Cancer is a dreaded disease, and with good reason. It will soon overtake heart disease as the number one killer in the U.S., and the rest of the world is not far behind.

Conventional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation sometimes don’t work or aren’t appropriate. Are there other ways to approach healing from such a serious diagnosis? This past three weeks, The People’s Pharmacy radio show has featured three different approaches to reducing recurrence or coping with cancer that you are not likely to find elsewhere.

On Saturday (July 26, 2014) we speak with a researcher who has investigated numerous cases of spontaneous remissions from cancer. These are rarely studied because they are so unpredictable, but Kelly Turner, PhD, has interviewed many people with amazing stories. Their thoughts on why they have done so well despite the odds against them have elements in common. We talk about the nine factors that survivors have used in their lives; you might find these strategies helpful, too. Be sure to tune in to learn about surviving cancer against all odds.

On July 12, 2014, we interviewed dynamic husband-and-wife team Vidula and Vikas Sukhatme, MD,  co-founders of Global Cures, Inc. about controlling cancer with unexpected, inexpensive drugs. We discuss how clinical research on scientifically promising, cost-effective treatments for cancer could make treatment more readily accessible. How could drugs such as aspirin or metformin be put to use in the fight against cancer? Is there a way to engage the immune system to reduce the risk of recurrence?

Last week, July 19, 2014, our guest was Mitch Gaynor, MD, an oncologist who uses meditation and sound in his integrative practice. Listen to the tone of a quartz crystal bowl and learn how Tibetan bowls can help reduce the stress of a cancer diagnosis. How does stress affect prognosis? Dr. Gaynor described how relaxation, meditation and supplements can help support more conventional cancer treatments.



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  1. mike

    I hate, hate, hate this discussion. “Conventional” medicine saves many cancer patients. Besides all these life changes there are many people who make no changes and “spontaneously” heal. You need to bring up those cases and deal with them as they are also outliers. I have known many people who have died of cancer and survived cancer and the common.
    Also the immune system can only fight against cancers they recognize. The Insidiousness of many cancers is they are not recognized as something dangerous by your body. So many more things…

  2. Victor

    Thank you for taking such a brave stand on what I call the “cancer industry.” I lost my wife to breast cancer in 2007; I wish we had known about alternative treatments. Even if she had not ultimately survived, at least the quality of the years she spent suffering through the effects of conventional treatment (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation) would have been drastically better for her and our young children. We appreciate all your hard work!

  3. SCB

    I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, stage 3-C, 32 months ago. I am in my fourth chemotherapy regimen, having had 3 recurrences to date. Diagnosis was made during debulking surgery – I had gone under the knife to “rule out” cancer, since there was hardly any evidence of illness prior to that date. I have had only a few weeks off of chemo since. The physical toll on me from the surgery and treatment is almost beyond description. I am being treated at University of Michigan by an eminent doctor/professor. I hear all the time, “everybody is different.” And they treat us all exactly the same. I have never been able to participate in any clinical trials due to timing or disease progression.
    This week I am lucky enough to be visiting my daughter in Spokane, WA where I heard your show for the first time. I have never found your show locally (Michigan) so I was delighted to learn about these approaches. I emailed to and I am waiting to hear back with some possible approaches for my situation.
    Thank you for your informative show.

  4. Chip R.

    Listened to most of this program and found it very interesting. Looking on the internet, it appears that trials of this sort have been in progress, going back a year or two. It would be interesting to drill down on some of those to get updates, with respect to types of cancer.

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