ticks on a blade of grass, prevent Lyme disease, severe anemia

Add another serious disease to the list of tick-borne infections. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that babesiosis has become 20 times more common in the Lower Hudson Valley over the past decade. The disease is also spreading into regions where it was once rare. Like Lyme disease, the infection can be transmitted by a deer tick bite. The pathogen, Babesia microti, lives in red blood cells like malaria parasites. Most people who become infected have few or no symptoms, but some become extremely ill with fever, chills, sweats and muscle pain. Public health authorities are concerned that the disease may be spread by blood transfusions, because there is currently no accepted screening test to detect it in donated blood.
[Emerging Infectious Disease, May 2011]

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  1. lb

    You might try wearing white while you work. Painter’s supply shops sell white overalls or work pants. Tuck your pants into white socks. Long white sleeves,etc. Ticks are supposedly attracted to dark colors… If you have access to a bathtub or the sea, a good soak after the woods will force them to “higher ground”. Also, remember that it’s the ticks that stay on for over a day that cause the problems.

  2. CMK

    My husband had babesiosis 7 summers ago at the age of 65. He was in the hospital for nine days and received a pair of drugs and eventually two units of blood before they got things turned around. He was told he very well may not have survived it if he hadn’t been in such good health. He cycled through fever spikes and chills over and over in the course of it. He acquired it in northern Wisconsin. He didn’t know he’d had a deer tick bite.

  3. BJY

    I live in the middle of the country. I would like for people to know that tick borne diseases are all over the country. I have babesia and have had it for four years. Doctors refuse to report it. Deer and ticks don’t stop at borders. It is rampant. Do a little research and please don’t wait till the news report it. It’s pure hell. You don’t want it. You have to become aware of how many people have it. Look at lymenet.org. One of many sites. It’s a real eye opener. You can have a tick bite and not know it. They are small and can be in your hair and other hiding places. I never knew I had a bite.
    One more thing…not all ticks are carriers.

  4. CSM

    You may be seeking Permethrin Premium Insect Clothing Repellent. It is available on line.

  5. rmh

    I live in tick infested area of Hampton Roads. I have had over 8 bites this year. For some reason, the pyrethrin clothing sprays have been taken off the market here–no one can tell me why. In previous years I kept set of outdoor clothing, heavily sprayed with pyrethrin, to wear in woods and tall grass areas. Now am limited to regular deet-type sprays which do not seem to deter ticks as well as the pyrethrin.
    Have had nearly all the lyme symptoms but fever and circular rash, and am being told I do not have tick-induced malady. Am told the many festering pimple-like eruptions are chigger bites. But never had them like this before.
    Why cannot I buy pyrethrin spray any more? Even the 40% deet products cannot be found. Have tried Vicks on ankles, essential oils rubbed on ankles and wrists–do not see any reduction. And cannot just stay in–recent tornadoes have blown down many trees which must be cut up and removed, and cannot afford to hire someone else to do it.
    Your thoughts?

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