Q. I am amazed at all the uses for milk of magnesia that I have read about in your newspaper column. I know people use it as a deodorant.

I have eczema. When I read your article on how it helps poison ivy, I decided to give it a try on my eczema. It works well to control the itching and also dries the outbreaks up with daily use.

A. Like you, we have been surprised by the many uses people have found for milk of magnesia applied to the skin. They include acne, body odor, poison ivy, rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis. You are the first to report success applying milk of magnesia to eczema.

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  1. Nancy

    Well, I am blown away! I have had a severe breakout of eczema, and I only use coconut oil cream, that I make myself. I am definitely going to give MoM a try. Thank you for all the helpful information….

  2. Ang
    Pensacola, FL

    Well, I heard Kelly Ripa (television personality) say she uses it for itchy, red bug bites, and I always remember it when I get a bite, but I never have it on hand. I really need to pick some up to keep on hand for that. But, hearing her praise it for this type of ailment made me think it might work for dermatitis. However, my dermatitis is inside my ear canals. I don’t think it would be good to use there, since rinsing it off later would be nearly impossible. So I began to wonder what else that is magnesium based might work better for that type of application.

    You see, Rx creams and steroid drops only make my ear canal dermatitis feel worse. I’d been on a mission for quite a while to find something less harsh and more effective, trying a zillion different things. I won’t bore you with that long, useless list, but I did find something, finally. It’s Epsom salt!

    I use one ounce of filtered water, and one half teaspoon of Epsom salt. The method is to heat the water well, add in the Epsom salt., stir like crazy to be sure dissolve every last crystal, wait until it has cooled to warm/body temperature, then put one fourth teaspoon into my ear canal, wait only seconds, and then drain onto a paper towel. Within an hour my ears are itch-free, and they feel cool and dry.

    Sometimes just one treatment like that keeps the canal feeling well for weeks or more. Sometimes I can feel I need to repeat it for a couple of days, and sometimes the flares come closer together so I have to treat more frequently. I don’t use as a daily preventative because it’s very drying. I use it when the heat, itch, weeping, and swelling begin. It’s lovely, and there is no sign it’s done my delicate ear canal skin any damage. My doctor looks in my ears every 12 weeks and says my ear canals are “looking good”. =)

  3. Mary

    Years ago I had a friend that was just miserable with a rash from his groin down. He worked in the Dismal Swamp so high waders were a requirement. I told him to try milk of magnesia. It was life changing for him. He passed the word around to all of his co-workers. Made their lives much nicer!

    I am 70 years old & had my 1st break out with eczema on my left hand & upper right arm a 2 weeks ago. My doctor said that it is “stress related”. My husband has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer. I was prescribed a steroid cream twice a day. It didn’t help at all. So I tried MoM & it’s been a wonderful relief. I only have to use it twice a day. My doctor said that if the topical steroid didn’t work she’d order a prenisone dose pk. I’m looking fwd. to sharing this “miracle drug” with her. Sooooooo glad I won’t have to take oral steroids. Still breaking out. BUT the MoM is a life saver. One less stress!!! (FYI, I husband is doing well with his chemo treatments. Thank You Lord.)

  4. KS

    For the past month, I’ve been suffering with unbearable itching, scratching, itching, and on and on cycle… My thighs are sore, raw red, and in so much pain. I don’t remember where I read about milk of magnesia, but since I already use it as a deodorant (works great!)… I decided to apply it to my aching thighs. I felt IMMEDIATE relief. Still can’t believe it. Now that the milk has dried up on my skin, I’ve placed a cold pack to help draw out heat. Finally, something seems to be working! Yay!

  5. kpw

    Milk of Magnesia is FANTASTIC for rosacea, and it does a pretty good job on eczema. I use a cotton pad and dab it on affected areas morning and night. Let it dry, then apply whatever lotion or moisturizer you normally use. The moisturizer/lotion will make the white residue from the MoM disappear. Also, people with rosacea should not use foaming cleansers or toners with alcohol. They are too harsh chemically. Use cream cleansers instead. (I don’t use toners at all.)

  6. Karin M.

    How do you use Milk of Magnesia for Rosacea? I am on antibiotics for over 25 years and like to stop using.

  7. MB

    worth a try for rosacea!

  8. ESS

    I have been diagnosed with Morphea (a rare skin disease) Do you have any home remedies for it? Thanks.

  9. GP

    Regarding the use of Milk of Magnesium for skin problems I am wondering if your roll on deodorant could be used as the liquid is messy and leaves one’s face white.
    Thanks, Glenda

  10. Jo

    My mother, born in 1914, used MOM on her kids’ diaper rash, poison ivy, prickly heat, boils, mosquito bites and acne. It was soothing, while drying out whatever skin malady. In most cases, it was a cure. In others it at least helped or did no harm.

  11. APS

    Will Milk of Magnesia help with Nummular dermatitis?

  12. Tony D

    I’m going to give it a try on my psoriasis. I’ve tried everything else!

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