Q. I have been suffering with a rash under my breasts. Every morning I use antiperspirant under my breasts. Although it does seem to help, the itching and discomfort has never gone away.
Underwire bras are iffy and lace is out of the question. I itch like crazy and I have red marks, so at the end of the day I can’t wait to get my bra off and unleash the twins. What can you recommend?

A. We don’t know what is causing your itchy rash, but many women develop a fungal infection in those warm moist areas under the breasts. Keeping the area dry can be crucial. Although an antiperspirant may reduce sweating, another reader has a different suggestion:

“I had bra itch for months and was unsuccessful in treating it until I tried Zeasorb-AF. I can’t believe the difference. In just over a week, it has dried up the rash and stopped the itching. It takes some getting used to the medicinal aroma. They market it for athlete’s foot and it has an anti-fungal drug called miconazole in it. It’s worth a try!”

We hope the Zeasorb-AF will help you, too. Another approach that may be worthwhile would be a spray-on athlete’s foot treatment to provide anti-fungal action without the moisture that could be created by an ointment or cream.

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  1. adriana

    For about 2 1/2 years, I have had a lot of skin itching and rash all over, primarily on my whole torso, especially under breasts, in navel, and entire groin area. The condition has become even more severe during the past several months. I had been using isopropyl alcohol to calm the itching but it wasn’t enough so I tried Zeasorb AF for two weeks in conjunction with the alcohol. At first, the Zeasorb AF helped a lot to calm the itching; it actually semi-healed the rash in the navel and stomach areas. However, I had to stop using it because it started irritating and burning the under-breasts area (where the rash is the worst) and created lesions there; it also began itching/burning the groin area. I am allergic to Gold Bond powder and all baby wipes and almost all creams and ointments. But even Vaseline, which I am not allergic to, makes the rash worse because it keeps it moist. I tried using the Zeasorb AF without the rubbing alcohol but that was a disaster– zero itch relief whatsoever AND burning irritation. I am hoping the broken skin will heal enough for me to resume the Zeasorb AF. I am only using the alcohol now.

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