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For years, dermatologists have been warning us to stay out of the sun to reduce our risk of skin cancer. More of us have been heeding this cautious advice in Australia and in the U.S. But what does that mean for the sunshine vitamin? Are we running on empty?

Australian naturopath Russell Setright describes why vitamin D levels are so often low, how to assess them and what to do about deficiency.

 We will take your calls about vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements. Ask questions and share your own stories by calling 888-472-3366 or emailing radio@peoplespharmacy.com between 7 and 8 am EDT.

Guest: Russell Setright, ND, ATMS, is also a medical herbalist, acupuncturist and educator in Advanced Life Support, First Aid, Emergency Care and Rescue. He is the author of seven books on complementary medicine, including Get Well, An A-Z of Natural Medicine for Everyday Illness. He hosts three talk-back radio shows on health in Sydney, Adelaide and rural New South Wales and is the senior instructor for Life Survival Training in O’Connell, NSW. HIs website is www.lifesurvival.com.au

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  1. Ed

    This is in reference to the person who called into your show complaining of anemia. I have a family member who was found to be anemic. Similar to the caller, they had a blood transfusion. However, this only helped a small amount and they remained anemic.
    A colonoscopy found a stage one carcinoma that was responsible for the anemia due to bleeding into the colon. The ascending colon was removed by surgery and no chemo or radiation was needed. The important point is that colon cancer can be a cause of anemia and should not be overlooked. The colonoscopy and subsequent surgery saved my family member’s life.

  2. Laura K.

    I am lucky to have inherited my mom’s Italian skin so I don’t burn easily. I always like to get some sun exposure, but not burn. I allow my unprotected skin to get sunlight as often as I can. Once I start to burn, I apply sunscreen and the burning is halted. I feel more energetic in the summertime, and try to get sun exposure in the winter (in Illinois) by sitting in the sunlight inside.
    Perhaps the UV-blocking window tinting in cars contributes to the decreased levels of sunlight exposure?
    Love your show!

  3. KJC

    Hello to the Graedons
    This is my question. I have been taking livalo 1Gm for my cholesterol. I have read so much about coconut oil. I bought some in liquid form. If I take a tablespoon a day will this increase my cholesterol?
    Thank You

  4. LM

    I just started listening to your program a couple weeks ago, so far so interesting and helpful.
    I think you give down-to-earth information on health issues that many people are facing these days. I have to get up at 6am on Saturday mornings to hear you out of Dallas, Tx. I like it! Thank you.

  5. Mary Ralian

    Thanks for the great show, I listen to the Graedons whenever I can on Sat AM 90.7 Pewaukee, WI. We have been taking D3 for years and have remained quite healthy. His mother now takes D3 and she has done a turnaround in her depression. Thanks for the show!
    Avid Listener

  6. GDP

    I take perscripton Vitamin D of 50,000 strength once a month. After hearing your show on the benifits of vitamin D I was wondering if it would be better to take a daily otc supplement?.
    Love your show!

  7. Amy

    My son was diagnosed with vitiligo when he was 10 year old. He is been on herbal supplements for past 2 years with food restrictions. I heard that food makes a difference in this case. However I am concerned that the supplements may have long term impact on him. His vitiligo is still prevalent on his lips. Any advise is very much appreciated

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