Q. I tried numerous OTC remedies to ease my inflamed hemorrhoids, to no avail. I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that surgery was the only answer left.
I was in absolute misery until I found a testimonial about blackstrap molasses for hemorrhoids in the People’s Pharmacy column and decided to give it a try. As crazy as it sounds, I take two teaspoons a day and the improvement has been amazing and immediate.
It has been three weeks and the problem is 95 percent better. The bleeding has stopped and the pain is gone. This is so astounding I had to encourage others to try it.

A. We have heard from many readers who have found taking a spoonful of blackstrap molasses helps hemorrhoid symptoms. Blackstrap molasses results from the third boiling of cane syrup to extract the sugar and contains residual minerals, such as manganese, copper, iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium. One of these, or perhaps the combination, might be responsible for the benefits you have observed. Two teaspoons contain 32 calories from 8 grams of carbohydrates.

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  1. Paperly

    Blackstrap molasses is a miracle! I just wanted to tell everyone how I get around the taste. I hold my nose, and swallow it straight from the spoon. It’s just quicker that way. After I swallow it, still holding my nose, I rinse my mouth with water, and then I rinse with mouthwash. I hold my nose the entire time. It works! The strong taste of the molasses is gone after that and I never have to taste it.

    I take one tablespoon in the morning and sometimes one at night. It cured my hemorrhoids in 2 days.

  2. tameka s.

    I’m gonna try this because I’m having really painful and unbearable flare-ups… I’ve decided on doing surgery then i got info about this… there’s just one question.. will the iron in it affect me, more so in making me constipated as before.. I pray it works for me..

  3. T.S.

    you do realize you are supposed to take it orally ?

  4. VA

    I AGREEE!!!! I have suffered from hemorrhoids since puberty (I’m 39 now) and for the last 2 years, from very very very annoying associated itch. I tried virtually all types of creams (zinc based, hydrocortisone, avena, vit E, aloe vera, etc etc). Nothing really stopped the itch. About 2 days ago I got cold symptoms and decided to go shopping for some remedies. Found black strap, unsulphured molasses (another brand), decided to try it instead of honey.
    Mixed a couple of table (not tea) spoons in a cup with water and a pinch of salt (was supposed to be for my throat). Immediately I felt like a surge of energy, of vitality. I decided to take a few more similar cups (6 in total) throughout the rest of the day. Before going to bed I realised there was something decidedly different -and BETTER- I was not feeling the usual itch down there any more. When I woke up, went to the toilet and realised the roid was still there but quite softer, less obtrusive.
    I repeated the same the next day (6 cups) and the itch is pretty much gone. I see myself drinking this stuff about 2 cups per day forever, not only helped me get rid of a nearly impossible and so annoying itch, it also gave me a very nice energy and mood boost NATURALLY. A food-wise best-match for me.

  5. PAD

    Heads up folks not black strap molasses have copper! So disappointed. Plantation and burr Rabbit certainly don’t. As a matter of fact I can’t find any brand that does. What say you…. anyone?

  6. Thean

    I was admitted in hospital for heavy blood loss (going thru premenapause). Doctors confirmed I’m anaemic. I did online research into blackstrap molasses and start taking it (1 tbsp) with warm milk. My heavy bleeding stopped the very next day. Recently I went 4 my checkup and my iron level is normal and doctor advise me to continue with whatever that I am taking. Thanks to natures gift.

  7. Sher

    I to VY (june 27, 2012) have only bin’ taking the blackstrap molasses for 2 days & my symptoms are still the same! I read on another site’ that you are supposed to take 2 tablespoons a day, not teaspoons, so that is what I have bin’ doing! I really hope that it works coz’ I am going crazy with the itchiness & it is mostly at nite’!!! I have spent close to $150 on a prescription (suppositories), PrepH suppositories, PrepH cooling gel, Anusol, castor oil, garlic cloves, pureed garlic, Infazinc, aloe, antibiotic ointment, olive oil….I think that’s it…..with little or no relief!
    I have tried crushed garlic & olive oil after a sea salt & water wash with some relief & baby powder with cornstarch as well…. these hroids are taking over my life!!!! I have missed so much becoz’ I HAVE to stay home!!!! I have put on some xtra’ weight (15 lbs.) in my middle section & that’s when I noticed my hroids flared up….. I am trying to lose some weight with no success as of yet! If this is what getting older is like, I don’t want to!!! :( Thank you for all the remedies…..this site’ is wonderful!!!

  8. BF

    I have had hems both internal and external, often bleeding for 6-7 years, have tried every pill, cream, suppository, old wife’s cures that money could buy to no avail, hem-away seat give some relief but not a cure for me, after 4 days 2tbs per day wonderful relief. I will continue till they are gone and beyond. I believe this really works. Certainly worth trying.

  9. John

    Has someone found a way to make bsm taste better? My wife despises the taste of it but really needs the benefits others have got from it. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

    • Dar

      I have eaten molasses on peanut butter since I was 10 yrs old. So switching to black strap was not only a breeze but a joy. It seems to have made an improvement in the intensity. I wonder, though, is this a cure or do the symptoms worsen when you stop taking it?

  10. VY

    I have just started having the Molasses for two days… my condition not yet changed. I will let you guys know after a week… hope is all I have after reading your testimonials. The pain is all consuming and not allowing me to enjoy my time with my children. Please tell me it works for internal Hems as well. I dread BMs these days.

  11. tom

    I took 2 teaspoon a day for about 2 weeks and mine cleared up worked great for me. I suffered for about a year and a half and tried everything.

  12. tamm y. l.

    hi… organic U.B.M is the best …from all the reading I’ve done.. sulphur dioxide is not good for us…or the air…lots of reading on this….it’s a preservative…and not a good one from what I’m understanding… ? ! I’m learning lots…I’m using o.u.b.m for the minerals…been told copper is the trick..I’m learning to cook with it…and mix small amounts in my coffee or use it on pancakes..or chicken..it’s hard to swallow it plain.. it’s good when mixed with bbq sauce for meats …but I do it when I’m almost done with cooking..is ok on toast too… what else is this stuff good for..besides hem or grey hair? Lots to read on here…. thank u for info…pleasure being here…

  13. jn

    Only times I ever had hemorrhoids were when I overindulged in store-bought white bread and doughnuts. As soon as I went back to whole wheat flour, I was fine. Maybe the blackstrap molasses replaces the vitamins and minerals that are no longer in white flour products.

  14. bb

    All my life no matter what the doctors prescribed for me, I tended to have strong adverse reactions. But, by following suggestions on this site and having a young, knowledgeable internist, I have addressed many physical issues quickly. The cinnamon for stabilizing glucose, unsulphured blackstrap molasses for hemorrhoids, melatonin for insomnia, and diaper rash ointment for an irritated genital area have improved my quality of life by reducing pain and the need for prescription drugs. Great work–thanks to all who have contributed.

  15. Larry

    I also tried the blackstrap molasses for my hemorrhoids & bleeding; and after 6 days the change was remarkable! No more bleeding, hemorrhoids were shrinking. Dosage was 2 teaspoons daily–now I even like the taste–maybe because it works. Anyway, after 2 weeks I’m going to try reducing the dosage until I reach a good balance. Thanks, you-all!

  16. DWD

    The question about sulfured versus un-sulfured is a good one, but I am not sure anyone here knows for sure. Here is a wiki article on it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Molasses Sulfur dioxide is use as a preservative in syrup made from young cane, but not from mature cane according to the article. Black strap is the third boiling of the syrup when sugar crystals have been extracted from two boilings. It has more of the trace minerals (from wiki: Blackstrap molasses is a source of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron; one tablespoon provides up to 20% of the daily value of each of those nutrients.)
    So it is not clear if the benefit is coming from the sulfur dioxide or the trace minerals or both. The article is confusing but it appears there can be one, two or three boilings made from either sulphured or unsulphured cane juice.
    Not sure if a double blind study could be constructed due to the distinctive taste of molasses. :-)
    Back in the 70’s when sugar prices spiked it became popular in South Carolina to grow patches of sugar cane and have cane grindings to make syrup. I participated in a few but never from the commercial basis. It was a several hour process to boil off the water and skim the resulting foam. We were after the syrup and never the sugar crystals.
    The goal was to remove enough water that the thread of syrup would flow as a single stream a couple feet long. Too much water would make the stream break into drops. The old timers called the collected foam sookat and the tales were that the moonshiners added it to their mash to conserve sugar.

  17. Charlie

    I just noticed my molasses is simply molasses and not the blackstrap variety. Still unsulfured, just not blackstrap. Is it a waste of time to consume this variety or better to fetch some ‘blackstrap’?

  18. cfl

    I noticed I have plain un-sulfured molasses and not blackstrap. Am I wasting my time consuming it? Best to go out and get some blackstrap?

  19. SN

    GT, I agree, the taste is AWFUL!!! I usually heat my spoon under hot tap water. It seems to slide off the spoon really easy so I can get it to slip down my throat without having to taste it too much. I made the terrible mistake of mixing it in my coffee the first time I tried it and found this technique to work well. I take it on an empty stomach, yet have my breakfast or coffee ready to go before swallowing the black strap molasses. Hopefully it will work for you too!

  20. GT

    Is there ANYTHING I can do to make the molasses more pleasant to take? The molasses works wonders, but the nasty taste (in my opinion) makes it so unpleasant to take. Has anyone tried the pills that I’ve seen advertised? Thanks so much in advance for your thoughts and advice!

  21. rb

    Thanks, will try it and report results.

  22. DUNCAN C.

    I have a dieases of the lungs, IPF, Idiot pathic pulmonary fibrosis.
    As there is no known cure I am on a path to find one. I document every thing I eat or Drink, down to the smallest item. I started this program Wed Octerber 12th 2011.
    The following has nothing to do with IPF, except that I listed the amount of Plantation Black Strap Mollasses I took.
    About 10 years ago I ate some fried chicken that was not totaly done, some 8 hours later I was very sick, lasted 5 days. The results was Hemorrhoids; for 10 years I have tried everything over or under the counter in an attempt to get releif.
    Thanks a million for the notification.
    I urge anyone with a hemrrhroid problem to give this a try.

  23. LpH

    How about Diabetics. Will this affect blood sugars?
    People’s Pharmacy response: It could well. Probably not a good idea for people with diabetes.

  24. SN

    I’ve been using the Blackstrap Molasses for a couple months now and the relief was super quick! I wonder how long I need to keep taking it? Do I have to take it for the rest of my life? It seems if I miss a day or two I’m OK, but I recently went out of town and forgot my molasses at home. 4 days off and I had a flare up again. Thank you so much for this home remedy! I was in severe pain before finding your column!

  25. BF

    fifth day of molasses teatment and positive results so far ! wow, years of discomfort eased by a spoonful in my morning coffee – wonderful ! being uninsured this is great as i can afford $4 a month. but i do wonder – how long do i do this ? if i’m okay after a month can i stop , or not ? this is at least the 2nd time your column has helped ,just this year ! thank you !

  26. KAK

    I just take it straight off the spoon, but I know a lot of people don’t like the taste, so they dissolve it in hot water and drink it like a tea instead. I forgot to mention that I have been researching other uses for molasses on-line, and a lot of people say it has reversed their grey hair! Will let everyone know if this works for me too!

  27. GA

    Applied topically, aloe vera gel works wonders too! I can’t wait to try molasses. Can you dissolve it in water first?

  28. DWD

    Sent the article to a friend. When I first read the headline description though my warped sense of humor kicked in and my first thought was, please don’t let it be applied as a topical ointment.
    It has been many years since my second flare up, but I remember what helped. After the first flare up I learned to:
    1. Get horizontal as much as possible – this is one time being a couch potato helps
    2. Sitz bath – either or those plastic pans you put on the toilet seat.
    3. Apply Preparation H or petroleum jelly
    4. Use fiber or a stool softener to minimize strain from a bowel movement.

  29. slightly uncomfortable...

    Thanks for this suggestion!

  30. KAK

    I have suffered with the pain of hemorrhoids for nearly thirty years, so when I read about the blackstrap molasses remedy in the People’s Pharmacy I decided to give it a try. Within 2 days they were nearly gone and were completely gone within a weeks time. I wish I’d known about this a long time ago! As a side benefit, my hair seems to be a lot shinier and healthier, which I attribute to the vitamins and minerals in the molasses. I use organic unsulphered blackstrap molasses, 1-2 Tablespoons a day. Thanks so very much for publishing this and all of the other remedies!

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