Q. I solved my acid reflux problem with an answer that had been in your column a few years ago: almonds. I had just had a bad experience with a medication called Dexilant. It made my acid reflux ten times worse.

I stopped the medication and started eating almonds. I experimented with raw, roasted and roasted with salt, to see what worked best for me. I found almonds roasted with salt did the trick.

Someone had written in that they ate almonds before a meal to prevent heartburn. I also ate the almonds just as a snack.

I got to the point I only needed the almonds after a tomato-based meal, and after a little more time I needed none at all. I still eat them as a snack, though.

I do get heartburn occasionally. Depending where I am, I’ll take Tums or almonds. I hope this information will help some of your readers, because it was a huge help for me.

A. We appreciate your story. Other readers have suggested that about half a dozen almonds are enough to ward off heartburn.

We have information about almonds, bananas, fennel, ginger and a range of other options for heartburn in our book, The People’s Pharmacy Quick & Handy Home Remedies.

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  1. SGH

    I tried the almond remedy one day when I had an attack of heartburn. I was surprised at how quickly it worked to relieve my symptoms. I just took a small handful. I’d be interested in knowing when to take them as prevention vs. relief. Before meals, morning, evening?

  2. AJW

    I’m confused about WHEN to eat the almonds. Before a meal or after? Or only in between as a snack? Also HOW MANY almonds? And what about bedtime?

  3. AS

    You hear so much about Omega 3’s. What is the ratio of Omega 3’s to the 7’s? Thanks!
    People’s Pharmacy response: We aren’t aware of any particular ratio of omega-3 to omega-7. The ratio to omega-6 is ideally 1 to 4 or even less, down to 1 to 1.

  4. AS

    MTSK – If you decide to wean off again, take your time… It took me over a year to wean off. I started with every other day, then every two, every three days and so on until I went to one in every five days. That’s when I decided to stop altogether.

  5. CAR

    FOr 16 yrs. I was on Prevacid for acid reflux, stomach ulcers, hiatal hernia, but weaned myself off of the drug & have been taking a multi-enyme formula with each meal & before I go to bed & have had very little problems since. Once & a while I need a titralac-an over the counter antacid that is small & isn’t so full of sugar as so many for the other ones are. It’s going on 3 yrs. that I’ve been doing this & it has worked for me.
    I also take Omega 7 which has healed up my intestinal tract & when I had the last colonoscopy, the Dr. said my insides looked the best he’d seen in 20 yrs. I’ve had the test every 3 yrs. as I was a breast cancer patient & had polyps, but this last time I’ve been able to go 5 yrs. I have a grandson who has ulcerative colitis & we’ve gotten him on the Omega 7 as well & it’s helped him to heal up; so we know it works.

  6. DM

    I am on medication for high blood pressure and also have acid reflux. I finally got myself off Nexium after taking it for over ten years. One of the things I started using for it was DGL supplements until I learned recently that it can raise blood pressure. I like almonds and eat them occasionally. Now I will try a few before meals.

  7. carol m

    I heard via a physician that taking DGL supplement found in health food stores (and is cheap) does the trick for heartburn/acid reflux. I have tried and it works great.

    • Carol

      I liked DGL too, but after using it awhile, I developed daily diarrhea. So I’ll try almonds next.

  8. MTSK

    I am just curious as to how long this person has been suffering with acid reflux. I also take dexilant with no side effects. If I were to stop taking it which I did try to wean myself off my heartburn was extreme. I have given up gluten, dairy and sugar and my symptoms (bloating, abdominal discomfort and heart burn have diminished) I may try and wean myself off the medication again in the future.

  9. CJ

    I just ate some almonds (raw and unsalted) yesterday and had quite the opposite reaction. I drank almond milk with them, so wondered if that could have contributed. I probably had at least 1/2 cup of almonds with about a cup of almond milk. I experienced some of the worst heartburn I have had in a year or so. Took my prescribed medication but still had to add about 6 Gaviscon tablets over the following 4 hours. Why?

    • Carol

      Almonds help, but I can’t drink almond milk without getting stomach and chest pain. I think it must be the thickeners used or something else in the almond milk. I can drink small amounts of coconut milk, but it doesn’t seem to help with heartburn.

  10. HB

    Well I appreciate the sharing of this one–good too know there are other things besides PRESCRIPTION PILLS AND OVER THE COUNTER PILLS -to ease heartburn—-and it’s also enjoyable too! Thank you

  11. May B.

    Would almonds help haitha hernia?

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