Q. I just wanted to share my cure for toenail fungus. I clipped the toenail as far back as I could and applied Monistat 7 to the nail. After a few days the damaged nail bed sloughed away.

I kept applying the Monistat 7 and trimming the toenail until I couldn’t see any more damaged nail. The nail is growing out and I don’t see any signs of the fungus or thickening of the nail.

A. Monistat 7 contains the anti-fungal ingredient miconazole. It sounds as though your regular use has gotten the better of the nail fungus.

It requires a lot of persistence to get rid of nail fungus with any topical treatment. Other readers have been able to do this, however.  Here is  Kathy’s experience:

“I tried everything. Nail fungus cures that you buy in the drug store were expensive. I read about tea tree oil and I got some and it did the trick. You have to be faithful about applying it but it didn’t take very long before I saw results. It was cheap and lasts a long time.”

Joe P.  offered this testimonial:

I am a 70-year-old male. For several years my toenails got slowly worse from toenail fungus leading to discoloration, crumbling nails and curved nails that were difficult to cut. Since my wife cannot tolerate strong odors, I have not tried tea tree oil or Vicks.

“The suggestion from The Peoples Pharmacy that urea may be helpful led me to try moo cream on my toes. I applied the cream after showering for several days in a row and then occasionally after that. After 6 months my nails are pink, firm and flat. I still apply moo cream about once a month. The cream is a little messy but has no odor and does not stain socks.”

[“Moo cream” is Udderly Smooth Extra Care 20 with 20% urea.]

Other readers have had success using Vicks VapoRub, Listerine or white vinegar for their nail fungus.  You could learn more about other treatments in our Guide to Hair and Nail Care.

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  1. Shirley

    I have a continuous crack on my thumb nail which stops my nail from growing long or I should say I have too keep fileing it and it still cracks do you have any suggestions?

  2. cookie
    United States

    I soak my feet in vinegar and warm water for about 15 mins a piece one at a time, then I pat dry them… I apply Vick’s vapor rub to the really bad toes nails,you know the ones with discoloration …… Cover with band-aid and sock! (overnight) Tonight is my first night using monistat and wow! my toe is tingling already, that has to be the monistat working against that fungus but also you need to repeat these steps until it’s gone or else The Fungees, Will be back again for another long stay! ⊙_⊙

  3. Lori
    North Carolina

    A few years ago I contracted nail fungus from a nail salon. All but one of my finger nails were separated from the nail bed at least half way to the cuticle. I tried all the over the counter remedies, vicks, vinegar soaks, then finally went to the doctor. I worked in a public job so I kept my nails painted dark red all the time so no one would know unless they looked up close. I took Lamisil 2 times. I think it was 6 weeks then 8 weeks ( because the 6 week treatment did not work). The 8 week treatment did not work either.

    I had one nail that was separated all the way to the cuticle by this time. The doctor told me that particular nail would probably never heal. I was really desperate by this point and started back trying every home remedy I could find. I had gotten a yeast infection and was using the Monistat cream and it occurred to me that yeast is also a fungus. I had tried every thing else and had nothing to loose so I bought an extra tube. Every night before bed I packed as much as I could under my nails. It worked! All the nails grew out and healed! This really works.

  4. Johnny

    I went to Thailand and visited the Bangkok Hospital. The dermatologist prescribed me a 3 month treatment that showed a difference in two months. It is called Sporal. I took 4 tablets a day (2 in the morning and two in the evening). It cleared my nails all the way but after 4 months it come back on my big toes. I wish she would have gave me 4 months supply because my nails were growing as the fungus was clearing. The problem also for the fungus returning was because of my work condition I could not let my feet breathe too. I will be returning back to Thailand because the U.S sucks when it comes to medication. It is always watered down.

  5. Dr. Judi

    My HMO sends out a regular letter. In one of them, the article about nail fungi claimed that there are four different fungi which cause nail pathology. Perhaps that is the reason that different people have luck with different treatments.

  6. Liz

    This is day 1 of using the vaginal anifungal on my nail will post for answers later!!! Can’t wait !!!!

  7. rdr

    I tried the Monostat treatment, combined with weekly use of my Dremel power tool, which got rid of all that powdery stuff, using the sandpaper bit held flat against the face of each nail. I used the Monostat in the morning and when going to bed, but had pretty well given up when I realized the pink had returned to the lower half of each nail and was slowly moving up. I can go barefoot now without embarrassment, and offer my fervent gratitude for the advice and to you for printing it!!!

    • Retta
      Columbia, SC

      I just got the notion to use Miconazole cream on my toenails, because nothing would work. No OTC was working for me. So I happen to be looking around in my cabinet and found a tube of this, so I thought what the heck! I tried everything else. I been using this for four days and my toenails are looking so much better. My toe fungus was in four nail beds. I was ashamed to wear any flip flops or sandals of any kind. I’ll keep a post as to how well this is going, but so far so good. I apply it once a day after a shower.

  8. Lydia

    I am just starting the Vick’s Vaporub treatment. I have one yellow toenail that is thick and quite obviously fungal. I also have several white toenails, that I assumed were also fungus. Last night I put Vick’s on all my nails. This morning more than 50% of the white discoloration is gone! I can’t believe I’m writing this, because I always discount anyone who says their fungus was cured in one day. Those of us who suffer from nail fungus, and understand the science, know that one day isn’t going to do the trick. Maybe the white was a superficial fungus? Or something else? Anyway, I am thrilled! My hope, anymore, is to simply manage my nail fungus. I’m excited to see what happens over time.

  9. Paul 43

    I would like to hear more about this product.

  10. Tg

    So I am currently trying vaginal anti fungal cream because no other topical treatment seemed to work and after just 3 days if applying my skin is starting to bubble where the fungus was infecting and my toenails are looking better!

  11. Jean J

    Grapefruit seed extract-GSE is a great cure for any fungus. Just apply frequently to the toenail and the fungus will go away. Put a bandaid over it so your sock does not absorb the GSE. It also works in ring worm.
    Peoples Pharmacy response: A quick review of PubMed shows that grapefruit seed extract has antimicrobial properties. Be aware, however, that some GSE products contain synthetic compounds such as benzalkonium chloride.

  12. Betty France

    I cut the fingers off large rubber gloves and apply the medication inside the end of the finger and pull the rubber finger onto my toe at night. Works.

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