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We have three similar carrot questions to share:

Q. I’ve heard that too much vitamin A can be dangerous. I drink 4 ounces of carrot juice every day (it’s delicious) and I’m wondering if that might account for my dry skin.

Q. Is it possible to consume too much vitamin A? I usually snack on three bags of baby cut carrots each week, each one containing 5.5 servings of carrots with 350 percent of the daily allotment of vitamin A per serving.

Q. I have been eating two or three pounds of carrots a week for a few months. My skin is turning orange, and it is more noticeable on my palms and the soles of my feet. Does beta-carotene affect this coloration? Would my body flush this substance out of my system if I quit eating carrots now?

A. Regular intake of vitamin A at a dose of more than 30,000 IU per day could cause problems like hair loss, poor appetite, bone pain, diarrhea and itchy, scaly skin. Such complications, however, are only associated with pre-formed vitamin A. Carrots and other vegetables contain beta carotene and other carotenoids, which are building blocks for vitamin A.

While 4 oz. of carrot juice contains about 31,000 IU, this is in the form of beta carotene. Too much beta carotene shouldn’t cause the complications listed above, although it may well give your skin an orange hue. There is little doubt that eating two or three pounds of carrots a week would likely turn your skin orange. Once you cut back, though, your skin should return to a more normal hue.

Then we received this question:

Q. This letter is in regard to the inquiry from one of your readers about what to do for an abnormally high sex drive.

I have read that a wineglassful of raw carrot juice first thing every morning will cool a man down within three weeks. I don’t know if there are any side effects, but you might pass it along to that poor oversexed fellow.

A. We hope your suggestion doesn’t discourage people from eating carrots. There’s no scientific data that Bugs Bunny’s favorite veggie dampens desire, but too much carrot juice can color someone orange–a disconcerting but not serious side effect. We seriously doubt that a wineglassful of raw carrot juice will lower libido, but for those who are willing to try we would love to learn about such an experiment. There are many people on this website would would love a non-toxic way to suppress their sex drive.

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  1. Chandra

    Hello, Everyone!

    I need all of your help. Daily in the morning at 7:00 am and at 9:00 p.m. at night I drink 1 liter of raw Carrot Juice. I eat normal food only in the afternoon. Note: I’m a smoker too.

    After reading many articles, I’m worrying. Is carrot juice good for health?

    • Terry Graedon

      That is a lot of carrot juice! Since beta-carotene increases the risk of lung cancer for smokers, it might be risky for you.

  2. evie w.

    I have been doing 32oz a day carrot juice n apple for 9 mos now. Recently My daughter noticed my face was tanner then usual for winter time. I had all make up removed and observed she was right. Now that she pointed it out, it is so noticeable. I never thought it was possible. She also said, Mom yr. face glows. She is from Florida and hasn’t seen me in a while.

  3. Kevin

    I know this topic is a bit old but…. I drink about 8oz of carrot juice a day and I am also tinted orange, but I think it looks good on me and that is one of the reason I drink that much juice. Does not affect my libido at all. I am 56 yrs old and have daily sex with my wife, sometimes more often. I am also in excellent health and in excellent physical condition. Peace.

    • joe

      I’M 52 and do the same as Kevin,i drink daily fresh squeezed and feel as energetic and active as a 30 year old.

  4. PdxTRK

    I am a 57 year old man and I drink about 8oz of carrot juice a day (in the morning) and my skin does have a slight orange hue. I can guarantee you though that it has not affected my sex drive at all.

  5. M. A.

    I think the book JT is referring to is “Black Like Me”.
    My 4 year old son (he is 39 now) would hang out at our neighbors’ apartment–they ran a health food store and brought home 50 pound bags of carrots to make carrot juice for themselves. He loved the carrot juice, and after a week our so, became orange all over. We cooled it on the carrot juice and he he went back to his normal color. He still is something of a healthy food nut.

  6. J.T.

    When our twins were little, we fed them strained carrots with dinner. They liked them so much we also served them at lunch. A few months passed, and I began to notice their toes were tinted orange. Sure enough. . . our pediatrician confirmed our suspicions. . . too many carrots! Once we reduced the carrots, no more orange toes.
    Also, I remember reading about a white sociologist who wanted to experience racism first hand as an African American. To do so doctors injected him with massive doses of beta carotene. His skin first turned orange, but eventually turned brown. He later wrote a book about his experiences.
    My sisters used to eat lots of carrots during the summer months to deepen their tans. Apparently the orange hue in their skin caused by the beta carotene readily absorbed more of the tan-producing sunlight. This was in the 1970’s, long before we knew the risks associated with laying in the sun unprotected.

  7. Fonnie H.

    Hi, I am a retired nurse, and I used to take celery and carrot sticks to work. I do not really care for sweets. After a while I did notice my skin turning orange. Right off one of the doctors asked to look at my hands. He said that it was fine to eat my carrot sticks, but the reason I was getting the orange tinge was that I was not drinking enough liquids. So I started drinking a lot more water, tea, and lemonade, and it didn’t take long before I was back to a normal color.
    My son works at a food processing plant, and this will surprise you. They take the broken carrots and run them through a machine that makes them that nice short round shape. “there is no such thing as a baby carrot.” if you were to eat a small carrot from your garden it would not be that sweet.
    I also learned that they would process corn, beans, carrots, and other vegetables. They would take the very same vegetables and put them in different bags. Some were the high priced brands, and others were in bags with the store brands on the bags, or food outlets. Aren’t they sneaky?
    If anyone has the raisins and gin recipe, would you please sent it to me. I was able to get a bottle of gin, and now I can’t find the copy of the recipe. god bless, Fonnie

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