Molluscum Contagiosum

Q. My son has molluscum on his back. The dermatologist says he can scrape it off but that might leave some scarring. He also said it will go away by itself in about two years.
Is there a natural remedy for molluscum? Two years is a long time!

A. Molluscum contagiosum, a small flesh-colored, pink or white bump with a center dimple, is a skin condition caused by a virus. There may be one bump or many, and children are most susceptible.

Dermatologists have several possible treatments for the bumps of molluscum, but they do go away on their own. Sometimes they disappear in six months, but it can take as long as four years. Scraping or freezing them off may leave scars.

A few readers have shared herbal remedies that might be worth a try. One wrote: “I successfully used Australian lemon myrtle extract ($8) to cure a dermatologist-confirmed case of molluscum contagiosum on my 5-year-old daughter. The doctors were surprised and shocked.” In one small study, topical application of Australian lemon myrtle, Backhousia citriodora, worked within a month (Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy, May, 2004).

Another reader treated her child with a homemade salve of Aquaphor ointment (2 oz) mixed with lavender (20 drops) and thyme (10 drops) essential oils. She warns against putting thyme oil directly on the skin.

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  1. Lucien
    Ontario, CANADA

    We are currently dealing with our 9 year old daughter who has them mostly behind her knee and on her bum. We tried Podofilm, but this is not good to use around genitalia ( from our Dr. ), however after doing some reading, the best results ( although slow process ) has been using the small round band aids and soaking the padding with apple cider vinegar using a q-tip. Leave them on for approximately 6 hours, then remove and shower. They are all shrinking, but this is not an instantaneous process, it takes time and everyone must remain patient. We have been struggling with this since spring and only in the last two weeks have we seen a considerable change after we started using the apple cider vinegar.

  2. Rachel
    Utah (UT)

    Has anyone dealt with this while pregnant or with a newborn baby? My little niece infected me while I was pregnant and now they are popping up all over my dominant hand and wrist. My baby is 5 weeks old now and I am terrified I am going to spread them to him especially since the are in such an exposed and used part of my body. How am I supposed to do anything when they are on my hand? Has anyone had them with a newborn before and if so what did you do?

    • Toni
      Sydney, Australia

      Hi Rachel. I did not experience what you are experiencing right now. But I want to share with you and everyone here the amazing help that apple cider vinegar did to my son’s molluscum. I put a drop (undiluted) of acv on a cotton ball (small balls same size as that of each bump), put it on top of the bump and secure it with a plaster/bandaid/medical tape. I did this every night before bedtime. The acv will burn the bump. repeat this until each bump turns black like charcoal and until it falls off. Don’t try to take them off. They fall off when they are completely burnt and virus dead. Also, after shower, fill a bucket of water and dissolve a couple of tablespoons of epsom salt in every 5 liters. That would be your final rinse. These are the only things I did and used for my son. He got cured after few weeks. Be patient.

      • Jill

        My 6 year old son has them on his stomach and chest. I gave him a salt bath and now they spread completely over his entire back and now there is even more on his chest and stomach. Has anyone had them spread more after the salt bath? I’m not sure if I should continue with the salt baths. Maybe they will start to go away? This virus is so awful.

  3. kristy

    Okay, i’m a 19 year old very active and health conscious female, so initially i had only about 5 small bumps but quickly that spread into about 30 all over my pubic area…….. this is the magic cure.

    2 tablespoons of unfiltered apple cider vinegar 3x a day mixed in 8 oz of apple juice (because it tastes disgusting in water). Mine is almost 100% gone in two weeks!!

    i tried a million things and ended up with huge scabs/burns all over me but i’m telling you…this is the cure.

    add a multivitamin and extra vitamin C pill as well as a healthy diet and no alcohol as will as exercise and you are all set!!!

  4. John

    We have also been wrestling with molluscum on our three children. Over a period of 2 years each of them has become infected. We tried lots of remedies and techniques. Our conclusions in summary:
    – hygiene – wash hands, cloths, and especially towels more often; dont use soap bars!
    – avoiding contact – not allowing the children to share baths; covering their bumps with clothing or bandaids.
    – lotions – we tried them all! – best by far was apple cider vinegar and Mollenol
    We still get outbreaks but with the above techniques it is now not a hassle and we can knocked on the head any new bumps within a couple of days.
    Hope this helps others.

  5. Mrs. Bond
    Edmonton Canada

    This was such a great help. Thank you everyone for posting. I took everyone’s ideas and tried everything and finally my son is on the mend and instead of over 150 warts he is now only about 40 after only 2 weeks.
    What I have learned.
    Tea tree oil did nothing
    Coconut oil we found out he was allergic too
    Acid stuff doctor gave us in the beginning just made it spread to his arms.

    What worked!
    Duct tape duct tape duct tape!! Cannot express this enough
    I put apple cider vinegar on a little piece of cotton put it on the wart then put duct tape over during the day for 6 hours. Took it off wart would be either black or white (white would eventually turn black after a few hours of air) did about 12 a day. They would scab up and fall off then would either go away in a few days or I do another treatment.
    Now a another big help was at night I put on a lotion I made. Two pumps of Goldstein anti itch lotion with 2 -4 drops of purification essential oil from young living. This allowed the skin to recover at night and in the morning lots of the dead warts would vanish!!
    My son has had this for over a year the problem was desperate and I would be up at night researching the heck out of everything. Remember that what might not work for you might work for someone else I was patient and tried a little of everything till we got it right. Just take the time to research and give it a try.

  6. Angela
    Los Aneles, CA

    My 2 years old son has had MC for 6 months now. It started with one bump on his back and now he has over a dozen. It’s all over his back, legs, stomach and private area. What can I do that’s safe for a 2 year old? Please help!!!! Thank you :-)

  7. rachel

    I have been suffering from molluscum for 7 or 8 years. My bumps almost disappear, but then come back with a vengeance. Currently I have a really bad outbreak on my upper right thigh. I have 2 young kids, and am scared to death that I am going to spread this to them. I’ve gone to the Dermatologist to have them burned off which is horribly painful. I’ve read on this site that tea tree oil, Epsom salt, coconut oil, and Apple Cider Vinegar have seemed to have the most success. Anyone out there that has had this condition for as long as I have, I ask what treatment finally got rid of these horrible bumps? By the way my dermatologist tells me I have a bad immune system, yet I maybe only get one cold a year. Please any advice would help!

  8. Katherine
    Washington DC

    Hey all,

    I’m finally getting out of my bout of MC, and I am so happy to tell you that this will end! I’m a 26 year old female, very active, working and studying, always on the go. It’s also been hot as hell right now, and I know how hard it is to have to wear long sleeves/pants while you get through this. Treating this was very emotionally draining, exhausting, and a big learning experience.

    I was diagnosed two months ago when my doctor pointed bumps out on my inner thighs that I had figured were just the worst, most persistent ingrown hairs ever. They were quite inexplicable really, and I had a few too close down there for comfort. I didn’t realize that I’d been treating and spreading them by shaving and different ingrown hair remedies. SO

    I started the Braggs ACV cotton ball/bandaid remedies. I blew through boxes of bandaids, the vinegar hurt, bandaids added to irritating my skin. This was hard, but it worked. If you’re persistent, you can get them in less than a week. But more may pop up, like they did with me… it seems once I started treating them, more popped up all over my legs and thighs. Not cool. After two weeks or so, it seemed they were all gone, I was healing. I moved on. Then I shaved, a few days later I felt a bump. I noticed another, and another on a my chest! It started again…part two.

    I started bathing in EPSOM SALT. This is KEY. It works. I added sea salt and ACV to my baths when things were bad. but, I made a HUGE mistake, I rubbed my body down in sea salt too. I read somewhere that someone had success with this tactic, I ignored my common sense… and they spread. all over my legs. all over my chest. a few on my arms. I couldn’t believe it. I breathed, stayed calm as I could. But I cried. I scoured the internet for help, doctors were no help.

    Now, let me tell you secret number two that rescued me from my scrub mistake. COCONUT OIL. I’m in love with it even more than I was ever before (I’ve always loved it). Here is how I got rid of my horrendous molloscum in two weeks.

    For the bad, obvious bumps, I ACV cotton ball bandaided them morning, mid afternoon, and night. I q-tipped tea tree oil on the bumps before I put the acv soaked cotton ball over it, I swear this really helped speed up the process. Be careful with tea tree on your skin! It can really burn, so use caution/don’t over do it.

    Along with the ACV bandaids, I took morning and night baths in hot water with at least three cups of Epsom salt, plenty of sea salt, and apple cider vinegar for a week. After a week, I switched to just Epsom and sea salt, and cut out the vinegar.

    I’m a grown person so I could handle all this mix, maybe a child will need to tone down the mixture.

    The bumps swell, they get soft, turn white…do NOT scrub them. I lathered and rinsed off with soap after every bath. Now, for the best part… COCONUT OIL. I added a few drops of Tea tree to the coconut oil, and put it all over my body. I know you’ll think youre spreading it, but you’re not. It’s anti microbal and amazing. Morning and night. You’ll be greasy, so wear loose clothing as you can and let it soak in before you put on your regular clothes. It may look like new bumps are appearing on your skin. Don’t stress (I had a mini panic attack). The coconut oil and bathing will make them disappear in no time. It prevents them from spreading as your bumps heal. Don’t bother ACV bandaiding any baby bumps. I swear… this combination, you will be set!

    I also am taking 200mg of citadel (tagamet) three times a day, and Thuja homeopathic pills (5 of them three times a day) for about two weeks. I think the Tagamet really helps kill them faster, and doesn’t let those new baby bumps get by! Its worth a try, but I would consult your doctor if you have a medical condition.

    I was desperate and tried all these remedies, and I am finally healing! No new bumps for over a week and I’m now just showering as usual, lathering up in coconut oil morning and night, and continuing tagamet and thuja for at least another week to be sure. I’ll be taking nightly epsom baths for the next week and using coconut oil for at least another two weeks just to be sure, and theyre both very nice for the skin.

    It’s been really hard. I’ve been covering up my body on the hottest days of summer because they spread everywhere. But it WILL pass. keep your head up. be smart, wash your towels, clothes, sheets after every contact with your skin (lots of laundry but worth not spreading it!). epsom salt, ACV, coconut oil, and tea tree are a killer combo. tagamet and thuja may help too.

    Let others know what works – this website and a few others is the only way I got through this. Good luck!!

    • Amy
      Westminster, Md

      Just wondering how long to sit in the vinegar bath and what form the coconut oil you used was in. Thanks!!

  9. Liz
    Orange County

    Daughter has had lesions since she was 9 months old. Her first lesion I thought was a skin tag. I then messed with it and popped it before I knew what it was. It came back and was just there for two years! I never asked what it was just didn’t pay much attention to it. When she was three I started her in school in the summertime. She started to get really hit and sweaty and one day I saw her scratching her bump. When I looked at it it was inflamed and red. Then there were two huge bumps and little bumps all around . I started to wonder what the heck it was. Diagnosed it myself about 5 months later basically thinking it would go away. Found a site about ACV. Didn’t work at all and it hurt. So
    I left them alone. Got essential oils for Christmas and recently tried the oregano oil on one. I didn’t dilute it enough and my daughter was in serious pain and I felt horrible! Just placed a couple dabs on the infected area. She was crying so hard that I wiped it off right away. Didn’t think anything of it but one of the bumps started to turn black and then scabbed over. Took about 2 weeks after the initial use. So tonight I tried it again dabbing just the bump with the tip of a qtip. She said it was hurting but I let it sit a little longer. Make sure you are diluting the oil enough, I made the mistake twice! Crossing my fingers it works on the second biggest bump! Directs Oregano essential oil worked for me!

  10. Allison

    My daughter is 3 years old turning 4 in a few months. At her 3 year appt I talked to the Dr about these little bumps I saw and she said it was molluscum and would go away on its own in a few months. Well almost a year later they were still there and spreading rapidly. They started on her underarm but now were spread to her belly, back, down her arm and a few were on her neck. I started to get very nervous as the bumps were spreading closer to her face and I was afraid they would start to cover her face as they did her body. I brought my concerns to her Dr who once again said there was not much that could be done but gave us a cream for some that were getting red and irritated. She said they could burn some off but at this point she had 75-100 so that was’t going to work and would be painful.

    I started researching and spent months trying to find the right approach before trying a treatment with Apple Cider Vinegar. We are now 3 weeks into it and she is bump free! So here is what we did. I bought Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) with “the Mother”-a huge bottle of it. After her bath I set out a bunch of bandaids and broke apart some cotton squares I had for make up into small pieces. She had SO many bumps this process seemed overwhelming so I just started with a small area on her back. I dipped the cotton into a cup of ACV, put it on the bandaid and placed it directly on the bump. Sometimes I could get 1-3 bumps covered with one bandaid if they were close enough. And I did this to cover about 10 bumps the first night. My daughter has very sensitive skin and true fear of bandaids so I was very nervous that this would not go well. I created a sticker chart with her and explained that every night she was brave as we covered her “bumps” she would get a sticker and once we filled her page with stickers she could pick out a small treat. This step was crucial as this process was not easy for her but this helped her be more invested in it. I would also give her bandaids and a small cup of water and cotton to use on her barbie’s “bumps”. They next morning when she woke up I was amazed as some of the bumps had already turned black which meant they were gone and the others were changing as well-some a little red or more white which I read was a good sign and was encouraging to keep going. I then covered the entire area with Coconut oil to help calm the irritated skin but coconut oil and it’s antibacterial benefits have also proved to help with molluscum so this was a win win. I did not cover the bumps all day with a bandaid or anything. We reported this process with ACV every night and coconut oil every day. Once any of the bumps turned black I would stop treating them directly with the ACV. Additionally I started to add about 1/2 cup of ACV to her baths (that she would take every other night) and made sure to really soak the affected area for about 10-15 minutes before we would apply the bandaid. After about 3 nights of the treatment she started to say that some of her bumps hurt when I applied the ACV-if anything ever hurt I would just take a break and apply coconut oil and then come back to it in a day or two but sometimes they would just go away. I read somewhere that someone had more success when they kind of picked at the bumps before applying the ACV-I tried this but my daughter said it hurt so I did not push it and was still successful with just applying the ACV.

    Most bumps would turn black in about 1-2 nights-some larger ones took 3-4 nights max. Some bumps never turned black but instead get very white and seemed to go away as well. I only treated one area at a time, and my daughter had so many bumps which is why it took about 3 weeks for them all to clear. The hardest to treat where the ones under the armpit just due to getting the bandaids to stick. It does look much worse before it gets better. After the first few days her skin was red with some black bumps and I began to question if this was a good idea but she said it did not hurt and the bumps were going away. I am so happy we stuck with it.
    Once the bumps turned black they did scab a bit and some of the skin was red around them. I regularly applied coconut oil to help the skin heal or a little Neosporin. The bumps that were first to turn black are now completely gone and the skin it back to normal-no scarring.

    She earned a special toy for being so brave and such a trooper through the process-but she is even more excited that her bumps are gone and so am I. I just wanted to share my success with this treatment as I was at such a loss and relied on blogs and info like this to find something that worked. Good luck!

  11. Carly R

    My daughter has had these bumps for almost a year with them spreading from a few to at least 75-100 all over her but and a few on the insides of her leg. Our pediatrician said there wasn’t much that could be done and suggested tea tree oil. I applied this and her skin became very rough and red and the bumps were still there. I then remembered this site and looked up and read what people tried.

    I decided to go with the salt baths since this seemed pretty benign and easy for a 5 year old…what five year doesn’t like an extended bath time? I also followed the bath time up by rubbing the coconut oil on her bum, this was to help with the rough skin.

    Her bumps have now all gone down and am just continuing to apply the oil. Can’t wait to tell her Dr about this.

  12. Samantha

    I’ve had my MC for about three months now. My doctor said they go away on their own in about two months but it only seemed to get worse, so after a month of that I decided to use the prescription cream called aldera. It works but at a very slow rate and also doesn’t stop them from spreading, as I have developed many new ones without ever scratching. I’m going to try the Epsom salt baths tonight snd hope I see more results

  13. Abby

    Given the amount of research I did online trying to find a solution for our daugher’s molluscum, I had to share the medical cure we finally found. Her case was extreme – the worst the pediatric dermatologist had ever seen with hundreds of bump everywhere but her face. We tried everything: vinegar baths, bleach baths, zymaderm, essential oils (clove, lemon myrtle, tea tree, etc. etc.), duck tape, potassium hydrochloride, tagamet, salicylic acid, and on and on. Nothing worked.

    The dermatologist recommended immunotherapy since she had too many to freeze or scrape them off. She injected 3-4 of the bumps with the yeast candida in a specific region at a series of 3 appointments 3 weeks apart. First we injected 3 bumps on her back. The next appointment was 4 on her torso and bottom. And finally 4 on her arms and legs. The results were amazing, but mainly kicked in after the second appointment. They just started to disappear, no matter the developmental stage they were in. The ones she had scratched took longer to heal, but also went away. We are now focused on helping her skin be as healthy as possible so the scars can fade.

    I hope this helps others fighting this horrible virus. Please ask for a derm referral and that they do the candida injections. It does an amazing job of stimulating the child’s immune system to fight it off. Good luck!

  14. AAS

    Hi, just wanted to update everyone on my MC treatment. After 2 months, I am completely MC free! Because I am in my twenties and very sexually active, I did everything to get rid of it ASAP. At night, I would take hot epsom salt baths (2 cups/bath) and shower right afterwards. Also, I dried off my hair and extremities with a towel, but when I got anywhere near the affected area I would use paper towels and pat dry. After I got out of the shower, I would lather coconut oil onto the affected areas. I also took 2 Tagmet pills 3 times a day as well as Lysine. I developed this routine after spending countless hours scouring every web page and compiling info about what seemed to work best. It took about 4 weeks to see any changes, but at one month, I could definitely begin to see the changes. I stopped using the coconut oil just after a month but continued with the epsom salt, Tagmet and Lysine. Now 25lbs of epsom salt later, I’m back to my old self. I developed red spots on my arms after the first few epsom salt baths, which led me to think I was allergic to it; turns out it was a heat rash from making the baths way too HOT. Just be aware in case this happens to you.
    To summarize: Hot epsom salt baths did the trick. Trim, don’t shave. Coconut oil makes your skin soft. Try epsom salt before wasting $30 on Zymaderm like I did. Be patient and don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results within the first few weeks. Thank you everyone for the input, and happy holidays! :D

    • Toni

      Hi there AAS. What do you think about the sea water? Instead of Epson salt bath? I started bringing my son to the beach. Today is just the second day. I let him stay in the water for half hour.

      • AAS

        I can’t comment on sea water, but I did try the dead sea salts when I thought I was having a reaction to the epsom salt. I think it’s the magnesium sulfate that kills the MC virus so your method may or may not work depending on the level of MgSO present in sea water. I like to stick with techniques that have proven to be effective. However, if your technique works for you, comment back and let us know.

    • BB

      Hi, I was wondering if you bathed your whole body in the epsom salt bath? And how long did you bathe in it? Also I was wondering if you rinsed off after applying the coconut oil?

      Have you try using the tea tree oil either?

      I’ve noticed I had it for 3 weeks now and I want it gone because I’m also really sexually active. So please help me!!!

      • Lc

        My daughter had this twice. Both times were treated with tea tree oil on qtips morning and night. It dries them out amd they eventually just die. It lasted about 3 weeks. I used a lot of clean qtips, washed towels everyday and had her wear pajamas only once. No tub baths! I have never used tea tree oil for anything else but I was amazed at the results. Use 100% high quality tea tree oil.

    • SJ

      Hi, I have MC and want to try the Epsom Salt baths. Just wondering though, did you disinfect the bath tub after each use? Or is it unnecessary? I have a housemate and would hate to put her at risk!

  15. Garda Collison

    See the thyme and lavender treatment – it really works!

  16. A.J.D

    I’m 19 year old male, and have MC for 3 months now! About 7 on my face and 4 in the genital area… It’s very worrying seeing it spread and I am trying a couple of remedies.
    Iodine did not work at all..after using it for 3 weeks it only stung and left red rashes on my face which practically highlighted the suckers.
    I’m currently using this cold sore cream my pharmacy gave and also thyme oil. The thyme oil burns like hell!! Especially after I accidentally got it in my eye (there’s two directly under my eye). I’m seeing no change and I’m losing hope..
    I’m going to start bathing in Epsom salts and then rubbing coconut oil, I really hope it works as my
    girlfriend can barely touch me in fear she will get infected too, the positive reviews on it encourages me so I’ll repost in a week and update on the situation.

    • AAS

      I’m 24 and recently got MC. At first I thought it was just ingrown pubic hair, but it soon spread all over my pubic area. I just took my first hot Epsom salt bath and also just finished lathering on coconut oil. I’ll report back on the progress. BTW, Walmart has 8lb bags of Epsom salt for $5. Thanks for all the input everyone.

      • Claudia

        How long were the baths you took? I’m trying to get ride of MC !

    • Jane Ross

      My granddaughter was just diagnosed with molluscum and her pediatrician said to use zymaderm, an over- the- counter treatment. After trying to find it at two drug stores, I found it online. Comments regarding its use were quite positive and I am ordering some for her to try.

    • Toni

      AJD, any update? Thanks.

  17. SH

    A follow-up to my earlier post: it seems like Epsom Salt works MUCH better in the bath than Dead Sea Salts. After posting, I even began taking hot baths with Epsom Salt and it disappeared much faster than in the lukewarm baths! It seems that the heat must open up the pores and expose the skin to the salt (specifically, the magnesium sulphate in Epsom Salt), which the virus seems to hate. When taking a hot bath, just make sure not to scrub his body or touch his spots to unaffected parts of his body.
    I stopped the coconut oil, but the baths work wonders. I’m down from hundreds of spots to nothing!
    Also, Morton makes an Epsom Salt lotion. This works a bit slower but it does not seem to spread it, and can be more convenient than taking a bath.
    Good luck to you! I hope this works as well for your son as it did for me!

  18. C.D.W

    Found out a week ago my son has this virus! Doc says up to two years. Also, I didn’t know what it was and put Hydrocortisone cream on it and apparently that is a major NO! It made his 5 bumps go to about 50 under his armpit. Going to try the Dead Sea Salt bath with Coconut oil and hope for the best. Good Luck to all!

  19. E.H.

    I don’t know if you read the comments about bathing in dead sea salts, but I found out about it from the site and tried it. It’s for my daughter. We had been battling it for ever, it seemed. The dead sea salts worked miracles! I highly recommend it! Bath in 2 cups of it each night for 30 minutes and you will immediately see results. My daughters are almost completely gone and we’ve been doing it a little over 2 weeks. I hope this helps! Please don’t be depressed about this, cheer up! Hopefully this is your answer!

  20. OH

    Hi! I was just diagnosed with molluscum a week ago and it’s been a serious bummer. My sister and I picked it up from an unsanitary waxing salon. SO BEWARE.
    It’s safe to say I will never wax again. My doctor prescribed the Aldara cream, but she said it could take up to four months for it to work! Plus it doesn’t stop them from spreading, so I’ve been using that and then on the nights when I don’t use that I’ve been using tea tree oil.
    My spots started as 12 and have now increased to twenty in just four days. I was just wondering how long the salt baths took for you to get rid of the lesions completely, and if you have had any re-occurrence of lesions since they cleared up! Thank you for this post! I know I haven’t had them long, but I already just want them to go away!

  21. OH

    Hi I was just diagnosed with molluscum and I have been using the tea tree oil for 4 days now. How long did it take for your son’s lesions to clear up using the tea tree oil?

  22. SH

    I am writing to try to prevent any unnecessary suffering I can by sharing what worked for me to get rid of the god-awful molluscum that has been plaguing me—in A WEEK.
    The short answer is this: bathing in Dead Sea Salts/Epsom salts each night (2 cups of salt, soak for at least 30 minutes) and then slathering my body in coconut oil infused with clove oil. I’ve been suffering from molluscum for 7 months—and spending hours each day for the past 3 months applying bandages soaked in Apple Cider Vinegar—and the bathing/coconut oil has rid me of dozens of spots within four days!!
    So PLEASE try it—it won’t hurt or sting like ACV, it won’t scar (it’s in fact really GOOD for your skin), the coconut oil soothes itching, and your suffering will finally be OVER.
    I read about the sea salts and coconut oil on this site–THANK YOU, J.B. and Lauren!!
    (Note: I only used tepid—not hot– water to bathe in because I was terrified it would spread the virus. I bathed my leg in tepid water for a week to make sure it wouldn’t spread before soaking my whole body in the tub. I was also scared that the coconut oil would spread the infection. Neither, thank God, did. I CAN’T SPEAK TO WHETHER BATHING IN HOT WATER WOULD SPREAD IT, THOUGH).
    Coconut oil has lauric acid in it which is anti-viral. I bought Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and added 10 drops of clove oil for each tablespoon of coconut oil (had to warm it in the microwave to make it spreadable). I also added 10 drops of something called “Thieves Oil” which has clove oil, cinnamon oil, lemon oil, and eucalyptus; this smelled great and the cinnamon oil seemed to improve the circulation.
    Meanwhile, internally, take Tagamet (Cimetidine), which will enhance T-Lymphocytic activity. I took 400mg 3 times a day. It definitely didn’t make my spots disappear, but it did keep them from reaching mature size. By the time I found the sea salt and coconut oil/clove oil treatment, I had dozens of small spots. (My derm froze the first set of spots—which were twice as big as pimples—and left scars. I don’t know why, but after she treated them, I found new spots popping up all over my body. But the Cimetidine seemed to keep them small; few ever developed a visible white core. I think the sea salt and coconut oil /clove oil worked so quickly because the Cimetidine kept the spots so small.)
    Also, I took Lactoferrin to enhance my immune system. I also took 10,000 IU Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin C, Oregano Oil (which has anti-viral activity) and Holy Basil; who knows whether they did anything.
    I have heard that there are four different strains of molluscum and that they look different and likely respond to different treatments. My mature molluscum (the first round) looked like really large pimples, not dimpled warts. This sea salt bath and coconut oil/clove oil moisturizing treatment worked wonders for these spots—and SO FAST!! I hope you try it because I want to spare you the months of misery I went through before I discovered this.

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