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Q. I am 51 and a seven-year breast cancer survivor. I went through chemo and radiation, took tamoxifen until my hysterectomy 2 yrs ago. Since chemo I have had severe vaginal dryness. Sex was painful with burning and irritation for days afterwards.

About a month ago I came across this website. I started using vitamin E and noticed a difference immediately. A couple weeks ago I switched to Organic Coconut Oil from Trader Joes in the morning and night. It’s wonderful. No more dryness!

Intercourse is pleasurable again (coconut oil is not sticky and smells great). There is no swelling, burning or irritation afterwards. Reading all of the comments on your website has been a life saver.

Thank you ladies and thank you Peoples Pharmacy.

A. We are so glad you have experienced good results from the coconut oil. Others report similar benefits from olive oil.

For those who would like more information about this personal problem, we suggest downloading our Guide to Menopause. We have quite a lot of information about olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin E and other lubricants such as Corn Huskers lotion and natural products like aloe vera and Sylk with kiwi-fruit vine extract. In addition, there are many suggestions for easing the symptoms of hot flashes.

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  1. Karla
    Bakersfield, Ca

    I’ve been post menopausal for over 40 years due to a total hysterectomy. About 2 years ago my doctor diagnosed me with Atrophic Vaginitis because of the horrible burning. My daughter is a distributor for natural oils, and she recommended that I try coconut oil. Love it!!! It works better then Premarin. I put it in a Vaginal applicator and then freeze it. Amazon sells vaginal applicators since drug stores don’t usually.

  2. Linda

    LOL – I’m 70 and have been using coconut and/or olive oil for several years but it never occurred to me to use it on ME! We use it as a lubricant on HIM as part of our foreplay and getting it inserted in me that way is a convenient, Just-In-Time method, much easier than freezing and making capsules and manually inserting it ahead of time, etc.

  3. Val

    Very informative thank you. I have used coconut oil externally for quite a while now and works well for me. I would like to try the Vitamin E internally but I have to take a statin for high cholesterol and have read various reports and forums some say Vitamin E can be used others say under no circumstances must the two be mixed! Can any one offer any advice? Many thanks.

  4. Meredith

    Just diagnosed with cervical cancer. Tried to have a colposcopy done to remove it and the Doctor was unable to do so because I was so dry that the speculum tore my skin. She put me on Premarin for 3 weeks with additional coconut oil every night. Sure hope this works, they can’t do the procedure until this is resolved! Thank you for the ice cube idea :)

  5. LS

    Just browsing… so which is better: Vit. E or Coconut Oil? Can one just use it out of the jar? Thanks.

  6. BROWN

    I melt organic unrefined coconut oil and use an eyedropper to fill empty capsules (found at health food stores). I then refrigerate & once solid, store in fridge in a repurposed (dark) plastic Rx bottle. I insert one per night using a plastic plunger made for inserting vaginal yeast infection medications (can also be purchased at drug store). be sure to clean plunger daily with hot soapy water. Can also use plunger to inset Vitamin E capsules! This system works like a charm!

    • Laura
      Longview, TX

      I was about to start Vagifem due to vaginal dryness, and was not looking forward to it due to all the side effects. The burning has been so bad that I just didn’t think I had a choice until I found this. I never thought of a natural oil, like coconut or Vitamin E. I don’t feel any burning inside. It just burns on the outside, so I am wondering if this will stop the burning on the outside too? I have been using Lidocaine to stop the burning.

      • Jenny

        Laura from Longview, both coconut oil and Vitamin E can be used on the outside as well as inside.

  7. Stephanie Maloley
    Belmont Mi

    What wonderful news……I went on the Beachology diet which has a recommendation for Cocanut oil to add to recipes…..And the more I read Peoples Pharmacy the better it gets….I saw the commercial the other night about a woman lamenting “Oh sex life where have you gone” My husband and I laughed and gave each other the knowing look of Boy is that the truth about the pain of intercourse….So I having Coconut oil in my possession am going to try this…I know from using it in cooking there is no taste what so ever and I like the suppository idea…..That way there is no stopping in the heat of the moment to apply and ruin the best moment…That I have not experience since a little before Christmas

  8. Cristine

    I agree that a suppository would be easier to insert, but as I tried to make one to freeze it was melting… any suggestions?

    • Lynne
      Tiny Town USA

      To make your own coconut oil suppositories, you can take milk shake/smoothie plastic straws (the are bigger diameter).

      Cut straws in half as that smaller size is easier to squeeze the finished coconut oil sticks through. With needle nose pliers, grab one end of the straw and leave a little sticking out from the edge of the pliers. Run a lighter (I used a fireplace lighter) along that edge and it will melt..slide the needle nose pliers over that edge to seal it (crimp). Place straws, crimped side down, into a freezer safe cup or mug. This will catch any oil leakage in case you didn’t get a good seal on one of the straws.

      Then melt the coconut oil and pour into the straws. Freeze until set. Cut off the crimped end and squeeze the stick of oil out. Cut with a knife to desired sizes and store in fridge or freezer. Insert as needed.

  9. KATIE

    I was thinking about using coconut oil in the same area due to a health issue that I’m suffering, but worry about getting an infection. Don’t you worry about sticking your hand into the coconut oil and do you use the same oil for cooking, perhaps other people are using the coconut oil too? I was using a vitamin E capsule inserted “up there” but it’s beginning to give me itchiness, now I’m thinking of switching to coconut oil.

  10. Stewie
    No. Cal

    Help!!! I had a hysterectomy in 2007 and also had my ovaries removed. Intercourse has been painful ever since but I can live with that but 8 months ago I started having burning, stinging, raw pain on my outer vagina area. (No itching what so ever). I can’t wear underwear or anything tight because it just rubs that area raw. I’ve been to a couple doctors and I just had a painful biopsy and the good news is I don’t have cancer but they still don’t know what is causing it. They never see anything with an exam and lab comes back normal. This is what they have done or thought. Vaginal dryness so I’ve tried numerous estrogen creams, stress, psychological and now allergies so I got some kind of antifungal cream. I’m in such a bad place because no one can help me.

  11. rachel

    looking for answers

  12. Niecee

    Simone, I live in Florida so my coconut oil liquefies in the summer. Read my above post. You could always microwave it and wait till it cools down. Good luck :)

  13. Niecee

    I am a 61 year young 10 year Breast Cancer Survivor. My breast Cancer was ER PR positive. The chemo immediately slammed my body into menopause causing Vaginal atrophy. Having intercourse with my husband was unbearable, extremely painful and I always bled afterward. I tried the expensive ESting Ring, it helped some but made me nervous because it puts small amounts of hormones in the vaginal area. We were both extremely depressed & sad thinking that our sex life was over. A couple couple of weeks ago I went to my yearly Oncologist appointment and expressed this problem with his female assistant. She told me try using coconut oil as a lubricant, she stated several of her patients were in the same boat and it helped them tremendously.After four months of not having intercourse with my husband I decided to give it a try last night. Well low & behold it worked, I didn’t have any pain during intercouse and woke up this morning with no soreness!! Woo hoo!! a Godsend for sure. It is natural, not sticky and very inexpensive. I have also been using it on my legs for dryness, on my eyelashes to prevent breakage and in my Yorkies food for their skin & hair. This truly is a miracle cure for me. Happy to be able to have an active sex life, life is great!!

  14. Jace
    United States

    I had a revelation from my new gynecologist about the post-menopausal dryness thing which has been ruining our sex life for too many years. She asked me WHERE I felt the most pain with intercourse , and for me it was almost upon entrance, NOT far up in the vagina where I have been inserting the compounded cream my previous doctor (a he, not a she) had prescribed for me. She said I should start applying it DIRECTLY onto the most tender or dry areas and to rub it it with the coconut oil also. She also said that even though my prescription is to insert it 2-3x a week, I should use the coconut oil every night. To have been wasting all this time using the prescription in the spot where it didn’t count – well, what can I say. At least I discovered what to do now, and I wanted to pass it on.

  15. simone

    It’s me again. I did a surgery in February an automatically after I was healed I started getting signs of vaginal dryness nothing else but that but after reading all these views and comments on excellent coconut oil works I think I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the advice everyone.

    • Juliette


      I hope this isn’t a stupid question but I can’t find my answer online. I had a Doctors appt today who also mentioned the coconut oil, I thought she was crazy. I said, really?? Lol. My question is does the coconut oil have to be melted first? Didn’t think to ask my dr. That question.

      • Paddy
        Santa Fe, NM

        What I do is form capsule suppositories with the hardened coconut oil in plastic wrap or foil wrap and then freeze them. When you are ready to insert them, they are hard, cool, and melt once inside your vaginal cavity.

        • Amber
          WPB, Florida

          Im 52 and was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer Stage 3c last September. My Oncologist also suggested using Coconut oil, baby oil, Vitamin E, Vasoline, or anything that’s not water based and that is thicker than water to use as a lubricant to help with vaginal dryness. Having sex with my boyfriend was also very good before this happened and Im in severe pain now when we do. Chemo also makes it worse. I see someones post about getting coconut oil suppositories. Where do you get these ? Ive seen the coconut oil in a jar, but the suppositories would work much better

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