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When most people think about dealing with hypertension the first line of defense is often a medication. That is absolutely appropriate if blood pressure is very high. But what should you do if it is in a middle range–not quite normal but not so high as to worry your physician enough to prescribe a medication?

The first line of defense is frequently weight loss. Studies have shown that even modest weight loss can make a difference and a recent visitor to our website reported impressive results from this approach.

Remedies in Your Kitchen:

We know that losing weight is not easy. That is why we recommend some food remedies in your kitchen for helping to control high blood pressure. You may be surprised to learn that there is research to support several of these approaches.

Beets: One of the Best Remedies in Your Kitchen for Hypertension:

Beets are one of our favorite foods for all sorts of reasons (good for the brain and for enhancing stamina). Beetroot juice also has anti-inflammatory activity (Nutrients, April, 2015). Their ability to lower blood pressure, though, puts them high on our list of food remedies for hypertension. In one randomized controlled study of beetroot juice, investigators gave hypertensive patients either 250 mL of beetroot juice daily or a placebo (Hypertension, Feb., 2015). Their conclusions:
“This is the first evidence of durable blood pressure reduction with dietary nitrate supplementation in a relevant patient group. These findings suggest a role for dietary nitrate as an affordable, readily-available, adjunctive treatment in the management of hypertensive patients.(Funded by The British Heart Foundation, NCT01405898).”
Stories from Readers:

Aya has very good advice:

“There is no quick fix if you have high blood pressure. Exercise every day; watch the sodium content in foods; eat healthy meals (change your diet); do yoga; breathe deeply. Drink some beet juice every day. Magnesium helps; drink hibiscus tea. High blood pressure calls for a permanent lifestyle change.”

Peggy in the State of Washington offers this experience:

“Yes, I juice beets every day and drink one to one and a half cups a day. I wash raw beets and then juice them.

“Had an experience: was on celecoxib for two months-Blood pressure was taken 7/4/2015. It  was 205/105. I immediately drank two cups of fresh beet juice and three hours later my blood pressure was 150/79.

I quit pills. My blood pressure is good now with beet juice. I am 74 years old. I had a hip put in five weeks ago and I am recovering nicely. NO PILLS!!! I rarely take pain pills. I use aspirin instead.”

Not everyone will get such a great response from a glass or two of beet juice. Some people will require blood pressure medications. But Peggy’s story is quite fascinating.

Other Food Remedies in Your Kitchen:

Other foods that have been shown to lower blood pressure include pomegranates, chocolate, garlic, and green tea. If you find this intriguing, you may want to watch our video about home remedies in your kitchen for helping to control high blood pressure. Here is a link.

You may also find our Guide to Blood Pressure Treatment of some value.

This article was updated on 5/5/2016

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  1. Judith
    Kfar Saba, Israel

    Do cooked beets have the same effect in lowering blood pressure as raw beets/beet juice?

  2. Amy

    I am a massage therapist and I have a client whose blood pressure was climbing to the point that she was going to need to be on medication from the constant stress of her job in a high volume pharmacy. I gave her a 90 minute massage with lavender oil in jojoba and her blood pressure lowered 50 points and has stayed in the normal range. She now calls me whenever she knows it is “that time again” (as she puts it) and that could be once a month or every two weeks depending on how she feels. Massage can have profound health benefits on so many levels. It is also very beneficial for me as I truly love what I do.

  3. olwyn

    I have been taking ramipril 10 for over 3years now and it only brings my bp Down by a maximum of 10.
    Yet beetroot lowers it by 30 and walking walking the dog for 1 hour also lowers my bp by 30.
    Beets are also a good detox and walking is a weight bearing exercise so both have other healthy benefits as well as lowering bp.

  4. RIM MD

    Several years ago I developed hypertension. I was overweight and needed a good motivation got lose – this was it.
    I was initially controlled on Losartan 160mg. Over the next 2 years I lost 60 lbs, increased my exercise level a bit, and have not regained any weight in the past 10 years. After 3 or 4 years I have needed no BP medication! My BP is now 130/77, pulse 65. I am 74 years old.
    It can be done, you just have to want to.

  5. mm

    another remedy for blood pressure is this: mix 4 cups of apple juice, 2 cups of white grape juice and 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar. drink a 1/2 cup before you go to bed. I accidentally discovered it lowered my blood pressure also. I was using this tonic to lower my cholesterol which was not high. Most people I told bout this remedy said it helped their arthritis and gave them a lot f energy. It worked for ma and others. I don’t know what this combo does for the body, but it DOES work.

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