Q. For the record, one kiwi is a marvelous thing for me. A single kiwi reverses a mouth sore and a couple send it into oblivion! Thanks for offering that tip some time ago.

A. We first heard about the value of kiwi for canker sores in 1999: “I have suffered with mouth ulcers all my life. I have tried many home remedies, over-the-counter cures, and a few prescriptions. Eating one kiwi cures my canker sores as fast as the prescription steroid cream, and the kiwi doesn’t come with warnings about the danger of putting it in your mouth.”

Another reader also found this observation helpful: “I’ve always been susceptible to getting canker sores in my mouth so when I heard that kiwi fruit could make them go away quickly, I had to try. Wow! It was gone in 2 days.

“I had another sore about a week later and ate a kiwi. Again, my canker sore was gone in 2 days. Now I don’t wait for the canker sore to show up. I just eat a kiwi every few days. I’m 58 and had suffered with canker sores since college.”

We still don’t know why kiwi can help mouth ulcers, but it is simple and safe enough to try.

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  1. Haley

    I just posted a comment about my experiences with canker sores and different remedies and I would like to also say that I found that if you just try to flood your system with a remedy, it sometimes becomes ineffective, anyway that has been my experience. It might be better to just when you feel it coming on to eat a Kiwi or drink some organic green tea or chew some licorice. Hope this is helpful.

  2. Haley

    I have struggled with canker sores since I was about 8yrs. old and I am 66yrs old now. Through different periods they have been worse and then not so bad. They almost always last at least 2 wks. I have one now that I have had almost a week. Without having heard about the Kiwi treatment, I put a couple of Kiwis in my smoothie yesterday and the day before. It has diminished by quite a bit, and I didn’t understand why, maybe that is why.
    I will definitely add kiwis to my diet. I have had good luck in this area with drinking Organic Green Tea, for any who have a sensitivity to Kiwis. I don’t know if anyone else has had this experience that I have. I can try a remedy and after I have tried it a few times and it worked, then it stops working and I have to go back to another remedy. There are several remedies, natural ones, so I have a number to turn to, like regular full strength licorice, which I hated, but it worked for a while.
    I am allergic to aloe vera, so I can’t use that. I drink Kefir, also, and it usually helps to diminish the pain and the size of them. I have heard about the B12 vitamins also and I haven’t tried that yet. I hope this helps someone else.

  3. Kim

    I sure hope this works. I just started this yesterday. I have 7 canker sores in a row on my tongue due to seizures and they are horrible. Thanks for the info!!

  4. DLB

    My husband and I just discovered your site! We are pleased that you consider natural remedies, and share them with so many. I have been plagued for years with crops of mouth ulcers…one little nick, brings on a painful canker sore. I have tried many remedies, none of which have been successful, so finally purchased an Rx, which is quite expensive. It does work, but next time I have a canker, I am certainly going to try the kiwi! Thanks for the “healthful” tip!

  5. RandyS

    The troops in Iraq and Afghanistan found that taking L-Lysine was very effective at stopping all Mouth and tongue sores. You might try that.

  6. WAB

    I was told by a dental technician to rub the juice from the aloe plant on mouth sores. I find it works wonders.

  7. Rol

    Wow! Thanks for the Kiwi info., cause I have sores in my mouth all the time. They come and go, so this will help very much..Your advise is so appreciated

  8. JEH

    Please know that you can also have an allergy to kiwi. My grandson had his mouth and lips swell painfully large from eating kiwi. His doctor said he should never again eat even the smallest piece of kiwi.

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