Q. My son has had multiple warts on his hands. He has tried everything, including getting them frozen off by the doctor with liquid nitrogen.

He developed a huge wart on the inside of his middle finger. The doctor said it was so big that it would require many treatments to make any visible difference.

My son tried drugstore wart removers, but nothing helped. Meanwhile, the wart became ginormous, black and cracked. He was miserable.

That’s when I read your column about wrapping a banana peel around warts to get rid of them. I cut the article out, but my son did not believe this would help.

A few more weeks went by before he became desperate enough to try the banana peel. Within a week, his huge, angry wart was nearly gone. He came to me and said, “Mom, we need more bananas!” After the second week of this, you could not see a trace of that wart.

I only wish I had taken a picture of that thing, because no one would believe a banana peel could get rid of that huge wart. When he showed his friends the wart was gone, they were stunned.

A. Many readers tell us that taping the inside of a banana peel to a wart works wonders. More stories about banana peels and other wart remedies can be found at www.PeoplesPharmacy.com. There are no double-blind studies of this approach, but many visitors attest that it can be helpful. Other surprising remedies include the oral heartburn medicine Tagamet (cimetidine) or topical applications of instant glue, nail polish, castor oil or turmeric, the yellow spice in curry powder.

If you would like a collection of our favorite wart remedies and detailed stories about how people have used them successfully, we suggest our book, The People’s Pharmacy Quick & Handy Home Remedies from National Geographic.

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  1. cheena
    Moreno Valley, CA

    I had a wart for about three years now and I recently noticed another one at the top of my finger which is completely gross and makes me feel so awkward when I’m writing and people stare at my hand ! I tried all types of medicine and the warts will go away for a week but will grow back bigger, stronger, and more uglier than ever. They look like cauliflower. So I’m definitely trying the banana peel. Praying it works !!!!

  2. Jason

    I had this huge wart about the size of a dime on the tip of my nose. I peeled a banana back, took out the insides and taped the skin to my face. It’s really not that hard to do. Just peel it into 4 sections. Use a quality duct tape and tape 2 of the peel lenths towards the ears. Trim the 3rd section of the peel so it does not hang over the mouth. Also, trim off the 4th section or tape it between your eyes.
    Leave it there for about two week. I know that it looks like a beek; similar to a woodpecker’s.
    Even, if the wort won’t go away, you will probably be picked up by the cops for looking like a nut. Let the doctor at the jail professionally remove it.
    It is prroven.

    • anon


  3. Susan A

    I had plantars wart on the bottom of my foot for 10+ years. All of a sudden it started hurting. I tried duct tape but it wasn’t working very well. It kept coming off after a day.
    So, I went to the drug store and checked out to wart removal area. All the products had salicylic acid, aka. aspirin, in it so I went home and crushed an 81 mg (Baby Aspirin) tablet and wet it with 1 drop of water and put it on my wart and duct tapped it to my foot. In 1 day the tape came off and my wart was gone and the skin was white like it had been wet too long. But the pain and the wart was gone and hasn’t returned! It’s been 2 years!

  4. P.J.

    I tried the banana peel remedy after reading about it in your newspaper column. I had a large black wart about the size of a penny in my ear flap that had been there for several years.
    I cut a small piece of banana peel the same size as the wart, taped it in place, and replaced it every day. It’s been about two weeks now, and the wart is all but gone.
    This remedy’s results were truly amazing. All you need is a piece of banana peel the size of the wart itself.

  5. JT

    I love this idea, but I hate that no one answers how long, how to, etc. do you just walk around with a banana peel hanging off your foot/hand 24/7? Do you wrap the peel around yourself with duct tape? Do you let the peel rot? How often do you change the peel? All of this would be helpful information if you’re touting this as a remedy.

  6. BJC

    A question on the banana peel remedy for warts. I have one on my thumb and will definitely try this. However, how long do you keep the banana peel on. I can’t imagine walking around with the banana peel around my finger all day. You do have to wash your hands. I know it takes a while to see results but just wanted to know how long it had to stay on.

  7. Marty

    I also suffer from warts on the side of my toes. So how do you keep a banana skin there?

  8. Cindy B.

    It’s amazing what will get rid of warts. I had one wart in the palm of my hand, had it for years. Then one day I went on a spring-cleaning binge, including scrubbing the walls with Pine-Sol and water. At times I didn’t have gloves on. Imagine my surprise when, about a week after the cleaning spree, the wart was simply nowhere to be found. I attribute this to the Pine-Sol but I guess I could be wrong.

  9. tony

    how do you keep banana peel on the sole of your foot? Had plantars warts for years had them frozen tape picked and pulled, sanded but always come back. so I’m willing to try the banana!!

  10. Lillie O.

    My puppy has suffered from warts on his paws. Any chance this remedy might work on him? Thanks!

  11. G.J.

    I love banana peel, it got rid of a large wart I had near my eye. I was skeptical but it worked when nothing else helped. The wart has been gone for over a year with no sign of anything having been in that spot. My friends wanted me to have it removed by a doctor but I wanted to try this natural treatment treatment & am thrilled with the result. It took a few months to totally go away.

  12. RC1956

    Several years ago, my mom was hospitalized with a fairly severe C-Diff infection and was on strong antibiotics for over a week. She had been hospitalized for other infections in a close period of time.
    While in the hospital, we noticed that a very large wart on the top of her finger suddenly fell off and pink skin was visible. The same thing happened to me with several small warts that disappeared when I was on several antibiotics thru a PICC line, 18 weeks total, in a year.
    Since warts are supposed to be due to a virus, why would antibiotics have worked? We have been curious about the mechanism in this “wart cure”.

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