Q. I want to thank you for writing about warts on teenagers. My son had been battling warts for years, but burning, cutting and immune response methods had not worked. One wart on the back of his Achilles tendon was so large it interfered with sports.

After I read about Tagamet for warts, we discussed it with the doctor. She prescribed the drug and now the warts are history.

A. We are delighted to learn that cimetidine (Tagamet) worked for your son’s warts. This novel use for an ulcer medicine remains somewhat controversial. Some studies have shown remarkable success while others have been less impressive.

The recommended dose is high, so this therapy should be medically supervised, especially since Tagamet (cimetidine) can interact with a number of other medications.

Here are some other stories people have shared on our website about cimetidine vs. warts:

“My son battled warts for years. They were on the bottoms of his feet, under his thumb nail, and a really big one on his knee. WE used all of the compound W solutions and even had the one on his knee burned of by the dermatologist twice and it kept coming back.

“Then a student at my school told me that his doctor recommended Tagamet and by taking 2 a day (one in the morning and one at night) within a month they were all gone. We tried this over a year ago and to this day my son is still wart free!!

“It took about a month but ALL of the warts shrank totally away and never came back. I did continue giving him the 2 pills a day for 2 more weeks after the warts were gone and they have never come back. I don’t know why it works but it does!”

Mommy T.


“Many years ago in 1980 I had 3 huge plantar warts on the bottom of my left foot with many little ones even on the toes. I tried everything to get rid of them and nothing worked. Cut them out repeatedly and put everything I could think of on them. The doctor even tried burning them off OUCH. Again they all kept coming back.
“Well while I was at college I got a stomach ulcer (had a brother who was 22 dying from cancer at the same time. Hmm wonder why I got a stomach ulcer at 19) and the doctor put me on Tagament 400 mg 3x a day. Until I read this site I never knew that was the reason that my plantar warts just all of a sudden were gone and in the last 30 years have never returned. No scars and one of them was the size of a quarter on the ball of my foot.”



Not everyone everyone is successful with Tagamet (cimetidine). We cannot explain why this approach works for some but not others. Then again, dermatologists cannot explain why freezing or buying off warts works for some patients but not others.

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  1. Kim

    I battled a chronic form of leukemia three times in the last 17 years. I had never had a wart in my life until my immune system became compromised that first time I had cancer. Once in remission, I went to several different detmatologists who tried various things, but nothing worked. I after my second bout with cancer, we moved to another state, and I went to a dermatologist who tried a few things and then said the only thing left that he could think to try was Tagamet.

    After about two-three months, every single wart was gone, and I remained wart free for five years. It was unbelievable, and I was so grateful! Interestingly enough, years later, when I noticed a couple of warts on my hand, I knew I had relapsed with the leukemia again and called my doc to ask for lab work. Sure enough… I completed chemo and immunotherapy seven months ago and now taking Tagamet again, hoping it will work for me again.

  2. Melissa A

    About 24 years ago i was maybe 9 or 10. I had over 100 watts complete covering my right hand. And some on my foot and left hand as well. Nothing worked. Had a hard time at school. Lasers were just coming out and would-be left to many scars. Finally inscribed something. Cooks never tendency wheat it was. Just remember it was ulcer medication. Within weeks they were all gone. No scars.

  3. Marie

    My daughter’s feet had about 15 warts on them and her pediatrist suggested she try this. She took the drug twic a day for about two months and they were gone!!!! I was skeptical but it worked!!!

  4. Ulcer

    Tummy ulcers will limit the foods you can take in and we’ve an answer for you personally.

  5. Amanda B

    When I was a teenager I developed a planters wart on the ball of my foot that grew to the size of a quarter, it was like walking with constant pebble in your shoe. I went to a doctor who burned the wart out of my foot. DO NOT DO THIS. It was very painful and bloody, and within a month of this procedure I had at least 25 very small warts pop up all over that foot. We tried multiple crazy home remidies like banana peels and ducktape with no luck.

    After consulting a new doctor who precribed Tagament for stomach ulcers as a wart treatment all the warts were gone within a month and noticeable gone after just two weeks. At the age of 35 I notice I was developing a wart again (the first time since being a teenager) I immediately bought over the counter Tagament and with in a week the wart was gone. This is the easiest and most effective way to get rid of planters warts!

  6. Shana
    Green Bay WI

    The Tagamet generic brand has worked for me! I took it paired with some natural immune system boosters and they are almost gone. The red blood vessels in the core have almost entirely disappeared and I’m hoping with a couple more weeks of the cimetidine they’ll be gone completely. I’m so EXCITED!

    I have had these for a couple of years now. I’m a runner and they seem to love the environment of the sweaty running shoe. I have treated them very aggressively at times with the acid pads, acid drops, I even went to a podiatrist twice and it only seemed to make them worse. I’m 34, female, 150 lbs and took 600 mg of cimetidine a day for a few weeks. I even took a week off from taking it while on vacation because I forgot it at home and it didn’t seem to make a difference.

    I will say that the cimetidine does make my eyes dry, but I had lasik surgery recently and have increased eye dryness anyway. I hope this works for others. I’m relieved to be able to get pedicures again!

  7. Sherri
    St. Louis

    My nine year old son and I are so glad we read about Tagamet for treating warts. We tried everything and spent about $500 dollars at our family doctor’s office to have them burned off and nothing worked long term. I started him on Tagamet and then switched to the generic after the first bottle ran out. I was not sure about the proper dosage for a nine year old so I just followed the instruction for acid reflux – 2 pills per day. I read that it takes 30 to 60 days to notice anything. We were about 80 days into treatment and almost decided to quit since it did not appear to be working but since I had just purchased a new bottle of medicine about a week earlier we decided to finish out the bottle and call it quits. It took a good 90 days before we noticed much but then the medicine started working fantastically. Now his warts to the hands and feet are gone and have been for a month. I had him stay on the medicine for about another 15 days after the warts were gone to make sure they did not return. My advice to others is stay on the medicine for a good three months before giving up. It will work but may take a while.

  8. Amy
    United States

    Has anyone ever used the generic brand of cimetidine to treat their warts? The doctor prescribed it for both of my kids, but the name brand of Tagamet costs much more than the generic brand. I’d love to be able to stick with the generic, but want to make sure it works as well as Tagamet!

  9. Eileen
    las cruces nm

    My daughter has been battling plantar warts for months and has had them painfully scraped and frozen every 2 weeks with no resolution. They are multiplying rapidly and her new podiatrist recently prescribed Tagamet.

    She is 9 yrs old, almost 5 ft tall and close to 100lbs. Dr. Prescribed 400mg 3 times a day. I am concerned with the high dosage as the drug info states that no more than 400mg should be taken in a day. The pharmacists that I have checked with both expressed concern over dosage. Any feedback?

  10. Elena

    I just wanted to say thanks to this site!!!!
    My 7 year old son had warts for almost 2.5 years. We tried everything we could to get rid of it. I cant even describe how many painful evenings we had while applying Silicic acid on the warts. We went to the pediatrician every two weeks to burn the warts but they kept coming back. Four weeks ago he had more than 20 warts: hands, feet, elbows, around the mouth and some of them were huge.
    I started getting really worried because nothing helped and it looked like 5 more were starting to grow. I bought all kinds of medications even in different countries (UK, Europe, USA) just to try. We got rid of only one wart by Silicic acid over 2.5 years!
    Exactly four weeks ago, I found this forum about Tagamet. I went to Walgreens and bought two packages. I gave him one tablet in the morning (200mg) and one in the evening with some orange juice. In two weeks: warts started to dry up. In three weeks: half of them felt off. In four weeks: we still have several left, but they are dry and ready to fell off soon.
    Thank you!!!!

  11. sm

    Yes that is a good dosage and its safe. If you have issues try dropping down to 400 which seems to be the min for effectiveness. Sometimes the higher the dose, the faster it works but not always.

  12. sm

    That is a high does for a child.
    Try scaling down after you start seeing results.

  13. sm

    Can you tell us if you have seen results?
    Some ppl see it in less than a week. Try to keep pics :)

  14. Lori

    My 7 year old son (61 lbs) was just told to start taking Tagamet 200 mg, 3 times a day for a large and very resistant planters wart on his foot. He has been getting treatment for over a year with an acid medicine at the podiatrist for a year and the stupid thing is getting worse instead of better. Fingers crossed this medicine works! Tagamet is available over the counter now and the generic version is quite inexpensive. Our podiatrist said it is only to be used in kids under 18 for the treatment of warts. Hope this info is helpful. Wish us luck!

  15. SB

    My dermatologist just prescribed Tagamet for warts on a foot and one finger that I’ve been battling for a few years. Caused by a virus, they can be very difficult to get rid of. She said burning them out can take several tries and maybe up to a year of monthly treatments because you have to kill ALL of the infected cells. She put me on 800 mg of Tagamet twice a day.
    According to her, this drug stimulates the immune system to fight off the wart causing virus and since your body basically kills the cells and heals itself they usually don’t come back because you gain an immunity to that particular virus. She was quick to point out that there are a lot of viruses out there that can cause warts though. Apparently, Tagamet works in about 80% of patients who use it. She said if it doesn’t work for me, they will have to use the freeze/burn method.

    • Bob
      sarasota, fl

      did medication work for you??

  16. Sue

    We have had a lot of experience with Tagamet but I cannot find it in Australia now in 2014. My success with family was based on daily dose for one month then month break then start again on daily dose…for some reason it only seem to work this way…..never when I just kept going without the break…but I can’t explain it.

  17. TLH

    Our son was put on med today. Crossing our fingers because they are on his face!!! Were frozen off but starting med to be safe. Dosage: 800 mg twice a day for a week. He is ten but really tall and beefy; bad mother for not knowing his weight. Wasn’t really paying attention when he was weighed.

  18. Debbie

    I am a Pediatric nurse and my niece had numerous huge warts that her mother had tried everything to get rid of them and nothing had worked. When her Gd.mother ask me if there was anything that I would recommend I spoke with one of my doctors and we tried a large dose of the Tagamet with her twice a day. She was not on it for long before her mom said it was like they just disappeared. She said she had never seen anything like it.
    I was amazed also because I had never seen such a mass of warts like she had on her knees and hands and the next time I saw her they were just a smooth as they could be. It was amazing. I don’t know if it works like that every time, but it sure did for her. My Grandson was in the office today. We are treating him the same way. I will see how it works for him.

  19. Nazira A.

    Hi i want to know is it safe for stomach? I have healthy stomach but I have big plantar wart on my foot I’m just worried that the medicine won’t affect stomach doctor prescribed me 800 mg dose

    • Melissa

      yes, it’s safe for the stomach. If you receive it as a prescription then it will show that it is actually used for people that have an “overactive stomach” which means that your stomach makes too much acid and it has “H2” blockers which suppress the amount of acid in the stomach.

      The main side-effects that could happen are headache, dizziness, drowsiness or diarrhea. I just filled my prescription so hopefully, this will work. The Dr. at my college actually wants me to try this and he told me that it would take at least 3 months for it to work along with topical treatments that they are doing for me in the health center.

      The reason why I’m doing this is that my program is Esthetics and Spa Management.. so I have to have good feet for pedicures and right now they are not looking so nice… so hopefully this will work!! keeping my fingers crossed… I’m going to be taking a picture of each foot every week so watch for any improvement. I’ll be sure to post pictures on here so others can see my progress and follow along with me on my foot healing journey!

  20. Susan

    My son is now 26 but suffered from severe plantar warts on the ball of his foot that spread and rooted under all of his toes. I know the picture on this site is nasty but my son’s foot was covered with those hard painful warts over nearly half of his upper foot. We tried everything including podiatrist freezing and cutting weekly and all of the salicylic stuff. He would scream and cry when we had to go get it cut weekly and eventually refused to go. The doctor said he could lose his whole foot due to the severity. The same doctor said we could try Tagamet. As a nurse I thought this was crazy but tried it and after years of these nasty warts they quickly disappeared with Tagamet 2 times daily and it only took about 2 months. I was amazed. My other 2 girls have had regular warts and they took Tagamet and it worked for them also. Tagamet is the only thing that has ever cured my kids warts.

  21. Whitney

    My 5 yr old son has been battling his warts since the age of two. He started out with one single one on a finger, which over the course of a few months turned into 5. His doctor told us that at such a young age he didn’t see treatment value, and that they would most likely go away anyway. He now has over 22 on his hands and fingers, a few on his arms, knees, and back. With him starting school next year, and the harmful comments that young kids make with out thinking, I wanted them gone asap. (Especially since I had over 40 at his age, in which my parents had them froze of which was extremely painful and I remember every detail to this day, I knew I had to find another solution for my child).
    My husband and I tried the vinegar treatment. Most of the larger warts were resistant, but the smaller ones were gone within a day. At a recent vaccine appt, I asked my doctor if he still thought he would be outgrowing these any time soon? At taking another look at them and how the virus was spreading he decided it would be best for my son to start a high dosing of 300mg 3 times a day to diminish the warts, and referred me to a local dermatologist. *Fingers Crossed*

  22. D

    My son suffered for years with large warts on his hands. At 14, I finally tried tagamet, about 3 1/2 months they were completely gone and have not returned. We really did not think that it was working because 2 months in the warts were still present, but we continued realizing we had nothing to loose. He is glad we did.

  23. skaterkater8

    Hi Tracey,
    Do you remember the dosage for your kids on Tagament? I have a tiny 8 yr old daughter (50lbs) who has over 20 warts of various sizes on her hands and I would love to see if this would work for her, but before going into our Dr., I would like to know the dosage that is reasonable. thanks in advance.

  24. Stephanie

    Would someone please comment on the Tagamet dosage and timing for adults to use to get rid of warts? … thanks in advance

  25. Tracey

    Funny that I stumbled across this today for no good reason. Two of my children were treated with Tagamet and their warts were gone within weeks, never to return. Years later a third child got them and no doctor would prescribe Tagamet for us. It took 12 months before I found a doctor to prescribe it for us. 3 weeks later – no more warts – never to return! Interesting that it doesn’t seem to work for all people.

  26. Sue H

    I had a wart on my finger for over a year that I couldn’t get rid off. I tried duct tape, banana peel and other remedies. They started to work but I never kept with them because it was hard to wash my hands with all that stuff on them.
    I finally started to think that some of these remedies involved covering the wart. I finally got rid of my wart with Liquid Bandage. I applied it morning and night and no matter how many times I washed my hands it stayed on. It is not the most pleasant smell, but within 2 weeks my wart was gone and I’ve been wart free for about 6 months.

  27. bill w.

    I had a plantar’s wart on my heel and the doc trimmed the skin and put Spanish fly on it. Cantharadex, I think the name was. Stung for 24 hours but killed the wart. Don’t know if this is available now.

  28. Shari

    Is “buying off” warts when you pay them to leave and not come back? :~D

  29. Janna K.

    While in high school, my daughter had a huge wart on the bottom of her foot very similar to the photo in your article. When she came down with mono, the owner of our herbal medicine store recommended some immune system boosters to help her recover from mono.
    Within weeks, her huge wart also COMPLETELYdisappeared. This is what she took:
    Ron Teeguarden’s Dragon Herbs… Activated Minor Bupleurum (6 tablets a day) and
    Solaray Acidophilus (3 tablets a day)

  30. Leo R. G., 11

    As GOD is my witness, dailey applicatins of black banana peels over the wart worked in one week for my mother, duct taped din’t

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