Q. I tried your suggestion of blackstrap molasses for hemorrhoids and it was apparent that it worked within a day.

I also had a pleasant side effect. I have degenerative back disease that keeps me on morphine and I suffer from depression. Antidepressants don’t work for me.

Since starting on blackstrap molasses, I am now on top of the world. I looked online and found it has been used as a mood enhancer. This cheap product has changed my life. I’m the biggest doubting Thomas you will meet, but I’ve had great luck with this.

A. Thanks for your unusual report. We’ve been surprised by the number of people who report that blackstrap molasses helps hemorrhoids. There is no science to support that use and we have never before heard that blackstrap molasses could lift mood. We hope if others experience this same unexpected effect that they report it here.

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  1. JA

    A bidet can be incredibly healing, and using it for a few minutes. I discovered this while traveling and have never understood why Americans don’t usually have them. There are some excellent bidets that can be ordered online and are fitted to traditional toilets. They connect easily into the fresh water source without having to hire a profession plumber, and are very sanitary and clean. This allows less stress on the body, as well as relief, and healing that is slow but natural.
    Google “temporary bidets” to find online vendors. It sounds silly, but this really is an excellent help. If buying a temporary bidet, take time to do the research. There are several kinds, some have only cool water, some warm and cool, some also blow air for drying. Some attach under your own toilet seat, and some come on a new toilet seat that replaces your original seat & lid. The prices vary, according to features. Using bidets also replaces toilet paper, which saves money in the long term. A soft “bidet towel” can be used for drying, which is usually very soft flannel-like cotton.

  2. UF

    Can one just take vitamin B6 pills instead of the blackstrap?
    That would be a good alternative for folks who need to restrict sugar intake.

  3. GTL

    Vitamin B6 shrinks them. It has for me and others I know, and blackstrap is rich in B6.

  4. RS

    I’d developed irritable bowel, unable to consume most fibers, so then constipation. Moderate does of magnesium & flax oil helped, but not enough (still use). Started organic unsulphured blackstrap molasses, 1 T twice a day, solved problem, now down to 1 tsp a day. Add another if not easy the past 12 hours. If it’s easy, I take after breakfast, if delayed or difficult I take before I eat. The coffee after my meal is the last trigger.
    I don’t notice a lot of mood improvement, but might be some, because that time of day is the best for me. Now plan to use only 1 tsp in am, and 1 prune daily. Caring for the problem on a daily basis is a vast improvement over having to take laxatives, even mild, that cause pain, after 3-4 days. And the potassium in molasses is also an excellent balance to the effect of salt on blood pressure.

  5. beau10

    Perhaps the time or lack of it might be the reason for the failure. Natural remedies seem to take a rather long time for effect; they are not the immediate-effect pharma drug – but they do not have the negative and deleterious side-effects of pharmas. All the natural remedies that worked for me took at least a month.

  6. Sonia's Goodie Bags

    The improvement in your mood might be due to the magnesium found in molasses. There has been a link between low levels of dietary magnesium and depression…..

  7. UF

    I have taken the blackstrap molasses and it did not work for me. Then I read a comment on this website that Resveratrol worked for one person, and I tried it, too. That did not work for me, either. I am open to hearing about any other potential remedies.

  8. CDW

    I take 1 teaspoon per day before supper. Nothing special about that, just a convenient time for me. It is not mixed with anything, straight from the measuring spoon. I have much less swelling and pain. Also, I periodically wipe with witch hazel. Seems to help.

  9. DS

    It tastes awful. What can one do to make it more palatable?

  10. John

    Clearly, solving or improving one’s hemorrhoid problem would make anyone feel terrific. -:)

  11. ts

    How much do you take per day. And, what do you take it with?

  12. beau10

    Is a more detailed explanation as to how the molasses helps possible: shrinkage of the hemorroids, a laxative effect or what?

  13. brd

    I had been using one to two suppositories daily for many years. I started taking 1 teaspoonful unsulphured molasses per day about two months ago.
    Since then I have not had to use suppositories.

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