. ”

I said: ” In other words you don’t trust ME or my DOCTOR! In short, it has become a major hassle to fill my Rx because of the Government laws! They make honest citizens feel like criminals!!!

This is to Janie and others: Try not to politize your issue as it will immediately cut you from sympathy from whatever the ‘other side” is. This is not to say the government isn’t involved. They are always involved in setting in the regs. But I’ve watched the pendulum swing from over to under prescribing for many years. It seems to go in 10 to 12 year cycles., independent of whether the blues or reds are in power.

Some of you favor government involvement in other issues like women’s reproductive health, or end of life issues or mental health care. So, if you want less government control it has to be more universal. You can find other allies so that it’s not just 1 kind of issue but an overall look at how any of us gets treated.

Look at what other countries do. Get facts. Your stories, while heartbreaking will not change a single vote. I wish it were different.

Sad state of affairs. Worked in public health for many years. It is sad to see the level of blatant destruction this drug war is having on law abiding citizens.

Uninformed people making health care decisions for citizens. I watched people being labeled by the medications they take by non-medical staff and some nurses as they reviewed their files. Making judgements before visiting them in their homes. It sickened me.

My doctor informed me my prescription will no longer be filled. He’s been my doctor for over 20 years. He disagrees with the laws and feels he should be able to practice medicine as an independent doctor at his discretion. Unfortunately, there is no way I want to see a compassionate doctor be arrested for offering care. How can this even happen in this day in age?

There are no alternatives to this problem. Even my pharmacy is shocked at the level of hoops people must jump through.

Why are insurance companies having to get prior authorization after a script is written? Double dipping in my opinion, causing my health costs to sky rocket.

I agreed to try other medications. However, the side effects are horrible. Celebrex has a BLACKBOX warning and 26 pages, versus two pages for T3. The other alternative is a synthetic and has an SSRI to which I am extremely sensitive and has extreme side effects too. No thank you. It took years and 1000’s of dollars to come up with a solution to cope with my pain, and it was working.

Terrified for my future, as many of you are. Yes I too have considered giving up because of quality of life issues. I never once felt high or drugged on T3. Muscle relaxers make me feel like a zombie, and I literally can’t move or function taking them. NSAIDs cause stomach bleeding. Synthetics are a joke and alter my brain chemistry to the point of dysfunction. Plus the cost is quadruple. Thanks, big Pharma!

Get the government out of my and your doctors’ offices. Decisions like my health care is none of their business.

This war on drugs is alarming to me. I have never abused my prescriptions and am sad that many people are suffering.

I feel stigmatized and alone. Sad to read other people are suffering too.

Our country is so brainwashed into thinking pain isn’t real. There is a choice of medications for a reason. What works for some doesn’t work for others. This is far from the “person-centered” approach to care. The opioid laws are short sighted and in no way solve the perceived problem and only create revenue for the government to oversee another program.

In my opinion, this kind of campaign harms good citizens who are doing their best to function.

Does the government not understand the basics of “use it or lose it?” My prescription kept me active and in the game. It kept me from atrophy and helped me to do the exercises to strengthen muscles and carry out daily tasks of living.

Now a person cannot turn on the TV or news without a drug commercial or an ad attacking opioid use. Good grief.

I bet many children and adults had no idea what an opioid was until our government educated them through their vile campaign, making people either curious or hateful. Stigmatizing patients who have legitimate needs. When I see those ads I fume because of the destruction they cause.

My script is medically necessary. I don’t abuse it nor do I share it. Empathizing with the those who are suffering. Pain is real. Relief is necessary to functioning and leading healthy lives.

Wanted to put my words down and hope they make a difference. My fears about “big brother” are actually being realized. What a sad, sad state of affairs. Never have viewed this drug as mind-altering in anyway.

Stay strong, those of you who are suffering. My heart breaks for you, and I hope you find relief. I, too, find this a matter liberty and freedom.

Keep the government out of my doctor’s office. Let my healthcare choices be between me and my doctor.

I throught living in the united states you had freedom. But it is not freedom when the Government can control medication that people need to be able to function and live an almost normal life.

I am in chronic pain, and my insurance will only pay for only half of my pain medication which now is $200. I have to pay $200 out-of-pocket every month. That is a lot of money for me. It’s because of President Trumps war on drugs. Some people abuse the pain medication, and the people who need it suffer! I had broken my neck; badly bruised my spinal cord in my neck area and back; lost half of my left lung; broken all my ribs on my right side and 8 on left side; broken my sternum and collar bone in two places; had a pint of an infected fluid removed from my left chest cavity; I had a high fever; 5 ribs so the fluid could be removed; and needed a 4 inch round by 4 inch deep cavity that had to be packed every day for 6 weeks so it would heal from the inside out.It was horrible pain pulling out the packing (12 foot long ) across the sawed ribs and cut nerves!

If I do not have my medication I cannot function, and my quality of life is horrible as it is when I am on my medication. If I do too much my pain gets very bad.

I’m in the same situation you are, and I was taking 2x a day. It helped with pain. Now I have weaned myself off of Vicodin, and my pain is back to where it was 20 yrs ago!
My headaches from my neck and shoulders seem worse!
It is so sad we have to live like this now!
I’m using aspirin, Tylenol, and turmeric along with ice and volterin cream
You summed it up just perfectly!
Hope you feel better soon!

I to spent alot of money and it took us years to find something that worked for me. I have cerbal palsy with ataxia. Now I can’t get the meds. I need.

Because of the government. I don’t want to live the rest of my life in pain. My choices are becoming a drunk or getting meds. Off the street or killing myself.

I would like to express thanks to you for rescuing me from this condition. After researching throughout the search engines and meeting thoughts that were not powerful, I assumed my life was gone. Existing minus the approaches to the problems you’ve sorted out as a result of the posting is a crucial case, as well as the ones that would have badly affected my entire career if I had not come across your web page. Your actual ability and kindness in maneuvering all the pieces was very helpful. I am not sure what I would have done if I had not encountered such a point like this. It’s possible to at this moment relish my future. Thanks for your time very much for this skilled and result oriented guide. I won’t hesitate to suggest the blog to anyone who needs to have guide on this topic.

I am 66 yr old and was forced to retire at 62 even though it was hard financially. I take oxycodone 4 times a day 10mg. The orthopedic Dr. said I had degenerative spine disease. He told me all my joints were those of a 78 yr-old. No surgery would fix it . I cannot function even with meds! I cannot shop for food or stand long enough to cook. My husband does it all. I do no not want to take pain killers!! I want to go to Disney World with my grandchildren. I want to stop waking up my husband at night crying because I hurt so badly. Do you think people would not take another route if they could live without pain. Come up with an idea before you take something away! I also have diagnosis of severe depression and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome!

I am a multiple organ transplant patient I have had diabetes for over 50 years. The complications from neurapathy alone are devastating . For over 23 years the hospital who did the transplants precscribed oxy to handle my break out pain. With being subject to Morphine, Dilauded, Demerol etc in hospital The addiction or dependency got started. So when this big mandate came out The hospital dumped me into the primary phys lap They did not bother to take the time to understand what chronic patients like me have to deal with.

I have talked to hundreds of thousands of people with the same problem. They are all in agreement that they are dumbfounded by that nu 1 ass in Dc who made this ruling. To only wish the same pain on them is ludicris but what will it take to made Washington Understand People are suffering.

Please forgive my lack of spelling. I am blind and doing the best I can. As with many people here who have shared their story. Many are responsible individuals with a common problem PAIN Please take the time to write your state congress people and or Senators of each State you reside in.

Like me, aspirin and band aids do not fix the problem . The pain clinics set up by the gov are a joke. Making many go thru unnecessary hoops to get any help if any at all. I am one voice but together we can send our body parts to Washington to show them Action must be taken to change their thinking. Thanks for all who read this.

It’s best to take part in a contest for among the finest blogs on the web. I will recommend this website!

I think they don’t care about us u
In true chronic pain.they only care about betty addicts off easy street of getting pain meds. How n
Many of the people like myself have considered suicide? I’ll get let than street addicts cause they self medicate while we go through text after text doctor telling us the same think but then how they can’t help us. Too we my death is because of the medical bullshit.

Just a side note. Start writting your officials, and let them know your stories. They do get our messages

This is the second time I tried to share my thoughts.
In the late 90s I had a slip and fall at work and 2 and 1/2 discs removed. Ancient bone graft not so successful. In the years since have had other surgeries and plain old arthritis, osteoarthritis, and spondylitis. They have decimated my body.

So as time progressed, and pain became a major issue I have been prescribed opioids. These medicines have helped me to continue to be a good neighbor and citizen of this great country. But now the government is going to make me a burden where I cannot help my family and my mother. So I will go from a cane to a walker to a wheelchair, dependent on the powers-that-be.

Take all this money, and stop the illegal drugs from coming in and killing our young people. Please leave us old folks alone!!¡!

After a slip and fall at work I had 2 1/2 discs removed from my back in the late 90s. The bone graft surgery was not 100% successful. As I have grown older and also had multiple surgeries, where spondylitis and osteoarthritis have set in, my doctor prescribed me opioids to allow me to function as a good citizen of this great country. Now, facing no longer receiving proper pain management, I will become a burden on society. I was brought up to never be a burden.

So maybe I should walk off in the distance like the Native Americans did. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not thinking of suicide. I would prefer to use a cane instead of a walker. I have a family that I want to assist and have only been able to do so with proper pain management (not be a burden.) Without my medicine I will become a burden. I say take all this money and prevent drugs illegal drugs from coming into our country.

Why should millions like me suffer? It is wrong!!!!¡

I too have been on pain meds for a very long time, since 1978, I toke a fall on a job site in Michigan, Mackinaw island, have two herniated and bulging discs in my back L-4 and L-5 causeing very bad lower back pain and real bad sciatica on right leg, moving to both as age goes on, had talk with doctor today he is basically throwing me away after 25 years, this is my home town doctor we know each other well, I have had no issues with him or him with me, but all of a sudden he no longer wants to treat me, and no other doctor at hospital wants to take me on, so in all this it looks like I will live my last year’s of my life being treated like I am 10 years old, they don’t even treat 10 year olds that bad , it would hurt their feelings, but do it to the elder and disabeld, and you can get away with that!

I am a decorated, disabled, combat veteran of the Vietnam War. Had injuries to both knees, which later in life had to be totally replaced. I have severe arthritis in all of my joints. I was prescribed a few years ago with Hydrocodone/Tylenol mix from the VA. I do not take the full dose prescription. I was prescribed 7.5 twice a day. I usually take one every other day. I am very cautious with this medication as I know the pitfall of addiction.

I have not, nor do I tend to, ever abuse this drug. However, I am 72 years old and have been in constant pain for several years. On a good day, my pain lever is about a 7. On a bad day it is about 9-10. The Hydrocodone helps me to still enjoy some aspects of my life. Also, hydrocodone relieves my pain more than anything else. I do not get a “buzz” from it. It just relieves my pain.

Please note: If I am denied hydrocodone, which I have not abused, I WILL find relief from my pain. It will either be “street” drugs or alcohol. I have never used street drugs before, but I know where they are available. I have been the alcohol route and that was not pleasant, caused me a lot of family problems, and I put my self and my family through hell getting off alcohol. However, as stated, I WILL not live the rest of my life in constant pain. Also, all of the law makers that are making the decision on hydrocodone will be able to get the hydrocodone that they need. They just are’t concerned and don’t care about the average citizen and what they have to go through.

I do not have the answer for control of the general population. One can become addicted to anything. Where does personal responsibility fall in this decision making process? The govment cannot control every aspect of our lives. This is called socialism which most of the people in America want today and which our last so called president advocated and his bosom buddy, Hillary.

I can’t speak for others, but for me, if I am not allowed to get hydrocone, strictly for pain with no purpose or intent to abuse, I WILL go to street drugs or alcohol. Sad, part is that our govment will have driven me to that decision…

The pain scale works like this for me, and others already know this, a pain level of ten is actually life threatening, the patient has uncontrollable tears pouring out of their eyes, is screaming in pain, and can pass out from shock, shock kills a lot of people. If your claiming a ten, you know what I mean, if your not displaying those uncontrollable symptoms, your not having a 10 level event. These claims of a 10 level event in pain management is often used by drug seekers, this is why doctors have good reasons to not prescribe narcotics.

Russell California April 16, 2018

I searched for a like this site because the federal government changed the rules on pain medication. I am 72 years old and have had neck pain for 40 years. Years ago, I went through a pain management class. The idea at the time was to give enough drugs to control the pain. The opioid crisis caused by individuals looking for a high and overdosing created a knee jerk action.

A few people in the federal government decided that they knew better than those in pain set limits on prescription drugs. For me the drugs were a blessing. No more trips to emergency rooms or throwing up in the toilet. I took part in the lives of family and friends and had a career in law enforcement.
Along comes the government and I am now forced to reduce my meds to their standards. I am now struggling to cut my meds. I suffer withdrawals and my headaches are increasing. It appears my pain has nothing to do with the process. Help me please. We all need an advocate to support those in pain.

Yeah, brother, I hear you. I know other ain patients who have given up on health care and are using heroin off the street to treat their pain. That is my plan too, if I lose access to my meds. I am so sorry for what is happening to you and all of us here. I have zero sympathy for addicts. They chose to abuse drugs, and those who got hooked “accidentally” should have just told their docs and asked for help. Nobody cares about us.

I have been on 10 mg hydrocodone 4 x a day for many years. Even with medication I have very bad days. I see a pain management doctor about 4 times a year. I have no insurance at my place of employment. 2 to 3 times a year I have a u.a. That costs $820.00 dollars each time. My appointments are $130.00 each time. My script every month is $75.00.

I have osteoarthritis, bone spurs in my neck and back, had neck surgery to remove the worst spurs, three knee surgeries, and two failed. My doctor tells me to file for disability, but it doesn’t pay well. At the pharmacy and doctor’s office I feel so looked upon like a junkie. But the physical realities are forever present. When in pain you will do whatever it takes to make it go away, and they know it so good luck, everyone. I will continue to crawl through the hoops.

Use GoodRx for your prescription, and it will help lower your monthly expenses. I use it every month and it helps a lot. Also, I hope you start feeling better. My wife has a very similar situation to you. People who are not in pain daily just don’t get it. I tell people to grab a chef knife, stick it their neck, and leave it there. That’s how chronic pain feels. I feel so bad for anyone just trying to relieve some pain so they can try to live a normal quality of life. I hope this helps you. I think worse times are coming.

My son is a Veteran. He was told he can wait in the ER for 6 hours or so and end up with nothing because “they are really cracking down.” You look my son in the eyes and tell him it does not matter that your back is trashed. We just don’t help people who need it. No insurance to see a real doctor either. People wonder why there are so many deaths. Really? He is about to give up. He does a very tough job when he works, and he travels. Imagine anyone having to go to a new doctor every other month. It is an impossible feat. Impossible. There’s zero interest or concern. I do not want to lose my son because NO one will ease his well-documented pain.

My idea all along was to not cut off or cut down on chronic patients’ meds. If the doctor feels they need it then why not make that happen? I say grandfather the patients who have been suffering a year or more. Let them see their GP if possible and establish them. If anything changes send them to pain mgmt for their next visit but bring them back a couple months later. Make it managed care. Give us a gold card that allows us to be flexible within our city and doctors.

For someone like my son (God bless him for working like he does) he could get established with new MRIs and other tests and get a platinum card. That’s all a doctor, urgent care, ER would need to have all the info necessary. It would be tamperproof. I guess this just all makes so much sense, though.

I have been prescribed Vicodin for the past 5 years following failed back surgery to repair an injury received in combat. Every time I try to refill the prescription I am given a big hassle, and I usually end up without it for a couple of days. I have to call to get it actually pushed through again.

Well, my VA doc went somewhere else, and now I have new doc. She wants to see all of her patients on Vicodin before she will prescribe. The VA is not a quick process so I run out on Thursday, and my appointment isn’t until the following Thursday. I simply cannot function without the medication due to the level of pain. I also do not know what the hell I am going to do if the withdrawal symptoms hit hard. Now I am all about trying other things, but you should never cold turkey stop taking hydrocodone. It should be stepped down to avoid this.

Bottom line: if it gets too bad I will go to the street to get it. I wish I didn’t have to do that but this ignorant doctor cannot feel my pain so there is no understanding whatsoever on their part. I am completely freaking hopeless at this point. Every month is the same crap. Because others have abused it I have to pay their price. I never take more than 3-7.5mg a day which just knocks it down enough to function. I have not been pain-free in years, even with the medication. I have passed every urinalysis I take every six months so I do not understand why they would do this. How the hell do I feed my family if I can’t work? I guess I need to start drinking alcohol again. One way or the other I will not be in excruciating pain every day. Tried to do it all legally but our government and doctors won’t let me. Your fault this time.

I have suffered for so long I want to die every single day all day and night what does a person do when there’s no hope? My dr quit and took me off my pain meds cold turkey and I thought they must be right now I realize there was a serious reason I was prescribed them in the first place because they allowed me to function and now I’m just waiting for the day I eat a bullet or all the crap torturing me actually kills me. Neither is an option I want and never would I have ever thought I could feel this horrific.

You can visibly see my hip popped partially out of the socket as well as feel my spine jammed so badly into other hip and that’s not even all of it the siatica alone is enough to make me wish for death but man when my hip gave out I am in a level of pain I didn’t think possible and I suffer from real actual cluster migraines which supposedly are in the top 5 of most painful things that can happen to a human and they suck they don’t go away and hurt so bad. For years and years I truly thought I couldn’t have anything except being trampled by an actual elephant hurt worse then my hip which could have been avoided had any dr taken me seriously when I was a kid.

Never the less the hip pain is as bad and often worse then the cluster migraine and I get regular migraines the cluster ones are insane. Today I’m not on anything and have tried everything other then opiots nothing helps nothing. Idk if I’m loosing my mind but it feels like everyday is worse and worse. I can’t even imagine having to walk half a block to go pee I think if in that situation I would be screwed but to make things worse because I went ahead and stopped all opiots now no dr will even see me or try and help me.

I hated being judged for taking pain meds but now I think it was much safer doing that then everyday trying to find the strength to kill myself as I have zero options and I’m Oregon they don’t care not at all. I’ve spent over a year now just trying to find a dr even saying I will never ask for pain meds just please help me only to be told I would need pain meds and they can’t be prescribed. Then I find out every single de here in Oregon just got permission to treat pain patents with a drug called suboxin (don’t know how to spell that) so I did some research and it doesn’t at all how pain wasn’t made to help pain is meant for a short term use for detox yet it’s harder to quit then heroine and it’s bad bad bad.

My husband started going to methadone clinics talking with people downtown and this drug leads people right to heroin as detoxing from is is horrific and very very painful so much so people would rather shoot drugs then go through the detox ask any pharmacist they will back up what I just said but ask a pcp dr they have no clue. Today is so bad for me I’ve forced my husband to leave I’m alone sitting hoping either God helps me or I find a way to die. So to all the people out there thinking ur helping stop addiction yet instead are totally screwing those who aren’t addicts but truly have chronic pain and have no help or hope now I say to you the rise in Suicide amongst chronic pain patents study the statistics because every major medical university has done major studies and people like me have less then .004% chance of becoming an addict as all we want is to not hurt so bad we take death as an alternative. That’s on all the law makers heads and I hope all of them will end up suffering like me

I honestly think they don’t care about such a small segment of population. We can’t convince doctors who do care to fight these regulations that are anti quality of life how can we do it? I can nearly do anything for myself! I know when I can’t get pain relief from these drugs my only option is left.

This might be what the insurance companies want to get costs under control and the government could go along with that just to shut them up. People who write in Facebook or Twitter don’t take action with the government they just complaine more. I am afraid that by the time a real person responds to this plea it will be too late for us all!

I am 64@ and on opiods since 2 nd operation on spine at c3-c5 area plus lower back pain. 2014 till now went all this time with getting my pain medications no problem but went to psychiatrist for depression and he told me I had to get off the drugs. The opiods are the cause of all evil in my life? To me it is a quality of life issue! I have damage to the inside of my spine that sends signals to my arms legs and rest of body!

He did not understand any of what I was going on inside my body before his snap judgement it was just his standard diagnosis pain medications bad!

People in pain they can’t tolerate it okay! I let them deal with off the scale pain alone with no drugs! I am off charts all the time 8 of 10 with medications.

I hear all the pain in this group and understand why your fighting this patients last mentality. I don’t think of myself as addictive personally but have a legitimate need to use these drug. My first response to this is to turn away and just continue to do as I have been doing. The doctor prescribing is not pressuring me but will most likely go along with this doctor if I don’t go back? Who knows what will go down in future?

A couple of years ago went to pain doctor and he switched things up on me with other drugs. My pain is real not made up so if no alternative existed why did I try the synthetic drug methadone that did nothing for my pain and made me feel high half the time did not touch the pain either.

Pain levels are irrelevant to this doctor the drug makes you believe that you need it? This scares me I don’t know what he can do to me if I don’t go back? Can he call over and get me cut off of call insurance company force me into his program? I have no idea as to what the right thing to do is here stand up and convince him by going to him or say no and go elsewhere?

I had in 1998 what was considered a minor hernia operation. Prior to that I had NO pain. Immediately after surgery I was in excruciating pain and went back to doctor for 2 week checkup and explained the pain . His response was that he might have nicked a bone or it could be a ‘minor’ infection.’ He sent me to a series of doctors, and they said exploratory surgery was needed.

The original doctor wouldn’t do it & recommended a general surgeon who went in and said my spermatic chord was tangled on the mesh used for the hernia. Still had tremendous pain & went back to the original surgeon, and he threw me out saying it was topical pain & go home and take aspirin.

The pain got worse so I went to the top urologist in the Phila.area & he gave me three options: stay on pain meds, go in & look around; or take out the mesh but I would lose a testicle. I asked him what he would recommend, and he said the latter would be the only way he would go. I took some time to think about it and decided to listen to him, again two weeks later for checkup & no change.

I went thru the usual docs — acupuncture, physical therapy etc. After two years of pain mgmt. I went to a doctor in New Haven Ct. who had a camera to look inside the site. After the exam he came back in after twenty minutes and said I have good news & bad. I told him to just lay it out . He said the good news is I DON’T have a hernia but the doctor giving me nerve surgery damaged three nerves not just one & to top it off he asked me if I intended to sue & I said no & he said I should think about it & if I did he would testify on my behalf!

It was past the two yrs. mark so there was no suit but I have been in severe pain since. The pain mgmt. clinic had me on 4 80 msg, Oxycontin a day $ 4 30 mgs. Oxycontin. I was able to work until they took away all but 40 mgs. a day. Now I can’t work, and my quality of life? Well, what quality of life? I also have two knees that need to be replaced and a torn right Achilles heel that needs surgery. I have gone from working (spraying new homes) to being confined to an old man’s lifting chair. I always went to pain mgmt, doctor for meds, and was urine tested for the last eight years & never failed a test.

The problem isn’t with the medication; it’s the doctors and the availability of cheap heroin. It’s the docs because they never once said be careful with meds & make sure to keep away from kids. Cheap heroin: they will deport a working father with two kids but the government won’t go anywhere near Houston where the MS-13 gang brings in & ships out the cheap heroin.

I recently went to a legal medical marijuana program and they do what the docs should have done with the opioids. You have to go thru a two week course & they explain everything from keeping it locked up from kids to not using it hours before you drive. If the docs would have told people to keep their meds under control & explained the dangers of them, you wouldn’t have the problem you have today. I weigh 275 lbs., and I am 6’ 3” tall so my pain meds will be different than a 5’ 135 lb. women but my pain med doc told me to write the CDC because there is nothing he could do & ha, did it with a smile.

I know my story is long but it took 20 years to get here. I worked my whole life and built a beautiful home so I could retire and do a little traveling but I’m stuck in this stupid chair!

Many changes for the worst have happened since 2014, and it’s not stopping.

My pain started in April 1994. I was prescribed Vicodin and Soma. I saw my doctor once a year, and starting about 6 years ago, twice a year. Last year I was sent to pain mgmt where they took me off of Opana (a Godsend) and Soma. I now take Morphine (works OK but I hear it destroys teeth) and a different muscle relaxer. My real doctor told me that because I’m taking something for sleep (a medical reason) I would now have to see him 4x a year. So 16 office visits and 16 drug tests. For what? It’s a joke. You have to pay to play though.

I don’t work and am flat broke. It doesn’t matter to anyone but me. I also drive to and from the doctor’s office, and then sit and wait for my doctor to finally see me. That 90 min or so puts me at about a level 8, pain-wise.

I’m sick to death of doing all of this just because the feds say so. Welcome to social medicine. They demand we grovel and go along. If only they had the same issues and rules.

I can’t help but think that the so-called intelligent professionals who restrict use of opioids to patients who need it have never experienced long term pain. Second, 33,000.00 people die each year from opioid o.d. 88,00.00 people die each year from alcohol abuse. Have you heard legislation limiting alcohol sales? Opioid deaths are the new topic to tear apart. If they are not suffering you are meaningless to them. It’s the publicity that implements these new laws, not your health.

My prescription has tripled, and yet the neurosurgeon says he has nothing to offer me surgery-wise for my back pain. This is just not right, and they need to fix it!! I shouldn’t have to suffer because of someone else’s addiction. Alcohol, which I don’t use, has not been put on any list, and look how many alcoholics are out there !! Another question in my mind ?? Who gets the extra money from the price increase in Hydrocodone ??????

The previous guy said it all, in my opinion. The reason for all this “OPIOID CRISIS” is mainly because doctors are terrified to write a prescription for pain medications. They are not about to lose their license and I don’t blame them. Here is the flip side! I am 71 and ready for the bone yard. I have Lupus, SLE, the BAD stuff. Next, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, thyroid problems, 2 back surgeries and still in constant unrelenting pain. Two years ago I broke my left ankle – surgery with 12 pins, ankle never quits swelling and hurting. Honest to God, I am in pain all day and night, but I “white knuckle” it because WHAT THE CRAP CAN A PERSON DO? I AM A GOOD MORAL PERSON AND WOULD NEVER TAKE HEROIN. But this crap has gone too far! When my pain hits a 10+ I tremble.

I can see where desperate people would do desperate things. By that I mean turn to drugs in the streets. But these folks are playing Russian roulette because they don’t know what is in the chemical makeup of that “crap”. Government should stay out of the prescription business. Let physicians use their very best sound judgement to administer schedule 1 and 11 drugs to their patients. I don’t think I should have to lie in bed in agony contemplating getting out of bed to grab my 38 and end this misery. It should be against the law for folks to suffer like this.

The government’s war on drugs for over 40 years has done nothing. If we can’t treat our elderly any better than this why not put them in a firing squad and put them out of their misery. Give them an option and I bet 9 out of 10 would chose to be shot. I know I would sign up right now. So get the papers ready, I am ready to move on to the “Upper Room” and see King Jesus!

I am facing major back surgery. It all started January 2016 and the pain has just progressed. Have had 7 different shots in my back and none had worked. All the Dr.’s I have gone to refuse to give me any major pain meds. So I am living on Ibuprofen and Advil both which are bad for my stomach. Also neither one works.
I need a Flexeral or Oxycodone which I can’t get either one of them. So all I have done is suffer with severe pain until I can get a second opinion and be operated on. That is the only thing left, last resort.

I wrote to my local congress person and senator a month ago; no response. I wrote to the white house a few weeks ago; at least I got a response. Of course saying they were taking it seriously and looking into it. Not great news but maybe if more and more contact them, it might help;

Come back in 10 years, and then you won’t be saying I need or want anything but death. I’m 44. Because of doctors’ mistakes I pray for the strength to kill myself every min of every day.

Hi, I’m 56 if that matters. I’ve read many posts on here and agree with almost all. I had a double whammy. First a bad fall from a ladder March 2016 onto my back, followed by stage 4 cancer two months later. Cancer treatment was successful. (surgery, chemo, radiation) I was on 10 mg Oxycodone during that time so I didn’t feel back pain. Once the treatment was over, oxy was cut off. Hydrocodone 10/325 works fine and I take less than prescribed, usually 2. One before I plan on doing anything physical, another after I did it. Without it I stay in bed most of the time.
Insurance company changed so I had to find a new Primary Doc. First one assigned me without my knowledge stated by phone message, even before I saw her, she “will not prescribe opioids of any kind to anyone for any reason” period. Shallow minded, forget her. Not a board certified Doc anyway.
New one I will see this week. She is aware of my various conditions as I had a phone pre interview with her staff and they have all my records, medication list. They are directly linked in the same health system that did all the cancer work. So do I go in there acting like I’m on deaths doorstep to get a relatively mild (compared to Oxy) pain medication? Over the counter stuff like Advil don’t cut it.
This so called “opioid crisis” is what many have said. People, often youngsters, get hooked on stuff to get high, turn to heroin, OD then die. Very sad but it’s making it very complicated for people with legitimate needs to get what works.
The government over reacted on this. Don’t hold your breath thinking they will reverse it. They will never admit they made a mistake.

I am also 56. Through many health issues hydrocodone is the only thing that helps… unless you count being sedated. I am recovering from rotator cuff and bicep tendinius. The pain is out of this world but now they said no hydrocodone only Tylenol 3. Now if Tylenol 3 would work I would go so grateful but they are just a tic-tac compared to actual pain help. I have had knee replacement n still needing the right one done but to scared of the pain. Fibromyalgia, arthritis, slipped disc’s, and the current rotator cuff and torn bicep surgery makes me want to tear my hair out. So tired of the doctors looking at you like you are an addiction looking for a fix makes you feel like dirt. So , so very tired

I am a 46 year old female with 4 children ranging from 27-8. I am a Registered Nurse and manage 2 branches of a huge Home Health Company. About 6 years ago I started having severe symptoms that were very odd, starting off with a facial pain that was terrible. I would then have to tell my arms to move and my legs to walk. I did everything my doctor (s) asked. I did MRIs; saw Neurologists, Rheumatologists; had X-Rays, Lab Tests all to find that nothing helped.

I was put on a mild dose of Xanax 0.5 mg and was later diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. The pain had become excruciating so my Xanax was changed in the ER, and I was also placed on Norco 5 mg twice a day. I have taken the same medication for 6 years and was very stable. Now I had to choose between the 2, and the pain has been horrible. I am not an abuser. I hate taking all of this medication but I need it to function and have a quality of life, not only for me but my children as well.

This is insanity. I do not want to go to pain management or get any stronger drugs. I want to be able to get out of bed, go to work (not live off the system) and be a model citizen. The fact that others’ bad habits are causing me to not be allowed to have a quality of life is very sad. If any of the lawmakers were in this position they would understand or empathize.

I do understand the epidemic is bad. However, it will just get worse with people looking for drugs elsewhere, and the overdoses of heroin are going to increase. I, luckily, would never take that path but it will happen to others. It is outrageous. It is not fair, and it needs to be the doctor’s discretion, as your doctor should know you better than anyone.

I hope someone hears this plea because I am a Registered Nurse, and I am only 46 years old. I can’t walk long enough to go to the grocery store. I can’t get out of bed to watch my son play baseball. I can’t take walks with my daughter or play with my grandchildren because I am in bed. The elderly are going to suffer, the veterans are going to suffer. Why? Because people have no clue. It is so frustrating, and I pray that someone reads these reviews, and it makes a difference. I hope my voice can represent others who can’t speak out about this issue.

I suffer from both back pain from injuries and arthritis. My latest is Angina from blockages in the heart. My disease is chronic and very painful every day. I was taking 5mg of hydrocodone as needed; now that has risen to 10mg to make me functional. After cabg (open Heart) surgery, my surgeon sent a script of 10mg to pharmacy. The pharmacy proceeded to call my doctor’s office and inform them that I was double-dipping on the Narco, giving the impression that they felt I was abusing the freaking drug.

I would love for those idiots to have to walk in my shoes for a day. The only way many of us can function is to take the pain meds. These new laws making us provide a urine sample, every time we go to the doctor, then pay a lab to test to prove that I am not abusing the drug is about nothing but MONEY and is BS. News alert, FDA: Not everyone who fills a Narco script is abusing the med or selling drugs to junkies. Stop making us feel like we are freaking criminals for having the misfortune of a painful illness.

I am right there with you Im not a nurse but a law abiding voting citizen and there is a way to regulate these pain scrips..I dont want another to die on abusing these drugs but yet I cant live a productive life with out percocet for my back pain and the previous surgeries I had on my thigh due to the flesh eating bacteria that almost killed me..pain clinic is a joke..somewhere we have to stand up and do .

I watch my husband in pain everyday and there is nothing I can do to help him. He suffers from nerve pain after esophagueal cancer surgery. Nerves severed during surgery that will never go back to normal. Most of his stomach and part of his esophagus was removed, that’s enough to deal with let alone the pain. Someone needs to take into consideration our real medical conditions that the tax payers have to deal with. The DEA is employed by us, we pay their salaries yet we are denied our right to life.

I suffer from a bad back. I’m in tears as I read all these different stories but yet are all the same. We no longer can get pain meds . I’m 56. I used to be on pain meds, nerve blockers, for yrs. They stopped working. Was told I needed back sugery, yet I can’t get anything for this 24 hr pain. All I seem to do is cry.

Something needs to be done. We are treated like addicts. I always took my medication right. I’m losing hope. Unless you have chronic back pain you won’t get the meds you need. My bed has become my prison. I just want to go for a little walk, see the birds, and have a life. Death sounds like a better choice at times, but I don’t give up. What can we do? I can’t afford to buy pain meds off the street. Is that as low as we have to go? We are forgotten. I am so angry. Is this how humans are to be treated? Well we are and being treated that way, and I can’t take much more.

hang in there J., I’m with you

I find it ironic that just below the “share your thoughts” here on this site is the following statement “Stopping medication suddenly could result in serious harm.” No kidding. Someone needs to tell the fat cats in DC. The Doctors don’t get it either.

I think it’s time my friends. When I first found this site, it was right after the laws started changing. People were commenting, sharing their stories and were scared. All it would take is to wait until people are downright pissed off! I wrote my congressman, and of course his response was a lie. I wrote the President, canned response. I wrote pretty much everyone I could think of. They are as uninformed as the rest of them. We need to get together and march on Washington. Get involved. Write anyone you can think of. Demand an answer. Keep going. Don’t give up. Remember, we are all in the same boat. These law makers haven’t a clue about what it’s like to suffer chronic pain. Personally, I don’t share with them my story, I don’t tell them every detail of my condition. They don’t care. Never will. I Just want them to know how I feel. Day to day. I want them to know that THEY are the reason I feel this way. I pray, someday, someone will get it.

Dear EVERYONE who will listen:
“When I wake up in the morning, crying, as usual, I pray God takes me every day. I can’t end my life as I so very much want to, as I believe it’s a sin. I can’t believe I am going to have to live another day. The pain is so bad, it’s hard to breathe. My life, as I wanted it, is over. My family, who was everything to me, doesn’t exist in my heart anymore. I love them still, but how an you love and deal with this pain? I don’t want to think of anyone I love. I can’t even think of them. I can’t think of anything but the pain. The awful, never ending pain. Please, God. Take me today. How can you do this to me without even knowing how I feel? How can you pass a law that takes away the only relief I have in my life? Please tell me it’s not because “some” people abuse my medication that you are taking it away from me. Please tell me that’s not it. Please tell me you are not punishing me and taking my life for that?”

I am 61 years old. I was poisoned at 16 by Ethyl Methyl Parathion. At 17 I had my first Migraine headache. They were severe, i tried all the treatments from injecting myself with Imitrex, etc. At age 48 I developed Benign Essential Blepharospasm and began using Botox. After 16 years of semi-professional sports an x ray revealed moderate to severe spinal stenosis at L5 – S1. Also neck steroid injections for neck pain. At 52 I suffered an injury that was devastating to me. I tore my right ACL into, also rupturing my left Hamstring and tearing both hamstrings at the Glut and just up and behind both knees. I was put on Botox for Blepharospasm and Lorazapam (better blinking control than klonopin), B/P med, Heart Stent for blocked artery along with Zocor for Cholesterol, and Percocet 10-650 for my constant pain and occasionally worse migraine. Later it became 10-325, and then later on my own, I requested a reduction to 5-325. I was on this med 2 times per day, am and pm for 10 years until last august i was simply told no more. No one seemed worried about withdrawals or problems, fortunately I have a non addictable personalty and produced no symptoms except small amount of diarrhea. I have never smoked or drank alcohol or had any addiction problem, simply hurt. 2 Orthopedic surgeons recommended NOT having the cadaver tendon inserted to replace my left tendon . Reluctantly I tried a pain clinic. My paperwork was thrown away because my MRI was over 6 months old! I also have Sleep Apnea. Both stopping breathing and obstructive and use cpap. I then began to take multiple doses of aspirin and my heart doctor stopped me and tylenol as stomach and liver was in danger. Why can i not follow a doctor’s order to the letter and continue my Oxycodone with complete cooperation. I can see why black market, marijuana, theft, alcohol, etc have become options for some. I refuse to smoke dope, steal, or drink, but i struggle on a daily basis even with Botox and Lorazepam, magnesium, aspirin, tylenol, there is still a pain and muscle issue. Am i doomed for the last 10 or 15 years to struggle with this ongoing situation?

Well, I have always thought pain was a hell of a motivator. I wonder how many suffer so badly that they will seek (at any cost), heroin or other “illegal” substances for pain relief. And how many will visit Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson for the last time?

This is terrible being in pain. It is hell on earth. We get no help from dr; they have turned their backs on us because they no longer give out pain meds. To live in pain 24 hrs a day is no life. I feel like giving up so many days, but hold on to hope. Yet, that is fading. How can this happen? We are all suffering, and they have the proper medication. Drs. need to monitor their patients on pain meds and have a relationship with them. This isn’t happening! We are treated like animals; well, animals are treated better! What can we do?

I started working at construction sites for my father at age 12. Before you jump to judgement, you should know a couple of things. He had polio when he was a kid back in the 1950’s and he was forced to drop out of school because he lost the use of his right arm from it and could no longer write with it. His teacher began scolding him in class in front of everyone for his horrible hand writing, which he was performing with his left hand– his “off” hand. At age 15, after being humiliated several times my dad had enough and so one day he just stood up, walked out and never looked back. So, his dad put him to work making deliveries for his construction company. You see, my grandfather was a stonemason, my dad became a mason (it eventually helped him regain the use of his right arm several years later), my three brothers are masons as am I, as are the six generations of men in our family before my brothers and myself. So taking his youngest son out on the job seemed absolutely natural. I was about five and a foot tall at that age. I’m now almost 44 years old and after performing masonry work for thirty years, I have chronic back pain which is often severe. I’ve been to more doctors than I care to count over the years. My generation may very well represent the last of the “hard men”. I’ve ripped out fingernails all the way down to the root and kept on working on several occasions. I fell off a roof two years ago, when my ladder slid, landed badly on concrete breaking my left wrist and left elbow and badly injuring my back again. I got up and drove myself twenty miles back home where I met my wife so she could take me out to the hospital. At 6’2″ and 190lbs I did not land lighly. I had to have surgery to get my wrist bone screwed back together. Im not a rough guy, I was just raised to be hard, to be tough. All of that being said, I’m sick and tired of this sh*t. I went to college for English and Secondary Education, but I got sucked back into the family business afterward. My dad had a large project at the time that was very unique and challenging and he just couldn’t find the right help, so… Anyway, at one point I hurt my back. It got to the point that I was crawling from truck into the house when I got home each evening, where my wife would help me take my boots off. I was 24 at the time. I finally went to the doctor. Long story short, I’ve been dealing with this back injury for about twenty years. No one wants to do surgery on me for fear of making things worse, especially when it first happened at such a young age. Half the stuff wrong with it is hereditary issues. A couple of years ago, I was in N.C. on a job, 800 miles from home when my gall bladder went out. I’ve also got a fairly pronounced heart murmur too, so the hospital assigned a heart specialist to help treat me due to the severe infection in my gall bladder. I spent over five days in the hospital before and after emergency surgery to have it taken out, due to thr infection. I drove myself to the hospital that time too. Anyway, my heart specialist told me he thinks I have Marfans– after checking me for the hand signs, because those along with the murmur I guess are “dead giveaways”, according to him. He was surprised to hear that one of my sisters was diagnosed with E.D.S. which, is closely related. My point is really twofold. First, I’m a fairly tough guy who was raised to believe that pain is some kind of “voodoo rite of passage into manhood”. Second, I’ve watched my oldest sister, my best friend, my first born son, my mother and my father die hard. Pain is now my only constant companion who I can rely on to ALWAYS be there. When my family doctor retired to care for his dying wife, I was reassigned to a pain clinic. I went there for about year, when one day the DEA raided them and then shut them down. I finally got into another pain doc only to have him treat me badly, mostly because my last doc had gotten shut down. He thought that I looked like “too athletic a young man to be having back problems. So I said alright, pretend I said I played pro football for ten years, how would you feel then– because I’ll put my thirty years of construction work with injuries up against 10 years playing football any day of the week. I have worked with too many athletes to be star struck what they do. I spent much of my youth working circles around college football players, basketball players, baseball players, weightlifters,…etc. Tramadol was the only thing he would prescribe and for that I’d a joke. I had a colonoscopy for abnormally large, ulcerated polyps about a decade ago, and they couldn’t keep mne under even though I had warned them in advance. Stuff like that just doesn’t work on me so well. Afterward, at least that doctor admitted aftward that he was wrong and that he should’ve listened to me better. But that second pain clinic doc? Well he pawned me off onto a second year flunky. I never went back. I spent years figuring out what meds my body could handle. Percocet are about the o ly thing that doesnt turn my stomach inside out. I spent years shitting blood in order to find that out, only to turn around have a doctor like that tell me that I’m wrong! So, now I just get what I can from a couple of sick, old people who are having to chose between food, shelter or medicine. Most doctors aren’t wise enough to realize that coming into their office and asking for them help is not drug seeking behavior. Busting out their car windows in the middle off the night while breaking into their cars looking for loose change, now that’s “drug seeking behavior”, but some of them are too stupid to recognize the difference! Along with myself and those who have commented here, I now know so many middle-aged and older people who are actually considering suicide as a viable option to their medical issues that it is really is an insane situation. I cried the last time my back went out knowing all too well what I was once more about to go through without any hope. Our politicians can afford to have stupid, ignorant knee-jerk reactions to our society’s problems because they still get the treatment that they need. And because we allow them to do it. We need to get them out of office, by any means appropriate. Forgive me, but maybe a few less suicides and a few more homicides of the correct people might bring might bring the appropriate level of awareness and concern for those who are suffering. I don’t know. Something has got to give soon. I do know that desparate people do desperate things when pushed into a corner. Im not advocating for it, but i see no way to avoid it at this point if they don’t wake up and approach all of this and everyone more appropriately. If you treat people badly, eventually they behave accordingly is all that I’m saying. Why can’t we just sign a damn waiver stating that we as adults acknowledge that we have been fully educated in the potential dangers of prescription pain meds and waive our right to hold them accountable for any liability or criminal responsibility as far as the pain meds are concerned? Whatever happened to personal responsibility? If YOU chew a handful at a time, how is it that the doctor or other patients are to blame? Why is it that our politicians begin by trying to force the issue legally, which ends up for people like me seeking pain relief by “underground” methods because it’s easier than going to a doctor who treats everyone like junkies? We can’t afford to suffer in silence any longer…

Being treated for back pain from injuries is a nightmare. Drs. treat you like a drug addict. I had to go almost 2 weeks without med because the Dr. wouldn’t let me make the apt. Once I got in she did the usual drug abuse urine test. Because I went almost 2 weeks without my med I didn’t have any med in my system. She outright accused me of selling my med.

I reminded her without patience I went almost 2 weeks without my med because of her insistence for the apt to be almost 2 weeks after my med ran out. What a deceitful tactic to eliminate pain patients. She informed me she was referring me to another Dr. elsewhere. Obviously her tactics to cut me from the herd worked.

My story is just like so many others. Am a long-standing pain patient over 20 years now and disabled due to nerve root damage at L4-L5-S1. 60 percent of my left side from the waist down is paralyzed. Muscle loss, joint destruction, and that lovely asleep pins-and-needles feeling from butt to toes. I’ve been on a working pain prescription of duragesic patch for 20 yrs plus darvocette for break-through pain. Of course they stopped making darvocette and switched me to Percocet which I did not like nor ask for! But used it as needed. Now I’m being told I cannot have my patches after August.

Imagine how scared I am!! After 20 years of it I don’t think stopping it will be too easy on me. I’m so tired of being judged for doing nothing wrong! I’ve never sold or given away my meds or asked for early refills. I don’t drink! I don’t use recreational drugs or pot. Never have! Now at 58 I’m being treated like I just killed someone! And they are making it to the point that I hope I die from something before my timeline runs out because my condition cannot be treated or cured, and a DOCTOR caused my injury!! Misdiagnosed and botched surgery. Can’t put back the chunk of nerve root cut out. So in August I decide do I die? Do I go into rehab so I can come out not being able to walk and in annoying pain every second??? What are my options?? I’m being backed into a corner with NO HOPE! All to think they will stop drug addicts who are abusing medication they don’t even need! This is wrong in so many ways, and you can bet no one cares!!!

I have been just reading all the comments. I found this because I was contemplating buying Percocet without a prescription.(too dangerous), but some patients may go that route anyway for relief. I have been suddenly taken off my pills of 1 1/2 a day for foot pain when I went to see my doctor. My husband, who has severe back issues (spinal stenosis and herniated discs) has been cut in half for a monthly dosage. We were not abusing these pills, but yet we are being punished because of the high use of narcotics by others. This is what the DEA thinks of the elderly: they don’t care!!

And you can blame the CDC for the statistical reports starting in 2015 or 2016 on Overdose deaths from Opioids. 64K…of which about 7.5K is solely attributable to pain pills alone. Break it down even further and it goes to about 2K. But the new media sells it as a crisis directly related to Opiates, Rx drugs.

What they fail to mention (or put on page 16 of the report), is most of the deaths are the result of mixing Opiates with alcohol, cocaine, pot, heroin, and other powerful illict illegal drugs, or primarily the illegal drugs themselves. So the DEA decides its time to crack down on Drs who over-prescribe and Big Pharma who flood the markets with lots of Opiate pain meds.

There is no doubt that legitimate chronic pain sufferers have to be very careful of getting addicted to these beneficial and helpful drugs that can take the edge off of whatever disease or disability someone has that is incurable or fails to keep them in remission, or get much worse with aging.

I am a wildland firefighter who’s 59 years old, & I too have been living with severe pain for 18 years. I have been playing by the rule for many many years and now im being told i have to make an appointment to get a hard copy of my prescription after failing a drug test. I have two torn rotator cuffs one has been operated on and that was beyond painful & the surgeon gave me a prescription that was for two weeks and its been three months and finally not in as much pain as i was. I have the other to be operated on and thats gonna surely hurt and i cannot live on the crumbs they give out. I also have severe hip, Lower Back and Knee pain besides the two shouders. I am getting a one week supply and when i go into my doctors office i have to wait at least 2 to 4 hours. I feel like the idiots who have overdosed on meds weren’t in pain like we all experience and even though they say the people who live with chronic pain will be alright. WHAT? ALRIGHT? I’m treated like a drug addict because i want to live life w/out pain? Now my friends are selling there’s and the black market is taking off like crazy and i cannot afford to pay $5.00 per pill from them!

So now that i took a pill because the ones they prescribe are not phasing this horrible pain. Were not being treated fairly due to the idiots who abused this medication and were suffering due to their mistakes. So what are we supposed to do? Buy from some shady guy on the street, or risk buying from someone on the internet just so we can walk to the bathroom and wanting to feel normal? I think we need to send a clear message to Washington or to our congressmen about this! I’m upset because now i have to take half of what i was prescribed and it doesn’t help to try to feel like i wanna go to the store and hurt just getting into the truck. We’ve been left behind and i for one am tired of being treated like crap because i wanna feel normal again.

No they don’t care! And you know no one’s gonna help any of us.

I am a 66-year-old senior citizen who is divorced, lives alone, and no family. I worked my whole life and paid my taxes. However, in 2009 I suffered an episode of my back cracking with a simple turnover in bed, followed by immense pain and the inability to move. An MRI showed I had spinal stenosis (the spine strangulates the spinal cord) with two bulging discs, and minor fractures of the spine. Not to mention cervical bulges in my neck from a 1996 car accident. I had nerve damage and my left leg partially paralyzed. From that point on, I was put on a regimen of unimaginable torture for several years of being injected with all sorts of cortisone therapies that were painful, electrical stimulations which caused more pain, and felt more like a lab rat for mad scientists to get their jollies off, rather than finding a solution to my constant pain.

Finally, I met a compassionate General Practitioner doctor who saved my life from sepsis, had prescribed opiate based pain relievers for my aliment. It was like I had been given a new lease on life; I’d been given a moderately functional life back. I did not use my medication for selling to others, overtaking my prescribed amount, hoarding it to get high, share with others to party, or ask for more. I would not THINK of abusing that privilege to be pain free or risk losing my medication because it was too precious a commodity for me being able to care for myself.

This kind doctor saved my life twice, the second by giving me independence despite losing my ability to work for a living and put on permanent disability. I am terribly crippled with weakness in my left leg, and needing a cane to maneuver, but I COULD maneuver enough to care for myself! Eventually, this poor doctor had prescribed a young man who probably got over on him with a phony story, who overdosed with the opioids and regretfully died. This kind doctor was sanctioned for one year from practice, and I as his patient was booted out the door without a single consideration.

I moved to another state and discovered via a regular physician, a pain clinic. I signed a pain contract and was under their care with opioid treatment, monitored monthly and a stellar patient for six years. These medications are needed so I can care for myself, otherwise I writhe in pain and cannot get out of a bed. As I said, I use a cane to walk and standing too long to cook or clean or even bathe is difficult, but manageable with medication. Sitting too long even in a car is painful and sitting in the little go carts at the food stores to shop is uncomfortable. But the medication helps me through each challenge. These pain doctors say they can TRY to operate on me, however refuse wavering the risk factor of my becoming paralyzed if they do operate. So, naturally I am terrified to wager that sort of risk because I have no relatives, friends, or immediate family to care for me should I become worsened by a tampering of my spinal cord. I would therefore need to be institutionalized.

Yesterday, I was told that HALF of my medications will be taken away from me, and I would just have to make do with that, or be put on a lesser medication that I and the doctor both know will not address the level of my pain. The clinic is located within one of the key states focused upon by the DEA and they are struggling to remain in business. This shocked me due to my senior age, all my tests as confirmation to my need, history of complete compliance, and therefore have a legitimate claim for these opiate medications. I wish I did not have to take ANY pill to function, but it is not my fault, nor is it the doctor’s fault. They do what they can within these stringent limitations by these ridiculous guidelines.

This war on drugs is decidedly ill focused and jaded. They are harassing seniors who need these medications to live, not merely these kids seeking recreational drugs to party with and have fun. This is an inhuman attack on the elderly in this country, and the mentality of this latest ‘witch hunt’ on doctors and seniors is an endeavor akin to throwing out the baby with the bathwater! I agree revisions should be made on younger drug seekers, but the elderly??? It is unfathomable that they bunch us all into the same category as ‘drug abusers.’

I predict the death of seniors will rise, because many of these poor souls have nothing left for clinging onto life, hanging by the thread as it is at the mercy of relying upon that simple miracle pill which can help alleviate their pain to some degree. This current torturing of seniors is a DISGRACE upon human beings and the right for them to obtain a decent life as it is possible in their golden last years of life. I expect many will opt to kill themselves rather than suffer. So, instead of teens killing themselves with a gluttonous yen to obtain a high, many legitimate seniors in pain who no longer want to live in agony will kill themselves. America has no respect for the aged anyways, so this is probably designed as a subversive means to have us do the job for the powers that be.

Well done America! But hang your head in shame for letting your fathers and mothers down. It is my parting wish to curse every individual who pushed forth this cruel bill, for elective torture upon the sick and elderly in this country. I curse every person who devised this plot to have the very same and intense pain these poor souls suffer with and try calling it a life. I hope you feel that pain in every hour you breathe, the nerve crushing agony which makes you want to scream and writhe in bed, unable to move. I hope you too will have nothing to reach for to help you get through all that, just as you have now assigned every poor soul in pain now and has the misfortune of living in America. May it be so.

I am a 68 year old man with chronic pain in the lower back and legs. My doctor slipped with an instrument and pierced my dura and damaged spinal nerves during decompression surgery. I have pain at about a 6 out of 10 scale daily and worse at night. That is with a opioid equivalent of about 148 morphine units daily. Governor Ducey in Arizona just signed into law a bill prohibiting more than 90 Morphine equivalent units daily for anyone on chronic pain medication (at least that is my understanding). My pain meds are being reduced accordingly. I will suffer, but not nearly as much as some of my peers with much worse pain than I who will have to endure on this new low dosage. It is criminal beyond anything that we, who played by the rules on our prescription conditions, have to pay for other people who abused opioids and caused this bad law. God have mercy on the pour souls who will suffer immeasurably by this new Arizona law. Many will commit suicide. Many, I suspect will move over to heroin or other illegal drugs. Then the governor will be scratching his head and wondering why there are even more opioid deaths from this problem.

Yes my dear you are preaching to the choir. I too suffer and have for 20 years. Hard work left me pretty beat up, I worked with animals, livestock to exotic. No job for the weak I tell you. I am now a 65 year old disabled woman, living alone with 3 kinds of lupus, 7 herniated discs, 2 stenosis, minor scoliosis. 1/2 a disc missing, 1 compression fracture, degenerative cartilage disease, and 2 kinds of arthritis. And yes there have been many days when stepping off the curb into traffic looked like a good solution, but it would break my grandchildren heart if I did such a thing and somehow I have soldered on. They are doing the lets take your pain meds away from me too now. One thing no-one has mentioned so far is the counterfeit pain pills they are seeding into the regular supply, it has always been happening, you know when you take a pill and it doesn’t do anything at all for the pain. Well for the past five years or so I noticed this happening more often, but for the past two years I have suffered a poisoning effect and they are now becoming down right toxic. I break out in soars all over, swollen joints and cartilage areas all over along with horrible pain. They are not regulating the quality of the medications these drugs stores are using any more. Anyone else out there notice this.

Can we ALL ban together about the injustice and file a Class Action law suit against the government? Please, if anyone has any ideas, I would like to hear them .

I pray to God that the good people, myself included, find something besides suicide to help with this stupid issue!! All alcoholics should have to be banned from alcohol! Let’s see how well that goes! Same type of torture!

I pulled some info off the internet I’m going to try an take a picture of it and I think it’s time to take our rights baby for rights for Chronic pain this is America we have the right to how we receive our Medical treatment it says it All over hospital doctors walls

Well said, Al. I am a 70 year old male and have degenerative disc disease. I am missing 8 discs total as of my X-ray last month. My wife also has multiple pain issues. She also has several mental health issues including Bi-polar disorder, agoraphobia, and PTSD. We were both dropped by our doctor of 9 years with a trumped up excuse of “changing too many appointments.”

We went from being able to live a somewhat normal life with our meds to a life of hell on earth. My wife has alluded to taking her life, and I fear she will if something isn’t done very quickly. She only has a few days left of her Clonopin that she got from the ER last Sunday. They told her she couldn’t come back for more as they reluctantly gave her an RX for a weeks supply.

Never in my life did I imagine a situation like this in this country. Are the people who developed these new rules human? It is the most insane, poorly thought-out set of rules ever passed in this country. I can only pray that someone with some clout will stop this insanity before my wife and many other seniors and other sufferers take the final drastic step and end their suffering by giving up and taking their own lives

I think this is unethical. I’m now looking at having a dangerous surgery which I can’t afford. But since I can’t get pain medication I’m screwed.

Let’s fight back here is some info I found out so far but I’m not stop and maybe if we all start gathering the paperwork we need to get our rights back as an American people

I am a 62 yr old chronic pain patient for last 17 yrs saw a pain management dr in Phila. I’m from nj . DEA shut my dr down & I can’t get proff of all the alternitives treatments I tried b4 trying opioids.The only real help with my chronic pain ( intractable) We are Old & no one cares for oldr American anymore. I know we’re not Drug abusing,we only want to function again get our dignity back before we die . They’ve forced us into this life(exsistance !!!)

Does anybody out there have any ideas about what people with chronic pain can do?

CBD oil is worth looking up. I have ways like I place my hands on a vibrating neck pillow, and it scrambles the pain message. I run hot and then cold water over my hands. I swim, take baths, and most of all I take a late afternoon nap. My doctor supports all that but I’m sure most on here are very desperate and need medication. So back to the oil. Look it up.

One thing I haven’t mentioned in my posts is awareness. People like Tucker underscores how dangerous opiates are. So dangerous and addictive he had an appendectomy and took no medication. It’s such bad press. Is wanting to get out of pain and have some semblance of a life a crime? Apparently. Write to everyone – all politicians, newspapers, tv anchors, and often. Not sure it will change minds but it sure needs another look. I can’t imagine what horror kids are going through. So many adults are brainwashed about addiction. I’m sure they say no to kids. My sister said she would never let her kids take anything ever. Yet she gives them melatonin to sleep. Unreal.

Anyway my two cents. Hang in there, please.

Yes: All warnings say not to stop pain or any other medication suddenly without consulting your doctor or being hospitalized for a change of medication. None of this is happening for legitimately ill pain patients being dropped by retiring doctors. Their practice partners feel no responsibility to help abandoned patients. No helping hands are doing anything but threatening patients to not call, telling them “Sorry, the client load is full,” and turning their noses up and their backs on suffering patients unable to get another doctor to continue their pain management protocol.

Many patients like me are being thrown out, told no everywhere they call, and accused of drug-seeking as we try to just maintain the pain protocol we were legally prescribed. We were never abusing nor misusing it but now are being harassed, interrogated, put on “do not treat lists” as we try to find a replacement doctor to maintain the pain protocol legally prescibed to us. The ugliness, rudeness, false and accusatory notes being put in our files as we search for a new doctor suggest we are drug addicts and drug seekers, which is a flat out and out lie.

The hospitals and ERs are falsifying records and putting secret lists together if you go and ask for a perscription to hold you over until you find a new doctor. Just asking for what you were formally prescribed is enough to get you listed as a “do not treat” patient. I have been refused pain medication the last four visits to two local ERs, as I lay suffering and crying. I was held there and interrogated in an unkind police-like manner, asked the same questions over and over; them promising to treat for pain under the Emergency room act, a federal law; then coming back refusing, acting like they are bringing it but never do, accusing you of drug- seeking, or trying to upset you so they can call security and have you humiliated even more, dragged out, or just lying and never administering any stabilizing pain medication which is their legal obligation under the Emergency room act.

They are violating patient rights, disability rights, and federal law, all while telling us “Do not kill the messenger. We are following the law.” Which ones? Can you break three federal laws to honor a new regulation that denies human rights and the legal right to be relieved of pain in any U.S. hospital or transferred to another hospital if they cannot. They are doing neither. The law was specifically passed to prevent elitism, racism, sexism, and prejudice used to deny care. But we are being denied care, refused the right to get our long-standing pain perescriptions filled and treated like criminals as we try to get help or die suffering.

The doctor who prescribed the original pain medication is being disrespected, not listened to about their patients’ health and well-being. No one is listening The doctors are so busy trying to stop their licenses from being revoked that they have lost sight of and compassion for the patients they swore an oath to care for and protect. “Do no harm” has turned into “do no harm to my license,” and “Sorry, but I can’t risk anyone thinking I am actually helping you by prescribing the pain medication you need and have been using to control your pain.” “I am now denying you access to it and making any excuse to avoid writing these prescriptions any more. Sorry.”

44,000 patients have ended their lives after being denied, become desperate, being talked to like trash, herded in cattle lines, charged $200.00 for the office visit and a fee for each prescription picked up. I am in bed most of the day, too ill to get up or function now since my pain meds were cut off on May 30, 2017 without any consideration or arrangements made for me. My blood pressure is sky high, and my heart has been racing every day. I cannot eat, feel dizzy, and my ears are ringing. I asked every doctor in the area to help me, and they all refused. My new doctor said not even to ask him to help me find a new pain management doctor to reinstate my legally prescribed pain management protocol.

No one cares. Not one doctor from the practice has called to see of I found a new doctor or have gotten my pain meds I need to control 24/7 nonstop pain. The ER refuses to do anything. The new doctor has been called by my pain doctor warning them they are putting my life in jeopardy. They do not care. The senior doctor over my new doctor scared me so bad. I was forced to leave their practice after he called my home yelling and screaming after illegally reading my file, violating HPPA, law screaming at me and accusing me of trying to force them to prescribe narcotics. This is a flat out lie. My new doctor told me he could help me fimd a doctor to prescribe the meds. They have a roster of doctors, and a staff member was to give me leads to call. Not one would help me. Some were out of business, and others just said they do not treat chronic pain; others were rude and hung up. The staff member assigned to help me decided she was done and lied. She blamed me as being the problem so she would not have to help me anymore. She embellished my record to say it was me being a problem after being unable to give me one viable contact to write my prescriptions. This was neither her fault nor mine. Rather than go back to my doctor to say she could not find me a doctor she went to my doctor’s boss, lied, and said I was a problem because I was ill and being pushy, instead of the truth: I was in pain, unmedicated, having heart and high blood pressure issues, and being refused care at local ERs. I was suffering and getting frustrated. I was polite, professional and only asking if they could help in reinstating my former legally prescribed pain protocol put together by a team of specialists out of St. Lukes hospital, San Francisco, CA. I had no more visits to ER after this protocol was prescribed and had been living with an improved quality of life ever since. Pain protocols do not relieve all the pain; just take most of it away. No high is involved, just relief.

This is the industry standard for a final stage chronically ill dying patient in end stage liver disease. The local palliative care clinic refuses to help me, with federal funds given to them for this reason. The callous, cruel attitude toward the chronically ill has to stop. We pay very high taxes yet cannot die here treated with basic care, respect, pain relief, and dignity in dying. I have written several letters of complaint and been retailiated against because of it. I am literally afraid to go into the hospital now. After my last two injuries I just stayed home. It’s sad and true. I am sick of this arrogance and cruelty being passed off as care. We deserve better.

To get pain meds you either have to have cancer, have a broken bone, or be in the hospital. That is what they do here at UF @ Shands in Gainesville, FL.

I am lucky, I ended up with legitimate back problems all due to the physical work that I had to do starting with my first job in my gpa’s restaurant. By 21 I had 2 children and became a single mom by the time they we’re toddlers. Being single parent with only a GED I had to take what ever jobs I could get. It was always a physically demanding job. I even did metal framing. I loved being fit, but never thought for a minute that I would suffer in my later years. I was also in an abusive relationship, he was only abusive to me and I was certainly getting into physical altercations with him. he beat me down mentally and physically and the worse thing there were no drugs nor alcohol that played absolutely no part in our lives. Before our 1st anniversary I managed to plan my escape. I had also in in a few car accidents in my life. I was to the point that I could barely sit, stand, lay down, MRI’s three years showered I had lots of damage in my lower back and I had a piece if deteriorated cartridge that had broken off floating around and causing lots of pain, I went and had blocks done. I did therapy and the only thing that helped ease the pain was pain meds. When I lost my insurance and Rick Scott saved the opiate world I was just left with my pain. My family helped me go cold turkey. No insurance meant nothing to ease my physical and mental withdraws. I made it but now I am left like a lot of you. Thank you Rick Scott. Getting opiates off the streets has caused us legitimate people to suffer the rest of our lives, oh and just to say I have tried yoga and other fitness things but it makes the pain worse . Good luck and maybe one day we will not be the forgotten people that our government has forgotten about. Thanks Corporate America.

I’m a 58 year old veteran serve my country honorably I suffer from pain. I had my right femur crush spend 8 months in hospital with rod and pin my whole right side in pain. I have function with pain med’s for past 8 years I don’t abuse or sell my med’s. Now law maker think they know more than my own doctors. I function with my pain med’s I work and pay taxes.Don’t want to be disable I want to work and pay taxes.

Are you trying to say most ppl needing opioids for pain relief don’t have legitimate pain problems? I’m an intractable pain patient, no surgery or treatment will help my pain condition. I’ve tried everything available surgery therapy medication before opioids everything.

Only opioids help my pain at 62 now with age added problems (at 55 I was diagnosised with osteoporosis ) that makes my problem worst along with kidney problems from my younger yrs. Medication (opioids) are the only relief I had, now I have no relief, no sleep no help from my GP of 35 yrs who knows all I’ve been through. Where do I go before I die like this at a very early age?

This is my story & how it can happen to ANYONE at anytime so people who complain about Opiates should read this.

I was an active kid who played sports: baseball, football, track & cross country, from 5 years old until my senior year in high school. I lettered in Football, Track & Cross Country all 4 years of high school. After that I went to a 2-year trade school & after my 1st year I had just turned 20 years old. I was with my friend in his car in the front seat when we were stopped on a highway on-ramp waiting to merge onto the highway. I was turned looking back for traffic when a lady hit us from behind going 25 mph which blew out 3 discs in my spinal cord, 1 in my neck & 2 between my shoulder blades. The pain was horrible & took my breathe away & I had to be taken out on a stretcher. This was in August 2003 & I had to go back to school in a few weeks where I was training to be an automotive repairman.

I went back when school started & after the first few weeks I couldn’t get through the day without being in severe pain. The only time I wasn’t in pain is when I was lying down so I went to the doctor who sent me to physical therapy, which I did for a few weeks but it just made me hurt worse. I eventually had to quit school, leaving me $12,000 in debt. I was living back home jobless because I couldn’t work. So I sued the lady that hit us & 2 years later I got a measly $25,000. During those 2 years I applied for Disability which is a joke in PA. I was denied & appealed it; lost.

Meanwhile, I finally found a pain management clinic when I was 21, and the Dr. started me off on Percocet & cortisone shots which really helped the pain. So I tried to go back at working at an auto parts store. Over the years my tolerance to the pain meds went up & after 5 years I was on 60 mg of methadone a day, which let me live a pretty normal life. I still had pain but I could deal with it. Well, my best friend who moved to SC in high school came up to visit me & he wanted to go out. So we went out to a few bars & when we were leaving the bar to walk home 5 guys, who I didn’t get along with in high school, followed us out & they jumped us. I was beaten up pretty badly & someone called the police. I ended up getting a ticket for public drunkenness. I only had 3 beers all night because I don’t like drinking. Well, when I went to go get my medication script that month the receptionist tells me the doctor won’t see me any more because I broke some pain contract stating I wouldn’t drink alcohol while I’m taking my meds. I asked her “How do you even know this?” She shows me the newspaper’s police blotter. And when they gave me a breathalyzer & I blew .003, I was freaking legal to drive. But they took my pain meds away just like that leaving me to go cold turkey off 60 mg of methadone a day.

So I tried finding another pain management doctor but there were only 3 within a 30 mile radius & 2 weren’t taking new patients. The other wouldn’t give me anything. So I ended up quitting my job & filing for Disability again. I had to buy whatever pain meds I could off the street so I wouldn’t go into withdrawal. It was horrible. I never thought my life would come to this. I finally ended up going into a Suboxne program when it first came to our area, which really did nothing for my pain. But at least I didn’t have to worry about going through withdrawal. I eventually lost my Disability case again & my lawyer told me that PA hates giving it to young people so it’s going to be very hard to get.

So now I’m 34 years old & I really want to get back to a pain management clinic but there’s none in my area. They’re all full plus now that I’ve been in a methadone program for 7 years it looks like I was a junkie when I’ve never even done heroin. And I’m still fighting Disability. I’ve been denied 4 times & lost every appeal. But I’m going to keep filing for it until I get it because I can’t be on my feet or sit for more than 1 hour without having to lie down for awhile. If I had access to a regular prescription of pain meds & cortisone shots I’d be able to at least enjoy life. As it is now, I’m miserable & only leave my house when I have to. It’s not fair that a few junkies ruin the lives of millions of law abiding citizens who take their medication as prescribed. Something MUST be done to open the eyes of the DEA. I think a million disabled people on the mall in D.C. might do the trick.

I have been on Oxycontin for 10 years now for a broken back caused by a fallen tree that crashed through my house, striking me. And a car accident to add to it. Recently I went to my drug store and was told I needed a prior authorization in order to have it filled. Why not tell this to a patient in advance and not wait until his or her prescription is on its last day? IF this were booze there would be stores full of it. Why not put a prior authorization on liquor? There is a boat load of drunks out there and a whole lot of highway fatalities.

I was diagnosed in 2007 with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Type 3. It is a genetic connective tissue disorder that affects all parts of the body. I have had 11 bowel obstructions, bunion removal, hysterectomy, impacted teeth removed. I have trigeminal neuralgia, cervical stenosis, 4 curves in my spine, osteoporosis in hips, spine and,wrist, spinal degeneration, my elbows look like they are on backwards, insomnia, depression. All of this from Ehlers. I have been on pain management since 2007.

June of this year the VA hospital decided to get vets off opioids. My life has fallen apart. Local hosp want treat me. I’m searching and begging for help. What is our alternative.? God I just pray no one resorts to suicide. They are punishing those of us who are sick. They used to have sign in the ER that read “Pain is what the patient says it is.” They have taken it down. All my blood work is normal. Xrays are normal. But those things cannot pick up inflamed tendons and cartilage. It has to be torn to show. I get released from ER with no treatment. No dr knows much about the disease or how to treat it.

I want my quality of life back. Now my ribs are crushing me and causing me panic attacks. This is not fair.

I hear you loud and clear!!! For all of us out here dealing with the horror of day in and day out chronic pain, I say “what the He%%!!! HOW can Alcohol be legal let alone have no real rules, limitations or penelty. You have to kill someone and even then there is little consequence. Both my ex and my son were Alcoholics. While this too is a terrible life long disease, you don’t have too see the doctor, have a written prescription or require a “pre-auth”. Alcoholics actually have an “Allergic” like reaction to alcohol and yet it’s every where. What the government is not paying attention to or seeing is that it “It is not the people who have the chronic pain that are causing the problem. It is the drug dealers and the people who should not have it that are causing the problem”!!!

I’m so to say but all of this needless, horrific suffering is from the culling of society. greed and power. Unfortunately, the people who are supposed to care, have been trained not to care and it’s only going to get worse. Even if you have an empathic doctor, you still can’t get the scripts filled that are needed. We have to start some type of movement, but how? That is the big question! Having a selfish, ruthless, power mongrel for president certainly does not help. I wish the pharma companies would be made to help the people who need the meds or help the people get off the the meds. if one wants. Their are millions of people if not billions of people who are suffering, therefor, they will end up hurting the economy, which naturally is bad for everything. When you are sick from pain you are useless. You would think they would want a productive society. There is obviously another agenda. For God sakes, how hard is it for them to weed out the bad pill pushing doc’s from the decent doctor’s who took and oath to help to cure you or help with pain! We need to educate everybody on this subject and figure out how to do something about it. Please somebody help us with some type of direction. I refuse to be collateral damage!

I suffer from severe, chronic pain as well. Our doctor of 25 years is retiring soon. My husband and I are trying to find another doctor who can prescribe hydrocodone for me for severe fibromyalgia, insomnia, IBS and hypothyroidism, and Xanax for my husband for a condition he’s had for about 15 yrs. It’s called Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. It’s often initiated by a very severe stress (physical or mental) incident ( It’s victims are also children who get extremely excited (birthdays, Christmas, etc.) When he had a motorcycle accident in 2003 at age 54 and broke his shoulder, he was misdiagnosed at the ER by a doctor who never even touched him. Had a syringe brought in to put his shoulder put back in place. Then came back and said “Good news! No dislocation”. Said he just had a torn AC, wear a sling for 2 weeks and all should be good. 4 weeks went by with, of course, no improvement. I got his original x-ray films from the hospital, took them with us to a highly rated orthopedic surgeon. When his PA took one look at the films before the doctor came in and said “How have you been living like this? You have a very badly broken humeral head, severe dislocation. Your torn AC is the LEAST of your problems.” He also said there are 4 types of shoulder dislocations. The vast majority, 95% are anterior. The others fall into what makes up the other 5%, including posterior, the kind my husband had. 3 days later he was in surgery. Doctor even scheduled him last and had an artificial shoulder brought in because he feared there would be terrible necrosis of the humeral head after so much time passing without intervention. One month later is when he started having the severe vomiting episodes. He has to take large doses of Xanax (among other meds, anti nausea, emergency BP med.) to make him nearly unconscious when an attack hits him which is necessary to stop the violent vomiting which has lasted as long as a week and resulted in several hospitalizations. Works sometimes, lessens the severity of the vomiting sometimes, often not. And before the vomiting starts, his BP spikes dangerously high and requires emergency BP medication. He also had a heart attack in 2009 resulting in a quad bypass and 6 months before that, was diagnosed with prostate cancer (treated successfully) and diabetes. But he’s still with me!!

But blaming our current president is totally off course. The horrible new regulations were passed while our previous president was in office. I can only imagine the fallout if our current president had the authority to change the CDC’s and FDA’s regulations and acted upon it. He would be considered a drug pusher. I doubt he has that authority anyway. Let’s not assume either president wants to make us suffer for no reason. Neither are doctors. Obviously, they have no experience with themselves or their families living in chronic pain. We know if they have, they would do something about it.

WOW these stories I am reading are horrifying. It is getting worse each and every day. I wrecked on racing bicycle in 2000. I flipped over handle bars and pretty much broke back, messed up severely hips and neck. I had no medical insurance and so I tried to survive this horrible accident without being able to get my injuries repaired. Finally by 2007 when I was loosing my legs. The pain was taking my breath and I saw a surgeon and he started working on me. 8 Procedures later I slowly regained my legs and the pain lessened some.

They gave me a 2 level lumbar spinal fusion and cut most of the nerves that were at the L-5 S1 levels. I still had chronic pain and my surgeon retired. So for the past 10 years my family medicine doctor has provided my pain medications. Since then in 2015 both of my hips became unbearable. In the past 18 months I have had 4 hip surgeries from 2 different doctors. The first one made my right hip worse then before I saw him. He did not want to give me pain medications at all. Once again my family medicine doctor came to my rescue. I found another doctor that had expertise in Congenital Bilateral Hip Dysplasia. He did a total hip replacement in 2017 on my left hip and also agreed to repair the ever so damaged first surgeons mistakes. He was aware of my pain medication dependency and gave me appropriate medication the entire three months that I was in his care.

Now, I have just been 5 weeks out from a three level cervical ACDF fusion C4-C-7. This doctor has barely helped me with 40 pills a week. I have asked him for another refill this week and he called me today and said as long as I am taking pain meds from another doctor that he was refusing to give me anymore. I take 10-325 Norco’s. About 6-8 per week for my chronic back pain. I have struggled to get them anymore from my family medicine doctor. They all are scared to give any to anyone anymore. When the doctor called me today I once again explained my situation about having a high tolerance to any pain meds especially Norco. To me they are like taking aspirin. Since the early 2000’s the strength of them had lessened more than half the potency they once were. My husband who is disabled from a 4 level spinal lumbar fusion also has been taking them for along time.

So, I gave up and said well fine. I read the paperwork later regarding the fact that we signed a contract that he the neck surgeon would provide my pain medications for 3 months after my fusion. No other verbiage was in there about any other doctor writing them for me or anything in which the treating surgeon is then excluded from providing my care for post op pain from his surgery on me. I called and read that to his message machine and also really told him that if I would have known that he was going to refuse to treat my post surgery pain that I never would have gone to him, etc…I really gave him all that I felt his actions were dropping the ball on his care of me. He called me within a dew hours and has agreed to refill my prescription. He gave me this big story on my answering machine that he could lose his licence and blah blah blah.

Which all was crap. I never answered I allowed him to leave this message on my machine. He knew he ha done me wrong. His voice was very compassionate. Earlier he plowed right through me and barely allowed me to speak. People sometimes you have to let the doctors know that this is unacceptable treatment and that you will not stand for it. Don’t be afraid to speak to the doctor about you feelings on how they are not treating you properly. I can pick up my prescription on Monday. Remember earlier he would NOT budge on giving me anything. They know that common sense says that I have been through alot and am not trying to get over on them with refills but that I actually need them. He just didn’t want to look bad with this epidemic and all. That he was doing wrong. Bull crap it’s about him calling the shots for his patients and not allowing others to pressure him to relent on how he would normally take care of his patients that are in pain. Hey he wrote that statement in the contract and I called him on it. I don’t want to be on them any longer than I have been. I am doing all that I can to repair the damage on my body that I have done throughout my 58 years on earth.

The doctors need to put themselves in our shoes. Punish the people that are abusing them for no justified reason not someone like me that legitimately has needed them until I am healed and better from all that has been done operation wise on my body. Thank you for reading.

So they expect you to live in pain.
They put animals to sleep who have bad pain. They think animals deserve more mercy than a human. I hope they find the idiot that started this stupidity. We should be treated more humane than an animal. Sick world we live in.

I’m mad about the decision to make it harder for us pain sufferers to get our needed pain meds. I’ve had back surgery and am supposed to have it again and I’m a police officer that suffers with bad low back pain. And in my 19 years of law enforcement I’ve yet to see a single death for opioid deaths. It’s unfair for us that depend on them and I won’t vote for anyone that makes it harder for us to get our pain meds period

I have been in chronic neuropathic pain for over 17 years. I’ve tried every neuro med that neurologists have recommended. Nothing touches the daily excruciating pain that my small fiber neuropathy generates. I must use Hydrocodone to ease the pain. For 17 years I have not increased the dosage. I may be addicted but I am not abusing the drug. I also have periodic limb movement disorder that ruins my sleep. For this I have been taking a class IV medication along with the hydrocodone. My primary care physicians close their office early on weekends and holidays without notice to drug dependent patients. I cannot refill my prescriptions early – my pharmacy refuses. So over the holidays, because my doctor’s office closed early I didn’t get one of my meds for six days. Numerous calls to their on-call physician went unanswered. I suffered withdrawals and almost no sleep. This aggravated my multiple chronic conditions. I was unable to do anything but sit and suffer through the holidays. This weekend was no different. My doctor’s office closed early. Numerous calls to get a refill of my Hydrocodone went unanswered. I drove to the office – closed 2 hours early. My Hydrocodone ran out on the 14th. Today is the 16th. I have spent 2 days with excruciating burning pain. Hippocratic Oath: First, Do No Harm. How do patients who legitimately need these medications to survive get by? I too have thought of suicide as the only answer to a life of pain. Why are we being penalized for abusers’ deeds? Arrest the doctors and abusers, cancel their licenses and put them in jail. Keep allowing treatment for people in chronic, often horrific pain!

I am 71 year old woman. Without my Hydrocodone I will be in agony and in bed 24/7! THIS WILL NOT STOP THE DRUG PROBLEM ! PLEASE HELP US!

I am exhausted physically mentally and emotionally from all this.. I have been in bad car wrecks, abusive relationships & put in hospitals.. I have servere depression anxiety and chronic pain on top of it all… I am disabled from the amount of trauma I have survived.. every Morning is a battle to want to live, I didn’t learn till recently after seeing (yet another doctor that treated me like a druggie and will only prescribe me medication that is equivalent to me taking my 4 Tylenol every few hours and a ton to sleep at night) . I learned at physical therapy that my chronic pain has gotten worse over the years and all the trauma I’ve experienced has a lot to do with this ongoing nightmare… it all makes sense … bc a few years ago I got relief and had a doctor that listened and was put on 40ml gram of pain medication a day.. wow the amount pressure I feel in my back constantly hitting and my legs locking up at night went away, my hands & feet I could actually move, I began to workout and was able to maintain my mood swings and raise my 2 kids sooo much better!!! I had my son in baseball and was very involved in there schools. I felt alive again !! I maintained myself my hygiene and honestly felt like I was finally able to control my depression.. I felt safe and was able accomplish small goals. Unfortunately after 2 years my doctor dropped me. Well her nurse did she refused to talk to me.. I was so confused on it being over these new rules or my insurance… since then my world has changed !!!! the past 4 years I’ve spent sick in everyway possible!! I’ve felt so much pain sucide has been a battle, Im feeling every bit of pain, I’m isolated, I have gained weight, loss motivation, depression Now runs my mind and my pain gets so bad I don’t leave my bed. I have developed insomnia, force myself to shower even brush my teeth, I can’t hold a job, a relationship, I feel so misunderstood , weak, & lost. This has affected my kids, my decisions on a day to day basis and feels like a living nightmare!!!! . its made it impossible for me to get real relief and dealing with pain management doctors that won’t listen hurts !! Ga I have left in tears more than once bc I know I’m alone and once again I’m let down… I think this “rule” has hurt us the disabled ones that hurt mentally and physically like I can’t put into words… I think that by treating patients like there is no hope has lead to people giving up and turning to herion and sucide… it’s crazy how medication, therapy, & listening can help save lives and how being left untreated ends lives Bc if you suffer like I do I’m breathing but I’m not “alive “


I’m 68 years old, and I have been in chronic pain with Rheumatoid Arthritis since 2005. I did all the MRIs, blood work, X-rays , etc. I spent thousands on tests besides what my insurance paid. I did the massage therapy, physical therapy, and injections. I did it all, and nothing helped except pain medicine. I was on Percocet 7.5 4x day until my doctor that I had been with for 30+ years retired. The next doctor took the Percocet away and put me on Norco, which greatly reduced my quality of life. But I could still function enough to take care of my personal needs. I was given custody of my 15, 11 and 8 year old granddaughters in 2015. I had just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and CFS besides the RA. Shortly thereafter my doctor took away all my pain meds. She said she didn’t know how I was going to handle the pain and take care of the girls and she empathized, but because of government regulations, there was nothing she could do. I have suffered the daily torture for 2 years, but it’s taken a heavy toll. I knew I wasn’t able to care for 3 girls when I took custody of them, but I was told by the GAL that it was me or foster care. My 70 year old husband is 100% permanently and totally disabled by Social Security and the VA. Since the VA took his Percocet, he’s unable to function at all. He had been on Percocet for 17 years for injuries he received in Vietnam. Now, it appears we have no choice, but to give up our granddaughters since we can no longer care for them. I know I won’t be able to survive that, but I’d be better off dead, anyway.

The bottom line is what can we do? The government doesn’t care, and everybody complains, but nobody really does anything. Of course, it’s almost impossible to do what needs to be done when you’re too sick to get out of bed. We need to start a movement like the Vietnam war protests and let the powers that be know we’re not going to put up with it. Like many others have said, I don’t understand why we have to suffer and have no quality of life whatsoever just because some people decide to use pain medication to get high and kill themselves.

I totally agree with all of the people that have terrible painful conditions. The FDA is doing the people a disservice to us. I wish someone would get a petition going because I would be the first to sign it.

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