ground black pepper in a shaker

Q. The People’s Pharmacy is batting three for three in our household. First, it was the fresh-cut onion to ease the pain of a bee sting. Next it was soy sauce on a kitchen burn.

Then I cut my thumb chopping an onion. The cut wasn’t serious but there was a lot of bleeding–until I remembered your black pepper solution. I had to grind the pepper with one hand, but I was amazed at how fast and well it worked. It also promoted healing. Amazing!

A. Thank you for this lovely testimonial. Having the pepper pre-ground can be helpful for such a situation, even if you only use fresh-ground in cooking. These remedies and hundreds more can be found in our book, The People’s Pharmacy Quick & Handy Home Remedies. 

Here is another testimonial from M, a reader:

Black pepper is great for a minor bleeding cut. I cut my finger with a knife and could not stop the bleeding. I reached in the cabinet for the can of black pepper and poured it on the cut. It worked like a charm and stopped the bleeding right away.” 

And one more:

After I cut the skin off the tip of my finger (kitchen klutz!), it was still bleeding after an hour of pressure. Dipping it into a pile of ground pepper stopped the bleeding almost immediately. Yes, it did sting a lot, but it did the job.” Phelps

As always, use good judgment. If the cut is spurting blood, apply pressure and call the ambulance instead of reaching for black pepper.

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  1. SFE

    Aloe Vera plant in the kitchen window for over 40 years. We use it for burns, rashes, dry skin, any minor skin irritation. Works great! I’ve never used it other than topically, but I know people who have and love it.

  2. Katherine Walker

    Home Remedies was very helpful. I’ve also heard that putting egg whites on a burn will soothe and promote healing. Haven’t had a burn to try it, yet.

  3. Tom

    Have used black pepper several times for cuts. Works great. I was a little surprised about Phelps comment on it burning. I’ve never even noticed any stinging etc.

  4. DFW

    I also cut my finger badly cooking, and applied freshly ground pepper. It didn’t work for me. After an hour of bloodshed, I went to the emergency clinic, and they applied that medical superglue, which finally stopped it.

  5. Marilyn Mitchell MM

    The good old Boy Scout remedy to stop bleeding still works. Tear a piece of a brown paper grocery bag, apply to injury and cover with band aid, tape or something to hold it in place til bleeding stops!

  6. NWG

    We had a huge tree that died after being topped two years ago. We saw a nest in the top of the tree that was possibly a squirrel nest. When the climber went up and cut off that limb, the nest fell to the ground swarming with huge bees that had taken over the nest. Nuts were still in the nest. Five people were stung and some more than once. I got a fresh onion, cut slices and taped it to their bee stings. Within minutes the sting was gone. Very amazing and so glad I tried it.

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