Q. You had a question from a reader about plantar warts. From the age of 14, through about 30, I was plagued with them. Doctors used cryosurgery [freezing] and scraping, but the warts kept coming back and multiplying.

Finally, a doctor tried an alternate method. He said there was something in my immune system that was not fighting off this virus. He told me to go to the health food store for desiccated liver tablets. I took six daily while he treated my warts. He told me the tablets would not get rid of the warts, but would keep them from spreading while he treated them.

This worked for me! I haven’t had a wart in 20 years.

A. There is no research on this unusual approach to eradicating plantar warts. We heard about it decades ago, and it was old-fashioned even then. Thanks for the reminder of this nontoxic treatment.

Perhaps some day there willl be scientific data to explain why this worked for you and may well work for others. 

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  1. WP

    Here is how I have gotten rid of warts. I’m a senior citizen now, but when I was a young teenager I had two warts on one hand. The elderly gentleman next door told me to soak them twice a day for 20-30 minutes in Listerine (the original amber color) for six weeks. I did as instructed. Nothing happened the first four weeks. During the 5th and 6th weeks they shrank and disappeared, never to return.
    Years later during my senior year in college, while living in a dorm, I acquired warts on the bottom of one foot–about 9-12 warts. After a few months they were hurting. I was dirt-poor at the time so I bought one small jar of Listerine. I soaked that foot twice a day for 20-30 minutes for six weeks. I also re-used the Listerine, carefully pouring it back into the bottle with a funnel. At six weeks the warts were gone and never returned. I never got warts again, but about 10 years ago my one-year old little dog had a big, ugly wart appear on his snout. Obviously I couldn’t soak his snout in Listerine. So I soaked a cotton ball in Listerine and held in on the wart for 1-2 minutes about 3 times a day. To my amazement the wart went away in only two weeks. I suspect it disappeared so quickly because I treated it with the Listerine within a few days of its appearance rather than after the wart was well established. Warts are caused by a virus. Listerine is known to kill viruses and other microbes.

  2. cpmt

    BRASIL NUTS are very high in selenium too (just in case you don’t like liver.) only 2 or 3 are recommended a day or they can be toxic if you eat too many.

  3. Cindy

    Could the liver tablets work because liver is high in selenium? I’ve found selenium to be very effective against warts.

  4. Jillery

    A friend of mine had planters warts and went to the doc. They were suborn and painful. I read that essential oil/cinnamon would help with the problem. He tried that and it worked for him. The next time we went to the doctor and showed him the result, he too kept a bottle of essential oil/cinnamon in his office from then on!

  5. cpmt

    I have a question, what is the liver tables do for him? are this a good source of…? for the immune system? I have a friend that need to improve hers, (she is always sick, and she asked me for alternative, supplements or plants that can help her)

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