Q. My mother has been sending me newspaper clippings with your remedies for years. I hate to admit it, but I didn’t keep all of them. Now she is desperate for the grape juice and pectin remedy to ease arthritis and lower cholesterol. She also wants the power pudding recipe for constipation. I sure hope you can save my cookies! If you have a book with all these remedies in one place, it would make a great present for Mom.
A. You are in luck. The People’s Pharmacy Quick & Handy Home Remedies is a 264-page collection of our favorite recipes and remedies, including the ones your mother has requested.
There are several variations of the pectin and grape juice remedy. One calls for two teaspoons of liquid plant pectin in three ounces of grape juice. Another calls for a tablespoon of liquid plant pectin (Certo or Pomona’s) in 8 ounces of grape juice daily. It’s fine to experiment to see what works best. Home remedies have plenty of room for improvising.
One reader wrote: “My sister who has had one hip replaced twice was having days where she could not hardly move until mid afternoon because of arthritis pains. I told her about the pectin (Certo) and grape juice, and being my older sister I didn’t think she would listen but she called and said she was starting. I told her don’t expect anything overnight it will take a couple of weeks.
“In the meantime, I had been having “hippy” type of flare ups so I thought what is good for the goose is good for the gander and went and got my bottle of Welch’s grape juice and packet of liquid Certo and off I went.
“I have to tell you BOTH of us are feeling the results.. when my sister told me she was so much better, I was like harrah harrah… she listened… I take a 64 oz bottle of Welch’s grape juice, add packet of liquid pectin and drink 6 ozs each morning while my coffee is brewing.”

Your mother may also be interested in gin-soaked golden raisins or in herbal supplements such as boswellia or turmeric. We hope she’ll find something that eases her joint pain.

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  1. Karmel

    If I can find all the ingredients I might try. Am trying your recipe of olive oil and AC Vinigar as a rub on knees legs for rhematoid. Seems to help.

    I agree about SAMe in Australia I take the NutriCeuticals brand 400mg tablet. I can only afford to take 1 tablet every 4 days = 1600mg per week and this really does work I can see via my CRP ESR count on blood tests..

  2. ch

    Certo and grape juice and great partners in resolving arthritic pain. However, one has to be careful of using too much Certo because you could be ingesting too much which will result in the rise of potassium. This happened to me when I used Certo and grape juice. Do not get over zealous when using the Certo and use more than you should.

  3. JD

    Is there specific benefit to using the Certo brand and liquid pectin, organic vs non-organic? Would other brands, like Ball, Pomona, or Mrs Wages work just as well? And is it better to use the liquid vs the powdered version?
    Thank you!

  4. Kathleen B.

    I am 71 y.o. and a diet controlled diabetic. I do not like to take medicine and just started the grape juice and certo home remedy. I am already sleeping better and the hip discomfort is lessened. I did investigate the ingredients of certo and discovered some precautions on ehow.com. – “Unfortunately, despite all the good Certo can be used for, it also contains a potentially dangerous substance, sodium benzoate, which is used as a preservative. Studies have shown that s.b., when combined with citric acid (vit. C), forms benzene-a known carcinogen. Many grape juices are fortified with vit.c, so the home remedy for arthritis may come with a caveat. Most fruit pectin products, like Certo, contain s.b., so it is best to weigh the pros and cons when treating yourself with these home remedies.”
    I decided to investigate brands of organic grape juice and found that R.W. Knudsen Organic Concord Grape Juice does not add Vit. C to its juice. Ingredients are filtered water (sufficient to reconstitute) and concord grape juice. The daily value of vit. c is 8 per cent as compared to 120 per cent in other grape juices. Because I am diabetic, I am starting with 1-1/2 tsps. in 3 ounces of juice. It hasn’t seemed to cause my blood sugar to spike. Thanks.

  5. ms

    Hello my mom is a diabetic and has arthritis can she try this or is this too much sugar?

  6. Ladyliza

    When you get tired of making all the concoctions, you might want to try Sam-e. It is an amino acid supplement that works the best for arthritis pain and it also has a mood enhancing side to it. So if you tend to get depressed, this will cure that too. Good luck!

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