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Q. What is good for vaginal dryness? I have been having this problem for six months and the medications doctors have offered have not been helpful. I do not want to take hormone replacement therapy in any form, oral or in a vaginal cream!

A. We always encourage people to check in with their physician before trying any alternative approach to vaginal dryness. There may be a medical condition that needs to be diagnosed and treated accordingly.

As long as there is oversight by a health professional, here are some comments by visitors to this website:

“Cornhuskers hand lotion is the answer.
 Slick as KY jelly, inexpensive & it is water soluble.”


“I, too, had that exact same problem after the “Dreadful M” thing.. I started taking Hyaluronic Acid after reading how good it was for lubricating joints from the inside out (I have bad knees), and for moisturizing the skin. Hyaluronic acid is usually taken orally, in capsule form, but I think there are also topical preparations. I take it orally. The package directions say to take “2 to 4 capsules daily,” and I take the 4. Yes, it’s a bit pricey but not unreasonable.

“Well, not only has hyaluronic acid helped my knees a lot — it’s also given me much more vaginal moisture! That was a wonderful fringe benefit! You may still need some lubricant — but it does make a world of difference. At least it did for me.”


“In search of an organic lubricant, I began using olive oil & highly recommend it. It’s nice that it’s ingestible, too.”


“I have found Apricot Kernel oil to be very effective. It is very light and won’t stain. Also works great as a massage oil and moisturizer.”


“My gyn mentioned Crisco, olive oil and personal lubricants sold OTC at drugstores. Try one at a time; sooner or later you’ll find the one that works for you. Good luck.”


“We have been using olive oil for lubrication for some time now and it is great. It is better than any off the shelve lube that we have tried and it lasts a long time unlike many of the other popular lubrications which tend to dry up after several minutes. The consistency is very close to the natural lubrication and as far as we know there are no side affects with using olive oil.”


“We have used coconut oil for years and it works great too.”


“BE careful when choosing lubricants, choosing the wrong type can result in damaged condoms and unwanted pregnancy. There are 2 different bases… water and oil. Water based lubricants are safe to use with latex condoms while OIL-based ones can eat tiny holes in latex condoms, too tiny to be seen but big enough for microscopic sperm and or viruses (STDs) to pass thru.

“Corn huskers lotion appears to be a non-oil based lube but I’m not aware of any safety studies with it being studied for use with condoms lubricant. Coconut oil, is definitely an oil-based lubricant and would not be recommended if being used with latex condoms if pregnancy and std protection are needed. Always ask your pharmacist for help in choosing a condom-safe lubricant.”

Sandra C. (Pharmacist in S.C.)

Please let us know your experience with various moisturizers. What works and what doesn’t? Your comments below are most appreciated!

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  1. ljh

    I find these comments all interesting but I am wondering how exactly are you using these lubricants? We tried putting them on him and around the vagina but the pain seems to be further up the vaginal tract rather than just at the opening. Is there a way to get these lubricants further up and also are you using them daily or just before sex?

  2. ebw

    I’ve tried various over the counter products for vaginal itch and dryness and have been prescribed expensive ($57) Testosterone cream. I get better results with olive oil, which I have used all over my body for years, including my face. At 76, people tell me I look 20 years younger, and my face “glows.” I also cook with olive oil.
    Publix supermarkets often have buy one, get one free sales of olive oil. I get the light version for my skin.

  3. dp

    I’ve tried an expensive one from Zealand… Most of them do the trick, but Olive oil is the one I’m continuing to use after sampling so many. Anything we can eat we can put in or on our bodies without fear. Olive oil has never caused me any reactions; it has no additives to give it shelf life. A tiny bit is all that is needed so it’s great for packing and traveling and, it is very inexpensive and easy to purchase. I use the good kind that I cook with.
    Found the suggestion for it’s use in your news letter. Thanks for making all aspects of my aging life easier.

  4. BK

    I am in my early 70’s. After being taken off Estogen because of breast cancer, I had trouble with vaginal dryness. I tried some of otc meds. for this purpose, but none worked as well as Corn Huskers. I use this all the time as needed. It stays moist and to me has no smell. I would recomend this to any one having vaginal dryness during intercourse.

  5. abigail

    I have found high dose probiotics very helpful. Vaginal dryness can cause discomfort in those of us who are elderly. When I forget the probiotics for a few days, I notice discomfort beginning again. I was prescribed Estrace ( estrogen cream) for the discomfort but did not like the side effects. I use a probiotic that provides live bacteria and needs refrigeration but I believe there are some that do not need that which would be useful for traveling. Might be good to do research to find a brand available in your area that reliably provides the amounts of beneficial bacteria needed.

  6. Ark

    Good info

  7. CL

    In our 60’s, my husband and I continue to enjoy making love. After menopause, however, I experienced burning pain. My GYN said the pain was caused by tiny tears in the skin. Since we had always used an OTC lubricant, my doctor prescribed an estrogen cream. I didn’t like the expense of the cream or using a hormone, so stopped using it after one month.
    My husband tried using Olive Oil, and that has worked very well…no pain for me, and ease for him. By-the-way, I can vouch that abstinence before marriage and then faithfulness within marriage is GREAT! No STD health worries, and the lifestyle has given us peace-of-mind and emotional stability.
    We’ve had serious marital problems, but the “anchor” of faithfulness has helped see us through the tough times. I hope your readers will seriously consider the life-long advantages of celibacy before marriage and faithfulness after marriage.

  8. ES

    My husband and I have used Albolene (moisturizing cleanser) for many many years. It is sold in drugstores like Rite Aid & CVS – probably in the make-up section. It is sold as a facial cleanser/make-up remover (like Pond’s cleansing cream) but it is more like a jelly. It’s dirt cheap and a jar lasts for a very long time. Water soluble, no fragrance, doesn’t stain, and is not sticky like some OTC lubricants.

  9. JCA

    Corn Huskers did not work for me, dried out quickly and the scent was unappealing. However I found it to be a great lotion for my feet, especially in the summer when I constantly wear open-toed shoes. Being that it is non-greasy my feet don’t slip around in my shoes as much, it is actually helpful since I have very narrow feet. I now use olive oil for lubrication which works great. A small, squirt type travel bottle works well to dispense as needed.

  10. ml

    would like to be notified with additional information on this story. thanks

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