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Q. I was diagnosed with psoriasis several years ago. My dermatologist prescribed a number of medications including steroid creams but I did not get much relief. My doctor started talking about adding chemotherapy (methotrexate) and I balked at such a heavy-duty treatment.

I found an online forum of psoriasis patients. Some had tried topical glycerin and found it helpful. I figured I had nothing to lose and was astonished to see how well it cleared my skin. Why don’t doctors know about this approach?

A. Researchers at the Medical College of Georgia have found that glycerin (glycerol) helps guide skin cell maturation (Journal of Investigative Dermatology, Dec. 2007). This basic research may suggest a reason for the good results you have gotten. Most doctors would not know about topical glycerin, as it has not been used in clinical trials yet. It is unlikely to be tested in such a study, because no entity stands to recoup the cost of a trial and turn a profit.

Glycerin is a colorless, odorless, sweet-tasting inexpensive compound used in both topical and oral pharmaceutical preparations. It is used in many skin preparations for its moisturizing and lubricating qualities.

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  1. Freya

    I can recommend topical cream for psoriasis, which I’ve been using for 4 month till now. It’s natural Psoeasy psoriasis cream with dead sea minerals.

  2. Marina

    I am very interested in people’s thoughts and remedies. I use steroid cream for my inverse psoriasis but will give the glycerine a try for sure! Thank you everyone!

  3. LS

    Good Morning Everyone
    Its my pleasure to come across such a beautiful forum like this, while searching for natural cure of psoriasis.
    Nurture have enough stuff for us, but we sometimes become blind about these gifts. This is the fact I realised when reading these articles.
    I am suffering with plantar psoriasis since 4-5 years. Visited several doctors. But now the palmar psoriasis with some patches behind elbow has developed. I came to know about the uses of Turmeric & Glycerin for psoriasis , in this forum. I want to use it. Can any one plz suggest me the amount of Turmeric & the procedures to use it & so also the Glycerin,plz plz plz!
    Waiting for your valuable advice.
    Thanx, Li

    • Uzma
      Pretoria - South Africa

      My son is suffering from Psoriasis, and I am doing natural treatment to treat psoriasis.
      I am using coconut oil on his skin and found no results. I am going to give glycerine a go and see how this works.

  4. ashish

    I would like to thanks to everyone who shared their experience.

    After reading from net I started applying glycerin on to my body..all the small spots on body went away..glycerin is really amazing. follow below if you are facing it.

    1. Take spoon full of glycerin and mix with spoon full of water and apply it on all body 2 times a day..
    2. While going to sleep take some glycerin and apply it on spots only and wash off in morning. its amazing better than other medicine. you can see improvement in a week.

    • Thoko

      Absolutely right. Worked for me by accident. Now my hands and feet (except between toes) are clear and smooth.

  5. AG

    I’ve also read glycerin in forums. It’s amazing how this works with a lot of people but has not been used in clinical trials. Well, as I can see, maybe many would like to volunteer for trial. Are there any known side-effects of glycerin?


    I have tried both the glycerin and the coconut oil. They both have worked well for me with my scalp psoriasis. My favorite would be the coconut oil as it smells so good, I just want to eat it!

  7. Judy M.

    I’ve been hearing a lot about the benefits of coconut oil. Is it now the “new” olive oil?
    Are the claims true (loose weight,lower cholesterol etc.)?

  8. JD

    My mom had a stubborn psoriasis patch on her leg. Her caregivers had been applying a medicated cream from the doctor, but it persisted. When I visited, I treated twice a day, first with amber Listerine, then with coconut oil. It was healed in about a week. Previously, she had it on her scalp & spraying the amber Listerine on it was pretty effective. Following that with coconut oil may have been even better.

  9. Kahleen

    I am going to try the Glycerin on my scalp psoriasis as well. Anyone tried it on their head yet?

  10. Barbara S.

    I have Contact Dermatitis on my neck and can’t find a product to help with the itching and redness. Can you recommend something?
    People’s Pharmacy response: The usual recommendation would be OTC hydrocortisone cream. The home remedy approach might be coconut or olive oil. Be careful with the remedies, so as not to trigger a worse reaction.

  11. Don

    I have used original Listerine (the amber color stuff)and it has done wonders for getting rid of my psoriasis, after trying a variety of doctor prescribed medications. The skin on my knee and elbow are still a bit reddish in color but the white plaque is all gone.

  12. JC

    This is true, Glycerine doesn’t always work for everyone, but it has worked well for me and many other people. I had Guttate Psoriasis all over my legs, and the itching was intense, Glycerine was the only thing that stopped the itch-the lesions slowly began to fade after a few weeks,
    my legs are now clear after 12-15 months, I still apply the Glycerine to odd spots that pop out on my torso ect. Sometimes I mix it with Zinc cream for areas where there is inverse Psoriasis, with great results so far. very cheap and worth trying.

  13. Jane Pound

    I just wanted to thank you for your email in question/answer form. I have enjoyed your articles for years but find this format much easier to read.
    Thanks you so much for the sensible advice. I have been in healthcare for over 50 years and I always look to you first.
    Keep up the good work.
    Jane Pound

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