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More than 100 years ago, a New York surgeon named William Coley developed an unusual cancer treatment that produced a high fever in his patients. Although the treatment was unconventional, it turned out to be successful surprisingly often. Should Coley’s treatment be revived today? How else might we jump-start the immune system? Find out about the hope for vaccine treatments for cancer, as well as the status of Coley’s fluid. This is the second in a three-part series on unconventional approaches to cancer.

Guests: Don MacAdam, CEO of MBVax Bioscience in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada. Online at MBvax.com

Jonathan Serody, MD, Elizabeth Thomas Professor of Medicine, Microbiology and Immunology in the Program in Stem Cell Transplantation. He is Director of the LCCC Program in Malignant Hematology and Co-leader of the LCCC Immunology Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The photo is of Dr. Serody.

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  1. KJ

    After listening to Dr. Polly Matzinger’s “Danger” theory, I was wondering if you know of any treatments or therapies to prevent flares of autoimmune disease are being researched that are based in this theory. I have a mixed connective tissue disorder that mostly shows up as flares of RA like symptoms in my finger and toe joints, as well as cutaneous eruptions in those same areas. Thanks!

  2. Roy Ozanne, MD

    Hi Barb,
    I think you are so right. Actually, it is the double whammy of declining nutrition and increasing toxicity that is the driving force behind most modern illness. Modern medicine often contributes to the toxicity.

  3. Peggy L.

    Redox signaling molecules have been researched for 17 years. We lose 10% a year. These molecules are a natural antioxidant booster that exist in cells- glutathione and superoxide dismutase – as well repairing and replacing cells. Prevention and healing at the cellular level! The product is already out there. PL

  4. CAR

    Wow! That was a most interesting, thought provoking interview. I had breast cancer 20 yrs. ago-was told it was the beginning stages as only scattered cells were found. Had 18 lymph nodes removed & none were involved. I was scheduled to start radiation right away after surgery, but couldn’t because I developed a fever & had infection & it wasn’t until 6 wks. after surgery that I did 35 radiation treatments.
    Could that infection & fever have been a good thing? Sure makes me wonder. The docs tried me on tamoxofin, but I was allergic to it & they stopped that treatment. I have taken turmeric for arthritis, along with Pau’d arco & grapes seed extract for 17 years & to date have had no recurrence.
    Breast cancers are on both sides of my family & I am going to see the gene counselors in our area. I found this to be a fascinating interview & full of excellent info & it also underscores how the FDA wants their finger in the pie & the medical profession is so slow to pick up on something good & helpful: ie. (My surgeon knew this Dr. & I have read this in print) there was a Dr. in South America who found he could detect breast tumors through x-ray inn 1937 he traveled around the world trying to get the medical field to pick up on the idea & it was greeted with a thumbs down approval. It wasn’t until the late 60’s-early 70’s that mammograms became the norm for women.
    My surgeon said he felt very sad about this as so many women’s lives were lost unnecessarily. I’m most thankful for the mammograms & get annoyed when I hear all the stuff how is shouldn’t be done till a certain age. It needs to be done. Thanks!

  5. dj of raleigh

    To think the medical establishment would suppress simple treatments at the expense of patient lives for the purpose of making money is cynical. Prove the case before making the charge, please.

  6. Phil H.

    Has Coley’s Toxin shown any efficacy against brain tumours such as GBM? A close friend was diagnosed with inoperable stage IV last June, given 6 weeks with no treatment, 50:50 to Christmas with treatment and 1 in a 100 to make it a year. He is still with us! The tumour growth has been checked by radiation (completed) and chemo (in progress). Steroids are still required to control edema as the mass is still insinuated into the brain tissue. I would like to give him some additional hope, or at least some information to discuss with his oncologist.
    PEOPLE’S PHARMACY RESPONSE: We doubt it has been tested, but we urge you to contact Mr. MacAdam at MBVax.com

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