soles of feet poking out from under the covers

On Paul Simon’s Grammy award winning album “Graceland” is an amazing song titled “Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes.” Take a moment to watch it being performed with Ladysmith Black Mambazo. 

Link to early Paul Simon version

Link to mature Paul Simon version

Vicks VapoRub on the soles of your feet may not be as memorable as diamonds on the soles of your shoes, but it has some equally amazing stories:

“I was skeptical about Vicks for my feet, but my current cough and other symptoms were keeping me from doing anything, especially sleeping. I begged my husband to pick up some Vicks VapoRub on his way home from work. It was a long, hacking, aching wait! But I finally got the stuff on my feet and drifted off to sleep peacefully within about 5 minutes. I’m praying for similar effects during the day so I can get back to work soon.” Angela

“I wouldn’t have tried it or believed it, but at 3AM I was desperate to suppress my constant cough and sleep! So I decided to try it and IDK why it worked, but it did. Lasted for several hours; I’ve done it twice now!” D.K.C.

“I have heard for several years that when your child has a cough you should put Vicks on his feet. I thought it was ridiculous. Why would that work? On his chest, yes, but feet? So I hadn’t done that.

“My son coughs until he starts to vomit. Every single time he gets even the slightest cold, he does that. He’s seven years old and has a nasty virus right now, as do I.

“I decided to try Vicks on his chest. I didn’t remember it working that well when I was a kid, so I hadn’t tried it before.

“My husband said to put it on his feet. So, I said, ok, I’ll try it. Still thinking it was silly, I put it on his feet but not mine.

“I am amazed. He slept all night with no coughing. I know because I would have heard him; I was awake most of the night coughing. I didn’t put it on my feet.” Gayle

“This comment is only partly about Vicks VapoRub and partly about the bottoms of the feet. About seventy years ago I learned about putting medication on the feet instead of into the stomach; my brother had pneumonia and was in great distress when a neighbor lady suggested that we make a poultice of onions boiled in sugar syrup, pack it on his feet and wrap with cloth and cover with socks. Don’t laugh! It worked! His fever broke and he got well very quickly.

“Back to Vicks; it has always been a mainstay for my family as it cures, yes cures, many things including athlete’s foot.” Y.E.

“This absolutely works for me.  I usually get bronchitis at least 1-2 times per year and Vicks on the soles of my feet stops the cough so I can sleep.  Usually works in 5-10 minutes.” Pat

“I just tried this Vicks remedy about 10 minutes ago and my coughing has already stopped. I was coughing every 3-5 minutes for about 30 minutes straight and it’s amazing how something can work so quickly. Not even those over the counter cough medications work as well as Vicks, soles and socks! Love it.” Jenny

We cannot promise that putting Vicks on the soles of the feet  will work for everyone. But if it does the job, it would be at least as valuable as having diamonds on the soles of your shoes.

Share your own Vicks VapoRub story below in the comment section. Want to read more about amazing uses for Vicks VapoRub? You can find them in our guide, Unique Uses for Vicks, or in Quick & Handy Home Remedies or in Best Choices From The People’s Pharmacy. Hereis a link to all our publilcations.


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  1. Ted

    Only recently heard about putting Vicks on your feet to ease a cough …. tried this last night and it did work. It didnt stop the cough completely but it made my sleep alot better. Try one more time tonight who knows after 3 weeks I may be cough free.

  2. Sharon

    I have been coughing for two days, and tonight remembered that I had read somewhere about Vicks on the bottom of your feet. I only had a generic Vicks-like rub on hand and it expired 4 years ago! But I rubbed it on my feet and put socks on. My coughing stopped almost immediately. I was astonished. I’ve coughed maybe twice in the last hour, and my nasal congestion has also eased.

  3. Ki

    So I am a pharmacist and I recommend cold/allergy products OTC everyday. I took everything I recommend to my patients (e.g NyQuil, Sudafed, antihistamines etc) and NOTHING worked for my stuffy nose. An old friend told me I should put Vicks on my feet, I was desperate so tonight I did. Within 5 minutes my nose UNCLOGGED! It’s amazing!

  4. Kelly

    My daughter had suffered a nasty cough to the point she vomits night sleeping was miserable. I did not believe the Vicks treatment but was destperat for her to b able to rest so I put vick on her feet and socks and the cough stopped worked every time I used it she slept a full 12 hours ?

  5. Jinnyn

    I had a really deep cough, I had heard about vick on the feet with socks on so I decided to try it last night. I didn’t sleep well because my nose dripped like a tap but I didn’t cough. I’m hoping the dripping stops today. I feel as if the Vicks released the congestion. I’ll try again tonight and write again tomorrow.

  6. louanne
    middle georgia

    My granddaughter 13 has not felt well the last few days. She has not been able to sleep and has had a nagging cough. She walks around with her mouth open because she says she can’t breathe out of her nose. She went to school Thursday and Friday and went to the nurse telling her she did not feel good. The nurse gave her a peppermint and sent her back to class. My daughter tells me last night she has been resting all day. I texted my granddaughter and she says she couldn’t sleep, and still has a stuffy nose. I suggested she get the Vicks Vapor rub and put on her chest and to put some on the bottom of her feet with socks on. Well, it’s Sunday morning and I heard from my daughter and reported she had a great night sleep and was feeling much better. Thank you Vicks. Sincerely, Louanne

  7. Mary Ann

    I have had a horrendous chest cold for ten days…night times have been awful even with OTC cough medicines…I would get some sleep but disturbed by fits of coughing. Last night I started coughing aboit 30 minutes after going to bed. I Remembered a griend’s advice about rubbing Vicks on my feet…I tried it…within 5 minutes I could feel the relief, fell asleep shortly thereafter and slept the wntire night.

  8. mom

    My 15 months baby was coughing badly and couldn’t sleep or eat since a few days. Tried medicine, steam and nebulizer as well until my aunt told me about Vicks on baby’s feet.

    Unbelievable magic, I was crying with my baby but right now she’s sleeping peacefully and I am much relaxed too. Thank God someone made this Vicks and kind ppl shared their experiences, which made me try the remedy as well.

  9. Mma

    Been doing this for since we decided to change our life habits to eating healthy 4 years into organic and natural living help us a lot overall. One thing I swear by many is the wet sock treatment when your hubby or child/ren Is bout to get sick. And I tried the vicks and it worked wonder my son loves it, notice his runny nose disappear the next day. Eating garlic once you notice you’re about to get sick.

    • Diamond Davis

      Thanks for your story because I’m gonna try this with my daughter !!!

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