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In our highly connected world, diseases that have been considered exotic may soon reach nearby areas. The World Health Organization is reporting that chikungunya virus, transmitted by mosquito bites, has reached the Caribbean islands. Previously this virus was found in Asia and Africa, but not in the Americas.

The symptoms include headache, high fever and joint pain that can be debilitating. The only known way to fight back against chikungunya is to avoid mosquito bites or control the mosquitoes. Both are theoretically possible but difficult to achieve. The mosquitoes that transmit chikungunya virus already live in many parts of the US, so it may be only a matter of time before health authorities here are fighting its spread.


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  1. JB

    Excellent information to have. And I’m not saying that because I’m a chikungunya researcher. The information meshes perfectly with at least one clinical trial that was completed for a chik. vaccine earlier this year, though for some reason the trial results are not posted yet. Maybe it will be posted once enough market for the vaccine is created? If we get the word out now, by the time phase 3 trials are all complete, people will want the vaccine.
    Of course it’s really not THAT difficult to put non-toxic mosquito repellent on one’s body, especially in the U.S. where one has easy access to the internet and ingredients. And it is true that though the virus may be migrating, the World Health Organization says it is rarely fatal and is self-limiting, staying in the body for 5-7 days. We can understand that they won’t need to vaccinate in all areas, since very significant reductions to malaria have been achieved in areas in Africa where mosquito netting has been disbursed to the general public.
    It’s logical to think the same can be accomplished w/this mosquito born illness. I’m sure our CDC and NIH are actively disbursing such basic, non-patantable necessities in a logical 2 pronged approach while they are ramping up for the vaccine release, to make sure as many people as possible stay healthy and not fall prey to this dreaded disease. They are probably also increasing nutrient density in the foods of the vulnerable populations as stop-gap measures until final approval of the vaccine.
    I’m so grateful that my taxes are being used as charitable seed money for a pharmaceutical product for a rare disease affecting people on a different continent which will bring not just prevention for some, but a return on my investment which can then be found in the bank accounts of international, for-profit medical product development corporations that obviously need money as they are always using loopholes to avoid corporate taxes. Luckily for all of us, or at least for those in the pharma business, if past history is any marker, those corporations will then be able to petition governments to include the shot on their government recommended vaccine schedules and get their money back and then some. In fact, don’t be surprised if we all start getting higher tax refunds due to the pharmaceutical companies increasing their profits as a result of the the use of our tax incentives. I’m sure the IRS in right on top of it.
    Gosh, to think all this could happen based on undisclosed results of an open label, non-placebo, non double-blinded study on about 25 people who probably aren’t even from Africa, and with whom our government will share in the profits due to their public/private partnership agreements. We have a truly amazing system!

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