a piece of toast, prevent celiac disease

Scientists have a new scapegoat in the search for the drivers of the obesity epidemic. A study conducted among more than 9,000 Spanish university students for five years found a link between eating white bread and the risk of adding extra pounds. Two servings (2 ounces each) or more of white bread daily bumped the risk of becoming overweight by 40 percent.

Consuming whole grain breads with meals did not carry the same danger. The problem seems to be that white bread is made with highly refined flour that is lacking in fiber. The carbs in white bread are rapidly absorbed and raise both blood sugar and insulin quickly. The reaction is similar to what happens when a person drinks a sugary soda. This could increase the likelihood of weight gain in vulnerable individuals.

[European Congress on Obesity, May 30, 2014]

These findings are congruent with the information provided by some of our most popular radio guests. Robert Lustig, MD, MSL, is the author of Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity and Disease. David Perlmutter, MD, is the author of Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth About Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar–Your Brain’s Silent Killers.

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  1. Pat C.

    Amen. I totally agree with your thoughts. EVERYTHING IN MODERATION. That is sooo true. People, I have it in my family, do not want to give up eating styles, quantities, etc. I do not have a weight problem, do everything in moderation and yet was diagnosed last month with a fungus called Candida Albican! It feeds on SUGAR, DAIRY, WHEAT, YEAST, ALL GLUTENS! Been causing constant health problems for me…. mainly stomach. what we ingest, and how it affects each one of us, is our responsibility. The food purveyors are not in their businesses to consider our health.

  2. hjl

    It is a shame that some aren’t reading and listening. There is a difference in the effect on obesity based on what you eat. The sugar industry and snack industry want you to believe that their products are fine in moderation. They aren’t. As has been demonstrated on this site, those foods are addictive.
    And please stop blaming fat. Carbohydrates are not essential nutrients. Period. If you don’t eat protein or fat you die. If you eat only protein and fat you can live quite well which was demonstrated in the 1920’s. If you eat only carbs you die. You do not need carbs for energy no matter what a dietician tells you. You can make “energy” from fat and protein and doing so burns a lot of calories. So please lets keep to the facts and science.

  3. Abigail

    White flour products with fat and sugar are comfort foods. Let’s stop blaming the food and do something about the quantity of stress we encounter. We can resist listening to sensational news programs and TV action programs, especially those at night, and maybe cut down the need for comfort food eating.

  4. JTO

    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Everyone is always looking for a scapegoat instead of taking responsibility for their own actions and lack of self control. I have not bought store-bought bread in decades. It is extremely rare to see anyone pick up a slice of fresh home-baked bread, white or wholegrain, without slathering it with margarine, butter or some other fat.
    Only God can create something out of nothing. That means that if you are gaining weight, you are eating more than your body needs. Obesity comes from overeating over a long period of time. So, at least be honest with yourself, blame your lack of self-control, not the food.
    Oh yeah, one more thing, eat a balanced diet, in moderation, and enjoy the fresh bread, white or whole grain, without slathering it in fat. You will be surprised how good it tastes without all the coverings.
    And yes, wholegrain or partial wholegrain, including wheat, is very good for you.

  5. CathyG

    Agreed! Let’s keep up the drumbeat. Lost a friend yesterday to heart attack. He was obese, and his staple fare his whole life was bread, flour and sugar. Before and after his first heart attack, he was admonished to go low fat. None of his medical advisors ever asked him what he actually ate.

  6. lkm

    I eat whole grain bread for health reasons, but remember that breads in france and italy are often white. (Mediterranean diets) our parents and their parents ate white bread and were not (usually) fat. It’s just boring old moderation in everything we do. Whether it’s eating, exercise, tv, video games……..I think we need to stop dwelling so much on every little thing and just enjoy our life and work hard, love our families and take care of those in need and our lives will be better and we may feel better too. Oh yeah, get outside and eat healthy too! just don’t let it consume you.

  7. ckm

    Totally agree with Bev C. It is not just white flour, a piece of whole grain bread raises blood sugar more than a candy bar. All wheat products are BAD. Sugar, too.

  8. Bev C

    New? hardly. If these scientists had taken the time to study the glycemic index or read Gary Taubes, they would have been enlightened. That said, good to see yet another study proving the problems with eating white flour – which is, after all, nothing but wallpaper paste without the added water!

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