spicy hot pico de gallo salsa

Q. I have been afflicted with hand psoriasis for several years. My dermatologist has prescribed a $1000 UV light that is less than effective. She has also given me a prescription steroid ointment that I apply and then wear vinyl exam gloves overnight.

A few weeks ago, I had an intense craving for pico de gallo (not a favorite munchie). After eating it for four days, I read your article about psoriasis and cilantro. Looking at my hands, I could see that the psoriasis had significantly improved. I now eat pico de gallo with extra cilantro every other day.

A friend suggested infusing the cilantro in EVOO (extra-virgin olive oil) and using it that way. After three topical applications, the infused oil works marvelously. I thought you’d like to know!

A. Pico de gallo is an uncooked salsa made with tomatoes, onions, chili peppers and (often) cilantro. We heard years ago from a psoriasis sufferer that eating salsa brought him relief. We did not think to ask him then if his salsa contained cilantro.

The idea of infusing extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) with cilantro and using it as a salve is new to us. We’re glad to hear about another way to use cilantro against psoriasis. The oil could be especially helpful for those who can’t abide the taste of this green herb.

Some people have reported that taking turmeric or eating curry is also helpful against psoriasis. We recently heard that using glycerin topically on the patches of psoriasis can help control it quite effectively. This moisturizer is sometimes used in conjunction with UV light treatment to increase the light penetration.

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  1. MaggieM

    In response to ‘EVM’
    The zinc creme I used was just a store brand, most big drug stores have their own brands of products. The store brand is not as thick as a pure Zinc, which is quite dense. I did purchase the pure zinc as well but I just didn’t like the heaviness of it as it left its mark on my clothes. I don’t take zinc supplements everyday, but I do use the chewable lozenges when I feel a cold coming on or whenever I am around anyone with a cold, and during flu season. These are available at the big discount store. I imagine there is a correlation between Zinc in all forms, as my results are beyond what I ever expected. I am clear & getting ready to get back into swimming as I feel comfortable in a bathing suit again. I don’t swim in chlorine though, as it has multiplied my psoriasis in the past and I also have a shower filter attachment that removes chlorine… but the zinc
    creme has been the biggest success for me. Good luck, hope this has answered your question ‘evm’.

  2. JC

    I have had great success with Zinc for Psoriasis,
    When I had an outbreak with Guttate I the itch was making me desperate, nothing I bought was helping. I had a small jar of Zinc ointment that was made for Nappy Rash-I mixed in a good amount of Glycerine until it was a creamy texture, and rubbed it well into the Psoriasis, within a day the itching and Psoriasis began to fade.
    A week later with a few daily applications it was barely there, I also used it for a large patch of inverse Psoriasis under my breasts, with brilliant results, although it took a few weeks to totally clear. The Zinc makes the big difference I think.
    Not suggesting it will help everybody 100% but it’s worth a try-for me it was much more effective than the prescription creams ect that did nothing… I applied the Zinc/Glycerine mix several times a day until I had relief and the lesions faded,
    I hope this helps someone.

  3. evm

    You just say Zinc, how helpful it would really be for psoriasis sufferers (not me), if you could say what form of zinc:
    zinc cream, swallowing zinc pills? Home made salve or store bought???

  4. Kahleen

    Thank you Maggie…

  5. Maggie M.

    Hi Kahleen,
    I got my Zinc at the Pharmacy… I got the store brand and it cost about $10.00 for a jar.
    I like a ‘light’ zinc, as the purer the zinc the thicker it is. I don’t like the thicker or denser purer zinc as it is hard on my clothing compared to a less dense version. Now that I have a jar of each, I have decided to use the thick zinc on my feet at night with socks… it is wonderful, I had a bit of psoriasis on the soles and almost gone now.
    If you are planning to try the zinc creme, I would recommend setting aside a specific outfit for that. I use an old yoga set.
    I have not needed to repeat the treatment, as so far I am remaining clear in the treated areas. This has never happened before, I am very hopeful.
    I wish you the same.
    Maggie M

  6. JA

    Keep me posted

  7. Kahleen
    Bangladesh, India

    Maggie – where did you buy the Zinc Cream?

  8. Kahleen

    Abigail – I seep a half teaspoon full of American Saffron Tea in water that has come to a boil in my teapot. I put the tea in my cup. Let it seep for 15 mins. Drain the tea leaves and drink. You actually can have this cold (for summer) or hot. It is working well for me without all the prep of Cilantro. I am getting the same effect which is positive.
    The Cilantro I had to go to the store and buy fresh (which is not always possible this winter where I live). Clean up the Cilantro. Snip off all the leaves and make a smoothie in my blender with V-8 juice because I did not care for the taste when using the large amount that I needed each day. Just putting it in salad, soup, salsa was not enough or me to use medically.

  9. Maggie M.

    In response to Kahleen. I am currently just using the external zinc creme. I am sure that a zinc supplement would be quite beneficial, as I know I crave foods that are considered zinc-beneficial (popcorn & radishes), I wonder if people with psoriasis have a deficit?
    I buy a light version of a Zinc creme, rather then one that is full strength. The full strength creme is very thick.
    I also use it on my feet at night (with socks), and I am very happy with the results. I have used nothing that has worked as well for me, my skin is almost entirely clear…. I am very pleased and quite amazed. I will always keep a jar of Zinc creme on hand; and touch up as needed, or as a preventative after a shower I apply a light coat while I am wet and massage well onto my skin.
    Hope this works for you.

  10. Abigail

    Please share with us how you make Saffron tea and how much Cilantro you use with how much olive oil. Both remedies sound worth trying.

  11. gl

    for psoriasis: How to mix olive oil & cilantro and apply a salve?

  12. Kahleen
    Brussels, BE

    Maggie – is a zinc supplement helpful as well? Where did you buy the zinc you are using? I assume from your message that it is a salve?

  13. GL

    WM- Just to clarify… did your doctor advise 1000 IU of vitamin D per day? And for how long- indefinitely? And how long did you take that dosage before you saw any improvement? And were you doing/eating anything else during this time period? Thank you.

  14. Kahleen

    WM – I’m happy for you that the Vit. D is working. I am on 2,000 mg/day of Vit. D3 and did not see much improvement. My doctor did not tell me that this was for psoriasis. I guess my blood test just showed that I was low for a 65 yr. old. The Saffron Tea is making the biggest difference for my psoriasis right now. Anyone else have heard of this remedy?

  15. Maggie M.

    I have enjoyed a ‘certain’ level of success with cilantro, and that was great, whatever is helpful is a winner to me. But, I have areas that have always been extremely difficult to treat, areas that are thin skinned and considered ‘difficult’. I have heard much about ‘zinc’, in years gone by, but not much in the recent years. I thought I would get some & test it on the sensitive and difficult areas.
    The first thing I noticed was the immediate calming sensation, as I was experiencing an itching & burning type of discomfort… so, for that alone I was thankful. I kept it up the full week and by the end of my first week, the cleavage area that has never had any results from anything in over 20+ years, has cleared up 100%. I am now using it on the small of my back, another never been clear spot in 20+ years… I am starting to see the same result, and I have just started on the elbows.
    I think this is another ‘go to’ tool that holds not only some immediate comfort but some amazing results. It has been many many years since my body looked the way it does now.
    Maggie M.

  16. Kahleen

    Veery interesting on the salsa treatment. Has anyone tried Saffron Tea? That is the latest thing that is giving me relief from psoriasis. I’ve tried them all. Good to have a number of choices to fit to your lifestyle. Some take more time to prepare. I think the Saffron Tea is my favorite right now – very time saving for me.

  17. WM

    My VA doctor put me on 1,00 MG vitamin D. My Psoriasis has improved significantly.

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