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Q. I recently obtained your pamphlet about Alternate Treatments for Arthritis. Since then I have used the gin-soaked raisin remedy daily. It’s difficult for me to believe, but I do seem better. I no longer suffer leg pain at all.

The added joy: no upset stomach. What a relief that is. I have been using Celebrex for over two years and before that took Voltaren (diclofenac) for years as well as other NSAIDs. They all gave me stomach pain.

I do have a question for you. Should I put a handful of golden raisins in a dish, pour gin over them and let it evaporate and use them until they are gone or would be it better to prepare the raisins daily? I covered the dish with plastic wrap and wonder if that is the way to prepare them.

Thank you for your many hints that have been so helpful over the years.

PS I am a nurse and have worked in public health and recognize the value of herbal remedies. Many M.D.s and D.O.s that I know appreciate them too.

A. You do not have to make them fresh daily. In fact that would probably defeat the purpose as there would still be gin present.

Most people put the raisins in a shallow dish, pour in the gin just high enough to barely cover the golden raisins. Cover with a towel to allow for evaporation of the alcohol. Plastic wrap won’t facilitate evaporation, so that is not such a good idea.

After about a week the gin will have evaporated and the raisins will be moist and plump. You can then store them in a glass jar with a lid and eat 9 raisins daily.

Here are some stories from readers about their experience with the gin-raisin remedy:

“I suffered arthritis pain in lower back and hip joints for more than 15 years, with Dr’s prescriptions doing nothing for me. Tried golden raisins and gin and am living pain free again after soooo many years. What a God send.”

“Last fall I suddenly began having arthritis pains in my knees. It was painful and hard to walk up and down stairs. I tried the gin soaked raisins, giving them a 99% chance that they wouldn\’t work. I was amazed and thrilled that after one week I could feel a difference and now after about one and a half months since I started, the improvement is terrific! I am thrilled and hope it keeps up. I am also wondering if there is a difference in the effectiveness between cheap gin and more expensive gin? Anyway thank you so much for the information!” Donna

“I personally am completely convinced that taking a teaspoon a day of the gin-soaked raisins has done what the chiropractor could not do for my feet/ankles. My problem was serious because I have a gardening business and MUST walk, shovel, rake, move around on uneven ground many times a week. I was in such pain. I am 60 and must keep doing hard physical work. It is my only source of income. Not even a couple of Ibuprophen could really help. Taking 1,000 mg of omega 3 and a tumeric capsule every day did help but what really turned the condition around was the raisins. I share these wonderful tips with many friends. This is an e-mail I got back last week from a friend who is around 60:

“Dearest sister Cindy,

Thank you for email about the gin raisins and the soap in the bed. We made some gin soaked raisins and have been eating them for about a week and they are making us not have pain in our bed. We eat them just before going to bed. I have only had three cramps in my thigh and my calf and the soap stopped them real fast. I have been suffering from the horrible cramps in my thigh for several years and I can’t believe how they affect me. I really am so glad to have the raisins and the soap. We gave my husband’s mother some raisins and she said they made her feel like when she was young. Thank you dear heart. Take care of yourself. Love, Elaine

“I also find the mustard to stop muscle cramps excellent. It has taken the scare out of feeling a cramp in my feet coming on. I told a friend about it who was VERY skeptical. She said it stopped her cramps almost the minute it touched her tongue.

“I have had 3 friends write back that the soap under the sheet has stopped their RLS issues. The delight I feel in being able to help with something so harmless, inexpensive and easy to use is a huge reward for the effort to process the information from your newsletter. I also have your book. ~ Thank you very much, Cindy “

We are always delighted to learn than inexpensive home remedies are helpful. We recognize that not everyone gets such relief, but we have collected enough stories over the last three decades to believe that many folks are helped. We think that it is advisable to use mid-priced gin made with real juniper berries. Don’t buy the el-cheapo brand nor the most expensive. And please let us know how you make out. We need to know if this remedy does or does not work for you.

For those who would like more information about the “Raisin Remedy,” we offer our guide to Alternative Treatments for Arthritis. It has a bunch for FAQs including:


  • How long does it take for the gin to evaporate?
  • Once the raisins are ready, should they be refrigerated?
  • How much alcohol is in the raisins?
  • Does it matter what type of gin?
  • Can you use dark raisins?
  • Are there any side effects?
  • Will I flunk a Breathalyzer test after eating raisins?

For anyone who would like to learn more about the other home remedies mentioned by a reader above and hundreds more, we offer our various book. Here is a link to the People’s Pharmacy Store.

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  1. ROB

    I am going to have to try this. I fell twice two years ago now and on each occasion ended up with a herniated disc in my lower back. Since then, it appears as if the pain has increased each week, regardless of meds given by the Doctor, including NSAIDs and Prednisolone steroids. It is getting worse and worse, so this will have to be tried. Damn sight cheaper as well. I will let you know if it works for me.

  2. mary jo a.

    Great info. Would love to see you on pinterest.

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