an ice cube on a tongue

Q. I used to crave ice just like a drug addict. The first thing in the morning I had to have it. I would get a large soft drink and ask for extra ice. I didn’t care about the pop–it was the ice I wanted.

I went to my doctor for a check up because I felt tired and would get out of breath easily. My test showed that I was severely anemic, with a blood count of six. My physician was so concerned that he called me at home the next evening and told me not to exert myself in any way until they did further testing.

This had happened so gradually that I didn’t realize I was slowly bleeding to death. Further tests showed I had an iron deficiency caused by extremely heavy periods. Iron supplements quickly brought my count up to normal ranges, and my cravings for ice went away immediately. They never returned, though it has been many years.

A. It is worth remembering that unusual cravings, whether for ice, cornstarch, clay or even popcorn, can be the result of a mineral deficiency. Anyone who discovers such a craving should ask to have iron or zinc levels tested. Usually, as in your case, correcting the deficiency banishes the craving. This is especially important for children who may be eating paint chips, since their craving could lead to lead poisoning (Australian Family Physician, May 2013).

Bea remarked: “I was addicted to chewing ice. I also had terrible restless legs. About 25 years ago I tried to donate blood and my iron was extremely low. They told me to go to the doctor. Once my iron was back up where it belonged, both problems went away. I occasionally still get restless legs, but that only happens when I am very tired or lacking sleep. A good night sleep takes care of it.”

This type of craving is classified as “pica” by doctors. In some regions of the country, people don’t find it unusual to crave clay or cornstarch. T.A.’s description of her habit sounds a lot like addiction:

“I am 26 years old as of today. I started to eat cornstarch when i was 16. At first it was a box every three weeks, but now I’m eating it through a straw and I’m up to a box a day. I know that this is abnormal and hurting me because I do not use the restroom as often as i should.

“I eat it even when I don’t want it, yet I cant stop. My mom eats it as well. Can you please help me and tell me what it is that i can do in order to stop because it’s messing up my teeth and I’m gaining weight?”

We strongly recommend to T.A. and others struggling with this problem that they be checked for iron deficiency and take any supplements that are prescribed or recommended. Do you have a problem with craving ice to excess? Please share your story in the comment section below.

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  1. marie

    I am a 80 year old woman.who loves ice. Last year, I was in the hospital four times bleeding from the rectum. My blood count down to 3 After corrective surgery for the rectum I craved ice in the hospiital. It is 1am and I stopped by the icemaker from the computer.

    MY PRIOR VISIT SHOW7.6 BUT i WAS TESTED to see why my obsession continues. As I age it tends to get worse. Lets Pray for each other….

  2. Judith

    I have craved & eaten ice for over twenty years now & just thought I’d Google why I may do this. I’ve recently had blood tests done & I’m borderline anaemic. I have also suffered from restless legs for some years now. I see on here that others have too. I’m going to increase my iron intake through food as much as I caneed & see if this helps with the cravings, I hope so as my teeth & gums are really suffering.

    • Sharon
      Conway AR

      Consider adding more vitamin C rich foods along with the increased iron rich foods so that the iron will be properly absorbed.

  3. Marilyn

    I consume crushed ice all day and after reading these other stories, feel that it is not just an low iron problem. I also (just this week) noticed my legs ache and are so tired. Since my blood work came back ‘normal’, I am worried it could be something else. What kind of tests should I ask for?

  4. Patricia
    Los Angeles, CA

    wow, now I feel more relieved to know that I’m not the only with ice cravings, but its scary at the same time since I have HBP already. I find out, that I would crave more ice when I feel stressed out and anxious. I will get my blood checked for anemia and my kidneys too to find out what is exactly going on. Thanks everyone for sharing. This forum very informative and helpful.

  5. Mary
    Neebing on Canada

    Hello everyone. I have been anemic for years and eat ice all day long. I went for an iron infusion but it didn’t help much. Thanks to my gasterologist he had discovered that my villi in my stomach isn’t performing it’s duty. It’s called lymphangiectasia. So after doing blood tests they found that not only is my iron low but all my immunoglobulins are low. Meaning that I have a compromised immune system. My doctor is worried about me having transfusions of blood because it might cause anephiletic shot. SO as it stands I am still chewing ice (drives my husband crazy). You guys should tell your docs to check your immunoglobulin levels as well….be well

    • Julia

      if you are going to keep chewing ice, like i do, after blood transfusions and supplements, please buy an ice crusher or snow cone machine so you don’t end up losing your teeth! There are several on amazon and plenty of other places. And your husband will appreciate less crunching noise, too!

  6. Sam
    los angeles, ca

    I also have to eat alot of ice I have taken liquid iron and copper it has helped but I stopped due to the alcohol in it so I began taking black root tonic it is high in iron and helps heal liver and kidneys. I have gone through 4 blood transfusions to extreme anemia my levels kept going down to 5.8 or 6.7 hymaglobyn.

    I bleed heavily on my moon time and get huge blood clots and my uterus expands the size of a soccer ball and is painful what my doctor did is give me provera to stop the bleeding for 3 months to trick my body to believe it is going through menopause it helps but what I know is that taking that black root tonic has helped me alot I havent had a cup of ice in about 3 weeks.

    See your gynecologist sometimes you have to get a dnc from the fibroids in your uterus they are blood feeders and as long as their in there you will always be anemic.. I am 50 they wanted to take out my uterus I said heck no , no way I want it in there i am taking herbs and tincures to help me but also the only pharmacy drug I take is Provera.

    • Michelle
      Crescent city

      I just bought one last night lol I also didn’t want to hurt my teeth but I can’t seem to stop craving ice!

  7. Terrye
    North Palm Beach,

    I have been eating and craving ice for over 6 months. It can’t be any ice either. I don’t like the ice my ice maker makes but I found this ice machine and the ice is kind of soft. I get a 16lb bag every 4 days. I am 59 years old. My primary has ordered blood work since last December. I have always had vein issues. When I had my hysterectomy at 23 I woke up and the IV was in my neck. I have a prescription for a pic line so they can get blood. I keep falling down without any warning or dizziness. Each fall is worse. I’m really starting to get hurt. Constantly hitting my head. I need answers.

  8. Christine
    Minerva, OH 44657

    I have been cravings for over a year now. I just decided to look on this site for info. I will call my Dr Worried about this. My husband leaves the room when I come near with a glass of ice. There is hope to stop this, thanks to this site.

  9. Chi-Chi

    I eat ice all day long. I tried taking an iron supplement then got a kidney stone. I had one years ago from the iron in my well water.

    • Michelle

      My hubby is going crazy with me chewing ice too. Makes me feel like I have a disease lol it’s been like 3 months now.

  10. Mary

    I have been anemic for about four years and within the past year I just cannot get enough ice. I have to have it every single part of the day. I’m on dialysis and I’m very limited with my Fluid intake but I just cannot help it I don’t necessarily drink a lot of water I just chew on ice.

    I also have very severe dry mouth because I take different medications that say can cause dry mouth so I’m going to check with my Kidney Doctor next week to see if there’s something I can take for the dry mouth. Plus I also have this craving for the smell of newspapers, or new books and magazines. It’s like I get a high from it or I just makes me relaxed. I don’t eat paper but I just can’t keep from smelling it and this is just been within the past year or so and I’m 54 but I’ve never in the past have had any crazy cravings like that. Does anybody else have the same problem with the scent of certain things?

  11. Patricia

    I have been craving ice also, like a drug and sleeping a lot, which is not normal for me. I went to the doctors and my kidneys are stressed out, not detoxing my body like it should. It started right after I got an CT with contrast, which might have damaged my kidneys a little. I would ask everyone’s doctor about getting your kidney functions tested as soon as possible.

  12. Shanda

    I have been craving Ice since my first child, it has been a little over 13 years. Morning, noon, night., at the grocery store, in the car, at work. No matter where I go, I have my big sturdy cup of crushed ice with me. Now, my ice has to be crushed. I take a bag at home, put a lot of ice in it and just crush it up. I cant help it. I just want it all the time.

    My doctor and others say it is due to low iron, and I have found that to be true. Iron pills make me constipated, so I can’t take them and stool softener doesn’t help. Well, they take too long to start working. I would go a week without passing a bowel movement if I take those iron pills; that just causes too much discomfort.

    My doctor wanted 3 day then told me to try two or one a day and I did and still doesn’t work. So, I just stopped. I have also heard that ice cravings can be due to a lack of sexual intercourse. I am celibate and plan to stay that way now until I get married, (if that ever happens) LOL. However wanted to know, has anyone else heard about ice cravings being due to lack of sexual intercourse?

  13. sally

    Thank God im not the only one..i’ve been craving ice for about 3years(i think im not sure).i would eat ice as soon as i wake up and after work after dinner before bed….i cant stop eating..and i also have leg pain when i walk upstrais i feel very tired easily.and after waking up from sleep my mouth feels very dry i have to drink lots of water.. of all the comments i’ve read i think im anemia too….???

  14. Debbie

    I too eat ice alot when I say a lot, I mean a lot. It scares me the amount of ice I consume on a daily basis. Sometimes the back of my throat would get sore from eating ice.

    I eat ice raw rice. I would light the matches and when it’s all burnt out I’ll eat it. I eat baby powder and also iI eat alot of coal.

    I am scared to visit my doctor because I know something is wrong for me to be craving all of these non-nutritional items….

    • Marilyn

      I too have just recently started craving crushed ice. My blood work’ they say’ is all normal. I did not know about the kidney relation….knew about it being pica. The only other time I craved ice was when I was pregnant.
      What is concerning after reading this, is my legs have started aching and are weak. It is painful to walk up the stairs. Now how would the ice problem affect my legs? Anybody know?

  15. Nancy

    In September 2010, I also developed an insatiable desire to chew ice from the moment I woke up until I went to bed. I was extremely tired and losing weight without any effort. What prompted me to seek medical attention was an unexplained lump with a bruise that was not caused by injury and did not hurt. To make a long story short, I found I had chronic myelogenous leukemia. Might be worth having your white blood count checked when you see your physician. My ice craving resolved as soon as my health was restored.

  16. Denise

    I have a craving of ice, I would eat ten or more cups a day. If I tried to restrain myself I would find myself moving my mouth as if I had it. When I wake in the morning I crave ice, through out the day I crave ice, when I’m stressed it calms me. Wish I could stop because I feel as if I’m an addict and ICE is my drug.

  17. Sherrie
    Durban South Africa

    Hi there, I have also been having the same problems with ice craving. I am a championship dancer, and during competitions, I feel I can’t keep up and my chest is throbbing and I can’t breath. My muscles get tired very quickly, even after walking a short way. My legs get that restless feeling as well. My eyebrows and eyelashes fall out, and I look like Casper without the makeup. Had tests done and my count was 4.3.

    The doctor put me onto Ferromed and I have been taking it for 27 days now. Dancing a competition tomorrow morning (thankfully the last one) and all I am hoping for is that I can keep up.

  18. Sara

    I too eat ice every day and night! I have been for months now, I only have 1 kidney which only works 49% so I hav stage 3 ckd my doc has sent me for kidney function & liver tests but I never thought to motion the ice …I’m always totally worn out as well & suffer terrible headaches for days or weeks on end I get out of breathe so easily and my whole body literally feels like jelly with no go in me at all

  19. katlego

    I have this very same problem …I’m a 23 years old Male and I usually ate a lot of soil but the craving gave birth to eating a lot of ice….like I would eat more than 3 cup fulls of ice in a day ….. It’s beginning to give me concern now. I definitely do need help. Which iron deficiency pills or meds should I take?

    • Terry Graedon

      You need to ask a doctor to work you up to find out why you might be low in iron or zinc. It is unusual for a young man to have iron deficiency, so it would be good to find out why.

  20. Lauren

    Hello…..I have the same problem chewing ice. I am not anemic and began taking iron anyway… change…????

  21. Donna

    I found myself eating glass full of ice that increases each day. Even in the winter I crave ice. I would be in bed under the blanket eating ice. I starting getting restless leg or my arm just feels like I have to move or the feelings are just strange. I have numb pain in the bottom of my heel to the sole of my feet. I cramp in the leg so badly it would wake me at nights screaming in pain which makes my leg muscles sore for days. I went to the Dr who took blood and was told I am severely anemia. We are going to discuss my treatment options.

  22. Martie

    Wow I was so surprised to see I was not the only one craving ice. My sister looked this up and called me right away. She thought I was being silly eating ice like I am. I also eat popcorn every night. But the ice thing was making me crazy. I have eaten so much ice that my toung is raw. Freezer burn I call it. Lol Dozens of large containers of ice a day . I can’t stand to go to the store because I can’t eat the ice like I do at home. All winter I freeze my fingers diging in the ice. Lol. The person that said it is like being a addict is right on. I am setting fighting it. Because my toung is so sore.
    Well this last Wednesday I went to the doctor because I have been feeling so bad. I have had a lot 14 deaths in the last 5 years between my husband family and mine. Plus my father passed away from cancer . My sister had to have both breast removed because of cancer. Then my husband found out in January that he had stage 4 lung cancer. Then a month ago they found a tumor on my son’s face. It was removed yesterday and is not cancer. Praise God. So I just related all my systems to depression.
    I have RLS also and it has been getting worse. Short of breath tiredness so weak. Chest pains. Bad breath dry mouth. I do not have periods but have been having a bad discharge for months.
    So when the doctor sent me for blood test for anemia I thought what the world. But she said that most of my system was because of low blood. Still waiting on the results. But I am so glad to know I am not the only one.

  23. Cherry

    I drive my family and coworkers crazy with my ice addiction. I’m 47 and have craved chewing ice since I was a teenager. The ice chewing gets worse when I’m stressed. It’s amazing I haven’t broken my teeth yet. I’ve always had heavy periods and low energy. A Red Cross nurse told me I was too anemic to give blood but I never made the connection between iron deficiency and craving ice. Recently I decided to try consuming molasses ( as a home remedy for a different ailment) and literally overnight I felt so much better and no longer had the ice cravings! It was a pleasant side benefit. I also noticed the dark circles under my eyes disappeared and my gray hair was less noticeably gray. I didn’t have to consume molasses every day for these benefits, I take it maybe three times a week. I didn’t eat molasses straight from the jar I would put a tablespoon full in my almond milk, stir it, then drink it like chocolate milk. Very tasty and an excellent source of iron.

  24. Barbara
    Fayetteville NC

    I too, find the gin and raisin “cure” very helpful. The ABC store clerk said we needed to purchase the “top shelf” gin to get the beneficial juniper berry extract. I had “googled” gin so had brands to ask for. We bought the One in the green bottle. This really works for us. Not only does it relieve pain but found it gives me energy. This was a pleasant surprise since I have pernicious anemia.

  25. Dawn
    United States

    I too was addicted to chewing ice, so bad to the point that when we were out (we only have one car) I would be a nervous wreck thinking about how I was going to get my ice. I work at a hospital as a phlebotomist and the nurses pulled me aside and were looking me over, when I told them my hgb was a 7.6 they were infuriated that my doctor didn’t take me out of work.

    Anyway that very night, March 28, 2016 I was admitted to the er and was given two pints of blood. I went to a hematologist who did iron studies and I then found out that my iron was a THREE (the lowest an iron should be is 20) so they called me at home and told me to get to the office right away I needed iron infusions. I was told I would need six, so far I have had five and my last one is on Monday, or at least I hope it’s my last one.

    In a month’s time (May 16,2016 to be exact) I will have more iron studies done to see how well the infusions helped. I can honestly say I do feel better but only by about 80% but the ice cravings…… GONE!!!! The doctors are still trying to figure out why my iron is going so low and if I am losing blood somewhere, hemocults came back negative, maybe it’s just from heavy periods.

    But if you have ice cravings, feel like a worn out dish rag, tired all the time, pale, dizzy, shortness of breath, chest pain, always cold, losing your hair, finger nail beds are blue, have a lump in your throat that makes it excruciating to eat, please go see your doctor, these are all the symptoms I had. You don’t need all of those symptoms at all to have low iron, the biggest one that would be a give away I would say is the pica (the craving of non nutritional items, such as ice, clay, corn starch, dirt, chalk etc) if this fits your situation, make an appointment, this is a life threatening condition if not caught in time. God bless you all.

  26. dinah
    United States

    I have a craving for ice all the time. I am on dailysis also and it causes me to be over my fluid lev

  27. Kaz

    I have diabetes insipidus which causes me to crave ice

  28. Toby

    I eat ice like its I’m never going to have it again. Every day all day! I have had my levels checked and they say normal, but also when I go to donate blood or platelets I too get turned away saying my hemoglobin is too low. I just had a hysterectomy. I am tired all the time, shortness of breath. I started taking over the counter iron pills and vitamins, but have not seen any improvement at all. Please help.

    • Dawn

      Stay on top of those Dr.s Toby, it is very important that you do. In an eight hour shift I would chew 7 large (movie theater size) glasses of ice and then have more when I got home from work. I thought it was just a habit of chewing ice but it turns out I am severely anemic, my iron level went to a THREE the lowest an iron should be is a twenty. Sometimes you have no symptoms when it comes to anemia however don’t let it catch up to you, it’s horrible what you have to go through. Good luck to you Toby.

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