Q. I’m 50 and I have had problems with constipation most of my life. Nothing I tried helped at all until I read about raw almonds.

I started eating a handful of almonds every day. As long as I eat them, I am not constipated. It only takes about 1/4 cup to maintain regular bowel movements.

One of the best things about almonds is that it is easy to take them along when I’m traveling. Usually my constipation is worse on trips. I know that constipation is a common problem, so I thought I would pass this along for others.

A. Although we have heard that almonds can ease symptoms of heartburn, this is the first we have heard that they could help constipation. Other popular approaches to constipation include prunes, flaxseed, bran and magnesium. When traveling, sugarless gum, like a bag of almonds, is also easy to carry and will often solve a constipation problem. You can learn more about these home remedies and get recipes for power pudding and pumpkin-bran muffins in our Guide to Constipation.

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  1. lynda

    I eat a hand full of almonds every night… not for constipation but because of sleep they are great for people that can not sleep at night… instead of taking prescription drugs I eat about 15 to 20 almonds before bed time and i have a great night sleep.. but about 6 o’clock I am awake..GOOD STUFF….

  2. JoeThePimpernel

    I independently determined that almonds are a good remedy for constipation. I have had severe problems with it since I passed 50. Sometimes it was so bad I resorted to colon irrigation therapy, which only gets the lower intestine and is expensive.
    Walmart has raw whole Blue Diamond almonds for $9.99 for two pounds. Since I started eating a couple of pounds every week, my constipation problems have completely disappeared. Now food moves through my system in a couple of days instead of just sitting there. It’s like a miracle.
    I highly recommend it to anybody struggling with constipation.

  3. hemant k.

    Hi I am just 29 yr old. Working in retail. Just telling you the routine of eating and drinking are not ok. I am suffering from constipation last few months. And no relief till the date. From now onwards I will start to take almonds then I will tell you how my problem improves….

  4. james

    I have been a nurse for about 13 years with the last 8 years being in the gastroenterology field. I have had severe constipation for many years up until about 6 yrs ago despite high fiber/fluid intake. laxatives, including natural, medications (one worked for about 6 months then stopped-it is off the market now) and diet experiments (excluding and including certain foods) but nothing really worked. Obviously this was “functional” constipation or basically IBS.
    About 6 years ago I happened to have a normal-good bowel movement after eating a decent amount of almonds one day. I experimented with nuts and proportions over 6-8 weeks. Man, I was cured for the most part. The two nuts that seem to work very well are almonds and cashews. About 1/4-12 cup every other day. I recommended this to patients (without severe diverticular disease etc.) who have not had relief with traditional remedies recommended by doctors. Good luck to all of you with this problem and I hope this helps. I know how painful and life-restricting it can be

  5. dbenedik

    labels will tell you/ or should tell you. Also, look it up on your computer.

  6. jjt


  7. Sharon

    According to http://www.myfooddiary.com, which I have successfully used to lose almost 30 lbs. (and counting!), there are 160 – 180 calories in .25 cups.

  8. ebm

    If I remember correctly, almonds contain a good amount of magnesium. I travel with a raw mix of nuts just for snacking and also take packets of Metamucil cookies (wafers)
    with me. Taste like a crunchy cinnamon cookie, delish, but one has to drink 8oz of fluid
    with it which makes them filling.

  9. ark

    I wonder how many calories 1/4 cup of almond would have?
    People’s Pharmacy response: 1/4 cup blanched sliced almonds is approximately an ounce, coming to 170 calories.

  10. MM

    Yes raw almonds work great for keeping you regular. I eat them several times a week for this reason. I’ve tried roasted almonds as well but they do not have the same effect. Many raw (un-roasted) nuts pass through the digestive tract largely undigested. Almonds seem to have more fiber compared to other nuts as well.

  11. RK

    I haven’t tried almonds for constipation, but I know that pistachio nuts work for me. Sugarless gum works too, but I can’t use it for an extended period of time, as it makes my mouth and gums sore and irritated.

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