As we get older memory slips seem to become more common. Forgetting someone’s name is embarrassing, and it fuels our concern about whether our minds are weakening as we grow older. But there are strategies to employ to reduce the likelihood of cognitive decline. We discuss foods, exercises and games that can help us keep our brains healthy as we age. Find out why Steve Martin is the poster guy for brain health.
Guest: Cynthia R. Green, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and assistant clinical professor in the department of psychiatry at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. Dr. Green is founder and president of Memory Arts, a company that offers training in memory fitness and brain health and author of Brainpower Game Plan and her most recent, 30 Days to Total Brain Health.
Her website is
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  1. shari

    Thank you! Great tips for me age 50, some I am already doing but will but loved the tip on remembering names. Also my mom age 77 and is starting to be increasingly forgetful but she is taking medication [?metformin} for diabetes so I am going to have her listen to this pod cast with me. Many seniors can join Silver Sneakers with their ins. programs so I am going to get her to join.
    I have also found, for me, that listening to the radio vs watching television is also a plus for your memory,I feel that just using my hearing requires me to pay more attention.
    Thank you!

  2. Mike

    Great show. As much as I love berries, I also love eggs. This is in reference to the meal guidelines mentioned on the program. Research has shown that exercise is as beneficial for the brain as it is for the body, releasing endorphins and increasing Dopamine production. These benefits sometimes lasting up to an hour after exercising. Consuming sugars like fructose(berries/fruits) after exercising can reduce these benefits. Why not exercise an hour or so, have that cheese Omelette with bacon(B vit, proteins), wait an hour, then enjoy that killer berry smoothie. Seems like the best of all worlds. I do agree the salmon beats the cheeseburger hands down.

  3. Gail D.

    I am a 65 year old female , and I am very worried about Alzheimer’s disease because my 94 year old mother has it. Last weekend I forgot the word dermatologist and wrote dermologist instead. I also almost forgot how to multiply a two digit number by a one digit number. It scared me to death, except that I have just begun taking fluoxetine (Prozac) for depression and I have increased the amount of lorazepam I take because of persistent mini panic attacks.
    The fluoxetine makes me drowsy so I have to take it at night and I have had to cut back because I was having trouble getting up in the morning. On the other hand, in the past two years, I have taught myself to speak Spanish by watching Spanish programs on TV, and I daily do Sudoku puzzles and word jumbles.

  4. Chris

    Thanks for a very enjoyable programme.
    Dr. Green was a very interesting and engaging speaker.

  5. Bruce H

    I was particularly happy to hear Dr. Green talk about activities that help our brains stay flexible and our lives full during retirement. A few years ago, I decided to start a list of activities I’d like to try after I retire (still a few years off). I included a broad range – expensive to no-cost, physically demanding to sedentary – and my list has now exceeded 100 possibilities. I’ve recorded them on my blog – – and would be happy to have others read it and add more to my list.

  6. Mary

    This program could not have come at a better time. I have several friends who are experiencing some of these problems as well as myself. Thank you so much for your wonderful programs – I have been listening to them for years. I’ve ordered the CD and have made a note of Dr. Green’s website.

  7. J. David A.

    I forgot! All over the Midwest, good quality salmon and other seafood is not available except for a few weeks. The vegetarian pizza and the cheeseburger are the safe items on the menu. Bisphenol A and mercury (or their ilk) also complicate seafood presently where it is hard to even get male shark chondroitin from some retailers.

  8. Don B.

    why not?

  9. Jerry

    Thank you for another excellent show. My wife and kids are visiting my parents, and we all listened to the show over breakfast. My son convinced his Grandma and Grandpa to join him in learning Spanish! He’s so excited about participating in helping two very special people in his life, and they’re excited about the benefits of learning something new. Thank you People’s Pharmacy for another valuable show!

  10. J. David A.

    Good show. Two suggestions. Vitamin B12 levels are like thyroxine levels – sometimes they help define a deficiency state but really pretty crude tools. Methylmalonic acid levels which are low really confirm that B12 is functioning well. There has been a resistance from “insurance” outfits in covering MMA testing but most patients would be better served only getting the MMA test.
    Memory loss from pharmaceuticals of all kinds is mediated by effects on the sleep cycles – especially loss of time in REM sleep. The big new name in sleep disruption causing memory problems is Topamax. Since Topamax is dosed by most docs at night, migraineurs and others are at risk. Luckily Topamax can be gradually switched to several doses during the day so levels in the brain drop at night.
    Narcotics and tranquilizers, especially the long acting versions will ruin the ability of most people to function in a short period of time from memory loss or accidents. A home sleep study can really be a good test to evaluate drug effects on sleep. All drugs which persist in the brain during sleep hours need to be tested for sleep disruption during the approval process.

  11. Tom

    I’m 70 years old and for the past year at least I’ve grown very concerned about my memory loss. In about two weeks I’m scheduled for a four hour neuropsychiatric testing session to either diagnose early Alzheimer’s or at least establish a baseline. This show has been very useful and I’m eager to read Dr Green’s book. Thank you so much.

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