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Research has shown that more than 80 percent of the chronic diseases that cause so much trouble today could be prevented by making some specific changes in our daily lives. That’s way better than any prescribed medication.

It probably won’t come as a surprise to learn that you should follow a healthy diet, move your body every day, avoid smoking and control your weight. But this seemingly simple advice is far from easy to accomplish.

How Can You Get the Skills to Follow Good Health Advice?

The problem, says Dr. David Katz, is not that we lack the willpower to make the changes we should. We need skillpower to get on track with a healthy lifestyle and keep it up over time.

Are you suffering whiplash from the diverse dietary plans that are promoted so vociferously? Should you eat low-fat or low-carb? Follow the China diet or a Paleo plan? Dr. Katz has some straightforward advice to cut through all the confusion and help us learn to love foods that will love us back.

In his book Disease-Proof, Dr. Katz provides concrete advice on how to shop, cook and modify our environment so that eating healthfully becomes easier. He also describes how our lifestyle changes can alter the way our genes behave (through epigenetic effects) so that we can add life to our years as well as years to our lives.

Our Guest:

David L. Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP, is Director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center and editor in chief of the journal Childhood Obesity.  He is a clinical instructor in medicine at the Yale School of Medicine and was Director of the Integrative Medicine Center at Griffin Hospital.  He is also President Elect of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. His book is Disease Proof: The Remarkable Truth about What Makes Us Well.

His website is www.davidkatzmd.com

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  1. not feelig good

    Sick for 2 years, respiratory symptoms which progressed to shortness of breath. Ct scan of lungs showed scaring on lungs. Lung studies specimens showed no disease. Diagnosed with allergic pneumonitis (can’t find the offending allergen.)
    Can a change of diet help and what should that diet be?
    Blood type is O. Any suggestions to help me rather than take steroids for 6 months followed by another drug. Anything natural I can do to help cure myself?

  2. Dr. Matt Brown, MD

    I deeply appreciate Dr. Katz approach to empowering his audiences to make meaningful and sustained changes in simple and effective ways. His commitment to supporting a major paradigm shift in the way the average American looks at their ability to make change and “Disease Proof” themselves is seen through specific tools that he has developed, such as Nuval and Nutrition Detectives, in addition to his latest book, Disease Proof.
    As a lifestyle medicine physician, I am always looking for resources to promote effective and sustain lifestyle modification. David Katz has done the homework and understands the roadblocks to change and promotes the idea of “skillpower” to help individuals overcome those barriers to sustained weight loss and improved health.
    I appreciated your interview since you drew out his own dietary commitment and his very practical approach to his own dietary program without fanaticism. Thanks to Joe and Terry for an excellent interview! Thanks to David Katz for being a clarion voice and reminding the listener that their doctor will NOT lead them to making these very important changes. It is their responsibility and it starts with feet, forks, fingers, sleep, stress and love!

  3. Dr. S. G.

    Nice message, But becoz of life style changes and the habitual pattern and genetic disorders, the common advice given by the doctors may not be suitable for everyone as each body reacts in a different manner, but I fully agree more than 60% lie on the food intake.
    In this, I appreciate the advice given as regards the methodology adopted in cooking. I would like to state that usage of the water-mix proportions play a significant role in retention of the contents in the healthy diet.
    I strongly feel that each one’s immune system can be classified under the medical practitioners expertise care, so as to do the preventive action before even a body is prone to get the disease.diabetics, high BP, HEART ATTACKS.

  4. Jim B.

    great show about keeping healthy and fit with good steps for easy transition.

  5. minu

    people’s pharmacy podcast was not available today 1/4/14!I attempted to listen during the time it is offered on Sat. 1/4/14. There was no access!
    Please note that all podcasts become available on the Monday after the show airs.
    Our shows air live Saturday at 0700. Public radio stations around the country continue to air the show throughout the day and on Sundays. We post the show on our website Monday morning and they become available on iTunes shortly thereafter.
    You can always order an mp3 or a CD of the show at any time, but will only be able to access the mp3 after Monday’s show is put on the website for streaming.

  6. Erik-Nils

    A very good show!
    Only a mild complaint:
    The diet is healthful, not healthy.
    If a person eats a healthful diet, that person will become and remain healthy.
    Please distinguish, and improve the discourse!

  7. GB

    Interesting, but totally out of touch with reality. I’ve been living on Disability since a major stroke. A very limited income. To eat those freash foods, those seafoods, those top-brand snacks…about half my income per month would be spent on groceries, & that’s a low estimate!

  8. Carol B.

    I am a very healthy, 66 yr-old, Vegan woman. I’m from a family of people who either die young of Cancer, or live long, but unhealthy and suffering lives.
    I became Vegan for humane reasons as a young child, and learned about nutrition when I had my own children. One path I truly believe in, and have helped many other people to pursue with good results (I was a HS Science Teacher, a long-time Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher) is the Blood Type Diet. I read a book a long time ago that was written at the turn of the Century; which talked about eating the foods that were available in the part of the World your People came from. Blood Type helps paint this picture.
    Evolution shows A is from Asia, O is from Africa, B were Nomads (herders?). A should not eat any meat or milk products, O thrives on meat, but not milk, B needs milk, but not meat. All can eat some fish (I never have.). Even among the Blood groups, there are variations, of course, but in general, your Blood Type is an indicator of what enzymes you produce, etc. I think it’s a huge disservice to dismiss the evidence that’s been gained, both empirical and anecdotal, over the years.

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