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Q. You have written about the sorry state of public restrooms and wet toilet seats. You said to worry more about bacteria on flush handles or doorknobs, but what about jock itch? Women get it just as bad as men, and it sure can be catching from a wet or even a dry toilet seat.

A. Jock itch is known medically as Tinea cruris. It is a skin infection caused by fungi such as Candida, Epidermophyton or Trichophyton.

There is a shocking lack of research on how people catch jock itch. No studies show that toilet seats are culprits in transmitting this infection. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that contact with a contaminated toilet seat or even a locker room bench might spread the fungus from person to person. Using a toilet seat cover might be a reasonable precaution.

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  1. People4ever

    I picked up some kind of itch, looks like Jock Itch, from the ladies dressing room. That’s right, from TRYING ON PANTS. Usually I don’t wear pants but this time I wanted to see some nice styles. Not long after, I developed a bad case of itching inside my thighs and across my buttocks and on the mons pubic.

    The itch would come in the evening or if I accidentally touched the areas, then it would flare up. Never in my life did I experience Jock Itch. Now that I read about its causes, like poor hygiene and excess uncleaned sweat, I feel sort of disgusted on the pants and who might have passed it on. Were they the ones I bought or the other ones I tried and didn’t buy? If only there was a way to detect it on the clothing.

  2. rp

    “Athlete’s foot” (tinea pedis) and “jock itch” (tinea cruris) are types of ringworm.
    To avoid transferring the athlete’s foot fungus to your groin you should put on clean socks before before putting on underwear.
    Also, from the Cleveland Clinic site:
    Wear loose fitting cotton underwear and pants.
    Keep the groin area clean and dry.

  3. .R. L.

    Try using a hair dryer to completely dry the area after showering. I had this rash that I couldn’t get rid of and my doctor told me to use a hair dyer. It worked and I have not had the problem since. I told someone else about this and their problem disappeared, also. I love simple solutions.

  4. RAT

    I have trouble with Jock Itch when the weather turns warm. The left side of my crotch gets sticky and has a sickening sweet smell. The skin becomes raw. Always the left side. I wash it with soap daily and apply athlete’s foot cream twice a day for a week before it goes away. The cream is an anti-fungal and was recommended by my pharmacy. Does any one have a better solution?

  5. Betty F.

    How else can one ‘catch’ jock itch?

  6. Cindy

    I can’t speak about jock itch but about most other irritations in the lower regions. Coconut Oil does an amazing job of immediately relieving any burn or pain. Diaper rash or irritation from loose bowels – C.O. is so soothing and usually ends the problem.

  7. Tricia

    Toilet seat paper covers are not always available so a strip of toilet paper placed on each side helps tremendously. Be sure the paper doesn’t cling to you before exiting the stall!

  8. pji

    Because of having undergone lumbar diskectomy & bilateral total hip replacements, I need to use the handicapped toilet. How is it possible for those like me to ‘hover’? The problem I usually encounter is a wet seat. I always attempt to have sanitary wipes on hand for these occasions, but sometimes there are cases when I do not have them. Please ladies, if you intend to ‘hover’, please do not use the handicapped toilet.

  9. Elizabeth

    Thank you for printing this question. Two months ago I developed a rash on my buttocks that became tinea. It grew large and was very itchy and uncomfortable. I have been using a prescription salve for 2 weeks and it is finally clearing up. Now I know how I got it!

  10. BJ

    Isn’t that he reason so many places now offer seat covers? If a cover isn’t available I will fold over tp strips and lay them on the seat as a cover. I also wipe the seat with tp before I sit down, cover or not.

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