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 Americans take a lot of medication that is aimed at managing symptoms.  Drugs like pain relievers for stiff joints, anti-anxiety agents for stress, antidepressants for mood disorders and sleeping pills for insomnia are prescribed in huge quantities.  

 But is there a better way to treat these troublesome disorders? Maybe you need an owner’s manual for your body to help you find the root causes of your health problems. Are there holistic approaches to help heal the underlying inflammation and imbalance that is behind so many common symptoms?

Guest: Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, is a board certified internist and author of several books, including Beat Sugar Addiction NOW! and Real Cause, Real Cure – The 9 Root Causes of Most Health Problems. His websites are: http://www.endfatigue.com  and http://vitality101.com/

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  1. Karen O.

    Could you please tell me what the mineral is that works with osteoporosis? Strauchium??

  2. SSW

    The supplements were Ashwaghanda (no mention of dosage) and Phosphatidylserine, 50-500mg.

  3. KAG

    After hearing your introduction about Dr. Teitelbaum I enthusiastically stayed tuned to your program to hear his advice. What followed was a nonstop (and non qualified) listing of supplements to treat several medical conditions covering an incredible array of medical specialties; from endocrinology to rheumatology. You the hosts, let him speak for quite awhile without any requests that he cite studies supporting his treatments.
    Additionally, it was only at the very end of the episode that you recommended patients consult with their physicians before taking any supplements in order to explore negative interactions with prescription medications. Indeed, it was the Graedon’s who brought up a potentially life-threatening situation of mixing supplements with patients on blood thinning medications! Yikes!
    The fact that such cautionary statements had to come from the hosts without a whisper of a suggestion of the same from the guest physician makes me very suspicious of the his willingness to take responsibility for his claims. Please, in the future if you have a guest who is making sweeping health recommendations without any advice towards their safety of use, confront the guest on it instead of giving him a free pass. I shiver to think of the consequences of sharing such knowledge with an unsuspecting public.

  4. CMM

    Dr. Teitelbaum has helped thousands of people. I don’t think CF/FMS is a simple problem with a simple cure. It would be impossible on one short show to list everything that will help everyone. I read his book, and he goes into exercise, lifestyle, prescription drugs, etc. Many of these interventions have worked for me. If you really want the whole story, go to the book, and not a snapshot on a radio show.

  5. MD

    I enjoyed the show, as my serious issue is insomnia, and it becomes worse. But many of the recommended herbs (and it happens in many of your shows) are mentioned quickly and I could not catch the names and the spelling, when it is offered. Is there any way to make it clearer? Ordering the CD will not help, as it is again only verbally.

  6. KC

    absolutely great. Helped me figure out a few things that have been bothering me about dosages of licorice which has helped me greatly. Love the show. Diet and exercise was mentioned!!!! Keep up the good work with this show. I get up early just to listen on Sat. Mornings

  7. DA

    What was that fish oil replacement he mentioned? Some kind of Omega-3 extract?

  8. uwmersan

    Didn’t believe this guy at all. No mention of limiting alcohol intake. No mention of weight loss to help ease joint pain. No mention that some pain is a natural part of aging not due to vitamin deficiency.

  9. E.L.

    I just checked out Dr. T’s Web site, endfatigue.com, and took the quiz that makes some evaluation of my health.
    The upshot is a recommendation to take many many many supplements, by specified brand name, and lo! an order sheet for buying all of them, and not very cheaply.
    Of course if they work they would be worth it–but there is a bit of a tone of, well, snake oil sales. The Graedons of course are people whose program many of us trust, and we certainly know they don’t sell snake oil. Still. I would be interested in confirmation from medical practitioners other than Dr. T about the wonderful results of his recommendations.

  10. A.E., JD

    I look forward to your program and guests and especially your review of the latest research. I appreciate that you will point out limitations in studies and avoid the temptation to sensationalize. That said, I’m in agreement with SM–you gave a free full-hour promotional pass to your guest, with little to no critical eye to Dr. T’s sweeping hypothesis regarding the cause of most of humankind’s ills. It would have been interesting to hear an endocrinologist’s take on Dr. T’s hormonal imbalance hypothesis as a root cause of so many health problems.
    The hormonal pathology in which a victim gets uncontrollably angry following a drop in blood sugar was interesting in that almost everyone could say it has happened to them, implying that therefore everybody must take a multitude of supplements to correct the problem. (This condition is often seen in screaming babies and tantruming small children, is commonly known in parental circles as “hunger,” and is easily and quickly remedied by a banana or a box of raisins–no pills needed!)
    Dr. T peppered his responses with anecdotes and mentions of studies. While the n=1 nature of singular anecdotes are basically hearsay and not substantive evidence of efficacy, the studies cited would have been interesting to explore. Would your guest have be willing to cite to the studies he does purport to rely on, so that you could review and comment?
    To your credit, you were careful following the interview to remind listeners to consult with their cardiologists or medical providers regarding Dr. T’s supplement recommendations. However, Dr. T urged us to eschew drug-prescribing MDs and seek the advice of a licensed naturopath (most states don’t have licensure; in those jurisdictions just about anyone can hang out a shingle).
    As affable as the good doctor sounds, he has as much of a financial interest as (if not more than) the MDs and drug companies he criticizes. Many of the supplements he touts are offered and/or sold through his website, which was subject to an FDA warning letter in 2012. This letter advised him that these supplements were being sold as drugs intended to treat medical conditions and are subject to the same regulations as drugs (supplements are not subject to FDA regs).
    I’m afraid this episode worked a real disservice upon your listeners.
    People’s Pharmacy response: We were not aware of the FDA warning letter. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.
    In general, we advise readers to get their information on dietary supplements and alternative treatments from sources that do not have a conflict of interest by selling them, and that should hold for guests on our program as well. His book was published by Rodale, which we consider to be a reliable publisher, and most of our vetting focused on this printed material. We clearly should have done a better job asking him to cite the studies.

  11. ERK

    Happened to catch a part of this broadcast while traveling – thanks for a great show and a very interesting guest! I will be looking into J. Teitelbaum’s books, also to check if you’re carried on my local public radio station.

  12. Marti Van Horne

    Dr. T. did mention exercise and good diet at least twice. I recently got off of Zetia and Evista and am taking some suggested supplements, vitamins and gin soaked raisins. I’m now feeling better than I have in a long time. If I can take a supplement to stop bone loss believe me, I’m going to try it. Evista gave me horrible side effects.

  13. Chris M.

    I’ve been enjoying your program since I moved to Fl last Dec and found it on the local public radio station. Today’s program was especially informative and helpful, if not a bit overwhelming.
    I have lived with Lupus and fibromyalgia for most of my life, having been “diagnosed” age 30 and now 52. At times have felt relatively ok but mostly always achy, tired, depressed, somewhat anxious, overweight and overwhelmed. Being a low paid single parent probably didn’t help.
    Recently I’ve suspected hormones are raising particular havoc with my system and I’ve moved, changed jobs, had a lot of extra stress and probably changed what had become better eating habits. A few years ago, I was really doing well, doing yoga, walking a lot, eating better and taking a lot of supplements, but unfortunately I’m back to feeling horrible, am in more pain today than ever and really worrying about the nsaid over use.
    My biggest problem with supplements and dealing with my symptoms naturally is that I’m already so overwhelmed with my life that becoming my own doctor is more than I can take on. And supplements are expensive and I never really know what
    is really helping and what isn’t. I have been frustrated over the years with the lack of educated primary physicians, the over reliance medically on just prescribing medicines and the lack of insurance covering alternative health providers. I
    think there are more providers finding ways to accept insurance now and hopefully I can find a provider to be a partner in my health care because frankly, I’m overwhelmed by some of the supplement names, the dosages, keeping track of symptoms, etc.
    I’d like some definitive bloodwork and some monitoring that feels legitimate and doesn’t cost out of pocket.
    I will order your guest’s books and look up fibromyalgia treatment on his website but hope he can also be a voice in the larger medical world to make all these root causes more accepted by the general medical field and more available to lower income folks. Thanks for your show!

  14. SM B., MD

    I’m so disappointed in this guest – he’s on such a roll with his fantasy of 100% nutrition-based etiology to disease, that, for example, not once did he mention the role of exercise in remedying sleep dysfunction.
    This is just one misguided misstep in his mythologic theory of exclusively nutritional causes – and solutions – to inflammation. Turning off the news will not make thyroid function or arthritis go away and giving lip service to this ‘expert’ (show me the studies!) is irresponsible.

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