In the past few decades, obesity and type 2 diabetes have risen at an alarming rate, both in the US and around the world. There has been a great deal of debate about the causes of these twin health crises, but they seem to be linked to significant changes in our food supply and diet, as well as to reduced physical activity.

What Is the Blood Sugar Solution?

Why do foods that raise blood sugar quickly have such a deleterious effect on our metabolism? Insulin resistance is tied to the serious health conditions associated with metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. How do liquid calories factor into this problem? Can we find a blood sugar solution?

Our guest, Dr. Mark Hyman, suggests that big food, big farming and big pharma are killing us–but we don’t have to let them. Learn which food choices can help reverse diabesity.

This Week’s Guest:

Mark Hyman, MD, is founder and medical director of The UltraWellness Center in Lenox, MA. He was previously co-medical director at Canyon Ranch Lenox, a leading health resort. His book is The Blood Sugar Solution: The UltraHealthy Program for Losing Weight, Preventing Disease, and Feeling Great Now!

His websites are,, and He can be found on Facebook at and on Twitter @markhymanmd.

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  1. Mary

    Tylenol has come under scrutiny more and more since it is in SO many different products it is easy to overdose and not even know it. And some reports I have seen, there was damage when NOT overdosing at all.
    If a normal supplement had the health challenges they are discovering with tylenol, it would probably be pulled from the market by the FDA.
    Please use it with caution.

  2. JEY

    Excellent show. Dr. Hyman gives good examples of the problems with our food supply and clear explanations of the solutions. Unsweetened almond milk is another option if you wish to avoid the milk sugars in dairy.
    For anyone seeking more information about wheat, I highly recommend the book, Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis.
    Since its publication last August, it has ranked at or near the top of nutrition bestsellers and his blog is excellent.
    Within weeks of giving up wheat, I had many improvements in my health; most notably, arthritis in the knees (diagnosed as moderate by an MRI) just disappeared.

  3. Jonathan

    No, Steve. There is no THC in this food grade hemp. No buzz, only better health.

  4. TDW

    Would you elaborate, please…?

  5. ml

    I have struggled to get my family to eat less sugar, and have thought for a long time that the high sugar, and simple carbs that they tend to enjoy, could be a contributer to my 13 year old son’s acne problems. But my wife shows me many prominent medical sites that specifically state that diet is not a contributer to acne.
    I was hoping that my family would hear the message that was playing, but they went ahead and had their waffles and corn syrup an hour after your show aired. I’m almost to the point of paying my 13 year old to stop eating all the junky food. It is too bad that, if there is a correlation, it is so disregarded.

  6. SCF

    It is always disappointing to tune to NPR and find unscientific advice given to listeners. It is even more disturbing when that advice can cause great harm.
    In addition to many inaccurate statements made in the segment by Mark Hyman, his warnings to avoid acetaminophen (Tylenol and others) is potentially very harmful. He greatly exaggerates the side effects of this drug in recommended doses, thus likely causing listeners to turn to other pain relievers such as ibuprofen and naproxen which have many times more harmful effects than acetaminophen.
    In doses of less than 3,000 milligrams per day, Tylenol is probably the safest and most cost-effective pain medication in the world and Dr. Hyman’s advice implies he has little understanding of this basic fact. I wish NPR and Peoples Pharmacy would screen their guests better or at least correct their gross inaccuracies when they occur in order to not harm listeners.

  7. MF

    Like so many good programs like this, there was just too much information to be useful. Would be more helpful to have some specific “take homes” and less of an info dump.

  8. CJG

    One of you mentioned Dr. Hyman’s “diet” sounded a lot like Atkins. I’m just a couple of weeks into Atkins & it sure sounds Atkins-based to me too. I’m “healthy” and was, til I heard Gary Taubes on your show then read his book and the new Atkins book, ate too many “good” carbs: too much fruit, too many high carb veggies, whole grains, etc. for too long.
    My MD said after another LDL test that I’d need a statin. Ugh! My way wasn’t working, decided to try low carb. MD said OK LDL test in a couple of months. Sure is an adjustment, never thought I could do w/o fruits but I am. Want to lose 10 lbs. I understand and believe what I read, body feels different, still waiting for some wt loss to happen.

  9. RLW

    I listen to your program every week and find the programs quite informative. But I was disappointed in Saturday’s program. The speaker used half truths, poor research articles and carefully selected ones to support his bias. A true scientist would have mentioned both pro and con research, of which there is a great deal.

  10. Laurie

    Thank you for an extremely informative session. As a parent of two teenage athletes, we try to eat a diet of mostly unprocessed foods. Even “whole grain” items are processed and therefore, not great options.
    A great take-away was that if a food you are considering markets itself as “healthy”, you might want to look elsewhere (and “elsewhere” should be the fresh produce section where the food is grown and not manufactured).
    I plan to get the MP3 and the encourage kids’ coaches to listen.

  11. Nancy de Vos

    I make it a point to wake up in time to listen to People’s Pharmacy every Saturday as I always learn something new or hear advice that I have heard from older relatives over the years, but most importantly, the guests are always very informative and have new important knowledge that I can put to use right away. I especially found the information this morning about blood sugar and diabetes very useful, and now know what glutathione is and how important it is to health, preventing and treating diabetes and in what foods to help the body make it–especially as it concerns inflammation. Thank you.

  12. Dave

    For years I’ve made 100% whole-wheat bread, and now I hear that I might be using “Frankin Flour”?!?! I’m at my wit’s end (well, almost) trying to figure out what to eat.
    In this case, how do we find out what wheat varieties are “good” to eat and who, if anyone, sells them; and perhaps most importantly, just how “bad” are they on balance, really?
    Thanks for an informative program.

  13. Susan

    Wonderful show! Makes sense. Plan to get the book. Have been trying to find out information on the “tall wheat” flour vs regular. Not much online, is that type of grain/flour available? Would emmer wheat be of that variety. I am going to listen to mp3 again monday to see what I missed.

  14. Susan S.

    Awesome show, I learned so much and will definitely be changing my eating habits (I thought I was eating fairly healthy, but after this show?!?!) I will be ordering this show and plan to share it with others. Will also get Dr. Hyman’s book. Thanks so much.
    Susan, thanks so much for your thoughtful comments. Out goal is to help people make meaningful changes that can enhance their health. Glad we connected for you today.

  15. erik

    Thank you,
    I am going to have my preteen children listen to this!
    Thanks Eric. We agree that more kids need to hear this message. No one has told them that sugar and starch can have a devastating impact on their overall health (not to mention their complexion). You may find that the mp3 download is the ticket for your preteen since it can be heard on a smart phone while riding in the car. The mp3 download will be available on Monday.

  16. CongaChile

    Will consuming hemp seeds and hemp milk cause a false positive on a drug screen?

  17. Ruth H.

    I have 4 children who are thin and fairly active but they I’m sure their sugar intake is high even though I am very aware of what I feed my family.
    Should I assume that weight and body shape do not always dictate good health? DO you think we need to communicate that you can be unhealthy and not obese/overweight?
    Ruth. It is quite possible to be thin, active and still unhealthy. A diet high in sugar can have deleterious metabolic effects even if a child is not overweight. Eventually the sugars and starch will catch up with even people with “good” metabolism.

  18. Steve

    Hemp seeds/hemp milk; will these cause me to fail a drug screen at work?

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