Q. I’ve had a plantar wart on the sole of my foot that is painful indeed. I am an RN, so I had one of the orthopedic docs look at it. Here is his suggestion: Eat a banana and cut a piece of the peel the size of the wart. Place it against the wart, inside of peel to skin. He said the greener bananas work a little better than the ripe.

I taped the peel on my foot and changed it twice a day. I wore it through the night as well.

Bananas work slowly. I was skeptical, but in about three weeks that wart disappeared and has never returned.

A. Thanks for your testimonial. We have heard from other people who have had success with this banana peel remedy for warts.

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    Have had a horrible Planters Wart for 7 months, 2 drs, many meds, and scrapings still there, he wanted to do the surgery but found the banana challenge and thought why not try it. After 12 hours something was going on, every 12 hours I changed it, every 12 hours I am seeing a difference, on my 4th day. Just wondering if someone could tell me what it looked it, mine has gotten bigger in width but smaller in height, I am seeing a change in color to brown, still tender to the touch, just looking to see what I should be expecting.. Thanks

  2. WT

    I had a large mosaic wart on my face, along with several other clusters growing nearby. They were so unsightly and quite embarrassing especially since they were on my face. I tried almost every treatment available on the market for months; freezing, Salicylic acid, topical creams, etc., and nothing worked. In fact, aside from the burning pain I experienced using these treatments, they continued growing and looking even more unsightly. It was a nightmare.
    Finally I tried the banana peel method. I taped (using a band-aid)a small piece of banana peel, inside of peel facing each wart, every night at bed time and removed the peels in the morning. I noticed the warts starting drying up immediately and eventually getting smaller. Within 3 weeks all of them were gone and my face is now completely clear. I know it sounds crazy but it works and I highly recommend this method for stubborn warts.

  3. Antropia L.

    I’ve heard that banana peel has been used in Jamaica to soothe sunburn, but had no clue that it eliminated warts completely. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Sandy F

    My son had a plantar wart on his foot finally after several doctor appointments and $$ the Dr. finally got rid of it. After which I got one and I decided to try a home remedy instead of wasting any more time and money on the doctor for myself. A friend told me cover it enough so it can breath with duct tape and leave on until it is gone. Worked great and I was rid of it quicker then my sons had taken.

  5. Roger S.

    I have had great success using banana peels. A friend of mine told me his wife had a plantar on her foot so I told him about the banana peel. She applied the peel and two days later out came a large splinter. Do you think that the banana peel would work on other things like boils, etc?

  6. bill w.

    I had one on my heel and the doctor’s assistant cut a few layers of skin off and put a liquid on it. I saw the bottle – Cantharidex. Having taught human sexuality, I knew this.
    I asked: “are you putting Spanish fly on my foot?!” Yes.
    And it burned for 24 hours but took out the wart!

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